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ReviewsWhen it comes to operating a gambling website, legitimacy is everything. We gamble to win and it makes little sense to gamble unless you can be confident of actually receiving your winnings.

The big difference between our gambling reviews and what you’ll mostly find online is that safety is the most important criteria for us, meanwhile many websites that review online casinos and sportsbooks use advertisement income – what they’re getting from recommending Site A instead of Site B – as the most important factor.

Our Top Recommended Gambling Sites
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When it comes down to it, the most important parts of what gambling websites have to offer us have nothing to do with the gambling-specific details – they’re the general things involved in operating all types of gaming websites. Safety, quality of customer service, and range of options you can use to deposit money to and withdraw money from your bank account.

With that said, let’s get to the actual reviews.

Online Sportsbooks

When reviewing online sportsbooks, the main attention (in addition to safety, customer service and banking options) goes to quality of betting lines, range of betting markets and bet types, and betting options. Also, does the site offer live betting? Is the sportsbook easy to use on mobile?

Sportsbook Reviews

Online Casinos

The biggest differences between internet casinos come from software quality, range of games, casino’s advantage, and promotions. Plenty of casino gamblers pay attention to jackpot sizes as well. Mobile usability is a huge part of online casino gaming nowadays.

Casino Reviews

Social Casinos

Social casinos have taken the web by storm and keep growing their player bases every single day.

It makes sense. Virtually everybody is plugged into Facebook and other social networking sites. Social casinos were inevitable, and they’re here to stay.

Social casinos are so popular because they eliminate the risk involved in gambling for real money. That, and they allow you to have fun with family, friends, colleagues, or total strangers while playing slots, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, or other social casino games.

Social Casinos

Online Poker Rooms

Internet poker is significantly different from sports betting and casino games because you need lots of other players to have a good time at an online poker site. You bet on sports and play casino games by yourself, but poker rooms require lots of players in order to create enough available cash games and to offer great tournaments with big prize pools.

Poker Room Reviews

Safety Is Everything

SecureWinning a jackpot is unlikely to say the least. So imagine it takes years for you to hit a jackpot – what if there was a realistic chance that you’ll be unable to withdraw the jackpot when you finally hit it?

Choosing the wrong site might lead to such a scenario. Winning at gambling games is difficult enough by itself – you shouldn’t have to struggle when withdrawing the (unlikely) winnings.

Our approach to reviewing gambling websites is “safety-first” – we consider it the only sensible approach and certainly one that you will appreciate.

Bad things happen, either on purpose or by accident. I’m sure there are gambling operators with good intentions that are simply incapable of running a gambling company; I’m also sure there are people who are knowingly scamming players out of their money. I like to refer to a (fairly) recent case of such behaviour by Lock Poker – a site that kept accepting new customers and depositors even though it was 6+ months behind in payments and owed its customers millions of dollars.

It’s also important to note that many review websites kept ranking Lock Poker as one of their “top choices” for a long time until they, too, were probably not getting their payments anymore. Somebody’s always looking to make a profit – that’s the nature of business – and we try to prevent that from happening dishonestly at a gambler’s expense.


Is It Safe to Gamble Online?

Online gambling is relatively safe if you make the right choices. Outside of the US, there are numerous stock-listed gambling operators that are unlikely to cheat players out of their money. Furthermore, stock-listed sites usually operate in jurisdictions where they have licenses or are otherwise allowed to operate in, meaning they’re unlikely to run into problems with the government.

For example, all of our UK betting sites are operated by stock-listed companies.

Within the US, players can only hope their operators are honest – if an operator disappears from the market, there’s nothing you can do. Anyone telling you otherwise is lying. If an operator decides not to pay, there’s nothing you can do either.

The only thing US gamblers can do is to make sure the site has a strong track record (or, if the site is relatively new, make sure the people behind the site have a strong track record). How long have they been in the business? Have there been any problems during that time? If yes, how were they solved?

Those are the main things we pay attention to in our gambling site reviews. It all comes down to a site having a history of treating their customers with honesty and respect.

Which Site Should I Play at?

What do you want to play or bet on? We’ve got lists of legit betting websites, online casinos, and poker websites. Only the most legitimate operators rank highly at (We get more specific, too, with listings like best NBA betting sites and gambling sites that accept Bitcoin).

As mentioned above, we’ve tried to make sure that every site we recommend is legitimate. You simply have to pick which type of a site matches your interest.

Can I Play on a Mobile Device?

The short answer? Yes.

While quality of mobile gambling software varies, nearly all online casinos and betting sites offer mobile-compatible versions of their software nowadays (the ones that don’t have dropped far behind of their competition). Many online poker rooms have realized the potential of the mobile gaming market, although there are still a fairly significant amount of poker rooms without mobile software, and the current mobile poker clients are still quite limited.

Which Payment Methods Are Accepted?

For gamblers outside of the US, the payment method landscape looks as good as ever. Almost every sportsbook, online casino and poker room has literally tens of options, ranging from credit and debit cards to e-wallets (like Paypal) and online bank transfers.

Unfortunately, few payment methods are left for US gamblers.

Ever since the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (“UIGEA”), US gamblers have had to deal with only a few deposit and withdrawal options when transferring money to and from gaming sites. The selection of U.S. deposit methods right now is credit, debit and pre-paid cards, money transfer services (Moneygram and – to a lesser extent – Western Union) and Bitcoin.

You can withdraw money via money transfer services, checks and Bitcoin (some operators allow credit card withdrawals for loyal customers). Bitcoin cashouts can be processed within minutes, money transfer payouts usually take around a week and check payouts may take anywhere from a week to three weeks (anything longer than that is alarming).

Anything Else?

Remember that gambling is supposed to be entertainment. When it stops being that and becomes something else, it’s time to call it quits. It’s difficult to win at gambling in the long term because sportsbooks know what they’re doing, casinos have a built-in advantage and the world of online poker becomes increasingly competitive.

With that said, I hope these gambling reviews allow you to get the most out of the experience. And who knows, with the right dosage of luck, you may just become rich.