LoyaltyStars Review 2024 – Is the Site Legit?

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LoyaltyStars is a gambling platform designed to reward its members with various bonuses, cashback, and other promotions for online sports betting, casino games, and poker. It also allows users to discuss interesting topics and share their opinions on gambling sites, games, events, and anything iGaming.

Our LoyaltyStars review will help you understand how the site works. We dissect the rewards system, go through the other features, and explain why LoyaltyStars is an excellent platform that provides extra value when you gamble online.

What Is LoyaltyStars and How Does It Work?

LoyaltyStars is a gambling community designed to help players get more value for their cash and time by providing access to rewards for playing online casino games, sports betting, and poker.

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The core of the platform revolves around earning stars through various actions related to gambling, their community forum, and the site itself. For example, you earn points when you join LoyaltyStars, sign-up with a partner site, or make a deposit at one of them. The stars allow you to climb the different tiers of the rewards system and earn bonuses, cashback, and more perks offered by LoyaltyStars’ partners.

The selection of internet casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms partnered with LoyaltyStars is almost endless (we have a list with featured sites later in this review), so there’s something for everyone. If you are keen to learn more about the gambling sites, LoyaltyStars features both expert and player reviews of them all.

There’s also a community section where the members can discuss the latest offers, interesting sports news, poker strategies, casino news, and everything else a gambling enthusiast might care about.

LoyaltyStars Pros and Cons


  • Excellent rewards
  • Easy to climb the tiers
  • A strong variety of gambling sites covered


  • You need to register via LoyaltyStars to redeem rewards
  • The system rewards spammy behavior in the forums

Excellent Rewards

The biggest advantage of joining LoyaltyStars are the rewards you can earn. They are better than what you would get from the same gambling sites if you sign-up on your own. That’s because the power of the community behind the platform allows the owners to negotiate custom deals for the members. The list includes bonuses, free spins, cashback, and much more.

Easy to Climb the Tiers

You can climb the first few tiers just by joining a website via LoyaltyStars and staying active in the forum. That alone would open the door to excellent rewards, while depositing real money would elevate you even further.

A Strong Variety of Gambling Sites Covered

You will find a ton of exceptional casino sites, sportsbooks, and online poker rooms at LoyaltyStars. There’s something for almost every player, so you don’t have to compromise with your preferred games to get the most out of the platform.

You Need to Register Via Loyalty Stars to Redeem Rewards

If you want to play on a gambling site where you already have an account and it was not opened using LoyaltyStars, you can’t get rewards from the platform. Only accounts created via the LoyaltyStars links are eligible for prizes.

The System Rewards Spammy Behavior in the Forums

There are many small rewards for staying active in the forums, so certain users will definitely abuse the LoyaltyStars system by spamming. This could ruin the experience of people genuinely looking to discuss gambling topics with others.

LoyaltyStars Rewards System

Most of you are probably here to learn more about the LoyaltyStars rewards, and we don’t blame you! It’s the bread and butter of the platform and the biggest advantage of becoming a member.

The entire LoyaltyStars rewards system revolves around earning stars that open the door to various perks. Let’s begin with the earning part before we talk about the prizes.

How to Earn Stars at LoyaltyStars

You can earn Stars by performing various actions related to the website and its partners. We were surprised by how easy the process is, LoyaltyStars practically rewards you for everything, from simply opening an account to liking another user’s post.

Here are some examples of ways to earn Stars:

  • Join the Platform and Look Around: You start earning Stars as soon as you join the platform! Just opening an account brings you 500, there are 100 more when you verify it, and even going through the different sections of the site brings something extra.
  • Be an Active Member of the Community: You are also rewarded if you participate in the LoyaltyStars community by discussing ideas in the forum, liking other people’s contributions, or leaving your thoughts in the form of gambling site reviews. The smaller tasks can bring you something like 10 or 20 Stars, while more complicated ones are worth hundreds or even thousand Stars.
  • Making Deposits at Partner Sites: If you make a real money deposit at any partner site, you earn massive amounts of Stars. The rate is 10 stars per $1 deposited, so even small ones will boost your LoyaltyStars account.
  • Joining Partner Sites: If you sign up at one of LoyaltyStars’ partners using the platform, you will receive a bonus of 500 stars even if you never deposit there. Most partners are gambling sites, but there are also related services like VPNs.
  • Referring Friends: You can refer friends to LoyaltyStars by sending them your special link to the platform. Each one that joins will bring you 500 stars.
  • More: LoyaltyStars will reward active members 500 Stars on their birthdays and on the site’s anniversary. There are also limited time offers related to different events, so keep your eyes open.

The full list of ways to earn Stars is available in the Rewards Center. Just click on the button of the same name in the main navigation menu at the top to open it.

Loyalty Stars, Navigation, Menu

Once you open this menu, scroll down to the “Ways to Earn” section to see all options. You can filter them by amount if you want to aim at specific rewards. Each opportunity comes with a short but clear description and the rewards are displayed on the right.

Write a review, Loyalty Stars

Some of these will also reward you with a badge (more on these later), but the Stars are what opens the door to the various rewards.

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The Stars you earn only serve to determine your tier in the LoyaltyStars program, they have no other functions.

The LoyaltyStars features five tiers based on the Stars you earned, as follows.

Tier Stars Required
Copper 0-1999
Bronze 2000-9999
Silver 10000-59999
Gold 60000-149999
Platinum 15000-299999
Diamond 300000

The higher your LoyaltyStars tier, the better the rewards at your disposal. The terms of each offer are also more favorable in the higher tiers. And since we already mentioned the prizes, it’s time to talk about them!

What Rewards Are Available?

The list of awards offered by LoyaltyStars is impressive. They resemble the bonuses and promotions available in most online sportsbooks, casinos, and poker rooms, but the terms are usually more favorable to the players, especially in higher tiers.

Here are the most common types of prizes you can find at LoyaltyStars and the tiers required to unlock them.

  • Larger Deposit Bonuses (Copper): Larger than the partner site’s standard offers and available for sports betting, casino play, and poker.
  • More Free Spins (Copper): Available for both specific games and specific casinos.
  • No Deposit Bonus Offers (Copper): Opportunities to earn extra cash without risking anything.
  • Higher Reload Bonuses (Silver): Even better deposit bonuses than Copper.
  • Up to 10% Cashback (Gold): there’s an invitation-only promotion that can bring you up to 10%. Once you hit the Gold tier or higher, you will receive an invitation to join the VIP club and unlock this one, as long as your LoyaltyStars account is in good standing.
  • Crypto Offers (Gold): Special opportunities that are available to players who use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
  • Free Crypto Wallet (Gold): You get access to a free crypto wallet that’s secure and convenient to use.
  • Free VPN Service (Gold): You get a free VPN subscription that’s usually worth $20-30 per month.
  • Free Bets (Platinum): LoyaltyStars will send the most active customers opportunities for free bets regularly.
  • Free Tournament Entries (Diamond): You will get access to free tournaments with real money prizes (poker and casino.)

These are available for different gambling sites partnered with LoyaltyStars. It’s important to understand that you must open an account at the gambling site in question, using the LoyaltyStars program to redeem rewards.

If you cover this condition, here’s how you can claim a prize.

How to Redeem Rewards at LoyaltyStars

You can redeem rewards at any given moment. Just open the Rewards Center and see what’s available to you under Quick Pick Redemption. All prizes at your disposal are shown there on colored cards that look like this.

LoyaltyStars, Bovada

The card shows the gambling site where the offer’s available and basic details about it. Once you click on the Redeem button, a more detailed overviewof the deal is displayed. It includes important terms about the offer as follows.

Bonus Spins, LoyaltyStars

If you’re happy with the terms and would like to proceed, click on Redeem. That will open the last window.

LoyaltyStars, Rewards

Now you’ll see the bonus code required to claim your reward. Simply click on the code and it will be copied to your clipboard. Then you can visit the bonuses and promotion section of the gambling site, enter the code, and you will receive your rewards.


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LoyaltyStars rewards are only available if you open your account with the gambling site via LoyaltyStars. If you registered in any other way, you can’t redeem rewards.

On the bright side, LoyaltyStars works with a bunch of sites, so you can have your pick among many of them. Nothing stops you from earning rewards for multiple places. You can redeem all offers available for your tier, without restrictions from the platform.

You usually have access to around ten rewards per tier, but the number could be even bigger on the higher tiers.

LoyaltyStars Community Forum

Another important feature of LoyaltyStars is the Community Forum. Engaging with other members is not only a way to improve your knowledge and discuss interesting gambling topics, but also a source of Stars.

That’s why we recommend active participation. Here’s how the Community Forum works.

Topics and Navigation

The navigation is very simple. Just use the “Community Forum” button that’s part of the top navigational menu of LoyaltyStars. Then, use the filters to browse around and find interesting threads.

The categories are split into General, Casino, Poker, Sports, Crypto, and Slots, so there’s something for everyone.

The extra filters allow you to order the threads conveniently, while starting a new topic is easy – just click on the “New Topic” button in the top right corner.

Guidelines, Badges, Trust Level

One of the biggest problems with internet communities is the toxicity spread by their members. Moderation is required, and LoyaltyStars has a smart way to gradually open the door to more opportunities for members that prove they deserve it.

The guidelines encourage the users to be polite, civil, useful to the community, and constructive. Basically, don’t be an a**, respect the others, and don’t spam. Simple rules that are easy to follow.

The community operates based on a Trust system with the following levels:

  • Basic: you start there as soon as you join the forum. Your abilities to interact are somewhat limited at this point, but you can still like, post, and comment.
  • Member: After you spend enough time contributing to the forum, you become a member. This means you won’t wait for moderators to approve your topics and other small privileges.
  • Regular: Regulars have extra privileges that allow them to moderate the forums and guide members from the other levels.

Reaching each of these levels grants extra Stars, just like every constructive post, comment, and even like.

LoyaltyStars Gambling Site Reviews

The last feature of the LoyaltyStars platform revolves around reviews of the partner sites. Just click on “Reviews” from the main navigation menu and the section will open.

The navigation is simple: you can use the filters to find a suitable gambling site by factors such as type, game providers, preferred deposit method, and a few more.

The list of gambling sites that match your criteria is shown below. There’s general information about each, such as payout speed, min deposit, general pros, and info about the welcome bonus.

You can click on the “Read Review” button to open the complete LoyaltyStars review that shows full details for the supported gambling products, payments, bonuses, and more. If you like the site and want to sign-up, use the “Claim” button that looks like this.

Claim, Signup, Bonus, LoyaltyStars

It will lead you to the gambling site and you can open a new account. Going through this process will allow you to redeem LoyaltyStars’ offers for the site.

It’s worth noting that you earn 500 Stars by simply joining the gambling site! If you deposit real money, you get even more.

Leaving Your Own Reviews

The second part of each review includes user reviews. All LoyaltyStars members can leave a review with their impressions of the casino, sportsbook, or poker room from the bottom of the page.

We like this feature because you can see feedback from real people that have already used the site. Each review goes through manual approval, so the site filters spammy reviews.

If you decide to leave a review and it’s approved, you will be rewarded with 100 stars.

How to Join LoyaltyStars?

If you like what you’ve seen so far, you should join LoyaltyStars. The process is very simple:

Step 1: Use the button below to visit the sit.
Step 2: Click the “Sign In” button from the top-right corner to open to open the registration form
Step 3: Click “Register” to proceed to the next stage
Step 4: Fill in the fields on the next one (name, email, username, and password).

Finish the process, and LoyaltyStars will send you a verification email. Once you click on the link inside, you can start using the site.

What Gambling Sites Are Available at LoyaltyStars?

All gambling sites available at LoyaltyStars are vetted by their team, so you can only expect legit casinos, sports betting sites, and poker rooms that fulfill their commitments.

Here’s a list of a few popular gambling sites available at LoyaltyStars.

• Bovada
• Cafe Casino
• Slots.lv
• Ignition
• EG Poker
• EG Sportsbook
• Uptown Aces
• Everygame Casino Red
• Juicy Stakes Casino
• Liberty Slots
• Grande Vegas
• SlotoCash
• Roaring21
• SlotsNinja
• BetNow

Is LoyaltyStars Worth It?

It’s time for our verdict – is LoyaltyStars worth it? The simple answer is yes. You join an entire community which comes with multiple benefits, starting from the rewards at your disposal. Active members of the platform get better bonuses compared to what you can receive as a lone customer. This alone is more than enough for us to recommend LoyaltyStars.

The smaller perks include access to useful information about each bookmaker and the LoyaltyStars community that can answer your questions or provide food for thoughts on interesting topics.

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