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Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites in 2021

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about online gambling with Bitcoin safely. As well as a wealth of information, you’ll find several recommended Bitcoin gambling sites which accept US players. They’re listed in the table directly below, so feel free to go right ahead and pick a site if you like.

Our Top Recommended Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Rank Site Play Bonus
280% up to $14,000
  • Outstanding signup bonus
  • Newer brand but strong reputation
  • 280% up to $14,000 bonus
Visit Site Las Atlantis
250% up to $5,000
  • Monthly reload bonuses
  • Newer brand but strong reputation
  • 250% up to $5,000 bonus
Visit Site Wild Casino
125% up to $2,500
  • Great user experience
  • Good option for US bettors
  • Up to $2,500 bonus
Visit Site BetUS
50% up to $1,000
  • Strong reputation over 10+ years
  • Lucrative bonus offers
  • 50% deposit bonus up to $1,000
Visit Site BetOnline
50% bonus up to $250
  • Most popular in the US
  • Best deposit & payout options
  • Top-class reputation
Visit Site Bovada

If you’re new to gambling with Bitcoin, we suggest you take the time to familiarize yourself with the information in this section. From how to gamble with Bitcoin safely to how to gamble on the price of Bitcoin itself, this is an entire mini-world of useful Bitcoin information. Enjoy!

Selecting a Legit Bitcoin Gambling Site

Bitcoin Image 1 - The Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites

It’s extremely important that you don’t rush into picking a Bitcoin gambling site. You should always do your research when choosing an online casino, but there are some extra reasons to be careful when picking a Bitcoin casino.

The main reason to take your time about choosing a Bitcoin gambling site is safety. Our expert reviews cover many different facets of the sites from a player’s perspective, and safety is always our number-one priority.

Before reading any of our reviews, it would be a good idea to get familiar with how we determine whether or not a site is legitimate.

You can use the button above to see how we determine legitimacy, but we’re going to tell you here about the four most important factors all of our recommended Bitcoin gambling sites share in common. Here goes.

They’re Safe and Secure

Have you read any of the stories in the media about Bitcoins being stolen, sites being hacked, and savvy hackers tricking people into parting with their cryptocurrency?

We certainly have, and we’re all too aware that many gamblers are new to cryptocurrency and are looking into it to find the best cryptocurrency gambling sites. That’s why we take safety and security so seriously when we assess sites. So should you.

We visit all of the sites we review, we check their reputation out with existing players and industry insiders, we check that the connection they operate on is encrypted and secure, and we assess whether or not they have valid gaming licenses. We also dig deep and find out all we can about the operators behind the site.

They Accept US Players

Did you know that American casino players have played a huge part in causing Bitcoin to be accepted as a form of currency?

Yup, that’s right. US players realized quickly that Bitcoin could enable them to play casino games online despite UIGEA. You see, that law prohibits financial institutions from facilitating online gambling transactions, but since Bitcoin is decentralized, many US players use it to gamble on the web.

So, it’s only fitting that Bitcoin gambling sites should accept US players, and most of them do. In fact, if you’re from another country where it can be difficult (but not strictly illegal) to gamble online, there’s a good chance we have reviewed an online gambling site which will accept you, too.

They Offer Fast Payouts

The entire point of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is that you can send them anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you don’t need any middleman or permission to do so.

Even when the Bitcoin blockchain (network) is incredibly busy, the longest it will take to move them across the world will be a few hours. It rarely takes that long, though, and when things are “normal,” you will be able to complete Bitcoin transactions within a few minutes.

Therefore, it makes absolutely no sense to play at Bitcoin gambling sites which take days to pay you. Nothing could be more frustrating than using one of the fastest payment methods in the world only to find that you can’t enjoy the benefits of it.

Fast payouts are important, and the faster a site pays out, the higher up our rankings a site will climb.

They Make Bitcoin Gambling Simple

We know that gambling online with Bitcoin for the first time can be a daunting experience. That’s why we look for user-friendly sites which make the whole process of gambling with Bitcoin as simple as possible.

The Bitcoin gambling sites we list will make depositing and withdrawing Bitcoin as simple as A-B-C, whether you’re using a desktop device, a mobile, or a tablet. Whether you want to pay to and from a Bitcoin exchange address or a Bitcoin wallet, you’ll be able to do so without any specialist knowledge.

Trust us, simplicity is important. We’ve heard plenty of horror stories about people who have lost their Bitcoins due to not understanding how to send them properly. While they can be found and recovered in most cases, it’s not an experience you want to have, believe us!

Other Recommended Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Bitcoin Image 2 - The Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites

By now you already understand how we choose the best Bitcoin gambling sites. In this section, we’d like to introduce you to some pages which can help you find specific Bitcoin gambling sites which meet your exact needs.

For example, you’ll find sites for players from every location and sites which offer casino games, sports betting, poker, and other types of gambling.

Bitcoin Gambling Sites by Location

We know our readers could be from anywhere in the world. Therefore, it makes sense to categorize Bitcoin gambling sites by the most popular locations.

We already mentioned US Bitcoin gambling sites above, so here are some sites for players from other locations.

Bitcoin Gambling Sites by Category

Every gambler is different, and what’s right for slots players isn’t going to be right for hardcore sports betting fanatics. Likewise, poker players have their own niche, and there are Bitcoin sites for each and every type of gambler.

There are lots of Bitcoin gambling sites which offer all kinds of gambling options, but we’ve ordered them according to what they do best. For example, if you click the “Bitcoin Betting Sites” button, you’ll see the top Bitcoin sportsbooks on the web.

Guide to Gambling with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Image 3 - The Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites
It would be irresponsible of us to introduce you to the best Bitcoin gambling sites without showing you the ropes. If you’re already a Bitcoin gambling veteran, you can probably skip over the first section below, but you’ll still find value in the other sections on provably fair gambling and spread betting.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Gambling

These pages have been designed for those of you who haven’t used Bitcoin to gamble online. We’ll walk you through how to buy Bitcoin (don’t try it without reading a guide first) and some of the crucial information you should understand clearly before diving in.

For example, we’ll explain what Bitcoin wallet addresses are and how to make sure you don’t enter the wrong address and send your Bitcoin into the void.

If you haven’t used Bitcoin before, stop whatever you’re doing, take some time, and read both of these pages. Doing so will save you so much time in the long run that it can’t be overstated.

Provably Fair Gambling

Whether or not you’re using Bitcoin, the number-one important factor is that you’re playing at fair, legitimate gambling sites. But how do you know for sure?

Apart from reading our expert reviews, there are third-party game testing companies, adjudication services which handle disputes, and a number of other ways to check if a gambling site is fair.

This page will show you where to find fair online gambling sites and how to assess whether or not a site you are interested in is provably fair.

Bitcoin Spread Betting

If you want to make money betting on the price direction of Bitcoin, there’s no better way to do so than by spread betting.

If you don’t know what spread betting is, think of it like taking a piggyback on the price of Bitcoin and either profiting or losing from it. For example, you can bet $10 on every dollar that Bitcoin will go up in value, and for every $1 it rises, you will profit $10. Of course, for every $1 it goes in the other direction, you’ll lose $10.

If that seems like a crazy risk to you, don’t worry. You can bet as little as $0.10 per $1 price move at the best Bitcoin spread betting sites. Therefore, spread betting is a great way to get in one the insane Bitcoin price swings without the risk of buying Bitcoin directly.

It’s possible to make (and lose) massive amounts of money by spread betting on Bitcoin. It’s the sort of thing that could make you rich in a very short space of time, but it’s crucially important that you understand exactly how it works, how to manage risk, which Bitcoin spread betting strategies you should use, and which Bitcoin spread betting sites offer the best deals.

This page will explain all of that and then some.

All About Bitcoin

If you’re not already on the Bitcoin train, or if you are and you want to brush up on your knowledge of the number-one cryptocurrency, you’ll find this section valuable.

The All About Bitcoin page will guide you through what Bitcoin is, how it got started, why it’s used and by who, the benefits and drawbacks of using it, and a lot of other cool information about Bitcoin.

Think of this as your A-Z guide to Bitcoin. If you take the time to read it properly, you’ll know a lot more than the average Joe on the street about Bitcoin, and certainly a lot more than you did when you landed on this page!