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8 Signs You Might Be Gambling Wrong

Gambling is a skill. To do well, you need to practice. You need to learn the best moves. You need to learn to shed bad habits. You need to take it seriously. But even if you are doing all that, you still may not be winning. So how can you tell if you’re doing it […]

Evaluating Your Odds of Success in a Casino Leaderboard Race

Online casinos offer a number of cash-filled promotions. Some of the most common deals include deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and free spins. Leaderboard races aren’t as common across the industry. But you can still find these promos available at many gaming sites. If you’ve never tried a leaderboard race before, you’ll be interested to […]

Slot Machine Nutrition Labels – The Key to Finally Knowing Slots RTP?

Millions of people play slot machines in land-based casinos on a daily basis. These slots players love the thrills of chasing jackpots and other big prizes. But what’s amazing is that these gamblers have little idea on their actual odds of winning. That’s because land-based slot machines don’t list crucial information like return to player […]

How to Play Pachinko

When I was young, I had a friend whose parents were pretty cool. One of the things I remember about their house is that they had a pachinko game. It looked a lot like a pinball machine, only it was vertical instead of horizontal. I didn’t really realize that pachinko was a traditional Japanese gambling […]

The 7 Most Important Texas Holdem Poker Concepts You Should Know

Any post with an ambitious title claiming that the concepts in the post are the most important is bound to generate controversy. Texas holdem is a complex enough game with enough levels of thinking that there are probably hundreds of concepts you could discuss in a blog post. Just thoroughly covering 7 concepts takes more […]

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BetNow Bonus Codes For November 2018

If you’re after the top BetNow bonus codes for November 2018, you’ll be glad to know I have several of them here. Each bonus code activates unique bonuses across BetNow’s range of betting services including both casino games and sports betting. If you read my BetNow review, you’ll know that I think this is a […]

Fair Go Bonus Codes For November 2018

Looking for new Fair Go bonus codes? Well, as luck would have it, I’ve got no less than eight of them right here. All experienced Aussie casino players know that this brand is top-rated for a reason. I’ve been periodically playing at this site on and off for years, and I always keep an eye […]

Wild Casino Bonus Codes for November 2018

I fully confess to being a bit of a freebie hunter, and there’s nothing I love more than a good old-fashioned casino bonus code. Unlocking bonus cash, free spins, and comp chips gets me all tingly and excited, so I couldn’t wait to see what offers Wild Casino had in store when I recently reviewed […]

21 Surprising Facts about Blackjack

Most people think they know all about blackjack already. Some of them are right, but many of them might be surprised by some of the things they don’t know. In this post, I list 21 surprising facts about blackjack. If you knew all of them before reading this post, congratulations—you’re already a blackjack expert. 1- […]

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7 Ways to Save Some Cash on Your Next Trip to Sin City

As you make your way home from a gambling adventure in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, the thickness of your wallet can be used as a reliable scorecard. When the billfold is stuffed to the brim with crisp, clean hundreds, all of those Benjamins signify a winning trip. And when your wallet is thin and lifeless, […]

11 Famous Gambler vs Casino Court Battles

Gamblers and casinos don’t always agree on the outcome of games. These disagreements have led to some high-profile court cases, where players have sued casinos to collect winnings or vice versa. You’ve likely heard the saying “the house always wins.” But this isn’t necessarily true when it comes to cases involving gamblers and casinos. In […]

4 Ways to Make Enemies at the Craps Table

If you’re new to the game of craps, it can seem absolutely mind-boggling in the beginning. I remember the first time I played it, and it was like entering another world with its own rules, language, and etiquette. Due to its seeming complexity, it’s easy to ‘slip up’ and make mistakes at the craps table, […] Promo Codes for October 2018

Looking for the latest promo codes? Your search through internet promo code hell is officially over. I’m going to give them to you right here, right now. I discovered this site a while back, and I even wrote a full review in which gave it a solid 4 out of 5, which makes […]