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Category Archives: Casino

Pros & Cons of Low Volatility Slot Machines

Many slots players choose their favorite games based on the theme, bonuses, jackpot size, and return to player. These are all perfectly valid ways to pick entertaining slot machines. The only problem is that volatility is often left out of the equation. Many players don’t account for this concept, or may even be unclear on […]

5 Things Dogs Can Teach You about Gambling

I’m sure that the first thing you think about when you consider gambling doesn’t have anything to do with dogs. My wife is a dog person, so we always have a couple in the house. I like dogs, and we always had a dog when I was growing up, but I’m nothing like my wife. […]

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The 5 Best Poker Rooms Located Outside of Las Vegas

Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio, where Doyle Brunson still plies his trade grinding out wins in the highest-stakes cash game in Sin City. Table 1 at the Aria, home to a revolving cast of characters like Jean-Robert Bellande and Phil Galfond competing for six-figure pots. The Wynn Poker Classic, the Venetian DeepStack series, and the […]

The Odds Must Be Crazy: Part 2

Look, Mr. Bookmaker. It’s – it’s really an interesting psychological phenomenon. When your lines aren’t there in front of me, I can handicap any match in a dozen different sports. Heck, I can catch an insect without hurting it any other time. I know it looks like I’m an idiot, but I’m really quite normal. […]

Ignition Casino Bonus Codes for May 2019

If you’ve read our review of Ignition Casino, you’ll know it’s one of the top-rated gambling sites here on Legitgamblingsites.com. This casino is hugely popular with Aussie players, probably because it’s one of the few high-quality online casinos which still accepts them. I’ve been a player at Ignition Casino for a long time, meaning I’ve […]

Why Roulette Gets a Bad Name, and Why You Might Play Anyway – Part 2

One of the oldest games of chance ever devised, roulette has been around since the 17th century. And in all of those hundreds of years since French mathematician and inventor Blaise Pascal stumbled upon his “roulette machine,” players all over the world have remained divided over the game’s place within the gambling pantheon. Those who […]

Why Roulette Gets a Bad Name, and Why You Might Play Anyway – Part I

If you ask a group of blackjack sharps or video poker specialists what they think about playing a little roulette, you’ll probably get a few dirty looks and derisive laughs. And that’s before they launch into a long lecture about how only the “suckers” risk their hard-earned money on the random spin of a roulette […]

Land Based Vs. Online Craps — What Should You Play?

Craps has been popular ever since the late 1940s. World War II soldiers, who grew accustomed to street craps, heavily played the game in Las Vegas after the war. Of course, you no longer have to visit Vegas or any other land-based casino destination just to play craps. You can also enjoy it online. Depending […]

20 of the Most Exclusive Restaurants in Las Vegas to Spend Your Winnings

Most of the time when I go to Las Vegas, I do everything I can to save money, After all, that leaves me more to gamble with. I’m a big fan of comps from casinos, so if they give me a free meal, I’m usually all over it. But sometimes I like to indulge. Especially […]

19 of the Oddest Slots Features Known to Man

Decades ago, free spins once felt like a revolutionary slots feature. After all, most slot machines didn’t offer many cool features back then. Times have changed greatly, though, and most slots have bonus rounds and other extras. These features are designed to give players something to look forward to beyond just what happens with each […]

How Play Rate in Casino Games Affects Your Losses

Most gamblers play casino games at a speed that feels natural to them. For example, the average slots player doesn’t stop and think about how quickly or slowly they’re spinning the reels — they just play. In other cases, you have no control over the game speed. You must move relatively in sync with the […]

The Rise and Fall of the Trump Owned Casinos

Over the last 40 years, Donald Trump has been everything from an icon to a demagogue. There’s little doubt that he built a massive empire in the 1980s. He also became a media darling, first in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, then nationally, and then internationally. He’s amassed an empire […]