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Category Archives: Casino

Why Baccarat Isn’t as Complicated as You Think

Play a game of word association with anyone you know, and I guarantee you that very few of them will think of baccarat when you mention the concept of “card games.” That’s a shame, because while blackjack and poker are no doubt fun, baccarat is almost always a player favorite once it’s given a chance, […]

Does the Martingale System Really Work for Roulette?

Today, we’re going to take a look at the Martingale roulette strategy. This is a simple strategy which doesn’t require charts full of numbers and complex equations. It’s suitable for total roulette beginners as well as pros who have been playing roulette online for years. Roulette is one of my absolute favorite casino games, and […]

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Tracking Past Results Before Using the Martingale – Does It Work?

Just about every gambler I know has used the Martingale system when placing bets. If you don’t know what the Martingale is, I give you a quick overview in the first section. Some gamblers also track past results to try to predict future results. They believe that they can make profitable bets based on what’s […]

Is Atlantic City Still the Second Biggest Gambling Market in the US?

Now that the new year is upon us, folks in the gambling industry are busy tallying up the returns from 2018. Between the rise of legalized sports betting in seven states (excluding Nevada) after a momentous U.S. Supreme Court ruling in May, and interstate online poker player sharing between Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware, 2018 […]

Use the Casino Profit Model to Trade Cryptocurrencies & Stocks Better

Trading stocks and cryptocurrencies is often compared to gambling. Stocks and crypto are both risky, meaning you take a gamble any time you buy them. The attractive thing about investing, though, is that you can actually gain an edge over fellow traders. You just need the right skills and mindset. Dealing in cryptocurrencies and stocks […]

Contrarian Betting Strategies Anyone Can Use

Contrarian betting strategies are based on contrarian investing strategies. Contrarian investing is making investment decisions that go against the popular public strategies. The concept is fairly solid if you do it in a smart way, because the average investor isn’t very successful. This is even more pronounced in gambling. The average gambler loses money, so […]

Before Poker Existed: How to Play Whist

The first poker game was held in 1829 in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was not even the same game we recognize now as it only had a deck of 20 cards. So what did gamblers play before poker? The most popular card game prior to poker was the game whist. Whist gained popularity in the […]

Collect Casino Comps – But Don’t Overvalue Them!

Comps are among the most exciting parts of gambling. The idea of winning money and picking up a free steak dinner on the side is attractive. Many gamblers are so enamored with comps that they play longer just to upgrade them. They may be ready to quit a blackjack session, but they keep playing for […]

Becoming a Better Gambler by Improving Your Willpower

The easiest way to improve at gambling is to learn strategy for your favorite games. For example, you can study basic blackjack strategy to lower the house edge and win more money. However, some aspects of being a successful gambler go beyond basic strategy. Many of these elements have to do with the mental side, […]

7 Absurd Roulette Lies That You Believe

Roulette has been around since Ancient Rome, when soldiers bet on sections of spinning wagon wheels. Amazingly, this game continues to be featured in casinos today. Many gamblers have come up with their own theories on how roulette works during its lengthy history. Unfortunately, some of these theories essentially amount to downright lies. Some players […]

Why Does a Casino Make a Profit if the Games Are Random?

I have a friend I’m really fond of who believes in all kinds of conspiracy theories. He’s a nice guy, but he thinks the earth is flat. He’s also convinced that the casino makes all its money from cheating. In fact, he told me once that the only fair game in the casino is craps, […]

What Can You Expect from VR Gambling 20 Years from Now?

Virtual reality seems like the next big thing in gambling. It allows players to experience gaming up close and personal, with no screen in the way. But VR is sparsely used in casinos and poker sites right now. Most people are still gambling through their smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Virtual reality was hyped in gaming […]