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Category Archives: Casino

Is Crazy 4 Poker a Good Game? (Everything You Need to Know About Crazy 4 Poker)

I started seeing buzz about Crazy 4 Poker around 2005. I hadn’t seen the game in any casinos yet – Crazy 4 Poker launched in 2004, but I guess I just overlooked it. Now, the game is so common in just about every US gambling jurisdiction that I take its presence for granted. But is […]

How to Handle Your First Game of Blackjack (7 Things to Know)

There have been several instances in my gambling career where I felt completely out of place and unprepared. Some people thrive under these circumstances, while many (myself included) do not. Casinos are full of firsts for gamblers. There’s a first win, a first loss, the first drink in a casino, and plenty more. One thing […]

How to Play Aces and Faces Video Poker

Aces and Faces is a popular video poker variant. There are important differences between the standard Jacks or Better video poker game and this version which pays out different amounts for the presence of high-value cards in your hand. This post describes the game Aces and Faces, its payouts, odds, and some strategy tips to […]

6 Mental Strategies Every Casino Gambler Needs to Win

Do you think about gambling before you start playing in a casino, or do you gamble without thinking? When you consider the question, it makes sense that you should be using mental strategies when you gamble. But what mental strategies can you use to win, and how do you use these strategies? Here are six […]

3 Poker Games That Are Better Than Texas Holdem

You can make money playing Texas holdem, but it’s not always the version of poker where you can make the most money. So when I play poker, my first priority is to make as much money as possible. If I can make more money playing Texas holdem than another version of poker, then I play […]

How to Play Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette resembles regular roulette. Here’s the big difference: You play the game with 2 balls instead of one. The game has caught on since its debut in the mid-2010s, and you can find it at top-of-the-line casinos like Binion’s and The Tropicana in Las Vegas. It’s also available online at a limited number […]

What Are Illegal Gambling Rings? (And How Do They Work?)

Most US states allow some form of gambling, whether that’s private poker games, charitable raffles, or full-blown casino table games and slot machines. Any gambling that takes place outside the existing gambling regulations in your state is illegal – in some cases, this includes Super Bowl squares contests at the office and 50-50 raffles at […]

6 Simple Math Principles You Can Use When You Gamble, Even If You Hate Math

The odds are good that you don’t really like math. Most people don’t. But you can use a few simple math principles when you gamble, even if you hate math. When you use these easy math principles, it’s going to improve your gambling results. Even if you don’t like to use math, take a few […]

The Best 4 Gambling Options for Online Bonus Users

I’ve used online bonuses to play almost every available game. However, I’ve learned that some games combined with bonuses are better than others over the years. If you just want to play slots as long as possible, a bonus helps you do this. But if you want a real chance to win, your options are […]

What Is the Las Vegas Casino Death Watch?

The Las Vegas Casino Death Watch is more than worth paying attention to when you make annual trips to Las Vegas for a casino tour or if you’re looking to visit older gaming destinations that have taken to you in the past. Here is the inconvenient truth regarding Las Vegas Casinos: Someone is either buying […]

The Fire Bet in Craps

Craps tables have many betting options, and in many casinos, you can also make side bets when you play craps. But just because there are many betting options and side bets in craps doesn’t mean that you should make these bets. A popular craps side bet is called the fire bet. The fire bet offers […]

6 Modern Miracles Casino Players Use to Win

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? How do you define what a miracle is? While some people might not agree, some things are nothing short of miracles that can help you win when you’re gambling in a casino. The way to win in a casino is to have the right knowledge. In other words, you […]