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Category Archives: Football

What Is a Moneyline Bet? (Football and Basketball Betting Strategy)

The moneyline bet, along with spreads and over/under, is one of the most common sports bets available. It’s perfect for beginners. The moneyline bet is classic. If my team wins, I get the money bet. You pick your team and win money based on the odds. This post covers the differences between moneyline bets and […]

4 College Football Betting Mistakes You Might Be Making

College football season is a gridiron gambler’s favorite stretch of the year. With seemingly-endless games to choose from, there’s something for everyone to get excited about even if your team isn’t in playoff contention. The opportunity to win big is there. But if you aren’t careful, your bankroll can start disappearing quick. In this article, […]

4 Tips for Betting Totals in NFL Games

The NFL is the centerpiece of all things handicapping when it comes to the United States of America. Though other sports receive plenty of action, the NFL has managed to get the attention of sports bettors who don’t really care to bet on anything else, and that’s what sets it apart. When you find yourself […]

4 Ways to Maintain Your Bankroll During the NFL Season

When it comes to sports gambling in the US, there’s no other sport that comes close to receiving the amount of attention—both monetary and otherwise—as the NFL. Simply put, Americans don’t just love betting on pro football, they love talking about betting on it, debating their picks with friends, and trying to be one of […]

5 Reasons to Change Your NFL Betting Strategy in the Preseason

Sometimes, it’s necessary to change your NFL betting strategy in the preseason. While there are several reasons not to, there are still a few good reasons to jump ship on your strategy during the NFL preseason. Today’s post will cover a few reasons why you need to change your betting strategy during the NFL preseason. […]

Are the New England Patriots a Good Over/Under Bet in 2021?

The Patriots entered at 9-win favorites in April of 2021. And while they may have lost you money in the over/under category last season, they’re looking like the Patriots once again in 2021. No, you won’t see a Tom Brady-Bill Belichick reunion, but the newer New England Patriots look like a solid consolation. Sure, they’re […]

Second-Year Quarterbacks That Are Worth an NFL Prop Bet

Today, we’re talking about second-year NFL quarterbacks ready to make “the leap” from Year 1 to Year 2. Below, four of the five names saw significant playing time in 2020, with one inactive for all 16 games. We will go over what you can expect as an encore presentation in Year 2 for each of […]

Analyzing the NFC East Teams’ Futures Outlook for 2021

The NFC East was a wasteland for futures betting in 2020, with the 7-9 Washington Football Team taking the division before going one-and-done in the playoffs. Statistically, at 7-10, Washington was the worst playoff team in NFL history. However, things are looking up for the NFC East in terms of futures betting options in 2021. […]

6 NFL QBs That May Have a New Home in 2021

The NFL season has concluded, and Tom Brady once again displayed how important having the right person under-center can be to a team’s success. Brady left the Patriots for Tampa Bay and led the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. Things have already begun to be shaken up with the […]

Are the Minnesota Vikings Close to Becoming a Sensible Futures Bet in 2021?

The Minnesota Vikings started off 1-5 in 2020. They improved and finished the season 6-4, good enough for a 7-9 finish. But they ended up in third place in the NFC North and out of the playoffs. Many felt the Vikings had the best overall team in the NFC North and therefore they became good […]

The Hottest Super Bowl 55 Props to Bet On

This is going to be an epic game, for several reasons. Two of the league’s most brilliant quarterbacks, Brady and Mahomes will be facing off in the Buccaneer’s home stadium. Fans and sports bettors are calculating whether this home field advantage will give the Bucs enough confidence to prove a real threat to the Chiefs, […]

Halftime Show Prop Bets for the 2021 Super Bowl

Even if you don’t already bet on sports, I’m sure that you know that you could if you wanted to. But what you may not know is that you can also place numerous bets on the Super Bowl halftime show! Super Bowl 55 is already going to be an exciting game, with the Buccaneers playing […]