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Category Archives: Football

2019-20 ACC Betting Preview: Does Clemson Deserve its Short Vegas Line to Repeat?

What exactly makes an NCAA football team “upset-proof?” Ask Dabo Swinney, the mastermind of the defending FBS champion Clemson Tigers. His squad’s run for the grail was almost derailed early in 2018-19 as Texas A&M threatened in the 4th quarter at College Station. Tense 4th quarters against the mid-card of the Power-5 just won’t do […]

SEC Football 2019-20: Win Total Betting Lines and Predictions

I’ve bragged on college gridiron coaches when they refuse to bow to the media. For instance, I didn’t mind former Georgia Tech skipper Paul Johnson’s devilish sideline remarks after helping his Yellow Jackets whip Mississippi State in the Orange Bowl a few years back. “For once,” he chuckled, “we don’t have to hear about the […]

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How Betting on Super Bowl Props Became So Popular

Less than two weeks have passed since the New England Patriots outlasted the Los Angeles Rams in a 13-3 snoozer to win Super Bowl 53. But where the big game lacked in offensive fireworks and compelling drama, it more than made up for it with a record-setting abundance of prop bets on the board. Short […]

5 FBS Coaches Whose Teams are Excellent Against the Spread

The biggest problem college football underdogs have in trying to get the attention of bookmakers and gamblers is that every week, every FBS game, everybody has to favor somebody. It’s like Michael Wilbon says about head coaches who aren’t always effective (or unbeaten) but get promoted to jobs in the Power-5 anyway. “Everybody has to […]

NFL Preseason Odds: 6 Sleepers Who Could Win Super Bowl 54

All sports gamblers who actually like sports (i.e. the non-miserable people of the world) are guilty of fan bias – among other forms of bias – whenever they handicap the odds. You can’t get away from it. For instance, I personally try to take an “ambivalent” view of professional sports, not that I don’t care […]

AFL Grand Final Futures: A Closer Look at Australian Rules Football in Summer 2019

“I try to play for the Debbies, and the Doreens” said a musician once. “Debbie is a checkout girl at J.C. Penney. Doreen is a music scholar from Berkeley. When I play, I have to try to entertain Debbie and still manage to entertain Doreen.” Handicapping worldwide sports on a blog can be sort of […]

Are SEC Schools Still the Best College Football Playoff Futures Picks?

Handicapping angles have a fatal flaw. They are discussed, examined, tested, debated and utilized as stand-alone speculations on games in which there are no stand-alone factors. Everything that occurs on a gridiron affects everything else, just as a piece on the “A1” square of a chess set impacts a piece on the “H8” square. Got […]

Handicapping the NFC in 2019-20: 5 Teams Who Can Win Super Bowl 54

New Orleans fans had a pretty good argument for why the Saints, not the Los Angeles Rams, should have been the National Football Conference representative to face Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots dynasty at the Super Bowl in February. Not that things didn’t get a little ham-handed by the end of the controversy. While it […]

Super Bowl 54 Futures: Handicapping the AFC Following the 2019 NFL Draft

Prior to Super Bowl LIII in February, this handicapper felt strongly that the New England Patriots would have a hard time moving the pigskin against Ndamukong Suh and the L.A. defense. I was right. The Pats barely scored a touchdown in the contest. Tom Brady did not throw a touchdown pass. But my overall handicap […]

How the XFL Can Succeed Where the Alliance of American Football Failed

“There is no Big Lie,” says Don Draper. “There is no system. The universe is indifferent.” It was hard not to think of that quote while watching the Alliance of American Football suddenly fold on itself like a flan in a cupboard. Conspiracy theories abound. Dan Patrick believes that the CEO-culprit Tom Dundon simply wanted […]

Sportsbooks That Offer Odds on the Australian Football League

There is a slight boo-boo on one of my previous posts about the Australian Football League, and it came about chiefly because the AFL was not supposed to be a topic to begin with. I told the editing staff I was writing about gambling on overseas events at sports betting sites early in the AM […]

2019 NFL Draft: Kyler Murray Overtakes Nick Bosa as Odds-On Favorite for #1 Overall

There’s a delightful episode of Cheap Seats in which the hosts pretend to be 100% into the “kayfabe,” or belief in the legitimacy of a pro wrestling match. “Oh…my…god,” says one of the wiseacres, “there…are…only…2…minutes…left…in…our…TV…time. I…wonder…if…we…will…see…a…pin. Oh, look there’s the pin now! What timing!” Please take this introduction to our 2019 NFL Draft betting preview […]