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Category Archives: Football

2019 NFL Draft: Kyler Murray Overtakes Nick Bosa as Odds-On Favorite for #1 Overall

There’s a delightful episode of Cheap Seats in which the hosts pretend to be 100% into the “kayfabe,” or belief in the legitimacy of a pro wrestling match. “Oh…my…god,” says one of the wiseacres, “there…are…only…2…minutes…left…in…our…TV…time. I…wonder…if…we…will…see…a…pin. Oh, look there’s the pin now! What timing!” Please take this introduction to our 2019 NFL Draft betting preview […]

Surprise: The Alliance of American Football is a Rare Treat for Gamblers

There is an iconic scene from Mad Men in which Bert Cooper, the company patriarch, learns that Don Draper – aka Dick Whitman – is likely an identity thief and a wartime deserter. Cooper stops to consider a few things, namely that Draper/Whitman is the advertising genius of a generation, and tells the opportunistic whistle-blower […]

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College Football Playoff: Clemson and Alabama’s National Championship Odds for 2019-20

Seldom is a long-burning question answered as emphatically as it was in the CFP national-title scrum on January 7th, 2019. Clemson 44, Alabama 16. “I thought we could pull away,” said Tiger head coach Dabo Swinney a few minutes afterward. Swinney had the rock-solid conviction of a man who is often, well, all up in […]

AAF Week 3 Vegas Odds and Prediction: Arizona Hotshots at Salt Lake Stallions

With the AAF and the Canadian Football League combining to fill up the spring and summer months, American football is finally becoming a year-round sport on state-side TV. But gamblers, fans, and players alike are still trying to get themselves oriented in late February. To wit – the Arizona Hotshots are 2-0 and the Salt […]

2019 Grey Cup Futures: How to Gamble Wisely on the Canadian Football League

How about a little pigskin, ‘ay? Like many fans south of the U.S.-Canada border, my early (and present) exposure to the Canadian Football League was/is filled with rules misunderstandings and head-scratching questions. Why do the receivers look like a squadron of Zero fighters taking off? Why are there only 3 downs? Why are the American […]

Introduction to the Wild World of Super Bowl Prop Betting

Super Bowl 53 is approaching fast, and on Sunday the American betting public will place more than $6 billion in wagers on the big game. So says the American Gaming Association (AGA) anyhow, as the casino and sportsbook industry lobby group regularly publishes its predictions for annual Super Bowl handle. But while many bettors will […]

Some Crazy (and Not So Crazy) Super Bowl Bets

The Super Bowl is among the most wagered on games in the world. I know that when I worked in the corporate world, my colleagues would circulate “football squares” to purchase, which was a grid that allowed you to match the last number of the score of each team. If the last number matched at […]

The Funniest Sportsbook Prop Bets for Super Bowl LIII

Prop bet mania has taken over the Super Bowl. How do we know this? Look at the betting sites. The totem pole of markets at a sportsbook is easy to determine. You could get a pretty good idea of the schedules and exploits of the most popular teams in the world just from messing around […]

Super Bowl LIII: Updated Betting Odds and Preview of L.A. vs New England

It’s not often that the sports betting public speaks with one voice as loudly as it did last Monday, when the opening odds for Super Bowl LIII were released. Vegas handicappers saw fit to take maybe a point (-1) away from the NFC Champion L.A. Rams despite the New England Patriots reaching their 9th Super […]

NFL Pro Bowl Value Bets

The 2019 NFL Pro Bowl Game When: Sunday, Jan. 27 at 3:00 pm ET Where: Camping World Stadium, Orlando, FL TV: ABC/ESPN Betting Lines (following odds found on Sportsbetting.ag on 1/24 at 8pm) Team Point Spread Moneyline Totals (over-under) AFC All-Pros +1 -110 N/A Ov 56 -105 NFL All-Pros -1 -110 N/A Un 56 -115 […]

Alliance of American Football: Team Previews, Odds and Betting Guide

Given the enduring (and still growing) popularity of college football in America, it’s strange that no viable minor league has jumped up to sit alongside the NFL the way that Triple-A accompanies Major League Baseball and a summer hoops league accompanies the NBA. The demand is there. People still want to watch their heroes play, […]

Prop Bets That Offer the Most Value at Super Bowl LIII

Super Bowl prop markets are ancillary revenue for sportsbooks, which take the majority of their action on the point spread and moneyline. But as Super Bowl LIII approaches in Atlanta, the lack of an extra cash cow hasn’t stopped NFL betting sites from playing a little dirty with props, trying to get us all making […]