Best Online NFL Drafts Contests in 2023

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The 2023 NFL Draft is nearly upon us, which means the top prospects from college will soon be turning pro. Have you thought about predicting where all the players will end up? The best 2023 NFL Draft contests allow you to test your knowledge and win real prizes if you’re as good as you think!

The best part is that they are available for free. I highlight my favorite contests for the upcoming NFL Draft below, so you can pick the ones you like the most.

$10,000 NFL Mini-Mock Draft by BetOnline

  • Prize Pool: $10,000
  • Top Prize: $500
  • Contest Fee: Free

BetOnline is holding my favorite NFL Draft prediction contest for 2023. The mini-mock draft contest is fun and exciting because you get to play the role of an NFL GM! You get to make your own picks, which can potentially earn you a prize.

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The rules of the contest are simple. You must predict the players selected at every pick during the first round of the draft. Each correct selection earns you a point, and the person with the most cumulative points is the winner.

The top prize is worth $500, and the top 10 players will earn at least $50 each. Anyone who finishes in the top 300 will have at least $10 deposited into their BetOnline accounts.

The contest is also free, but you must wager at least $25 on real-money NFL Draft props to enter. Fortunately, I have a post with 2023 NFL Draft prop bets that can help with that.

NFL Mock Draft Contest by FantasyPros

  • Prize Pool: N/A
  • Top Prize: Lifetime “Hall of Fame” Subscription
  • Contest Fee: Free

FantasyPros is also holding a fun and free contest for the 2023 NFL Draft. You must predict every selection of the first round. If you’re correct, you earn 10 points for every draft slot. The player with the best cumulative score will receive the top prize.

The contest also follows a specific point system. You can essentially earn points even if your predictions aren’t necessarily correct. For example, if a player’s draft position is within a few slots of your prediction, you’ll still be awarded points.

Entering the contest requires you to go to the FantasyPros website and visit the entry page. There, you’ll find a tool that you’ll use to select your picks and submit your mock draft. Entrants are limited to just one submission.

The top prize is a free lifetime FantasyPros “Hall of Fame” subscription. Four other winners will receive a one-year “Hall of Fame” subscription. Prizes are non-transferable, and you can’t redeem any cash.

NFL Mock Draft Contest by Toilets to Titles

  • Prize Pool: $500
  • Top Prize: $500
  • Contest Fee: Free

Toilets To Titles is also holding one of the best NFL mock Draft contests in 2023. You also get to submit your predictions for the first round, and you earn points based on your selections. The player with the top score will receive a cash prize.

The contest details are pretty straightforward. You have to fill out your mock draft and email a copy of it to Toilet to Titles. Each player gets to submit just one entry. You must also subscribe to the Draft Countdown and Toilet To Titles YouTube pages to be eligible for the prize.

Here’s how the scoring system works. You earn two points for every prediction (matching team to player). You earn a single point for every first-round player that you have in your mock draft. If there’s a tie, the player who has the most correct matches is the winner.

Only one person will take home the top prize, so make sure your predictions are accurate! For every ten entrants, Toilets to Title will chip in $20 to the grand prize. The prize money will max out at $500.

$10,000 NFL Draft Predictor by

  • Prize Pool: $10,000
  • Top Prize: $500
  • Contest Fee: Free also has a 2023 NFL Draft contest with plenty of cash up for grabs. The prize pool is worth $10,000, which includes a top prize of $500. Anyone who finishes in the top 10 of the contest will receive at least $50, and anyone in the top 300 will receive at least $10.

The rules are exactly what you’d expect. You predict every selection in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. will determine winners based on the accuracy of the predictions. You earn one point for every correct selection.

The contest at is also free to enter. However, you must spend at least $25 in real money on NFL Draft prop bets to become eligible. The deadline to submit your mock draft will likely be April 27, before the first round begins.