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Keno is a lottery-like game that has become a permanent fixture in both land-based and online casinos. Like the lotto or bingo, it’s a form of gambling that’s purely based on luck, with no skill required. The player merely determines how many squares on the board of numbers that they’d like to buy, usually a number between one and twenty.

Next, a random number generator or ping pong balls decide the winning spots. The higher the number of “hits,” the more significant the payout. What this game lacks in strategy, it more than makes up for in suspense and excitement as you watch the winning numbers drop and hope they match with your picks.

Our Top Recommended Keno Gambling Sites

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Before you can jump in and start playing, you’ll first want to find the perfect site. The locations shared in the list of recommendations directly above will offer all of the safety, security, and excitement you could ever hope to find at an online casino. In the following section, we’ll explain why and how our team of experts is so confident that we’re providing you with the very best real money keno online.

Once you’ve chosen one of our recommended, legitimate websites, you’ll then want to explore the many unique versions of keno available. While the general rules always stay the same, you’ll want to find the theme, payout table, and ruleset that best suits your gambling needs.

Why These Sites Are the Best

For an online casino site to qualify for our experts’ list of recommendations, an online casino must first go through an intensive vetting and review process. The team analyzes a bevy of critical variables designed to ensure our readership is only receiving the most positive online gaming experience possible.

To guarantee that this is the case, they break down everything from a website’s design and ease of use to the safety and security and even the variety of games and bonus programs. No stone is left unturned, which is why if you want to experience the best real money keno online, you’ve come to the right place!

While we won’t bore you with a full breakdown of all the factors we make sure to research, we will give you a summary of some of the most critical. If you’d like additional details regarding what the top sites are made of, check out our casino reviews here.

Safety and Reliability

In order to gamble online, you’re first going to need to deposit money into the account of whichever website you ultimately decide on. As you’re probably aware, sending cash over the internet can be a risky proposition if you’re not entirely sure the business or recipient is trustworthy. For years, prospective bettors on the net were flying blind, merely hoping that the service they chose was reliable and legitimate.

Lots of people got scammed. Sites would suddenly disappear with everyone’s funds overnight, or they’d deny payouts to winners; it was a real mess. In some places, this is still the case, which is why this website exists. Our fundamental goal is to prevent anyone with a desire to wager online from ever being scammed again, which they won’t be as long as they stick with our recommendations.

Variety of Games

“Variety is the spice of life,” they say, and this is absolutely true when it comes to gaming. For one, having lots of options tends to stave off boredom and repetition. If you get tired of Caveman Keno, you can play one of the thousands of slot machines, multiple variations of every classic table game, or a different version of keno.

Keno is a luck-based game in which there’s no strategy or involvement other than choosing your numbers. While it’s thrilling to watch the winning numbers populate, it might not hold your attention for long durations of time. Being able to switch between different forms of the game keeps things fresh and exciting, which is why our experts take such a thing into account.

Fair Betting Odds

Spending time in online casinos and betting, in general, are entertaining and enjoyable activities on their own, but they lose their luster if you never win. Unfortunately, there are websites out there that set the house advantage so high that it stops being fun. Our experts help readers avoid those by not including them in our rankings.

Keno is a blast, but you’ve got to be able to win sometimes, or else, what’s the point? Our team takes the payout percentages that casinos use exceptionally seriously, as having fair odds is instrumental in providing the best real money keno online. Some jurisdictions are forced to set the rate of return to a specific probability, but in regions without such regulations, our team takes matters into their own hands.

Rules and Odds of Real Money Online Keno

How to Play

  • The majority of keno games consist of 80 available numbers, though they can occasionally vary in specific special versions
  • The player then makes their bet, which will depend on how many numbers are being picked and the denominations being used
  • Next, the bettor gets to select their lucky numbers. The number of picks a player gets depends on both the game and their preference. The range can be from two all the way up to twenty, although many casinos limit players to between 2 and 10 or 15 spots
  • The game will then begin randomly releasing the winning balls (done with a random number generator online) one by one until twenty have been highlighted on the board
  • Depending on how many squares a player bought and how many of their spots were “hits,” meaning they matched one of the twenty winning numbers, the payout will be determined. In most cases, four or five matches will trigger a small reward (assuming 10-15 spots played), which grows exponentially larger with each correct pick
  • The game then starts over with a new board. Online, one can keep the same spots and merely set the betting to repeat automatically for as long as desired

Keno Odds

The more numbers you select, the harder it is to hit all of the same squares as the ping pong balls. However, if you are lucky enough to match a high percentage of picks, the potential payouts are tremendous! Let’s look at the probabilities associated with betting twenty spots in keno.

Matches Probability
0 / 20 1 in 843.38
1 / 20 1 in 86.45
2 / 20 1 in 20.12
3 / 20 1 in 8.01
4 / 20 1 in 4.88
5 / 20 1 in 4.29
6 / 20 1 in 5.26
7 / 20 1 in 8.83
8 / 20 1 in 20.06
9 / 20 1 in 61.42
10 / 20 1 in 253.80
11 / 20 1 in 1,423.82
12 / 20 1 in 10,968.70
13 / 20 1 in 118,084.92
14 / 20 1 in 1,821,881.63
15 / 20 1 in 41,751,453.99
16 / 20 1 in 1,496,372,110.87
17 / 20 1 in 90,624,035,964.71
18 / 20 1 in 10,512,388,171,906.55
19 / 20 1 in 2,946,096,785,176,811.50
20 / 20 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,320.00

As you can see, there’s a bit of a bell curve concerning the probability. As insanely unlikely as it is to hit all twenty numbers (a one in 3.5 quintillion chance, to be exact), it’s pretty tricky to choose twenty spots and hit none as well.

For that reason, most of the best real money online keno games will pay out winnings for hitting between zero and three numbers, or seven or more, but nothing for landing four, five, or six matches.

Variations of Real Money Keno

Now that we’ve covered the basics of keno and the odds that you’re dealing with, let’s see some of the common varieties of the game you’ll likely encounter online. While these may not be available everywhere, nor are they the only variations out there, these are some popular choices that appear fairly frequently in internet casinos.

Cleopatra Keno

Cleopatra Keno is a twist on the game with Egyptian flair. What makes this iteration special is that the last number drawn triggers a bonus if it lands on one of the chosen spots, regardless of how many other hits were present. The bonus game consists of twelve free plays with the same numbers, with double the payouts for hits.

Caveman Keno

In Caveman Keno, the player chooses between two and ten spots. The computer then randomly places three dinosaur eggs on the board, which count for the gambler as well. Whether the game is won or lost depends on the number of matches, just like standard keno. However, if two or three of the eggs are matches, they trigger multipliers usually set at four or eight times the standard payout respectively.

Power Keno

For the most part, Power Keno follows conventional keno rules. The player is allowed between two and ten spots out of 80 total numbers, and then twenty balls are drawn, which determines the outcome. The main difference is the twentieth ball. If the last draw matches any of the player’s spots, the earnings are quadrupled automatically.

Triple Power Keno

Triple Power Keno is a slightly different variation of Power Keno. The first steps of the game are the exact same, and there’s a bonus if the last ball drawn matches one of the selected spots. However, in this version, a matching final ball results in three additional balls being drawn. Not only do these three balls increase the player’s chances of matching more numbers, but they also triple the amount won.

Extra Draw Keno

Extra Draw Keno is identical to traditional keno right up until the very end. The player typically chooses up to ten spots, and then twenty balls are drawn to determine the number of matches. The difference this game provides is that after the draw, the gambler may wager more money in exchange for three additional balls, which can increase your earnings.

Legality of Real Money Keno Online

Keno is a favorite gambling pastime in casinos all over the world, both online and in the real world. In most locations with legalized gaming, keno is included as an allowed form of wagering. Even in many of the regions without legal, regulated gambling, it’s acceptable for individuals to access websites offering the game, even if they can’t be hosted within the country’s borders.

Despite how easy it is to find, it can often be challenging to determine what gambling activities are allowed in which areas. If you’re concerned with the legalities of participating in the best real money keno online, we’ve written several guides highlighting which forms of gaming are lawfully available in many different countries; just follow the link below.

Other Real Money Casino Games

If you’re someone who enjoys playing the lottery or going to the bingo halls, you’ll almost certainly love keno. This straightforward game of chance keeps the action moving and the player on the edge of their seat, hoping for that next ball to fall on one of their spots. And while the odds of winning aren’t as favorable as other games, the payouts for those that do get lucky can be massive.

It can be tempting to look at the probabilities of winning cited early in this article and get discouraged from trying, but this is the wrong mindset. Despite what the numbers suggest, people do win huge jackpots playing keno. If you need proof, google any of the versions of the game we mentioned earlier; you will see video after video of people betting online when they hit the biggest win of their life.

While keno is an excellent choice, it’s just one of many entertaining online casino activities available for the customers of our recommended gambling sites. Once you’ve had your fill of playing the best real money keno online, there are numerous ways to bet, including online sportsbooks, classic casino games like blackjack, roulette, and craps, and the most extensive variety of slots and video poker themes that you could ever imagine.

If you’d like more information about online casinos, including helpful advice regarding bankroll management, gambling etiquette, gambling tips, and optimal playing strategies, check out our dedicated page to real money casinos by following the link below.

You may also link directly to our other similar articles about specific casino games if you already know what you’d like to learn about next. No matter what form of gambling you are interested in trying, we’ve organized a list of the very best online gambling site recommendations for that specific activity. Between our rankings and playing guides, you have everything you need to enjoy safe, entertaining, and fair real money gaming on the web.