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Whether you’re walking along the floor of a land-based casino or perusing through the options available at an online version, you’ll notice that slot machines/games take up a considerable slice of the real estate. Slots have always been popular due to the absence of any skill or strategy required and because they make huge payouts possible without much money staked upfront.

Slots come in an immense variety of themes, including famous television shows, movies, and board games. They generally involve matching combinations of symbols along the lines running across multiple reels and have unique side games and animations to keep players entertained.

Our Top Recommended Slot Machines Gambling Sites

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If you enjoy using real money to gamble on slot machines, this is the article for you. As you can see above, our team of experts has already identified the locations of the best real money slots online. In the following sections, we’ll explain how these sites were chosen and explain some of the main factors that go into our decisions.

Once you have a decent understanding of our vetting process, we’ll explore the legalities of playing slots for actual money online. Our experts share which jurisdictions have legal real money slot play and what your options are as a customer. Then we’ll send you on your way to slot heaven, unless you’re interested in other forms of real money gambling!

Why These Sites Are the Best


The fundamental mission for all of the gambling experts at is to find the safest, most legitimate online betting sites to pass along to our readers. Because online gambling is such a massively profitable business, it attracts tons of scammers and unethical entrepreneurs trying to make a quick buck without concern for the customer.

Our team works to weed these rogue sites out so that we may pass along the best real money slots online. If a website is included in our recommendations, they have proven to be a trustworthy and reliable operation with which you can feel secure in doing business.

Betting Odds

Another essential quality we look for is fair betting odds across all of the games. We don’t want to subject our readership to impossible slots that never pay out any earnings; that’s not fun for anyone. Our experts analyze the rate of returns and house advantage to ensure the gamblers are getting a fair shake.

Now, obviously the odds will always be somewhat in the house’s favor, there’s a reason cities like Las Vegas and Macau look so lovely. We just want to make sure the games aren’t absurdly tight as to ruin the customer experience. This site exists to maximize your overall betting experience, which can only be done if you win sometimes, too.


When you’re dealing with slot machines, variety is king. The best real money online slots come in all shapes and sizes, with various numbers of reels and lines available to play. There are also different kinds of jackpots, side games, and themes all there so that you may customize your experience exactly how you desire.

No strategy is required when playing slots; you simply have to spin the reels. The lack of tactics and choice may lead to boredom if the games aren’t vibrant and engaging enough. That’s why they employ so many animation packages and themes based on popular shows and movies so that you’ll always have something new and entertaining to explore!

Legality of Real Money Slots Online

Betting real money online is legal and regulated in some areas and strictly forbidden in others. Your access to these activities will be based on the laws in your location, which jurisdictions provide services to your area, and the levels of enforcement done at the individual level. For a more thorough overview of the legalities of online gambling, check out our dedicated article on the subject.

United States

Online gambling in the US is a complicated subject. Some states like New Jersey and Nevada allow residents to bet online, but most do not at this time. However, while it is illegal to host a gambling website in most of the country, it’s entirely legal for citizens to access sites operating outside of the country.

Most US customers use offshore betting sites. While the lack of local oversight and regulation leaves residents of the United States at risk of being scammed, we eliminate this problem by vetting the best gambling websites for you.


Canada has a similar setup as the United States in that individual provinces have the authority to legislate gaming as they see fit. The gambling laws up north all pertain to website operators, which are illegal to host in the country without a license from the government. Regardless, there are no laws stopping citizens from accessing slots on offshore or overseas betting sites.

United Kingdom

In the UK, gambling is fully legalized both online and at brick-and-mortar locations. The industry is heavily regulated by the Gambling Commission, which enacts consumer protections and sets limits on how much of an advantage the house may give itself in the odds. Residents of the UK are only allowed to access licensed, local websites.


Many forms of online gambling are legal and regulated in France. Citizens may legally access sports betting, racing odds, and poker games. However, casino games such as slots are not allowed, as they have been deemed too addictive. Regardless, citizens of France may access websites from surrounding countries to find the slots that they desire.


Online slots are legal in Spain. Technically, each of the nation’s seventeen regions has autonomy over their own gambling laws, but citizens can access just about all forms of gaming from everywhere. Slots are the most popular style of betting in the country.


At one time, Italy attempted to shut out gambling entirely within its borders. However, this was challenged by the EU, as it broke one of the provisions in a treaty concerning allowing cross-border commerce. Essentially, they were forced to allow gaming companies from the UK to serve their people to satisfy the rules of the European Union.

Now, online betting is legal and regulated in Italy. People in this region can play slots online either through their own websites or those of another nearby country.


Like Italy, Germany once attempted a complete ban on gambling, but it was overturned by the EU. Now, Schleswig-Holstein operates as the nation’s gambling hub and is the first to have passed its own betting laws. German citizens are able to play slots on websites hosted in this region as well as neighboring EU nations.


All forms of gambling, both online and land-based, are illegal in mainland China. Bettors can access online gaming in regions such as Macau or Hong Kong, but the industry is not regulated. Operators in these areas don’t require any licensing or oversight, making them risky propositions.


All forms of online gambling are illegal in Russia. In fact, any betting that requires telecommunications technologies at all is deemed against the law.


Australia is another country with laws aimed at the gambling operators but not at the individual bettors. There, it is illegal to host or advertise real money betting sites to citizens of the country but not to access and use such websites. An estimated 80% of adults in Australia participate in some form of gambling.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, citizens are legally allowed to access offshore gambling websites. The only rule is that these operators may not advertise in the country. Otherwise, you’re free to find and play all the online slot machines you can find!

Other Real Money Casino Games

As enjoyable as slot machines can be, why limit yourself to only a single form of gambling? Once you’ve had your fill of the best real money slots online, we have numerous articles aimed at a variety of real money casino games. Our experts have written guides for everything from blackjack to keno to craps. In each piece, we’ll share the top websites available on the internet as well as some insight into our picks and some information specific to the games themselves.

All of our recommended sites allow customers to wager real money, just like they would at a land-based casino. You will find multitudes of in-depth gaming guides throughout our website, where you can find the strategies and betting systems that will maximize your odds of winning and help you grow your bankroll.

Most importantly, any betting site that’s found on one of our lists of recommendations can be trusted to be safe, as our experts only allow the cream of the crop to reach our readers. Any links found on this site have been thoroughly vetted and reviewed and have been found worthy of sharing with the public. For the best real money casino games, see our list of pages below.