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The Safest Online Casino Sites

Key SafeFinding the right websites when you first decide to start gambling in online casinos can be a scary proposition. A simple Google search will return thousands of results, but little information regarding the integrity of the actual sites. And because online gambling is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry, there are as many dishonest sites out there trying to scam you out of your money as there are legit operations.

These are our picks for the safest online casino sites:

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You may see gambling websites that claim to have various certifications of licenses, but what do they all mean? And is a simple icon claiming that the site is certified and legitimate enough to ensure your finances are safe? As you can see, it can all be quite overwhelming if you aren’t experienced in identifying the safest online casino sites.

That’s where we come in. Rather than send you out into the World Wide Web to learn for yourself through trial and error, we’ve scoured the internet and identified the safest sites for you. Our team of experts is continuously vetting gambling sites to determine whether or not they’re worthy of landing on our list of recommendations that we pass along to you. If you pick a casino from our recommended list, we can’t promise you that you’ll hit the big one, but we can assure you that you won’t be scammed.

What Do We Mean by “Safe Casinos?”

A safe online casino is a licensed and/or regulated gambling operation that not only offers casino games at fair odds but also allows for the customer to withdraw their money in a reasonable amount of time. Beyond just being licensed, a safe gambling site is regulated under agencies and jurisdictions that honestly enforce gaming laws and demand that gaming operations adhere to rules and regulations that protect customers.

Furthermore, a safe online casino will have an easy-to-find customer service area with working and responsive telephone numbers, email addresses, and preferably an instant messaging option. Quality customer service sections also typically include a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section to assist you with any general inquiries you may have.

Lastly, a safe online casino operation will follow clear terms of service and avoid changing the rules whenever it suits them. Some less ethical regulated sites will accuse accounts of being professional gamblers if they win too much, and will deny payouts. Others will force complicated bonuses on new members and utilize low weekly withdrawal caps to make withdrawing money difficult. These are some of the practices we most try to avoid when determining which casino websites are safe.

How We Find The Safest Online Casino Sites

Online gambling requires you to deposit money into a betting site’s account, which makes verifying the legitimacy of any casino you use extremely important. Trusting the wrong place can lead to financial losses, frustrating customer experiences, and even stolen identities. Any of those occurrences could easily sour you from the exhilarating fun that online gaming can provide, and for that reason, we prefer just to guide you in the right direction and avoid the headaches altogether.


The first step to identifying whether an online gambling site is safe or not is to determine if the operation is under the jurisdiction of a licensing body or regulatory agency. This information is typically readily available on the website and is worth finding before depositing any funds. These licensing authorities ensure that the gambling site that you’re using will be held to a certain standard of fairness and legitimacy.

But it’s important to remember that not all regulatory bodies are the same. While some, like the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission, can be trusted to protect consumers, others like Curacao do very little to enforce fair practices.

Payment Options and Withdrawal Speed

Another way of discerning if an online casino is safe is if they offer multiple methods of depositing and withdrawing money and if they have the capability or desire to do so quickly. These aren’t only essential factors for convenience’s sake; they also tell you a great deal about the company. This is because processing quick payouts through multiple methods takes both a sizable workforce and numerous well-funded accounts.

For an online casino to offer fast payouts, they will need a customer service department large enough to process the cash-out requests quickly. With the immense popularity of online gambling, this takes a sizable team. If an organization is willing to adequately staff their team for the purposes of sending money to their customers, it speaks well to the overall safety of the site.

Having multiple options for payouts speaks to the safety of the operation, in a similar manner. If an online casino offers numerous ways to collect your money, it means that they are holding large sums of cash in accounts for each payment type. Only a financially healthy, long-term site will have the capabilities to do so. Scam operations typically cut and run too early to ever become financially stable.


When compiling our recommendations and ranking them, another factor that goes into our decision is an online casino’s reputation and history. A lot can be learned from how a company has treated customers in the past. For this reason, we tend to prioritize long-lasting online casinos with a positive history of treating customer’s professionally and fairly over others.

It’s always a good idea to research reviews and previous customers’ experiences with a given online casino before depositing money. Websites that are commonly found on blacklists or have numerous negative reviews should be avoided.

Fair Odds/Software

What’s the point of gambling if you have absolutely no chance of winning?! Some less-than-savory casino websites will set the odds to such minuscule probabilities that customers never have a chance. Others will make sure the bettor wins plenty while playing for free, only to see their luck dissolve once real money is at stake.

Fair odds are another reason that gambling with regulated casinos is so significant. The authorities set minimum returns that the betting sites must adhere to, making the games fair to the players.

Ease of Use

A legitimate online gambling website should look professional and be easy to navigate and use. While this isn’t explicitly tied to safety, it is a good indicator of whether a site is authentic or not. If an online casino contains broken links or is confusing to the customer, they are more likely to be a scam site.

Safe operations invest in their product to provide potential gamblers with the most comfortable, straightforward experience possible. If an online casino appears to be struggling in this department, you are best to stay away.

Quality Customer Service

As mentioned previously, a responsive, well-staffed customer service department requires investment from the company. Scam operations are unlikely to put the time or effort into providing quality customer service only to leave with everyone’s money later. So before depositing money, check out the customer service section of the website.

Some good indicators are multiple contact methods and fast payout methods. There should be working telephone numbers, a responsive email address, and hopefully an instant messaging option that allows you to speak to a representative immediately.

Dangers of Using Unsafe Casinos

Choosing to upload money to an unsafe online casino can have disastrous consequences, depending on the site. The worst out there are liable to steal your credit card information and/or identity and sell them to the highest bidder. Some scam sites in the past have operated as a legitimate business until they’ve received enough deposits, at which point they shut down the site and run away with all the money. And because most scams are offshore, there are no avenues for a victim to recoup their funds.

More commonly, unethical gaming sites will do everything in their power to make withdrawing money difficult, if not impossible. Unsafe websites will purposely process withdrawal requests unreasonably slowly with the intention of you growing impatient and gambling away your account bankroll. Another strategy employed to achieve this same result is to set extremely low withdrawal limits, forcing their customers to attempt to move their money a tiny chunk at a time over the course of weeks and months.

Even sites that are regulated and legally sound will occasionally try to trap your money by forcing users to accept unfair bonuses. While the gift may provide free plays and extra money, they come with unreasonable stipulations that make cashing out impossible. Sites will do this in the form of abnormally high rollovers.

There are multiple levels to consider when discussing unsafe gambling sites. In an industry as lucrative as online casino gambling, there are people attempting to take advantage of the uninformed in a variety of ways. Everything from the most basic cut-and-run scam to the more sophisticated bonus programs is a possibility. All the more reason to do your homework upfront.

Characteristics of Unsafe Casinos


This should be obvious, but when investigating whether or not an online casino is worth your time, avoid the websites that have ended up on industry blacklists. Lucky for you, we won’t be recommending any of these on our list above.

Forced Bonuses

Websites that do not allow you to decline the offered sign-up or deposit bonuses are another red flag. Many of these rewards come with so many strings attached that it’s nearly impossible ever to withdraw your money. So pass on sites that don’t even give you the option to decline.

Slow Payouts/Difficult Payouts

A website with a history of slow payouts is unlikely to treat you any better. Low weekly payout limits or uncooperative customer service departments are signs of an unsafe casino. Many casinos will purposely delay payouts with the expectation that you’ll get bored and gamble away more money while you wait.

Illegal Marketing

Also, pay attention to how an online casino chooses to market itself. If a website is calling or emailing you, it should be avoided. Some particularly bold betting operations even purchase consumer information from third parties and contact them with offers of their own. You are safest to research and approach online casinos yourself, not have them find you.

Be Safe and Good Luck!

We recognize how nerve-wracking choosing a safe online casino can be to the novice online bettor. With the sheer volume of gambling websites, it’s unreasonable to expect everyone to be able to accurately research each site and ensure their safety before depositing money. And if it wasn’t hard enough finding the safest online casino sites, you have to worry about which regulatory bodies are competent or not, as well.

On the other hand, with your personal identity and financial information at risk, there’s too much at stake for you not to choose wisely. That is why we’ve created this resource page for you. Rather than put you in the awkward position of blindly trusting a site, our experts have vetted them all and compiled a list of trusted places that you can enjoy without the stress or worry.

So if you’re just starting out in the world of online gambling, or if you’ve been burned before and are looking for a fresh start, you’ve come to the right place. The safest online casino sites recommended here all have positive reputations, are regulated by legitimate governing bodies, and can be trusted to release your money as soon as you request it.

Now all you have to do relax, have some fun, and get a little lucky! When you finally hit the big one, you will be so relieved that you found your online casino here, especially when you have those winnings in your hand.