Hot Drop Jackpots

If you’re looking for the next big craze in the world of online slots, hot drop jackpots should stand out from the pack. These jackpots are set up so that somebody must win within a given time or once the jackpot rises to a certain level.

This makes them extremely appealing to players who want to be reassured that they have a legitimate shot at winning big. Read on to find out all about the hot drop slots and the jackpots that will be within your range when you play them.

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What are Hot Drop Slots?

You might be familiar with the notion of progressive slots, which feature jackpots that keep rising until somebody hits them. Hot drop slots take that notion and turn it on its ear. They’re guaranteed to hit and you’ll be notified of when they enter the “hot zone” to increase your likelihood of winning.

We’ll talk about the specific formats of the different hot drop slots below. But each carries with it the potential of jackpots that are quite lucrative. The more that you play, the more that you’ll have a shot at big wins thanks to this novel innovation.

Harness Horse Racing on Track With Money in the Background
Hot drop slots also stand out because they let you know the time frame within which a jackpot must be hit. That will keep you from grasping at straws hoping for something that might never come. Instead, you can focus your play on when you see one of the jackpots is ripe for the picking.

Hot Drop Jackpot Types

As we mentioned earlier, the jackpots found on hot drop slots are divided into different categories. Take a look at the different ways that you can win.

Harness Horse Racing on Track With Money in the Background

Super Jackpot

This is the biggie of the group, as the time frame can stretch for when it must drop can stretch to several days (average once every 4 ½ days.) In the case of the super jackpot, it has an element of progressives, since the drop point comes once the total reaches a certain level. Of all of the hot drop jackpots you can win, this one is the most massive of them all.

Hourly Jackpot

That’s right: one of these jackpots must “drop” every hour on the hour. You can count down the clock and see if you’re getting close to the end of the hour without it being hit. As the minutes tick away, you’ll know that your opportunities are growing to hit the hourly jackpot.

Daily Jackpot

This is the same concept as the hourly jackpot, only you’ll be dealing with a longer period of time. Because of that longer stretch, it also means that the hourly jackpot will be much more substantial in terms of the potential payout. The daily drop jackpot gives you something to shoot for every time that you log on to play.

Advantages of Hot Drop Jackpots

  • It guarantees that you’ll be in the running for a jackpot within a specific time frame. One must drop every hour, every day, and at some point before the rising total hits a certain level. Knowing that these jackpots are within your reach will drive up the excitement level.
  • You’ll be able to see when these jackpots are reaching their drop point. In other words, you won’t be kept in the dark. On-screen widgets will keep you informed of where each hot drop jackpot stands so that you’ll know if you should be working extra hard to score one.
  • There is a little something for everyone. The hourly jackpot gives you plenty of opportunities to shoot for a quick score that’s higher than your average payback. And the daily and super jackpots can be impactful on a whole other level if you can stay in the game long enough to score one.

Hot Drop Jackpot Themes

You might be worried that Hot Drop Jackpots are limited to a basic slot setup. But new themes are popping up at all times under this format, meaning that players can get the same kind of variety with Hot Drop games as they would other types of online slots. Below you can find some of the options you have at your disposal.

Standard Theme

The basic scenario for a Hot Drop Jackpot game is a five-reel video slot. While the number of lines may differ, you can expect to choose between spin, auto-spin, and quick spin modes. In addition, you can select the size of your wager and which lines you want to include in your bet.

American Jet Set

The idea behind this theme is that you can shoot for the moon like high rollers at the biggest casinos in the world. It’s all about luxury, with free spins, wild symbols, and even a bonus wheel helping you win big. You can feel like you’re part of the elite playing this theme, especially if you win one of the jackpots.

Santa’s Ways

Folks love Christmas-themed slots, and here you have one with Hot Drop Jackpots attached to it. Among the goodies in Santa’s bag here are tumbling reels and expanding wilds. If you can nab some free spins, you’ll feel like you’ve just received a wonderful Christmas present no matter what time of the year you play.

Oasis Dreams

Fans of the Arabian Nights-style scenery and exotic locations will love what this theme has to offer. And what would such an Oasis be without hidden treasures waiting for you? In this case, those treasures include the potential for a bonus game and the unique Hold & Spin feature.

Temple of Athena

Everyone who studied Greek mythology knows that the goddesses usually filled their temples with riches beyond compare. That’s what you’ll be after in this theme. And to help you get there, you can take advantage of free spins, mystery symbols and stacked symbols.

Wrapping It Up

Keep your eyes peeled for hot drop jackpots to take over the online slots world very soon. We suggest that you should seek out these games now before everyone finds out about them. You’ll be getting in on the ground floor of slots action that you’ll enjoy for a long time.


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