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Category Archives: Baseball

Major League Baseball: A Look at 2019 World Series Futures Odds

I have explained to our readers before why there are very few individual baseball games previewed here at Legit Gambling Sites. Major League Baseball occurs every day with odds posted the previous afternoon, leaving little time for bloggers to write, edit, post, and promote a story. Not that it gets any more relaxed when it […]

MLB All Star Game Roster Analysis, Vegas Odds, and Winning Moneyline Angle

I occasionally mention chess on our sports blog, and not just because chess is the original “war of minds” that would inform how MLB skippers would approach their craft in the modern era. Chess is also a useful strategy-template for handicapping. Successful gamblers know that any angle which appears to be simple – the weather, […]

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Don’t Look Now, But People Are Gambling on the Little League World Series

Politically speaking, Americans do not tend to think rationally, but make associations instead. This point was driven home to me in my college days, when my philosophy professor – a pastor and obviously a right-wing conservative – was teaching a class of mostly liberal youngsters. On a very nice day with an outdoor courtyard shining […]

What on Earth is Happening to the World Baseball Classic?

Just when you think you’re getting good at something, the universe has to come along and take it away! In spite of an abiding love of all international sports, I couldn’t really get a handle on the World Baseball Classic in 2013. I knew that Nippon Professional Baseball was a time-honored institution full of wonderful […]

Why is MLB Gambling So Popular in an Impatient World?

I play an internet golf simulation a lot, especially when I’m working on a story. I suppose that’s about as dorky of a confession that it’s possible to make in public. But the visuals and math calculations on the website are good for my mind. It takes less than a minute to play a shot […]

Updated MLB Odds: 2019 Pennant Futures at the Quarter Turn

I certainly understand some of the allure of daily MLB betting. It’s more of a relaxed viewing experience than MMA prizefighting or even basketball and hockey. There is a heavy dose of suspense and intrigue whenever a club puts runners on base. But there are just so many weird results and unexpected outcomes. Managers must […]

A Look at 5 Popular Major League Baseball Betting Systems

How do you define “success” when gambling at a sportsbook? Suppose a guy really, really wants to beat the bookie, and dives into fanatical research on everything from March Madness to the English Premier League. He “succeeds,” winning 58% of his bets including some underdog moneylines and parlays, and makes a few hundred bucks a […]

Predicting O/U Win Total Markets for the 2019 Major League Baseball Season

I’ve been saying throughout the NCAA hoops season that national-title futures and other long-term markets are the way to go, compared to watching 4 games at once hoping to hit just a small fraction of the “World’s Biggest Parlay” in March. But baseball and basketball fans can agree that futures betting is hot-and-cold cup of […]

Made in Japan: Betting On Nippon Professional Baseball in 2019

I started to get annoyed with Beckett’s baseball card magazines in the late 1990s. As the trading-card and sports collectables market grew more and more out of hand, the rag transformed from a simple hardball publication for kids to essentially a gambling-advice page turner. Trading card companies reacted to the gold-rush on memorabilia by pricing […]

Tim Tebow Props: The Chosen One’s Odds to Play for the New York Mets in 2019

There may not be another athlete in sports history about whom more bad arguments have been made than one Timothy Tebow. Just think of some of the Twitter battles you’ve read over the years. The idea of handicapping a quarterback as “pretty good but not an NFL All-Pro” really shouldn’t have been controversial. But any […]

Major League Baseball: 2019 World Series Favorites, Futures Odds and Predictions

What? A season preview of Major League Baseball before the Grapefruit League reaches its foregone conclusion? The horror! We’ve established on the LegitGamblingSites.com blog that macro-analysis can beat micro-analysis. For instance, while handicappers poured over the biographies and grade-school report cards of reserve players at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, I simply reasoned that France’s […]

2018 MLB World Series Preview, Predictions, and Betting Odds

There are many things that money can’t buy a person: love, time, and happiness to name a few. What it can buy you is a trip to the World Series as proven by two of the top-three highest overall payrolls in baseball winning their respective leagues’ pennants this season. In fact, if you only count […]