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Category Archives: Golf

2019 Masters Championship: How Warm-Up PGA Tour Events Could Shape the Odds

The late Arnold Palmer published a book that I won’t mention by title. Not that it’s a bad book, but the branding and presentation of the paperback has always struck me as if it were some type of forced compromise for Arnie. The great champion tells part of his autobiography in the tome, but keeps […]

Tiger Woods is a Betting Favorite to Win 3 Out of 4 Majors in 2019

There can be no doubt about it. Las Vegas and the betting public had Tiger Woods handicapped all wrong at the majors in 2018. Many factors were at play. Bookies were skeptical but afraid of dealing with the kind of imbalanced handle Tiger’s action can create, so the opening lines were somewhat cautious. But Woods’ […]

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How the PGA Tour Jilted Gamblers (and Charities) While Tiger and Phil Took the Blame

There are many doom-sayers on social media who love to use phrases from George Orwell’s 1984, like “ignorance is strength!” and “war is peace!” and so on. I’m not prepared to go that far about the modern media. However, I’ll add another Orwell-style phrase of my own. “Radical is mainstream!” I have often found myself […]

Tiger vs Phil: Vegas Odds and Prop Bet Picks on “The Match”

Walter Hagen, considered the greatest match-play golfer of the 20th century, once faced the legendary Bobby Jones in a high-stakes 72-hole exhibition match. Hagen won easily. But journalists of the era dismissed the result, arguing that since The Haig had never beaten Jones to win a U.S. Open, the outcome of the head-to-head combat was […]

2018 Ryder Cup: Team Futures, Alt-Shot Odds and Fourball Betting

Yesterday I got to have that sinking feeling you get when a contradiction of epic proportions makes things seem not so simple. When a sports writer you respect goes off the rails, there’s nothing to do but take comfort in misanthropia. John Feinstein is an accomplished golf and football writer who works for the Washington […]

PGA Tour Betting: FedEx Cup to be Decided at Tour Championship

Careful, Jordan Spieth. Disappointing golf careers tend to sneak up on the players having them. Greg Norman, a 1990s/2000s poster-boy for underachievement on the links, famously said he went to the beach at had a “long good cry” after Larry Mize made a miracle bunker shot to beat him at Augusta National. Then he hit […]

2018 PGA Championship – Early Odds and Preview of Bellerive Country Club

The quaint town of St. Louis will wake up to celebrate the 100th PGA Championship from August 9th-12th 2018, at the iconic Bellerive Golf Course. It will be a watershed event for golfers as they try to master their shots under the Missouri sun. In a major break from tradition, the PGA Championship 2019 will […]

PGA Championship: Tiger Woods is a Betting Odds Underdog at Bellerive

Golf betting has taken a long, slow U-turn in 2018. Headed into the Masters at Augusta National this spring, Tiger Woods shot to the top of sportsbook futures boards early and often. Bettors had watched Tiger’s epic charges and 4-round streaks of consistency on the PGA Tour over the first dozen weeks of the season, […]

What if the PGA Tour Adopted NASCAR’s Championship Formula

In the book “A Good Walk Spoiled,” author John Feinstein quotes a PGA Tour official who seems puzzled at the attitude of golf fans toward superstar vs underdog shoot-outs on Sunday. “I don’t know what it is,” says the official. “People want to see the big-shots win. They want the underdog out of the way […]

Betting on the 2018 British Open – Preview and Free Picks

You can always tell when golfers and golf fans are complaining about major-championship courses and setups. How can you tell? Because it’s summer, their mouths (and thumbs) are moving, and major championships are being held on courses. Hardy-har. Yes, I’m firmly on the side of those who think golfers complain too much. They all have […]

Three Extreme Longshots Who Could Win The U.S. Open

The way betting advice is usually written, it’s as if readers are looking for long-term stock market tips. Where’s the value in a list of 2-to-1 and 3-to-1 markets? How can 5-innings bets on Major League Baseball be carefully laid out to bring a 20% return on investment? Is it possible to move your winning […]

U.S. Open Betting: Are Tiger And Rory Headed In Opposite Directions?

Rory McIlroy will most likely not win the 2018 United States Open golf tournament at Shinnecock Hills. Why am I so confidently saying that? Take a lesson from Big Jack. The Golden Bear. The GOAT. “I used to love walking into major championship locker rooms,” Nicklaus once said, “and listening to the guys whine and […]