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Category Archives: Golf

Golf Betting Rules and Regulations at Sportsbooks (What to Know)

Golf betting rules and regulations are a must to follow when you’re betting on one of the world’s greatest pastimes at your local live or online sportsbook. If you’re new to betting on golf, today’s post is one that you must read since it will show you a basic outline of the ins and outs […]

4 of the Most Overlooked Golf Bets

Golf on the TV might serve as the perfect backdrop for a Sunday afternoon siesta, but that all changes if you’ve got money spread out all over the field. If you’re able to select even a couple of the players who are in the running come Saturday, the excitement level is taken to a place […]

The Odds on Tiger’s Son Winning a Major This Decade

If you remember seeing a two-year-old Tiger Woods show his stuff on the Mike Douglas Show back in 1978, then get ready. Woods’ son is already proving his worth on a golf course, and there is even talk of him proving such a prodigy (like dear old Dad) that he may win one of the […]

Tour Championship at East Lake: PGA Tour Betting Odds and FedEx Forecast

The timing of the sport of golf makes handicappers forget things…and forget excellent golfers. Golf’s calendar proceeds as it must. Meanwhile, the rush of media attention between April and August causes pundits to rush their opinions while the 4 majors help a maximum of 4 champions to worldwide notoriety. Those who do not win a […]

What Golf Gamblers Learned From the 4 Majors in 2019

The biggest challenge facing any “good” PGA Tour golfer who wants to become “great” is not perfecting his swing, nor the use of his putter, nor driver, and not even his mental endurance and patience…though that last factor comes in a close 2nd. Greatness is about honing his game for the big-time. You can shoot […]

2019 British Open 3-Balls Gambling Odds and 72-Hole Head-to-Head Leans

Let’s face it – the British Open can be kind of a drag sometimes. The tournament tees off awfully early for viewers in the United States – especially for those on the West Coast like myself. The 36 or 54-hole leader is often someone casual state-side golf fans have never even heard of. Worse, the […]

2019 Open Championship: Futures Odds and Gambling Preview

After hitting a home run with my prediction that Tiger Woods would win The Masters, and warning bettors not to overlook Brooks Koepka before the 29-year-old phenom won the 2019 PGA Championship, I felt pretty confident in my futures wager on Rory McIlroy to win the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. But there was a […]

2019 United States Open: Head-to-Head Predictions and Best 3-Balls Wagers

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a problem with our site’s golf blog. That probably strikes you as a weird thing for me to say at this point, having written years’ worth of major-championship links content into the Legit Gambling Sites golf archive. But I realized that a lot of the posts were […]

2019 U.S. Open: Best Futures Odds on Rory, Tiger, D.J. and Brooks Koepka

I didn’t realize until recently that Pebble Beach – often panned as the setting of “unfair” conditions – is actually one of the fairest golf links in the United States. There’s all kinds of ways to succeed in a round of golf at Pebble. You can hit high, fading iron shots like Jack Nicklaus did. […]

Brooks Koepka is an Odds-On Favorite to Win a Tiger Slam in 2019-20

The game of golf has a way of teasing and tormenting fans at the biggest moments. Rare are the “payoffs” like Tiger Woods’ epic comeback to win the 2019 Masters. More often, the sport lays traps for its followers, making us believe that the next comeback is inevitable when it’s really not. Dustin Johnson appeared […]

PGA Championship 3-Balls Bets and Head-to-Head Match-Ups

One of my betting maxims is to look for the price, not the number. You hear so much talk from lifelong handicappers about “finding the number.” Finding the most-favorable point spread and betting at the sportsbook which offers it is great, or at least it was always a strong tactic in old-school Las Vegas, where […]

2019 PGA Championship: Betting Lines and Predictions for Bethpage Black

There is always a relationship between trends in golf betting and the media’s coverage of the game. After all, few of us who handicap and gamble on the royal and ancient game actually attend PGA Tour events in person. We rely on television and the internet to provide accurate results and analysis. The results part […]