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At, we create lists of expert recommendations consisting of the best online gambling sites and organized by a wide range of different priorities for readers who – for example – want to wager on basketball, benefit from the best bonus programs, and/or enjoy table games with live dealers.

For nearly every gaming activity, sport, league, event, and website quality, we can provide a list of ranked recommendations. One such criterion that often plays a significant role in a new customer’s decision to sign with a betting site is whether they can make deposits with their preferred banking method.

While all of our recommendations – regardless of criterion – are vetted to ensure flexible banking and fast deposit/payout speeds, gambling sites that cater to specific transactions often have the quickest processing timelines and fewest customer issues for that form of payment.

This page will act as a hub, connecting you with the highest-quality gambling websites catering specifically to each of the following banking methods.

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The Top US Deposit Options for Online Gambling Sites

While using a debit card tied to one’s checking account is the primary form of purchasing transaction used in the States, it’s not available as one of any US gambling sites’ deposit methods. The reason this simple and straightforward banking type is blocked is due to a 2006 federal law called the “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.”

Summary of the UIGEA

  • Prohibits gambling businesses from knowingly accepting payments in connection bets or wages that involve the use of the Internet.
    • The designated payment systems are:
      1. Automated Clearing House (ACH) Systems
      2. Card Systems
      3. Check Collection Systems.
      4. Money Transmitting Businesses
      5. Wire Transfer Systems
  • Requires Treasury and Federal Reserve Board to develop regulations that require participants in payment systems to develop policies and procedures to identify and block Internet gambling transactions.
  • Requires certain participants in the designated payment systems to establish policies and procedures that are designed to identify and block, prevent or prohibit restricted transactions.
  • Provides non-exclusive examples of acceptable policies and procedures that provide a safe-harbor for non-exempt participants in the designated payment systems.
    • Non-exempt participants are those that establish or maintain accounts for commercial customers and are in a posistion to conduct due diligence on the customer.

While this law does nothing to dissuade individuals from accessing and using online betting sites, it bars financial institutions from processing transactions between their account holders and known gaming corporations. The prominent e-wallet PayPal has accepted these rules as well, sending US bettors to other reliable gambling site deposit methods.

Credit Cards

One of the most popular betting site deposit methods is the credit card. While the banks obediently adhere to UIGEA, the credit corporations – for the most part – have taken a different approach.

According to a 2015 article, “Indeed, most U.S. credit card companies today are willing to finance just about any form of online gaming so long as the company providing the contests obtains an opinion letter from a lawyer stipulating to the game’s legality.”

The two favorite and most frequently accepted credit cards of online betting operators are Visa and Mastercard. You will find them available as gambling sites deposit methods almost every time. Other varieties – for example, American Express – are accepted as well, although less frequently.


Since the blockchain and the wild world of cryptocurrencies were invented, they’ve been a match made in heaven with the online gaming industry. No central corporation controls the blockchain, so users may transfer the various coins at will without interference. Another huge perk is that the deposits are always cleared immediately.

If there’s any downside to cryptocurrencies – the most well-known being Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum – it’s the initial setting-up process. You must first create a wallet in which to store your coins.

The wallet operators allow you to convert fiat money into a variety of crypto coins, but you must first go through an approval process in which you must submit identification and banking information, which can occasionally take several days.


Neteller is a payment processing service which effectively works as a middle man between you and the online gaming operators. This favorite US gambling sites deposit method takes Visa and Mastercard payments from customers, then allows the account owner to move the funds to their online betting account without their banking institution’s awareness, allowing United States bettors a legal way around UIGEA.

If there’s a downside to using Neteller, it’s that casinos frequently set either weekly or monthly deposit limits on this specific transaction type. Additionally, the full end-to-end process, from bank to gambling site customer account, takes an average of 2-3 days, which is somewhat slower than credit cards and crypto.

However, for gamblers without credit cards or who aren’t savvy with cryptocurrency wallets, trading, and everything that comes with this new financial market, Neteller offers a legal, safe, and secure way to fund your hobbies.

Pre-Paid Debit Cards

There are all sorts of pre-paid card options out there available as gambling sites deposit methods. The user pays cash up front, loading the physical card or online equivalent with as much money as desired.

These paid-upfront options are often backed and processed by Visa, Mastercard, and other major credit institutions but don’t require the user to open a traditional checking account or to have credit. Whatever cash they transfer over, they can use. Then that card and/or online card number can be used for anonymous gambling.

Benefits of Different Payment Types

Credit Cards

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed from the table at the top of this guide, bettors have their choice of many dozens of various banking methods and deposit types for funding an online gambling site account.

While federal law will determine why some transactions must be replaced by others, the decision to choose one gambling site banking method over another is usually personal. It depends on a bettor’s specific concerns (deposit speed, security, dispute resolution, etc.), their familiarity with and comfort using certain technologies (i.e., cryptocurrencies), and individual financial situation.

It doesn’t matter that American Express transactions are immediate and extremely secure if you don’t have the credit score to own a card. You may need to open a crypto wallet or purchase a pre-paid cash card instead.

Whichever gambling site deposit method you ultimately choose, they all have unique benefits and/or setbacks.

Bank Transfer

While direct bank transfers such as wires and e-checks to gambling sites are currently illegal in the US, they probably will be available soon, following the Supreme Court’s ruling striking down the federal sports betting ban. What’s great about these methods is that you can move the money straight from your bank to your gambling account. Plus, you can wire the payment by phone, by seeing a teller in person, or online – whichever works best for you.

Credit Card

The credit card is currently the favorite gambling site deposit method. The funds are usually available instantly, the company provides extra security and fraud alerts, and cardholders are privy to various spending bonuses and card-specific rewards programs.


Crypto is another financial method of funding a betting site bankroll. Whether you use Bitcoin or Ethereum, these coins will also deposit immediately, allowing the player to get started right away. Once you’ve opened a wallet, you can spend the money without your banking institutions or the government knowing about the transaction.


E-wallets are another convenient way to deposit money without breaking any US federal laws. Basically, these third-party companies receive payments directly from your bank account. They then handle the next transaction, sending the funds to the betting website, allowing you to avoid UIGEA rules. What makes these accounts great is that you can withdraw winnings into them, then move the cash from there to your checking without issue.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Deposit Method

Card in ATM

The majority of online betting enthusiasts pick a deposit method based on what they currently own and what’s most convenient. However, you may have specific criteria in mind when funding your account, depending on personal preferences. These are some of the primary factors bettors should consider when choosing a banking method.

Transaction Speed

We live in a society that wants everything “now, now, now,” so, of course, transaction speed is the first quality most players consider when opening an account. For users prioritizing speed over everything else, there are numerous sites offering instant transfers for a variety of banking types.

Are Withdrawals Available?

Depending on how you deposit money, you may or may not be able to withdraw to the same card or account. The most glaring example is credit cards, which provide expedited or immediate deposits but can’t be withdrawn to, as they aren’t a traditional account; they’re a payment method. You have to pay a bill on a credit card; it can’t be deposited to.

Transfer Fees

If you choose to utilize certain credit cards, e-wallets, and payment processors, there may be transaction fees attached. This will depend on the independent deposit method, but you should research any monthly or payment-based charges that may lessen the amount you have to wager on the gambling site.


Security is always a massive issue when dealing with online financial transactions. The most secure transactions are typically credit cards, due to the ability to reverse charges should you accidentally fall victim to a rogue gaming website or have your account compromised. Cryptocurrencies are also reliable and transparent, thanks to the blockchain, but if you fall for a scam, your coins can be stolen with absolutely no recourse.


As we’ve covered in this guide multiple times, US federal law bans the common checking-account-linked debit card as a deposit method. For that reason, United States players must find alternatives that fit within the laws of our land. It’s why processors like Neteller and Paysafecard are heavily utilized while the much larger PayPal is not.

Consumer Protections

With some financial transactions, the consumer has very few options at their disposal if something goes wrong. If your Bitcoin wallet is somehow wiped out, you probably won’t be able to recover those coins before they disappear. The same can go for wire transfers to fraudulent businesses. If you want an added layer of security, you may want to focus on credit cards and certain e-wallets that offer dispute resolution and anti-theft measures for account holders.


Another perk that comes with using specific payment methods, particularly credit cards, is the bonuses. Most cards reward owners with a variety of points systems that can be quite valuable to account holders. In addition to the deposit bonuses and loyalty rewards provided by the betting sites for gaming, players can also enjoy gifts and prizes on the card side of things. These could result in free airline mileage, cash back, and a wide variety of other rewards.


Ultimately, the majority of bettors gravitate towards convenience. When you want to start a new hobby like online gambling, you might not want to open a bunch of other accounts or convert your cash to various other forms of currency.

Often, a few extra steps upfront is worth the time in exchange for added security or faster transaction speeds down the road, but for some players, they just want to get started now. For them, whatever they already have in their wallet or can be used “right this second” is the gambling site deposit method of choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which deposit method is the fastest?

There are a few betting site deposit methods that offer immediate deposits and withdrawals. Some favorite options that typically fund accounts immediately are credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

But keep in mind that gambling sites specializing in a specific financial transaction can usually process those requests more swiftly than gaming operations offering a wide variety of options. In some cases, deposit methods known for typically taking a few days could be immediate or greatly expedited on specific sites.

Do I have to deposit and withdraw with the same banking method?

No, you don’t. In fact, with some banking methods, it’s impossible. For example, you can deposit funds with a Mastercard, but there’s no way to withdraw cash to a credit card account. The same can sometimes be true of pre-paid debit cards as well, although many of the internet-based variations are more flexible and work more like an e-wallet.

Online betting isn’t legal in my state; can I still deposit money?

Which payment types are safest to use?

The safest gambling site deposit methods are credit cards. Massive payment processors such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express protect players from fraud by flagging and reversing any unwanted purchases and employing an extensive conflict resolution department. When you use a checking account, it’s your money on the line; but with a credit card, it’s the bank’s cash used up front, and they aren’t letting any two-bit internet scammer get away with theft.

Why won’t some options work for me?

It’s most likely because of the laws in your country or state. It could also depend on the specific gambling site. For US customers, for example, the ban on using traditional debit cards can be somewhat inconvenient.

The banks and/or website may block any transactions that would be deemed illegal, forcing you to search for a different method. Luckily, we have a list of over 70 working options at the top of this guide, each of which link to pages offering the very best betting sites available that accept that form of deposit.

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