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So, you want a list of safe Ethereum gambling sites but don’t know where to start?

Luckily for you, it’s our purpose to find just such sites, review them, filter out the lame ones, and compile a constantly updated list of the best ones for you.

Here at, we’re online gambling specialists, and we have a team of experts with a specific interest in gambling with cryptocurrencies. Today, we’ll be focusing specifically on gambling with Ethereum.

If you’re already an experienced Ethereum gambler, feel free to go ahead and pick one of the top gambling sites that accept Ethereum below. If you’re not 100% sure how to gamble with Ethereum, or you want to know what the benefits and drawbacks of doing so are, there’s a ton of great information for you below.

Our Top Recommended Ethereum Gambling Sites

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Rating 3.5/5


up to $1,600

  • Reclaimable welcome bonus
  • Significant jackpots
  • Long-standing industry brand
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Rating 4/5


up to $200

  • Reliable game play
  • Excellent reputation
  • Solid software partners
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Rating 4/5


up to $300

  • Clever alternate reality theme
  • Solid live chat customer service
  • Low bonus rollover requirements
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Rating 4/5


up to C$500

  • Game selection if first-rate
  • Bitcoin gambling supported
  • Heaven for slots players

Why Are These the Best Ethereum Gambling Sites?

When we come across Ethereum gambling sites, we have a review process we put them through before we recommend them to you. If you have any experience gambling online, you’ll probably be aware that there are a select few sites which are a cut above the average ones. It’s exactly those top Ethereum gambling sites that we want to identify and recommend.

While you can read the full reviews for all of the sites listed above to learn more about them, we can tell you that they all share a few things in common.

They Offer World-Class Gambling Services

Some of you may want to play Ethereum dice or roulette into the wee hours, while others among you might want to bet on football or the latest UFC bout. Others will want to play poker with Ethereum.We aim to select sites which offer a variety of gambling options. Most sites do specialize in one thing or another, but many of them offer casino games, sports betting, poker, and even bingo all on one site. Those are the ones we want to recommend most.

However, the important thing is that what’s on offer is world-class. We’ll always recommend a top-level site that only offers casino games over a second-rate one that offers sports betting, casino games, and poker.

Every so often, we come across one that does multiple things and does them fantastically. You’ll find those sites listed at the top of our table.

They Pay Quickly and Don’t Fee-Gouge

One of the main reasons to gamble with cryptocurrencies is the speed with which you can move them and the low fees associated with doing so. Ethereum might not be the fastest crypto, nor does it have the lowest fees, but it sure beats using most traditional payment methods like PayPal or bank transfers.Given that, we think it would be pointless to recommend gambling sites that take days or weeks to approve your withdrawals. Since Ethereum fees are so cheap, it’s also pointless to use it at gambling sites that charge excessive withdrawal fees.

All of our recommended Ethereum gambling sites approve transactions on the same day you request them. The faster they process withdrawals, the more points they score. They also take no or extremely low withdrawal fees.

That means more money in your pocket after a big win. That’s where it belongs, in our view!

The Customer Support Is Professional and Fast

While some review sites think of customer support as an afterthought or add-on, we think it’s absolutely essential, and it’s an important part of our reviews.Customer support becomes especially important when gambling with Ethereum or other cryptos. Especially if you’re a first-timer, it’s important that there’s someone responsive on hand to help you with any questions you may have.

The sites we recommend all have support teams you can reach 24/7 via email, live chat, and even telephone helpline in some cases. The best Ethereum gambling sites offer all three contact options, and the support teams respond quickly and professionally.

Don’t settle for being treated like you don’t matter. There are plenty of Ethereum gambling sites that will treat you like a VIP, so choose to give them your patronage.

Why Play at Ethereum Gambling Sites?

Cryptocurrency gambling is on the rise, and since Ethereum is one of the most-used cryptocurrencies, it only makes sense that there are lots of Ethereum gambling sites popping up.

The question is – why use Ethereum over regular payment methods like Neteller or Skrill? We believe there are some reasons for doing so and some reasons against.

Since we’re an objective site, and our chief goal is to inform you to make the best decision for yourself rather than lead you down the garden path, we’re going to show you both sides of the coin now (pun intended).

(1) It’s WAY Faster Than Bank/Card Transfers

Gambling with Ethereum will introduce you to a transaction speed you didn’t know existed if you haven’t used cryptocurrencies before. You’ll be able to send money anywhere in the world, and it’ll arrive in under an hour most of the time.

Before going any further, we should say that there are some cryptocurrencies that are faster than Ethereum, but that’s another story for another day. The point is that you can send and receive Ethereum to and from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it will arrive in the time it takes to grab dinner.

Compared to bank transfers, which close down on weekends and which take 5-7 business days to arrive at times, gambling with Ethereum becomes an obvious smart choice.

If you’re sick and tired of waiting for what’s yours, choose Ethereum.

(2) It’s Cheap to Send and Receive

Like most cryptocurrencies, the fee for using Ethereum depends on how many transactions are occurring on the network. This can swing between a few cents and a few dollars, but that’s still a lot better than some payment methods.

Consider that Neteller takes 1% just to deposit to it, then another 1.45% to move it, and that it charges a premium on moving it to gambling sites, and Ethereum transaction fees seem cheap by comparison. If you’re a high-stakes player, this cost saving becomes even more pronounced.

Cryptocurrecy Comparison

As with speed, Ethereum isn’t the cheapest cryptocurrency to transact with. However, don’t dismiss it because of that. It has many other advantages that some other cryptocurrencies don’t, which leads us nicely to the next point.

(3) Ethereum Is Highly Liquid – You’ll Cash Out Easily

One of the problems with some of the smaller altcoins is that it can be difficult to sell them at the price point you want to cash out at. This is especially true if there’s a cryptocurrency price crash and people are scared to buy. When this happens, cryptocurrency holders rush into the bigger coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP.

You’ll never have a problem cashing out or spending your Ethereum. There’s always someone willing to buy it, either because they think it’s cheap and will increase in value or because it’s increasing in value and they’re afraid to miss out on holding it for further gains.

This “liquidity” issue is something to be aware of if you decide to gamble with larger amounts and use smaller altcoins. It would really suck to win a huge altcoin jackpot and then find you can’t cash it out at the rates you want.

(4) It’s Widely Accepted at Gambling Sites

Ethereum is one of the best-known cryptocurrencies, and lots of gambling site operators are comfortable with accepting it as a result.

It’s not as widely accepted as Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, but it’s still accepted at the majority of crypto-friendly gambling sites. You’ll be able to play Ethereum dice at most dice sites, and lots of sportsbooks, casinos, and poker sites accept Ethereum, too.

You won’t be stuck with a few niche sites when gambling with ETH. There are world-class operators (and lots of them) willing to accept it.

The Downsides to ETH Gambling Sites

Ethereum is not some alien technology that fell from the skies to help usher us towards utopia. It isn’t a solve-all. Like all things, it has some drawbacks. We’re going to outline some of the things you should be aware of before selecting Ethereum gambling sites.

(1) Ethereum Is Highly Volatile

We’re gamblers, so we get a kick out of risk, but we understand that some people are more conservative and like to minimize it. One thing to be aware of is that ETH can go through huge price increases and crashes. It’s not uncommon for it to swing 10% in a day when the crypto markets are at their worst.

If you spent several hours grinding out a 10% profit using perfect blackjack strategy, left it overnight, and came back to find ETH down 10%, that could really be heartbreaking.

However, keep in mind that it can go the other way. Your prize money could also increase by 10% in a day. It’s just an extra risk to be aware of. To get a better feel for Ethereum’s current performance take a look at the graph below.

(2) Ethereum Isn’t a Privacy Coin

One of the big draws of privacy-focused coins like Monero and Dash is that you can keep your gambling 100% to yourself. Nobody will even know you have these coins, let alone prove what you did with them.

Ethereum is definitely more private than playing with your credit card or PayPal account, but it doesn’t have the extra privacy features the above-mentioned coins do.

If you’re looking for anonymous gambling sites, Ethereum might not be the best choice for you.

(3) Using ETH Involves a Learning Curve

This is true of all cryptocurrencies, but we still wanted to mention it. Ethereum is not as easy to use as the likes of PayPal or Skrill.

To safely use Ethereum and make sure you don’t lose your coins, we advise you to read up about cryptocurrency wallets, how to send funds between wallets, and how to store them safely.

The last thing you want to do is rush in and send a few hundred bucks into the void. Take your time to learn how to gamble with Ethereum properly, and this point will be irrelevant.

Then again, if you’re the lifelong learning type, you could see learning to use Ethereum gambling sites as a challenge. If cryptocurrencies are here to stay, you might as well get started now.

FAQs About Ethereum Gambling Sites

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