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Best Cryptocurrency Gambling Sites for 2022

The Top Online Gambling Sites That Accept Cryptocurrency Deposits


You might have noticed already, but cryptocurrencies are kind of a big deal these days. While those who believe promise that they will revolutionize the world, they’ve already revolutionized the online gambling world, and we’re here to help you understand what’s going on and how to benefit from cryptocurrency gambling.

In this guide, we’ll show you how we pick great cryptocurrency gambling sites, give you an overview of the main cryptos you can use to gamble, and introduce you to some great resources for understanding cryptocurrency.

Of course, if you already know what you’re doing, you can skip all that and pick from this list of the best online cryptocurrency gambling sites if you prefer.

Our Top Recommended Cryptocurrency Gambling Sites

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Choosing Legitimate Cryptocurency Gambling Sites

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It’s always important to take your time when picking a gambling site of any kind, but it’s especially so when dealing with cryptocurrency gambling sites.

Since cryptocurrency is still a relatively new phenomenon and is still in its early stages, there are some rogue casinos waiting to take advantage of people who might not be totally tech-savvy.

Not to worry, though. That’s why we’re here! We’ve got you covered, and our experts won’t steer you wrong. If you’d like to know how we determine legitimacy, you can explore an in-depth page on that by clicking the button below.

Our recommended crypto gambling sites share the following traits.

They Are 100% Trustworthy

It’s super important to know you’re dealing with a legitimate gambling operator when gambling online with cryptocurrency.

There are a lot of sharks in these waters, and you won’t have much legal recourse if they decide to take your crypto and shut down your account. Heck, the authorities can’t even find out who is using Bitcoin and other cryptos without a major technical investigation, so good luck getting them to investigate who stole your $500 BTC deposit online.

We recommend sites which are regulated by national gambling authorities, or which at least have excellent reputations. Trust is always important, but it’s even more so when entering the unregulated, often confusing world of cryptocurrency gambling.

They Make Crypto Gambling User-Friendly

Depending on how experienced you are with using cryptocurrencies, it can be relatively easy, or it can involve a steep learning curve. Either way, it’s not at the point yet where it’s quite as simple as entering a credit card number and clicking a button.

Crypto has come a long way, and there are several features in the pipe which will make it easier to use than traditional payment methods, but that might be a few years away. For now, it’s important that the crypto gambling sites we review make depositing and withdrawing crypto as easy as humanly possible.

They Accept Multiple Cryptos

There are specific Bitcoin gambling sites, and we have no problem recommending them when they’re world-class. However, we’ve been sure to pick multiple sites to provide options for gambling with different cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is still the king of cryptos, and it probably will be for a very long time to come, but we like to see sites accepting Litecoin, Ripple, Zcash, Dash, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Crypto is evolving rapidly, and new coins come online every single day. We don’t expect the cryptocurrency gambling sites we recommend to accept them all, but the ones which accept a few of the main ones will always win extra points from us.

They Have Low/No Fees and Fast Payouts

One of the main reasons to start gambling with cryptocurrencies is because they’re almost free to move around. Long gone are the days when Bitcoin fees escalated to $30 per transaction when the blockchain (network) got busy. Things have moved on, and there are now lots of great cryptos which are almost free to move.

Since cryptos can be moved for a fraction of a cent in some cases, it would be pointless if the gambling sites spoiled the party by charging ridiculous fees for deposits and withdrawals. We always prefer to recommend gambling sites which don’t charge fees.

Another big advantage of using cryptos generally is how fast they are. Whereas it might take several business days to get your withdrawals by bank transfer or when using credit/debit cards, it’s possible to move crypto across the planet 24/7, 365, in seconds.

Other Cryptocurrency Gambling Sites

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“Crypto gambling sites” is a fairly broad term. In fact, it covers multiple different types of sites. We’ve created specific pages to deal with each of these in more detail.

On the crypto casino sites page, you’ll find a list of recommended casinos which accept cryptocurrencies. We explain how we pick these sites and a lot more about playing casino games with crypto, too.

On the crypto betting sites page, you’ll discover which of our recommended online bookmakers accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As you’ll discover, it’s possible to bet on just about any sports using cryptos. We’ll explain how we find great crypto betting sites on this page.

Last, but not least, you’ll find our guide to cryptocurrency poker sites. There are poker rooms and tournaments going on 24/7, 365, and many of these sites are happy to accept and pay out in Bitcoin and other cryptos. Discover which sites we recommend and more by clicking the crypto poker button below.

Types of Cryptocurrencies

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For many people, the word “cryptocurrency” is automatically associated with Bitcoin. That’s fair enough since Bitcoin is by far the “biggest” crypto, and it grabs all the headlines, so it makes sense that most people think of it first.

However, as you learn more about cryptocurrencies, you’ll learn that there are thousands of them. We don’t need to pay attention to 99% of them, though. There are a few dominant cryptos which rule the roost and which are relevant to the gambling scene.

Let’s look a little deeper at the different coins which are accepted at cryptocurrency gambling sites.

Bitcoin Gambling

As mentioned before, Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrencies. Ever since the first Bitcoin was mined in 2009, this has been the leading cryptocurrency, and for much of that time, it was the only one. Almost every crypto gambling site accepts Bitcoin, even if they don’t accept others.

There are pros and cons of using Bitcoin to gamble as compared to using other cryptocurrencies. We cover those pros and cons and what we look for in great Bitcoin gambling sites, and we recommend some gambling sites which accept Bitcoin on the page below.

Ethereum Gambling

If there was any coin which could give Bitcoin a run for its money and which could possibly unseat BTC as the king of cryptos in the future, Ethereum would be it.

Ethereum is used by geeks and programmers more than anyone else, but there is also an increasing number of gambling sites which accept Ethereum. It’s super-fast and cheap to transact with, so we can see the appeal.

If you want to learn more about gambling with Ethereum, what the pros and cons of doing so are, and which gambling sites accept it, we recommend spending a little time checking out the page below.

Other Cryptocurrencies to Gamble With

While Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the best-known cryptocurrencies, there are many others out there, and the number of people using them is growing by the day. Some of them have exploded in popularity in the last couple of years, and so many crypto gambling sites have started to accept them.

These cryptos are known as “altcoins,” and we’ve created pages for each of the most important ones in the gambling industry. Feel free to browse around and look into the benefits and drawbacks of each of these cryptocurrencies and discover some of the cryptocurrency gambling sites which accept them.

With all of these different coins to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one to use. We like to think of them as tools – each one is best for a specific job. When it comes to online gambling, some cryptos have an edge over others. Discover which cryptos are best for gambling by checking out the page below.

All About Cryptocurrency

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We understand that there’s a learning curve involved when you first encounter cryptocurrency. Heck, we’ve been using them for years, and we’re still learning something new every day. In the beginning, it’s only natural if terms like “blockchain,” “hash rate,” and “exchange address” make your head spin!

We created an entire ecosystem of “crypto knowledge” pages to help bring you up to speed as fast as possible. You’ll find simple explanations on all the key crypto concepts, definitions of the important terms, an overview of what cryptocurrencies exactly are, a guide on how to get your hands on them, and the benefits of cryptos versus other financial vehicles like stocks.

Start by checking out the following page, which gives a broad overview of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Unless you know someone who has Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and is willing to sell you them for cash, you’ll need to get them on a cryptocurrency exchange.

In fact, a lot of people use cryptocurrency exchanges just like we use casinos and other online gambling sites. They buy cryptocurrencies and trade them on their wildly-fluctuating values. We think this is fair enough – after all, if you buy Bitcoin on an exchange at one price and sell it for three times as much, that’s a form of gambling, and it’s also your right.

But much like crypto gambling sites, not all exchanges are equal. There are features to consider, fees to assess, and you’ll also need to consider whether the crypto you want to buy is even available on the exchange you want to register at.

Confused? Don’t be – we’ll cover everything you need to know and then some in our cryptocurrency exchange reviews. Check the page below out, and you’ll be an expert on crypto exchanges in no time.