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Category Archives: Esports

Dota 2 Bucharest Minor Predictions

The second minor of the current Dota 2 season (and the first of 2019) is set to begin in Romania on January 9. The prize pool consists of a total of $300,000 and 500 Pro Circuit points, as well as a guaranteed pass to the Chongqing Major for the #1 finisher. The Players The Bucharest […]

4 Poker Pros Who Are Also Elite eSports Gamers

A little more than a decade ago, professional poker players moved out of the shadows to become bona fide superstars. Pros like Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, and Phil Ivey saw their faces splashed across television screens, with broadcasts of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and World Poker Tour (WPT) watched by millions worldwide. Young […]

Esports Parlay Bets – Should You Make Them

Esports gambling offers plenty of betting variety, including moneylines, point spreads, live wagering, outrights, and totals. These wagers give you an opportunity to bet on a single outcome (a.k.a. singles) and win money if you’re successful. But these bets differ from another type of esports wager called a parlay (a.k.a. accumulator). A parlay sees you […]

9 Reasons Why Sports Bettors Should Try Esports Betting

People have been betting on sports through internet sportsbooks since the mid-1990s. Therefore, it may seem like there aren’t any new options in terms of games you can wager on. But one newer betting category that’s popping up at online sportsbooks is esports. Competitive gaming is bigger than ever today, which is why it’s now […]

Value of Esports Skin Betting vs. Traditional Esports Betting

Esports have become extremely popular. You can now look forward to watching a number of major tournaments for games like League of Legends (LoL), Dota 2,Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), and Call of Duty. This rise in popularity has also made esports betting more fashionable. Plenty of online bookmakers now offer the chance to gamble […]

What You Need to Know about Esports Betting Bonuses

Numerous people around the globe love esports. Unfortunately, though, only a small fraction of gamers are good enough to participate in the matches. But this doesn’t mean that you have to sit on the sidelines. You can still be part of the action by wagering on matches. Esports betting sites allow you to gamble on […]

Esports Betting vs. Skin Betting

Esports enthusiasts can now bet on video games at online bookmakers. This is exciting for those who love the idea of combining gaming and gambling. But one thing that many new esports bettors are confused by is the difference between skin betting and traditional esports wagering. While both are forms of esports gambling, there are […]

LoL Worlds Finals 2018: Preview and Betting Odds

After a wild and unpredictable group stage and quarterfinals, things settled back down to at least some sense of normalcy over the weekend. The two favorites advanced with decisive 3-0 wins over their opponents, and we’re getting ready to see Invictus and Fnatic battle it out for the 2018 Summoner’s Cup on November 3. The […]

LoL Worlds 2018: Who’s the New Best Bet to Win the Summoner’s Cup?”

When I last checked in on the League of Legends Worlds (prior to the group stage), the picks for the final four seemed pretty clear. South Korea and China had dominated the season, and everyone expected Royal Never Give Up and KT Rolster to be standing tall once the dust settled. Well, here we are […]

Can You Make a Living through Esports Betting?

Certain forms of gambling offer you a chance to make a living. Daily fantasy sports (DFS), poker, and sports betting are three of the most popular ways to earn big profits through gaming. The first reason why these games can be used to make a living is that they’re skill based. You can use your […]

LoL Worlds 2018 Betting Tips

The Worlds group stage is about to start. Who looks good? Who looks bad? Where should your bets go? I’ll break it all down in today’s post. The Tournament To Date As this post goes to press, the play-in stage should have just wrapped up. The four top finishers in this stage join the world’s […]

LoL Worlds 2018 Value Picks

The 2018 League of Legends World Championships will get underway on the first of October, featuring the 24 best teams in the world competing for the sport’s ultimate prize. The 12 teams that didn’t qualify for direct entry to the group stage will face off in a “best of one” double round robin format that […]