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Category Archives: Esports

Top 5 Esports Players on Twitch

There is quite a wide range of reasons why people watch streamers. Some do it because they want to watch some of the best players in the world demonstrate their skills. Others watch because of the entertainment factor – sometimes it’s just really enjoyable to jump into a stream and chill out for a couple […]

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How Esports Prize Pools Affect Bettors

Betting on esports a couple of years ago seemed like an impossible concept. After all, ten or so youngsters playing video games in front of a live audience didn’t seem that compelling to a lot of people. However, while the majority debated whether or not competing at videos games deserved to be called a sport […]

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Not All Popular Video Games are Esports – But Why?

Contrary to popular belief, only a select number of video games actually turn into or are deemed an official Esport. Video games must meet certain “criteria” to not only be a popular game among the community, but also competitive enough to become an Esport. The video games that meet this criterion have become some of […]

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Battle Royale Supremacy – Which Title Will Headline the Genre in Esports

If you asked people in 2016 what Battle Royale meant, almost no one would really have a logical answer. Fast forward a couple of months, and you couldn’t really find any gamer that hadn’t at least heard of the genre. But what is Battle Royale, essentially? The premise itself is incredibly simple and to the […]

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Here Is Why Many People Consider Faker the Best League of Legends Player of All Time

Being the best in the world at a game that is played by more than 100 million people is not exactly easy. Yet Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok has achieved that status by winning 3 League of Legends World Championships and many other trophies in just 5 years. Who Is Faker? Faker was born in May 1996, […]

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