Odds, Favorites, and Predictions for LoL Worlds 2023

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The most highly anticipated League of Legends competition is right around the corner! The top teams from all over the globe will meet in the LoL Worlds 2023 to determine the best of the best. It’s time to work on your predictions if you intend to bet on the event.

Can JD Gaming capitalize on a fantastic season by winning LoL Worlds in 2023? Can LNG Esports or Gen.G win their first World Championship? I explore all favorites in this post and share my predictions.

LoL Worlds 2023 Winner Odds

  • JD Gaming; +140
  • LNG Esports; +450
  • G; +550
  • Bilibili Gaming; +600
  • T1; +700
  • KT Rolster; +900

According to the LoL Worlds 2023 betting odds, JD Gaming is the main favorite to win it all. That’s hardly a surprise considering the team’s domination of the LPL in 2023. LNG Esports and Gen.G round out the top three in the latest betting odds.

The other squads that can make things competitive are T1 and Bilibili Gaming. T1 finished runner-up at LoL Worlds last year, and Bilibili Gaming was second in the Worlds Qualification standings in 2023.

Most of the other teams are massive long shots to win it all. If you still want to back any of them or like the odds for one of the favorites, feel free to visit BetUS. That’s where I took the prices above from.

LoL Worlds 2023 Format

In 2023, the LoL Worlds competition will take place in multiple cities in South Korea (Busan and Seoul). This is also the 13th edition of the event, and teams representing all competitive League of Legends regions will participate.

The tournament consists of multiple stages: the play-in, the Swiss round-robin, and the knockout bracket. 22 total teams will be competing, and the tournament will run from October 10 to November 19.

Here’s a breakdown of the tournament schedule:

October 10 – October 15

  • Play-ins in Seoul, South Korea
  • Eights compete in two double-elimination brackets
  • Round 1 is best-of-three matches
  • Round 2 is best-of-five matches
  • Upper bracket winners will face lower bracket winners
  • Teams compete for a spot in the swiss-style stage

October 19 – October 29

  • Group stage in Seoul, South Korea
  • 16 teams compete in five rounds of competition
  • Round 1 involves random pairings
  • Teams with the same win-loss record face each other in later rounds
  • Teams with three wins advance to the knockout bracket
  • Teams with three losses are eliminated
  • The matches are best-of-ones
  • Qualification/elimination matches are best-of-threes

November 2 – November 19

  • Knockout bracket that takes place in multiple cities
  • Eight remaining teams compete in best-of-five matches
  • Quarterfinals (November 2-5) and semifinals (November 11-12) are held in Busan, South Korea
  • The Final will be in Seoul, South Korea (November 19)

Regional seeding is based on every team’s performance in previous competitions. Certain regions will also send more teams and receive automatic spots in the group stage, including China, South Korea, and North America.

LoL Worlds 2023 Favorites

Before sharing my final League of Legends Worlds prediction, I want to analyze the main favorites. These are the teams that have the best chance of winning the tournament.

The biggest standout in the tournament is JD Gaming. However, you should also pay attention to LNG Esports and Gen.G. All three teams are loaded with talented players who can step up and play well in big moments.

JD Gaming

  • Region: China
  • Key Player: Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok
  • Head Coach: Yoon “Homme” Sung-young

JD Gaming is the team everyone will be watching once LoL Worlds is underway. The roster is insanely good, and the players are peaking at the right time. JD Gaming also won both the LPL Summer Playoffs and the Mid-Season Invitational in 2023.

Winning is in JD Gaming’s DNA. These players are incredibly fierce, competitive, and dynamic. The team was dominant in every major competition in 2023, and no one else had the same level of success during the season.

Every single member of the roster is among the best in the world in his position. Better yet, the chemistry is exceptional when it comes to picking the right moments to farm the map, hit objectives, and fight.

JD Gaming look poised to win right now, but we’ve seen other favorites crumble under pressure before. On top of that, the odds for the squad are way too low considering the competition.

LNG Esports

  • Region: China
  • Key Player: Lee “Scout” Ye-chan
  • Head Coach: Chang “Poppy” Po-Hao

LNG Esports also has a talented roster with excellent players at multiple positions. However, the team’s only major tournament victory was winning the LPL 2023 Regional Finals. The other notable achievement was the second place in the LPL 2023 Summer Playoffs.

Recent form is a big reason why the oddsmakers are favoring LNG Esports. The team has finished on the podium in five major tournaments since January. LNG Esports also pushed JD Gaming to the limit during the LPL Summer Playoffs.

What separates LNG Esports from the other contenders is the squad’s methodical approach. They know exactly when to get aggressive and when to avoid team fights, which is pivotal in the Worlds.

I also really like the veteran presence of Scout paired with newcomers Zika and Hang. They all know how to coordinate attacks and catch their opponents off guard. Scout also averages 531.5 damage per minute, making him one of the deadliest midlaners in LoL.


  • Region: Korea
  • Key Player: Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon
  • Head Coach: Go “Score” Dong-bin

Here’s another contender that could have a massive impact on the tournament. Gen.G looks ready to compete at LoL Worlds, especially since they recently won the LCK Summer Playoffs. The team put together a gutsy performance and toppled T1 in the finals.

Gen.G is one of those teams that does almost everything right, especially when it comes to macro decisions. They bring a winning mindset to every tournament, and every player knows their role. Furthermore, Gen.G does a great job of making adjustments and switching strategies.

Midlaner Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon will make life difficult for his opponents at LoL Worlds. He often makes extraordinary plays in clutch moments.

Overall, there’s a lot to like about Gen.G in terms of what they’ll bring to the competition. The team has also given itself a chance to win several major tournaments in 2023. The best LoL betting sites except a strong run, and I couldn’t agree more.

Best LoL Worlds Sleepers

There are also a few sleepers in the tournament that could surprise everyone. I’m not sure if they can go all the way, but the odds are worth exploring.

  • Cloud9 (+10000). My favorite sleeper at LoL Worlds this year is Cloud9. This team exceeded expectations in 2023, capturing the LCS Spring and Summer titles. The North American squad will enter the tournament with plenty of confidence.
  • NRG (+10000). NRG made its triumphant return to the spotlight in competitive LoL this year. The North American squad also recently won the 2023 LCS Championship.
  • G2 Esports (+1800). G2 Esports has an elite roster, and I think they’re a lot better than what the odds are showing. The team also dominated during the LEC Summer Playoffs and LEC Season Finals in 2023.

LoL Worlds 2023 Prediction and Betting Pick

The winner of LoL Worlds isn’t easy to predict because the field is extremely competitive. I really like JD Gaming, but Gen.G and LNG Esports are also championship-caliber teams. If anything, you’re better off not picking the main favorite when the odds are that low.

That’s why I’m choosing Gen.G to win with my League of Legends 2023 prediction. This team has a lot of strengths and very few weaknesses. Chovy is also a special player who often makes perfect plays when it really counts.

I thought about picking LNG Esports, but Gen.G looks a little bit better entering the tournament. JD Gaming dominated the LPL this season, but the competition at Worlds will be a lot tougher. Ultimately, I think Gen.G can get the job done and the odds of +550 are too tempting to ignore.

My Pick:
Gen.G to win