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UFC 226: Miocic vs Cormier Betting Lines, Full Card Preview And Picks

Part of America’s annual July 4th ritual is a chorus of cops and officials telling people not to set off fireworks at home. “Class C fireworks are not legal here in New York,” the statements read. “Come to the public display. Beers are only 25 dollars each.” But when the 4th rolls around, neighborhoods turn […]

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KSI vs. Logan Paul: White Collar Boxing, YouTubers, & Cringe

Well, I’m getting that feeling again. It’s that strange mixture of excitement, shame over said excitement, and general nausea that this is what we’ve come to as a people. I remember this emotion from the early-2000’s when Celebrity Boxing burst onto the scene, and we saw Screech mercilessly pummel Horshack. On August 25th, perhaps we’ll […]

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Curling and the Most Hilarious Sports You Can Bet On

Odds-makers thought they had it made. It was halfway through the 2018 Winter Olympics, and the well-hyped American duo of Matt and Becca Hamilton had led-off the Games with a downer appearance in the Mixed Curling competition. State-side bettors had been drawn to the Hamiltons’ charisma and to the prospect of a curling team from […]

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Which State Will Win the Race to Offer the First Legal Sportsbook Outside of Nevada?

Now that the United States Supreme Court’s highly anticipated decision on sports betting legalization has been released, a veritable gold rush is on to capitalize on the expanded gaming industry. Individual states have been freed to regulate sports betting as they see fit, but one question remains – which locale will become the first to […]

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Why VR Boxing Could be the Next Big Thing

There aren’t many sports in the world that are more polarizing than boxing. Those who love it believe it to be the sweet science, a ballet that simultaneously demands power and finesse, aggression and discipline, agility and strength. But for everyone who loves boxing, there is also someone who despises it as a sport that […]

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