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Post-Qualifying Odds and Predictions for the 2019 Indianapolis 500

It has been a spring of surprises and controversy, many of which have occurred in running and racing. The Kentucky Derby – whew. There was a schmozz. All those months of ever-changing “sleeper” odds and the Bob Baffert trifecta dream, washed away in a flood of rain and tumult over whether the Thoroughbred who crossed […]

UFC Fight Night 149: Moneyline Picks on the Top 3 Main Card Matches

UFC betting is not the easiest category of sports wagering to handicap. The matches are so unpredictable that when a bettor earns a “winning parlay” on 3 or 4 matches at a time, it’s a matter of luck as much as anything else. What’s more, while (as in all sports) it’s possible to not know […]

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WrestleMania 35: Complete Card, Betting Odds and Predictions for the Jostle in Jersey

Surprises and new trends in sports have a way of sneaking up on everyone. WrestleMania is always criticized. Fans of World Wrestling Entertainment are notorious for, as grappler Chris Jericho once put it, “never liking anything we give them.” This year feels a little different. WrestleMania 35 has not happened yet. But it’s already being […]

UFC Combatants Who Love to Trick Las Vegas Sportsbooks

Mohammad Ali’s knockout of George Foreman is always presented on cable TV in “story-telling” format, even if producers simply play the entire long broadcast from Zaire in 1974 so that the audience gets to hear the background narrative. Documentaries on the fight have become righteous works of art on their own, such as the classic […]

The Five Most Devastating Injuries in MMA

There’s no doubt that MMA is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. It’s been described as “human cockfighting” by the late American senator John McCain, and as “High-level problem solving with dire physical consequences” by UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan. Both of those descriptions are correct to some extent, and the […]

Growing Pro Pinball Scene Offers Rich Opportunity for Gamers and Gamblers

I’d like to tell you that I fell into handicapping pinball just like I did everything else in sportswriting – gradually and by accident. But the truth is that my experience in covering bumpers, flippers, and drains feels even more spontaneous. Almost like a ball, zipping from Point A to Points B and Z. Gaining […]

Fading the Public: The Most Misunderstood Sports Betting Strategy

If you study basic sports betting strategy for 15 minutes, you’re bound to come across a concept known as fading the public. The idea behind fading the public is simple: you want to bet opposite of the majority because most sports gamblers lose. It seems like you can win with this strategy simply by finding […]

Lessons Learned in the Casino Can Improve Your Sports Betting Experience

I’ve realized that a lot of my sports betting advice is hypocritical. I urge recreational gamblers to look at the big picture when wagering on the Alabama Crimson Tide or the Golden State Warriors. People can drive themselves insane comparing 2-deep rosters at every position for relative size, speed, agility and experience. Instead of analyzing […]

Is the Martingale a Viable System for Sports Betting?

I’m not usually one to invoke philosophy in a sports betting advice column, but bear with me. I’ll make it all sound so simple and dumb that any actual professors reading this will start cursing. Classical philosophers believed that rational judgement is not only possible, but when correctly applied, absolute. Not relative. People wonder why […]

The 5 Most Enjoyable Kinds of Sports Bets You Can Make

Reading this could be dangerous to your health. We’ve established that sportsbooks rely on bettors picking teams and outcomes for pleasure, not because the bettor has methodically thought through the potential results. While boring “system” bets on 5-innings outcomes in baseball or O/U outcomes in American football can be the secret to keeping a profitable […]

Daytona 500 Early Prediction: How Odds for 2019’s Great American Race Shape Up

The Daytona 500 will kick off the 2019 NASCAR season on Sunday, February 17th, and as betting action on the Great American Race heats up, casual gamblers may notice that last season’s winner Austin Dillon is nowhere near the top of the futures odds board. “Ace” is getting no love from bookies and clientele, who […]

The 3 Biggest Moneyline Upsets of the 2018-19 College Football Season

I’m taking a broader, more general view of sports these days. We will all remember Clemson’s coup of a 44-16 win in the CFP National Championship Game, but after years pass, some of the 2018-19 games that survive on YouTube as cult favorites will involve lowly teams…who pulled-off terrific upsets. College Football’s “FBS” can be […]