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Category Archives: Hockey

Early Projections and Betting Picks for 2020 Stanley Cup Qualifiers

The 2020 NHL playoffs will begin with the Stanley Cup Qualifiers in the first week of August. Of course, that’s if all goes well and the pandemic crisis doesn’t escalate. The best 24 teams from the entire league will play in two hub cities, while the clubs should open their training camps on July 10. […]

Ice Hockey Futures: Where 2019-20 Betting Odds Stand in the NHL and Elsewhere

The Vegas Golden Knights dominated NHL headlines in late spring of 2018. An expansion club with career minor-leaguers starring in a miracle run to the Stanley Cup Finals, the 500-to-1 preseason wager threatened to take a big bite out of bookmakers’ coffers before falling to Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals. In some ways, the […]

The 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs May Have Changed NHL Handicapping For Good

Under normal circumstances, given the events of the last 5-6 days, I would be prepared to rip my old hometown a brand-new “Gateway to the West.” After all our blog at stands for many things other than good handicapping and fair, responsible gambling. We try to stick up for good sportsmen and women, bright-eyed […]

Stanley Cup Finals: Boston Bruins vs St. Louis Blues Game 7 Preview and Gambling Odds

I joke often about how sports gambling lingo treats all of Las Vegas (or an entire bookmaking apparatus) like a person. What does Las Vegas think? Who does Sportsbook X “like” to win? Obviously, Sin City isn’t a hive-mind and “sportsbook” is an abstraction. So neither can actually think, or like anybody. Insert cheesy pun […]

Stanley Cup Finals: Boston Bruins vs St. Louis Blues Series Price and Preview

I’ve got a sportswriter’s confession. A grumpy one. My upbringing was in the St. Louis area, so I’ve come to know the sports culture in my native city to some extent. It’s not all peaches and cream – nor can we expect nothing but bouquets and good wishes from boiled-in-oil Beantown hockey fans during the […]

Team USA vs Team Russia: IIHF Worlds Medal Round Preview and Predictions

Well, well. If it’s not exactly the party we thought they’d be throwing in Bratislava. It’s just happening a tad early, maybe. The new playoff-seeding system at the Ice Hockey World Championship was designed to prevent gold-medal favorites taking on their fiercest rivals in elimination matches right away. But the IIHF can’t do anything about […]

San Jose Sharks vs St. Louis Blues: Series Price and Game 1 Odds Analysis

Spring should be any sportswriter’s favorite time of year to cover pond shinny. The NHL’s pretenders and overconfident favorites have all been shucked out of the way, leaving 4 excellent clubs to contend for Lord Stanley’s Cup. The game is in full swing in Europe too. Another IIHF World Championships cycle has begun, and a […]

Hidden Factors in Ice Hockey Betting

There is a phenomenon in American ice hockey in which fans who had searched for a reason not to cheer the hometown NHL club suddenly start looking desperately for reasons to do so. It usually involves a bad team that begins the year 22-10 or 25-14, and temporarily leads the division. (Caller on talk radio) […]

The 4 Longest-Shot Underdogs Ever to Win the Stanley Cup

Many American sports handicappers still live in Las Vegas out of habit. The phenomenon creates a nice loophole for bloggers like myself. We tend to use “Vegas” as a shorthand for an entire community of oddsmakers. “What does Vegas think?” Obviously, Las Vegas is a city, not a person…it can’t “think” anything. The internet gives […]

IIHF World Championships: Betting Guide and Predictions on the Top Nations in 2019

I’ll admit that I can be a bit of a nag about the Ice Hockey World Championships, especially to my friends who prefer club hockey. I can’t help but think of little excuses to bring up the international game. “Well, a silver lining of that team’s playoff loss is that so-and-so can play for Sweden […]

2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Seeding, Series Prices and Futures Bets

It is impolite to try to read the minds of one’s readers. But this writer has a pretty fair idea what casual North American hockey fans and NHL junkies have been opining about our shinny blog. “Enough with this European and IIHF stuff. Let’s get on with the real previews!” You have to admit […]

How to Anticipate Empty-Net Goals in Ice Hockey Betting

It seems like every genre of point-spread and Over/Under betting comes with its own special set of pitfalls. In basketball, a “dead under” result or a thin cover by the underdog can be erased with a foul-o-rama in the final seconds…or even OT. In soccer there’s always the chance of a penalty or a handball […]