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Category Archives: Baseball

Made in Japan: Betting On Nippon Professional Baseball in 2019

I started to get annoyed with Beckett’s baseball card magazines in the late 1990s. As the trading-card and sports collectables market grew more and more out of hand, the rag transformed from a simple hardball publication for kids to essentially a gambling-advice page turner. Trading card companies reacted to the gold-rush on memorabilia by pricing […]

Tim Tebow Props: The Chosen One’s Odds to Play for the New York Mets in 2019

There may not be another athlete in sports history about whom more bad arguments have been made than one Timothy Tebow. Just think of some of the Twitter battles you’ve read over the years. The idea of handicapping a quarterback as “pretty good but not an NFL All-Pro” really shouldn’t have been controversial. But any […]

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Major League Baseball: 2019 World Series Favorites, Futures Odds and Predictions

What? A season preview of Major League Baseball before the Grapefruit League reaches its foregone conclusion? The horror! We’ve established on the LegitGamblingSites.com blog that macro-analysis can beat micro-analysis. For instance, while handicappers poured over the biographies and grade-school report cards of reserve players at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, I simply reasoned that France’s […]

2018 MLB World Series Preview, Predictions, and Betting Odds

There are many things that money can’t buy a person: love, time, and happiness to name a few. What it can buy you is a trip to the World Series as proven by two of the top-three highest overall payrolls in baseball winning their respective leagues’ pennants this season. In fact, if you only count […]

2018 MLB American League Championship Series Betting Lines and Gambling Predictions

On Saturday, October 13, the Boston Red Sox get their chance at revenge against the defending champs, who eliminated them from the playoffs last year. This ALCS is a showdown between clubs who have been the number one and two best teams in the league, if not all of Major League Baseball for the vast […]

2018 MLB National League Championship Series Preview, Gambling Odds, and Betting Predictions

The National League just keeps on making history this Fall! First, there was the epic late-season push that resulted in two divisions ending in a tie at the top. This led to a 163rd game of the regular season for four ballclubs, with playoff seeding requiring two tiebreaker games that would send the losers to […]

The MLB American League Division Series’ and Betting Odds

While the National League playoff picture was a knock-down, drag-out barroom brawl all the way past the last day of the season, the AL postseason forecast was considerably more clear. I mentioned in my American League playoff predictions article at mid-season, that while the NL probably had six or seven of the top ten clubs […]

The MLB National League Playoff Preview & Week 1 Picks

When the two Nation League Division Series’ both begin on Thursday, October 4th, most of the participants should already feel adapted to the pressure and intensity of post-season baseball. That’s because the National League playoff race came down to the wire, requiring two tiebreaker games to determine playoff seeding. Both the National League Central and […]

NLDS: Astros vs Indians Vegas Odds and NLDS Series Betting Guide

Sports betting bloggers do not always get to write about hardball as much as the other major American sports. It’s nothing against Major League Baseball, we promise! Heck, LegitGamblingSites.com loves baseball so much, we even publish stories on Asian baseball. One reason for the discrepancy is that it’s so much easier to deal with the […]

National League Playoff Predictions

Well, the Midsummer Classic didn’t exactly go as planned for the National League this year. After tying things up in the ninth inning, the NL All-Stars ran into the Houston Astros’ one-two punch of George Springer and Alex Bregman who each homered on consecutive pitches to put the game out of reach. It was fitting […]

American League Playoff Predictions

After an excellent first half of the 2018 MLB Season and a thrilling All-Star game, it’s time to get down to business with all eyes on the playoffs. Based on what we’ve seen thus far, I’m feeling relatively confident that I know how the AL race will play out. So, will the second half follow […]

How to Predict a Comeback in Baseball

Around 17 years ago, the visiting Seattle Mariners played the Cleveland Indians at Jacobs Field. Cleveland was a 1st-place club, but the Mariners would win 116 games during the season to match a century-old record set by the Chicago Cubs. The league’s best lineup made mince-meat out of the ineffectual Indians for 2 hours. At […]