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Category Archives: Baseball

4 MLB Bets That Are Costing You Money

Betting on baseball is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated aspects of the vast world that is sports gambling. The 162-game marathon provides endless opportunities to make money betting online, and the nature of baseball betting rewards risk tolerance more than any other sport. With that being said, with great opportunity comes a […]

Guide to Betting on Japanese Baseball in 2020

The athletes all over the world are slowly returning to action after the hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic. One of the professional leagues that are already running is Nippon Professional Baseball which is the top tier of baseball in Japan. I’m pretty sure that many baseball fans know how strong baseball culture in Japan […]

What a 60-Game MLB Season Means to the Teams and Bettors

The race towards the 2020 World Series started last week with the marquee clash at Nationals Park in Washington where the reigning champs Washington Nationals hosted the New York Yankees. Later that night, the Los Angeles Dodgers welcomed the San Francisco Giants. 2020 will see a shortened MLB season. Each team will play 10 games […]

MLB Betting Week 2 – Top Matchups to Target

The 2020 MLB season is finally back after nine months of waiting. Opening Day saw some great games, while Week 2 brings plenty of interesting matchups. This shortened 60-game season will be super exciting, and sports bettors don’t want to miss a beat. Therefore, I’m bringing you six must-watch matchups for Week 2. If you […]

Betting Picks for MLB Opening Day Matchups

The 2020 MLB season starts Thursday, July 23, with two games on the slate, but Opening Day brings 14 more matchups on Friday, July 24. We will see all 30 teams in action over those two days, and the schedule is full of exciting games. Although the Opening Day is just around the corner, the […]

World Series 2020 Odds, Top Contenders, and Prediction

The 2020 MLB season is still in limbo. We won’t see the 162-game season, that’s for sure, while some sources say the MLB could start in late June or early July. The shortened season would be better than nothing, but there’s still a lot of things to be done before the players take the field. […]

2020 World Series Early Betting Odds, Preview and Prediction

Major League baseball’s Spring Training won’t start until next month with the first Spring Training game to be played on February 21, 2020. That game will be between the Royals and Rangers at the Surprise Stadium in Surprise, Arizona and it will kick off the Cactus League. The Grapefruit League opens the following day with […]

How the Vanishing of the Intentional Walk is Affecting MLB Betting

Basketball has the time-out for cleaning up a spill on the court. Soccer has the Neymar Roll. Football has the holding penalty, or maybe the T/O to ice the kicker. In every sport there’s a buzzkill just waiting to happen. Some might argue that in baseball, the most time-honored buzzkill is the “check runner” when […]

Sluggers vs Contact Hitters: Moneyball Tactics Still Prevail Over Pure Power in 2019

Oakland’s “moneyball” playoff run of Hollywood lore ultimately had little to do with advanced calculus and mathematical wizardry. Billy Bean’s staff used analytics as means to an end, but the simple goal was to put more baserunners on the diamond with a maximum number of RBI opportunities. Moneyball also had an element of psychology. Remember […]

Major League Baseball: A Look at 2019 World Series Futures Odds

I have explained to our readers before why there are very few individual baseball games previewed here at Legit Gambling Sites. Major League Baseball occurs every day with odds posted the previous afternoon, leaving little time for bloggers to write, edit, post, and promote a story. Not that it gets any more relaxed when it […]

MLB All Star Game Roster Analysis, Vegas Odds, and Winning Moneyline Angle

I occasionally mention chess on our sports blog, and not just because chess is the original “war of minds” that would inform how MLB skippers would approach their craft in the modern era. Chess is also a useful strategy-template for handicapping. Successful gamblers know that any angle which appears to be simple – the weather, […]

Don’t Look Now, But People Are Gambling on the Little League World Series

Politically speaking, Americans do not tend to think rationally, but make associations instead. This point was driven home to me in my college days, when my philosophy professor – a pastor and obviously a right-wing conservative – was teaching a class of mostly liberal youngsters. On a very nice day with an outdoor courtyard shining […]