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Category Archives: Soccer

A Gambler’s Preview of L.A. Galaxy vs Los Angeles Football Club on Friday Night

We’re used to seeing success and failure come quickly for franchises in the NBA, NHL, and NFL. The St. Louis Rams won their only Super Bowl just a season after going 5-11. The Vegas Golden Knights nearly won the Stanley Cup as an expansion team and returned to the playoffs in 2019. In the promotion-and-relegation […]

AFCON 2019 Final: Senegal vs Algeria Moneyline and Fixture Analysis

Could the Africa Cup of Nations organizers be the smartest people in international soccer? We’re coming off a weekend – or a weekend 2 weeks ago – in which the entire Western Hemisphere was drenched in world football overload. The Women’s World Cup, CONCACAF Gold Cup and CONBEMOL Copa América tournaments all ended on the […]

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4 Times Las Vegas Was Stunned By International Soccer in 2018-19

I have wondered out loud (out-print?) on the blog why my hometown of San Diego does not have a Major League Soccer team. Ready for an outlandish theory? It’s a conspiracy on behalf of FIFA to keep the World Cup’s TV ratings somewhere between 60% and 200% across the metropolis for 3 weeks every 4 […]

CONCACAF Gold Cup Final Gambling Preview and Prediction: United States vs Mexico

Mexican “Liga MX” club soccer is far superior to Major League Soccer in the United States. This fact has been demonstrated time and again in the CONCACAF Champions League, in which American teams tend to do very well until running up against a tiger (or sometimes “Tigres”) from below the southern border in a late […]

Women’s World Cup: Handicapping the USWNT Against Netherlands in Sunday’s Final

Music industry old-timers will tell you that The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were always careful not to release albums at the same time. That was a good rule to follow, since the 2 rock & roll acts shared so many fans in youth and teenage demographics. Never oversaturate and split the fan base! We’re […]

Previewing the United States vs Jamaica in the CONCACAF Gold Cup Semifinals

It is considered bad form to compare Men’s and Women’s teams too often. Female athletes around the world must deal with “smarmy announcer syndrome” in which a journalist appears to rank “she’s married to so-and-so from the Swiss league” above her own accomplishments. Beyond that, it would be worse than tacky to constantly weigh the […]

Copa América Quarterfinals: Match Previews and Betting Odds

I hope readers don’t start to get the wrong impression. I love soccer, and especially international soccer. It’s just an awful lot to keep a grip on when your job-title includes scouting teams on 6 continents. It’s all happening at once, or at least it feels that way. The Women’s World Cup is headed into […]

CONCACAF Gold Cup: Handicapping the USMNT in the Q-Finals

It sounds like a Pardon the Interruption topic, and could easily wind up being one over the next couple of weeks. “Tony, would a Gold Cup win for the United States Men’s National Team mean anything in the larger scope of North American soccer?” Actually, Tony Kornheiser would interrupt Michael Wilbon before he finished a […]

USA vs France: Women’s World Cup Quarterfinal Odds and Gambling Preview

Mark McCormack called it “The Flaw.” That moment in sports when the perfect, the wondrous, the easy glory comes to a screeching halt…even in victory. In fairness, the United States Women’s National Team probably expected to hit a speed bump along the way to the final stages of the World Cup. But a Round-of-16 fixture […]

Women’s World Cup: USWNT vs Spain Odds and Round-of-16 Match Previews

These here soccer tournaments sure do run along a ‘mite fast. Whoops – sorry. People tend to revert to their native tongues when stressed-out, and I’m from the Ozarks. The FIFA Women’s World Cup scarcely allows bloggers and handicappers any time to breathe, to say nothing of what it demands of distaff athletes. Yesterday at […]

Women’s World Cup: USWNT vs Sweden Moneyline and Over/Under Predictions

When coaches make unorthodox or unpopular decisions, it’s a rare opportunity to gauge their true worth to an organization. Fans are used to watching skippers make conventional choices all the time, saying things in press conferences like “Every decision we make on behalf of the Indianapolis Colts is a decision on behalf of the Indianapolis […]

Copa América 2019: Futures Odds and Best Underdog Pick

Every so often, my San Diego friends and I take the obligatory 5 or 15 minutes to complain about there being no Major League Soccer club in the Plymouth of the West. San Diego is minutes from the USA-Mexico border. Kids walk around the beach with soccer balls instead of yo-yos and hacky-sacks. My housekeeper […]