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Category Archives: Soccer

English Premier League: Betting Preview for Fulham vs Watford

Fine lines must be drawn when parsing-out the vocabulary in my Premier League predictions. American bettors who are new to English soccer probably feel like they’re translating a foreign language when reading recaps from across the pond. “Mr. Huhwhat was cracking in the maiden tie, though he lost the plot in the last 30 after […]

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Premier League Betting Preview: Saints Favored Against Brighton

There are plenty of cliché think-pieces on the internet about how the Tom Bradys, Harry Kanes and Usain Bolts of the world only represent one side of sports, and how we should all take the time to pay attention to less-glamorous athletes and less well-known leagues. No argument here. An NHL or NBA team’s fight […]

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Tottenham vs Liverpool: Betting Odds and Match Preview

I made a serious error in a recent blog post when I referred to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club as “the Spurs.” Clearly, the North London lads are to be referred to as “Spurs,” not the Spurs ala the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA. In fact, Tottenham Hotspur doesn’t have a whole lot in common […]

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Chelsea vs Bournemouth: Cherry of an Upset at Stamford Bridge?

Imagine the odds-maker at an English football betting site is a dealer at a blackjack table full of familiar faces. The dealer has a gigantic stack of chips, and before the game begins, she must dole them out at her discretion based on who the most skillful players are. Poor players get the biggest loads […]

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Leicester City vs Liverpool: Reds are Las Vegas Favorites in Road Test

Strikers, forwards and attacking midfielders comprise a majority of the biggest and richest stars of European football. Messi. Ronaldo. Harry Kane. Kevin de Bruyne. The list goes on forever. Sure, there are backliners and goalkeepers who can grab part of the glory. But who does the casual fan still revere decades after the fact? Pelé […]

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