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Category Archives: Soccer

Bookmakers Favor Dortmund to End Bayern Munich’s Stranglehold on Bundesliga

We in America think we know what a division-killer looks like. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, winners of 99 out of the last 100 Super Bowls. Alabama and Clemson, dividing-up national FBS championships like turkey and dressing each holiday season. The Golden State Warriors, taking no chances on their way to becoming one […]

Arsenal vs Chelsea: Are Gunners the Moneyline Pick at Emirates Stadium?

Chelsea has been a busy club over the past few weeks, and a proficient one for the most part. But there comes a time once the mid-point of a season has passed that athletes begin to take a greater interest in the Monday morning newspaper. The Premier League table has settled into largely a 2-team […]

EFL Cup Semifinal: Betting Lines and Handicap of Chelsea and Tottenham’s 2nd Leg

The Football League Cup, or EFL Cup, is still undergoing an awkward, corporate (I repeat myself) rebranding effort as the “Carabao Cup.” It is less prestigious than the FA Cup, which itself has to fight a perception that the matches are not as meaningful as they once were. The FA Cup has a viral ad […]

Handicapping Man City vs Wolves in Monday Premier League Action

Look once, and Wolverhampton’s “Wanderers” are having an ordinary go-around in the Premiership, holding at 9th on the table of 20 clubs and having scored a pair less goals than they’ve allowed. But look again, and wow – Wolves has bite against the best squads in England. Chelsea fell at Molineux Stadium in early December. […]

UEFA Champions League: Futures Odds and Draw Analysis for the Round of 16

Group play has come to a close in the 2018-19 UEFA Champions’ League. The group winners are mostly those familiar clubs that you would expect to do well in international play – Real Madrid, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain. The atmosphere around UEFA is anything but typical, however, with Ronaldo sitting-out Nations League […]

Tottenham vs United Betting Lines, Analysis and Best Wager

“Reversion” is a gambling principle well-known to soccer bettors. But it usually applies to teams which have a small budget and even smaller chances to contend for a Premier League title, who tend to fall back in the late winter and spring after a few upset victories before the New Year. It doesn’t typically apply […]

FA Cup: Blackpool vs Arsenal Vegas Odds, Goal Spread and Over/Under Picks

Arsenal’s most recent pair of Premier League matches have been predictable – with exception of the eye-popping final scores. The Gunners faced Liverpool for each club’s final match of 2018, not the ideal opponent considering that the Reds are the hottest team in English football. But a 5-1 loss at the hands of Salah and […]

Liverpool vs Arsenal: Favored Reds Threaten to Run Away with Premier League Table

Liverpool vs Arsenal Preview Summary and Betting Lean Liverpool is perhaps the hottest club team in all of worldwide soccer after winning 16 of 19 matches to race to the top of the 2018-19 Premier League The Reds are a (-200) moneyline favorite over visiting Arsenal this Saturday Could a furious schedule present complications for […]

English Premier League: Liverpool Favored Over Surging Wolves

Soccer is probably the most difficult sport in which to score a tying or go-ahead goal against stubborn defense. At the same time, great talents like Mohamed Salah and Harry Kane are the hardest players in the world against which to make a mistake and hope to get away with it. That’s why winning goals […]

UEFA Nations League Championship Futures and Semifinal Betting Outlook

No sport seems to perpetuate itself on the world stage quite like The Beautiful Game. Did you expect soccer’s competitive schedule and fan interest to take a dip after the 2018 FIFA World Cup? Years ago, as a naive and casual fan, I would have expected it. Sure, club leagues and championships would go on […]

Liverpool vs Manchester United: Premier League Gambling Odds and Preview

A particular sports term I’ve grown fond of over the years is “The Lid,” first used by Skip Bayless in the book God’s Coach from the early 1990s. A close inspection of the passage in God’s Coach reveals that Bayless did not invent the term – it was instead coined by a frustrated athlete. (I […]

UEFA Champions League: Manchester City vs Hoffenheim Gambling Preview

My experience in predicting potential blow-away wins in soccer is limited. Website bosses who run these blogs and stuff, they’re not usually interested in previews of Manchester United vs so-and-so from a lesser league in an FA Cup laugher. Though this season they actually might be, given that José Mourinho appears to be lost coaching […]