Super Bowl vs. UEFA FIFA World Cup Final

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The Super Bowl vs. FIFA World Cup Final – what’s bigger and more popular? Both are global sporting events that feature some of the best athletes on earth. Ultimately, it’s a comparison of popularity, greatness, and prestige.

How do the Super Bowl and FIFA World Cup measure up to each other? How do you determine which one is better? To answer these questions, I want to compare the viewership, prize pools, average attendance, and other popularity indicators.

Super Bowl vs. FIFA World Cup Final Viewership and Attendance

It’s pretty apparent that both the Super Bowl and the FIFA World Cup Final have massive viewerships. However, it’s well-known that the World Cup Final has broken many records regarding the number of people watching.

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In 2018, the FIFA World Cup garnered more than 35 billion viewers, with 1.12 billion tuning in for the final match. Compare that to the most-viewed Super Bowl, which was the 2015 matchup between the Seahawks and Patriots (114.4 million viewers).

The FIFA World Cup takes place only once every four years, though. There’s greater anticipation for the tournament whenever it rolls around. However, even when you multiply the Super Bowl’s annual viewership by four, the World Cup Final has higher numbers.

The average attendance of each event also varies. There’s typically a crowd of 70,000 people for the Super Bowl, whereas the World Cup Final often exceeds 100,000. Keep in mind that the venues where the World Cup Final typically takes place can hold more people.

FIFA World Cup Final vs. Super Bowl Prize Pools

It’s another question people often ask about FIFA World Cup Final vs. Super Bowl comparisons. Who’s taking home a bigger paycheck? The truth is that it’s difficult to compare the prize pools because an NFL roster contains 53 players, whereas a FIFA nation has had 23-26 throughout the years.

The 2018 World Cup winners (France) took home $38 million in prize money, and the players received about 30% of that amount. When you do the math, it’s about $495,000 for every participant. The country that finished runner-up (Croatia) took home $28 million.

Every player for the Rams, the team that won the Super Bowl last season, received $150,000. The players for the Cincinnati Bengals took home $75,000 each despite losing the game.

Individually, the World Cup winners earn more money. However, when you tally the earnings of NFL players that win the Super Bowl, the prize money almost evens out. Still, the FIFA World Cup Final slightly edges out the NFL in this regard.

The Super Bowl and FIFA World Cup are comparable in terms of sponsorships and total revenue. The 2018 World Cup in Russia generated $5 billion – about $78 million per game. In 2021-22, the NFL brought in $17 billion, roughly $63.4 million per game.

Super Bowl vs. FIFA World Cup Final Prestige

Is it the Super Bowl or the FIFA World Cup Final that carries more glory and honor for the winners? The truth is that the answer to this question depends on the person to whom you’re asking. There’s no definitive way of knowing which is more prestigious than the other.

An NFL fan will claim that the Super Bowl has more prestige, but a soccer fan will argue to the contrary. How do you determine the criteria for greatness and prominence? Is it purely based on popularity? Or is it the awe-inspiring narratives of previous winners?

The answer here is that the individual decides which is more prestigious. Personally, I don’t view one of these events as more important than the other. To win either the Super Bowl or World Cup Final is to fulfill one of the greatest honors that any athlete could ever achieve.

FIFA World Cup Final vs. Super Bowl Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for the Super Bowl are usually much higher than what you’d pay to attend the World Cup Final. The average Super Bowl ticket is now worth about $5,800, which is more expensive than the $1,100 average cost to attend the World Cup Final in 2018.

In terms of the average resale value (i.e., black market estimates), NFL tickets are also more expensive. You’ll now discover ticket prices north of $10,000, which is simply bonkers. The previous Super Bowl took place in Los Angeles, which also caused the prices to increase.

Is there an explanation for the discrepancy in ticket prices? It’s likely because an NFL stadium can’t hold as many spectators. Furthermore, the Super Bowl generally has a higher demand for in-person attendance.

Super Bowl vs. FIFA World Cup Final – How Hard Is It to Win?

The question of the FIFA World Cup Final vs. the Super Bowl in terms of difficulty is interesting. Many elite athletes only have a finite amount of opportunities to compete for a world title. It’s the chance of a lifetime that no one wants to squander.

If I had to declare one of these competitions to be more difficult, it would be the World Cup Final. The tournament occurs only once every four years. Also, many soccer legends, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, have never won the prestigious trophy.


The FIFA World Cup is also an international tournament. In other words, there’s greater competition, and no one has control over the players that are a part of each team. The NFL is a little different – teams can build their rosters through the NFL Draft and free agency.

The stars can then decide where to go, but you simply can’t do that in the World Cup. If you’re from a small country or don’t have a talented generation around, it’s close to impossible to win the World Cup.

Super Bowl vs. FIFA World Cup Final Betting

The Super Bowl tends to generate a ton of activity from bettors. In 2022, an estimated $8 billion was spent betting on the Rams vs. Bengals. This nearly doubled the record from last year. Furthermore, roughly 30 million people placed a bet on the same Super Bowl.

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The betting numbers for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final in Russia are similar to last season’s Super Bowl. An estimated $8.3 billion was spent betting on the match, while $155 billion in betting took place throughout the tournament.

You can now settle the debate surrounding the Super Bowl vs. FIFA World Cup Final by betting on both of them. You have your choice of moneylines, prop bets, and many other markets. The best Super Bowl betting sites and the best soccer betting sites offer you many chances to win.

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