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Using the 80/20 Rule in Blackjack

The good thing about blackjack strategy is that there’s no shortage of it. You’ll find numerous articles and videos that explain how to become a better player. This means that there’s little excuse for failing to improve your skills. The first page of Google literally offers everything that you need to use for perfect basic […]

5 Casino Table Games You Should Consider Playing Other Than Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular casino table game in many parts of the world. This is especially the case on the Vegas Strip, where a 2017 UNLV report shows that blackjack makes up over 50% of table game revenue. Two primary reasons why people enjoy blackjack is because it offers a low house edge and […]

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7 Warning Signs You’re Playing Too Much Blackjack

Blackjack is easily one of my favorite casino games. I love how you can use basic strategy to lower the house edge and win more money. It’s also cool that this game offers an advantage-play method in card counting that anybody can learn with some effort. But as fun as blackjack may be, there’s a […]

Stop Playing These Video Poker Games – Play These Instead

Two of the best things about video poker include the strategy and high payback. These factors combine to give you a better chance to beat video poker than most other casino games. But video poker games aren’t created equally. Some variations pay back much more than others. You also have to look closely at video […]

Why Blackjack Card Counting Teams Fail and How to Avoid the Same Fate

Many casual blackjack players have the wrong impression about card counting teams, believing that they all rake in a fortune. But the reality is that most blackjack card counting teams fail for one or more reasons. The act of forming a team is only the beginning. Players must also successfully execute the plan and have […]

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