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Category Archives: Poker

How Do You Get Better at Video Poker?

Video poker is one of the toughest games in the casino. It requires you to make important decisions in every drawing round. You might feel that becoming a good video poker player takes too much work. The reward, though, is that you can enjoy some of the best odds in the casino. However, you will […]

Why You Do Not See Better Three-Card Poker Results

Three-card poker is one of the most exciting games to launch in recent mystery. The game combines chance with strategy as players try to beat the dealer’s hand. The acceptable house edge is part of what makes three-card poker so alluring for players. At under 3%, you’ve got an easy game that has much better […]

Why Chatting at the Poker Table May Cost You Money

Chatting between players has always been an integral part of poker. Players can influence how a hand plays out by making a simple comment. That’s a massive piece of the intrigue for many poker fans. Sometimes, it’s what you don’t say that can be more important than what you do say. However, not all players […]

How Are the Cards Dealt in Video Poker?

One of the questions you might ask yourself if you’re new to video poker is how are the cards dealt. In this post, I provide a more detailed response to how the cards are dealt in video poker than you were probably expecting. I’ll be breaking down multiple examples, let’s get started! Video Poker Machines […]

Ways to Think Like a Profitable Video Poker Player

If you like to use math and analytical thinking when you gamble, video poker is going to be one of your favorite games. Everything that you do when you play video poker needs to be based on simple mathematical concepts. In fact, if you’re not using these mathematical concepts, then you’re likely losing more money […]

Concentration and Poker Strategy

Being a more thoughtful poker player than your opponents can help you win more money. If you’re paying more attention to the game than your opponents are, you give yourself an edge And all those edges add up, no matter how small. Luckily, learning how to concentrate is something anyone can do. Here are some […]

Bad Ideas That Cost Poker Players Cash

Winning poker gamblers do hundreds of little things right, while losing players tend to focus on a few things. Winning real money playing poker isn’t about making a big bluff or fancy play. It’s about mastering many small things that add up to overall winning play. In order to do all of these things right, […]

How to Spot a Cheater at the Poker Table

Suppose you believed everything you saw on television and film. In that case, you’d assume that cheaters were in every poker room on the planet 24/7. Luckily, cheating isn’t nearly as rampant in the real world. I’ve been playing poker for two decades and have never run into a cheater in a casino poker game. […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Play Free Poker Games

Do you play free poker games? I love them. There are several benefits to playing these games. They cost nothing, for starters. And sometimes you can still win cash prizes or seats to live poker tournaments. Most online poker sites offer play money games too. If you need convincing, the following are seven reasons why […]

9 Reasons Why Poker Training Sites Are Fading Away

Poker training sites were once the gold standard for learning poker strategy. They played a huge role in revolutionizing the average player’s skill level. Sites like CardRunners and Deuces Cracked once boomed with beginners who were eager to learn new strategy concepts. But lately, training sites seem to have lost their luster. Deuces Cracked no […]

5 Advanced Strategies Only for Winning Poker Players

You can find hundreds of articles aimed at beginning poker players. But you don’t find many written for players who have already figured out how to win. This is because there are many things losing players can learn to improve their results, but once you learn how to win there are only so many things […]

7 Magic Poker Strategies for Beginners

It’s difficult to remember much about when I started playing poker because it’s been so many years ago. But I remember struggling for many years because I simply wasn’t very good. Eventually I improved through trial and error, and once I started reading about and studying the game, I was able to improve faster. While […]