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Category Archives: Poker

3 Freeroll Poker Tournament Strategies

One of the few options poker players have to build a bankroll without investing their own money is playing freeroll poker tournaments. Instead of investing money, you invest time. The problem is that the prizes are usually so low that even when you finish in the money in a freeroll, you end up playing for […]

The Secrets to Surviving a Long Poker Session

“I don’t gamble, if you will concede that poker is a game of skill” – Robert A. Heinlein, Glory Road I’m sure you’ve been there many times before — the blinds are getting bigger, the caffeine is wearing off, and you’re starting to get weary, but the bubble is still a million miles away, or […]

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The Top 10 Texas Hold’em Tips for Beginners (Who Want to Win)

Texas hold’em is obviously the most popular poker game in the United States. It’s probably the most popular poker variation in the world, although Omaha is also popular in Europe. For this reason alone, if you’re a beginner to poker, you should learn to play Texas hold’em well. If the only games you know how […]

10 Poker Games You Won’t Find in Any Casino (And How to Play Them)

No one would blame you if you thought the only poker games you could play were Texas holdem and Omaha. Those seem to be the only games you can find consistently in a casino poker room. And Texas holdem seems to be the only poker game you can watch played on television. But the world […]

12 New Year’s Resolutions Poker Players Should Make for 2019

The ball has dropped, the confetti has fallen, and 2019 has arrived to give everyone an opportunity to set New Year’s resolutions. But while most of us will be marching dutifully to the gym over the next few weeks, or trying their best to kick bad habits cold turkey, folks who enjoy a good game […]

The Games Featured at the World Series of Poker

When most outsiders hear about the event, they may believe that the thousands that gather from around the globe may play a single variation of poker. But this isn’t the case. The tournament consists of 9 games and in 2018 consisted of 78. Over half of these events consist of Texas hold ‘em matchups. The […]

When to Make the Maximum Bet in Video Poker

No matter which video poker game you are playing, you will have the option of betting anywhere from 1 coin to 5 coins per hand. These coins will range anywhere from one cent to ten dollars in value, which means that you can bet anywhere from one cent to 50 dollars on every hand. However, […]

Confessions of a Casino Poker Room Dealer

When I was a younger gal, sitting down at the poker table to play a little Texas holdem was nothing short of a thrill. The opportunity to build a starting stack into a castle of chips was intoxicating to me, and my competitive spirit ensured every session was spent studying every aspect of the game. […]

The Top 7 Daily Habits that Will Better Your Poker Game (Strategies)

We’re less than two months away from declaring our New Years resolutions, but it’s never too early to set personal goals designed to improve your poker results. Whether you enjoy a leisurely Limit Hold’em cash game at your local card room, high-stakes No Limit Hold’em tournaments at the World Series of Poker (WSOP), or a […]

How Ed Thorp Blew the Top Off Card Counting in the 1960s

Card counting seems like it’s been around forever. Numerous players have used this advantage play technique to make profits over the decades. But there was once a time when this strategy was obscure and rudimentary. The first card counters used less refined tactics that didn’t give them much of an edge. However, this all changed […]

6 Different Ways to Win $1 Million Playing Blackjack

Many gamblers dream of getting rich through casino games. They envision hitting a big jackpot or experiencing a hot run that earns them $1 million or more. Of course, winning seven figures is much easier to do in your dreams. The casino holds an edge in every game, meaning they’re more likely to win in […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Play More Video Poker

Video poker is far from the first choice among players who enjoy electronic gaming. Instead, many gamblers prefer slot machines, which have evolved to offer better graphics and more features. Video poker, on the other hand, has been stagnant in these areas. Many video poker machines are the same ones that were introduced in the […]