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How to Win Money in a Las Vegas Casino

Learning how to win money in a Las Vegas casino isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do. People wi money in Vegas casinos every day, in fact. But the odds are against you. That’s why the casinos are still in business and make so much money. They’ve designed the games and payouts so […]

The 7 Most Important Texas Holdem Poker Concepts You Should Know

Any post with an ambitious title claiming that the concepts in the post are the most important is bound to generate controversy. Texas holdem is a complex enough game with enough levels of thinking that there are probably hundreds of concepts you could discuss in a blog post. Just thoroughly covering 7 concepts takes more […]

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21 Surprising Facts about Blackjack

Most people think they know all about blackjack already. Some of them are right, but many of them might be surprised by some of the things they don’t know. In this post, I list 21 surprising facts about blackjack. If you knew all of them before reading this post, congratulations—you’re already a blackjack expert. 1- […]

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7 Things Professional Poker Players Do That Amateurs Don’t

What’s the difference between a professional poker player and an amateur? You can come up with many different answers to this question. A pro might be defined simply as someone who’s good enough to make a living playing poker. An amateur player might be defined as one who plays for fun. But the truth is, […]

Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Assessing Your Poker Tournament Results

While there may still be more money to be made in poker playing cash games, it’s hard to deny that all the glory and prestige of the game comes from winning tournaments. When you beat a cash game, there is no celebration or announcement made to the world that you’re killing it. Sure, if you’re […]

4 Ways Poker Tells Have Changed in Today’s Game

From the memories of Mike Caro to the days of Joe Navarro, the understanding and use of non-verbal and verbal reads, or tells, in poker has evolved and grown in some unique ways. While some people have thrived from adding this new element to their game, many have faltered by improperly understanding or implementing the […]

Does Counting Cards in Blackjack Still Work?

If there is one topic I get asked about the most when it comes to anything gambling or casino-related, it is this one. Does card counting still work? Now, this question comes from a wide array of people with an ever wider spread of knowledge on the topic. Some of the people that ask know […]

4 Ways to Get Your Blackjack Fix Online

So you wanna play blackjack online, do ya? That makes you a wise casino student. When played correctly, blackjack has the best odds in the house. You probably already know that, but for those who didn’t, now you know why there are so many pros who play blackjack for a living. Unlike brick and mortar […]

5 Ways to Cut Distractions When Playing Poker Online

Online poker is an incredible and convenient way for you to make some serious cash crushing fish from all over the world without ever leaving the comfortable confines of your home. The problem with this added convenience, though, is that it comes with a lot more distractions. Yes, in my opinion, the perks of playing […]

4 Easy Ways to Prevent Poker Burnout

It’s amazing how your love for something can change when you are doing it for a living. The same can be true about a hobby that you fully immerse yourself in. When you give such a significant portion of your time to something, the joys can sometimes go away, and you can lose sight of […]

The Must-Know Dangers of Backroom and Underground Poker Games

If you’ve been in poker for a while, you’ve either played in these games or at the very least have heard of them. If you’re new to the game, you’ve probably seen them in movies like Rounders or Molly’s Game. What I’m talking about are poker games that don’t take place in a regulated space […]

5 Mistakes People Make When Assessing Their Poker Opponent

When good players sit down to play poker, their eyes, ears, and minds begin racing to try and get an assessment of the opponents they will be playing against. They look for any little detail or bit of information they can get to give them an idea of what kind of opponent they are up […]

Is One Game of Blackjack Better Than Another?

I’ve played most variants of Blackjack over the course of my life as a gambler, and I’ve noticed that there are pros and cons to each one. While the differences between Classic Blackjack and Atlantic City Blackjack are subtle, they do matter, and the changes to RTP, strategy, and other elements of the game are […]