How to Count Cards in Spanish 21

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Do you want to learn how to count cards in Spanish 21? You’ve come to the right place! I provide information on how to gain an edge in this unique blackjack variant and explore the most common systems created by pros.

Counting cards in Spanish 21 is a little different from traditional blackjack games, but don’t worry. I show you two Spanish 21 card counting systems designed especially for this game.

Let’s begin by answering the most important question – can you count cards in Spanish 21? From there, we’ll move into specific techniques and then show you where you can try them out.

Can You Count Cards in Spanish 21?

Even though all the 10s are removed in Spanish 21, you can still card count. At the end of the day, card counting is based on knowing which cards are good for you, so the same fundamental principles apply. Sure, it’ll be a little different, but with some adaptation, it can be done.


Despite the fact that Spanish 21 is a blackjack variant, try to think of it as a different game. The usual approaches to card counting will not work well with this game and will lead to unpredictable outcomes. The systems you already know have to be adapted to this specific variant.

Some players practice playing for small stakes online, or use simulators, to figure the game out and test different Spanish 21 counting systems. Better yet, you could test some of the systems outlined in the books below on a low-stakes game before wagering larger amounts.

Systems for Spanish 21 Card Counting

In my quest to find the perfect Spanish 21 card counting system, I encountered these books written by pros. These offer unique approaches tried and tested by the authors.

They are an excellent way to gain the upper hand over the casinos offering Spanish 21.

The Pro’s Guide to Spanish 21 and Australian Pontoon

This book will teach you how to play optimally and apply traditional blackjack card-counting systems to Spanish 21.

Futher Info:

It also covers other important topics such as basic strategy for 15+ rule variations, EOR, house edge, standard deviation, indices, camouflage, and money management.

The author, Katarina Walker, is a well-known authority on Spanish 21. She developed her own system called the ‘KatCount’ and was a legendary figure back on the blackjack forums back in the day. It’s well worth checking this book out.

AceMT for Blackjack and Spanish 21

AceMT is a simple and hassle-free card counting system that can be used in either traditional blackjack or Spanish 21. It only counts A, K, Q, J, and 10s, and it’s even simpler in Spanish 21 since the 10s are eliminated.

The author, Moraine Mono, lives by the motto ‘play smarter, not harder.’ That’s what this system is all about – keeping it simple, relaxing, and using a system that won’t give you the mental sweats to gain an advantage.

Pro tip: Having a solid understanding of basic blackjack strategy will help you no matter what variant you’re playing, including Spanish 21. Take some time to read our guide and master the basics. It’ll take less than an hour!

Is Card Counting in Spanish 21 Allowed?

Technically, there’s nothing illegal about Spanish 21 card counting. Casinos don’t like card counters, and if they catch you, they could kick you out and blacklist you (even if you’re Dana White), but that’s the worst that can happen.


It’s much more difficult for online casinos to catch you card counting. The way they can do so is to notice you’re winning way more than the statistical average and just ban you. This can be avoided by having accounts at multiple casinos and moving around frequently.

Before you go and try Spanish 21 card counting at real casinos, it’s probably a good idea to learn how the game works first. The easiest way to go would be to play at an online casino. I have two great options for you.

BetUS Casino is ideal for American players. It offers Spanish 21 and various other blackjack variants, such as Double Exposure and live dealer blackjack. There’s a 150% casino bonus of up to $3,000 for all new players.

PlayAmo is ideal for playing blackjack online. With a generous welcome bonus, lots of blackjack variants, and fast, secure payouts, it’s worth checking out if you’re from outside the USA.

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