Spanish 21 Rules and Tips for Beginners

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Spanish 21 is an online blackjack variant with a twist: all the 10s are stripped out of the deck. It’s a fun, interesting game with some potentially highly lucrative side bets.

I explain how to play Spanish 21 with optimal strategy. Ready to learn something new? Let’s begin.

What Is Spanish 21?

Spanish 21 is an increasingly popular blackjack variant in which all 10s are removed from the deck. This game was created by Masque Publishing and is licensed at land-based and online casinos across the world.

Recommended ReadingThere are lots of new blackjack variants online these days, but this has proven to be a player favorite thanks in part to the various side bets you can make.

As with European blackjack, the aim is to make a hand worth 21 or as close to it as possible without exceeding it. You’re once again playing against the dealer and not other players at the table.

Spanish 21 Rules and House Edge

The Spanish 21 house edge is in and around 0.5%, which is the same as standard blackjack variants. However, this is only true if you play with an optimal blackjack strategy. Once you start factoring errors in, the house edge increases dramatically.

What about Spanish 21 rules? They are similar to normal blackjack rules. The main difference is that the 10s are stripped out, and you can make various side bets. Otherwise, face cards are worth 10, and aces are worth either 1 or 11. You can also double or surrender after splitting.

Futher Info:When a game of Spanish 21 commences, players are dealt two cards from a shoe of six decks. As in all blackjack games, you must decide to hit (receive another card) or stand (stop receiving cards and play your hand as it is). The dealer will do the same until the showdown occurs.

Once the showdown happens, the hand closest to 21 without exceeding it wins. In Spanish 21, the player’s 21 always beats the dealer. Likewise, a player’s natural blackjack always beats the dealer.

Keep in mind that, as in standard blackjack variants, the aim of the game is to get 21 or as close to it as possible without exceeding it. Exceeding it leaves you busted. With 10s stripped out, there’s more room to hit without the risk of going bust, so that’s one vital difference.

What about splits and insurance? Players can split pairs and can take insurance that pays 2/1. There is also a wide range of potentially profitable side bets in Spanish 21.

Note: In Spanish 21, hands worth 21 are more likely to be made up of numerous low cards since all the 10s are stripped out.Tips for Spanish 21Here are some top tips for Spanish 21. There’s no surefire way to win every time, but this advice will help you maximize your chances of winning more often.

  • Use basic blackjack strategy. Yes, it’s harder to make blackjack in Spanish 21, but your basic strategy should be similar. If you don’t know basic strategy, learn it and even use a blackjack cheat sheet to help you. Of course, you’ll need to adapt it, given the lack of 10s.
  • Keep in mind that insurance is an even worse bet in Spanish 21 than it is in classic blackjack. It’s harder to make blackjack in Spanish 21, which means it’s harder for the dealer to make it, too. With a 2/1 payout, this is considered a sucker’s bet in Spanish 21.
  • With enticing payouts available for 5 and 6-card hands, there’s an opportunity to split low pairs and keep hitting. With 10s out of the equation, you’ve got a good chance of making at least one 5-card or 6-card hand.

Where to Play Spanish 21Interested in playing Spanish 21 for real money? It’s available at brick-and-mortar casinos all over the world, but an increasing number of online casinos offer it, too. With generous bonuses, great live dealer card games, and fast payouts, these may be your best option.American players should play online blackjack at El Royale Casino. It’s called Pirate 21, but it’s the same game. There are also plenty of other variants to choose from, including some live dealer games.Try Spanish 21 at El Royal CasinoPlayers from anywhere else in the world should check out PlayAmo Casino. It has a mix of live and digital blackjack variants and a generous welcome bonus for all new players.Try Spanish 21 at PlayAmo Casino

5-card hand3/2
6-card hand2/1
7-card hand3/1
21 with any three sevens3/2
21 with 6-7-83/2
21 with three sevens (same suit)2/1
21 with three sevens + dealer has seven50/1
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