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Interesting Stories from the World of Sports and Gambling

How Much Do Nevada Slot Machines Pay?

Slot machines are exciting because they offer quick entertainment and a large variety of themes. They also provide the chance to play for big jackpots and cool bonus features. However, you may have the impression that slots are terrible with regard to return to player (RTP). Slot machines in land-based casinos especially get a bad […]

Betting on Esports with Bitcoin

Most esports betting sites offer a variety of deposit options. You may be able to use credit cards, debit cards, eWallets, bank transfers, and pre-paid cards to fund your account. But depending upon what country/state you live in, you might not have access to this many banking options. In fact, you could find it near […]

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5 Famous Sports Journalists Who Got Hooked on Sports Gambling

The progress of LGBTQ rights has made it easier to tell jokes about the “closet.” Back in the day when all non-hetero identities were oppressed and persecuted, it was bad taste to use the “out of the closet” comparison for anyone who wasn’t facing a life-or-death conundrum over their dating preferences. But in the 21st […]

Did a Marvelous 2018-19 Season Put College Basketball Back on Top?

It’s time to stop acting as though the level of play – graded on a scale of 1-through-10 from average Pee Wee level to LeBron James – is the #1 factor in whether a sports league is popular or not. Look at the gridiron. The Alliance of American Football (and most certainly Vince McMahon’s XFL) […]

A Look at 5 Popular Major League Baseball Betting Systems

How do you define “success” when gambling at a sportsbook? Suppose a guy really, really wants to beat the bookie, and dives into fanatical research on everything from March Madness to the English Premier League. He “succeeds,” winning 58% of his bets including some underdog moneylines and parlays, and makes a few hundred bucks a […]

Is Bovada’s Line on a Trump 2020 Nomination a Solid Long-Term Investment?

It’s Mueller time. The Special Counsel’s 400-page report on Russia’s alleged influence on the 2016 election was released to the public this morning (with some ongoing investigations redacted, of course), and every voter in America knows exactly what it means. The report completely exonerates President Trump. It’s as plain as day. The report also incriminates […]

UFC Fight Night 149: Moneyline Picks on the Top 3 Main Card Matches

UFC betting is not the easiest category of sports wagering to handicap. The matches are so unpredictable that when a bettor earns a “winning parlay” on 3 or 4 matches at a time, it’s a matter of luck as much as anything else. What’s more, while (as in all sports) it’s possible to not know […]

How to Build a Futures Gambling Portfolio

In a recent blog post, I described a new idea for “stock market” sports futures and win-total gambling. Instead of bettors taking all-or-nothing risks with their wagers, the “stock exchange” sportsbook would offer scaled payouts based on a club’s level of success throughout the season. In other words, if you wanted to bet on the […]

Warriors at Clippers: Game 3 Betting Lines and Predictions

The National Basketball Association is living proof that “parity” among a majority of teams is not a necessary ingredient for fans to enjoy a sport. Lack of parity in the NBA actually makes the games more interesting. If you input 5 or 10 NHL match-ups into a computer and ask it to produce random final […]

13 TV Shows Set In Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always been a popular setting for television shows. Shows can depict characters going to gamble or to see a show or even get married. Shows such as Roseanne, Big Bang Theory, and Sanford and Son are just a few examples of popular shows using Las Vegas as a background to drive their […]

Euro 2020 Group Futures After 2 Qualifying Rounds: Group A Through Group F

American sports gamblers are used to the seasons. Baseball junkies bet a lot less over the winter, and football fans will always think of a calendar year as “August through January, plus 6 months of waiting.” Soccer-action enthusiasts don’t have that problem. Betting odds on The Beautiful Game run all year-round. One reason there is […]

Gambling on Tiger Woods in the Final 3 Majors of 2019

If this was an ordinary gambling blog, the title of this article would be “Why You Shouldn’t Gamble on Tiger Woods to Win More Majors in 2019.” Wait, what? Why, the man just won his 5th Green Jacket in stunning fashion, executing his first official come-from-behind major victory with birdies on Augusta’s back 9 in […]