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Interesting Stories from the World of Sports and Gambling

Women’s World Cup: USWNT vs Sweden Moneyline and Over/Under Predictions

When coaches make unorthodox or unpopular decisions, it’s a rare opportunity to gauge their true worth to an organization. Fans are used to watching skippers make conventional choices all the time, saying things in press conferences like “Every decision we make on behalf of the Indianapolis Colts is a decision on behalf of the Indianapolis […]

5 FBS Coaches Whose Teams are Excellent Against the Spread

The biggest problem college football underdogs have in trying to get the attention of bookmakers and gamblers is that every week, every FBS game, everybody has to favor somebody. It’s like Michael Wilbon says about head coaches who aren’t always effective (or unbeaten) but get promoted to jobs in the Power-5 anyway. “Everybody has to […]

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How to Learn the Basic Strategy for Blackjack (In Less than an Hour)

Unless you haven’t been paying attention to my blog, you already know that blackjack is a game of skill. You probably also already know that there’s a mathematically optimal way to play every hand. This mathematically optimal way of playing each hand is called “basic strategy.” If you’ve visited a casino gift shop, you’ve probably […]

A Simple Lesson in Fractions Anyone Can Learn and How It Relates to Gambling

Recently my youngest daughter asked me for some help with a math lesson. She was studying fractions and having a difficult time. After reading how her book was trying to teach here, it’s no wonder she was struggling. It’s also not a surprise that many people don’t know how to use fractions. While understanding how […]

Money and Politics: Wagering on Elections and Other Political Events

Let’s face it.  Every election is a gamble. Our vote is the wager. We’re betting on the candidate that we support won’t only win, but make our city, county, state, or country better. We also are betting that the candidate will make our lives better. But it just isn’t candidates, its bond measures, recall votes, […]

NFL Preseason Odds: 6 Sleepers Who Could Win Super Bowl 54

All sports gamblers who actually like sports (i.e. the non-miserable people of the world) are guilty of fan bias – among other forms of bias – whenever they handicap the odds. You can’t get away from it. For instance, I personally try to take an “ambivalent” view of professional sports, not that I don’t care […]

Copa América 2019: Futures Odds and Best Underdog Pick

Every so often, my San Diego friends and I take the obligatory 5 or 15 minutes to complain about there being no Major League Soccer club in the Plymouth of the West. San Diego is minutes from the USA-Mexico border. Kids walk around the beach with soccer balls instead of yo-yos and hacky-sacks. My housekeeper […]

Handicapping Man City’s Odds to Win a 2020 Quadruple

When I first heard about the concept of “forecasting” Las Vegas lines, I thought it was almost a kind of paradox. Why would you want to handicap an outcome against your own “odds” when the bookmaker and the betting public are ultimately your opponents anyway? That’s like drawing-up a defense and then preparing your team […]

How to Handicap College Sports in the Coming Era of Paid NCAA Student-Athletes

I’m always struck by the simple, clean logic of great athletes and sportsmen. For instance, Jack Nicklaus was never the smartest guy in the world from a book-learning point of view. Big Jack’s claim to fame was his understanding of simple, basic truths, and his iron-fisted adherence to them. When other golfers complained about a […]

Trump 2020 Update: Comparing General Election Odds Around the Web

Smart political gamblers may have more advantages than ever before. It’s strange how the Trump era has taken pundits’ minds almost completely away from facts, logic, and analysis. Whether you like President Trump or not, everyone can admit that his style is somewhat loose on facts (or at least less-measured than usual when quoting loose […]

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors: Vegas Lines and Predictions for Game 6

Skin. O’. The. Teeth. The Golden State Warriors were battered, spent, and frustrated by the 2nd half of Game 5 in Toronto. Kawhi Leonard and the Raptors carried a 3-1 series lead into the contest on Monday night. Leonard would post a double-double as Nick Nurse’s squad engineered a late rally. Weakened by yet another […]

2019 United States Open: Head-to-Head Predictions and Best 3-Balls Wagers

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a problem with our site’s golf blog. That probably strikes you as a weird thing for me to say at this point, having written years’ worth of major-championship links content into the Legit Gambling Sites golf archive. But I realized that a lot of the posts were […]