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Interesting Stories from the World of Sports and Gambling

Next Level Esports Betting: Evaluating a Tournament

Tournaments are the center of the competitive esports community. Firing across the world at all times of day, tournaments are where players go to exhibit their skill. A good player will devour information about the game at hand before a tournament, learning everything that they can about the competitive field. As players know, the competitive […]

What I Learned During My First Turbo Poker Tournament

I’m a relative newcomer to the online poker world. While I’ve played poker itself for nearly 20 years, online poker has only been in my life for the last few months. Since I’m so new to it, I continue to try new things to see what I like and what I don’t. Recently, I ended […]

2017 Capcom Cup Predictions

Capcom has collected the top 32 Street Fighter V players from across the world for their annual Capcom Cup. Qualifiers are still finishing, but most players are currently locked in. With the rosters ready, Capcom is prepared to launch on December 9th. The esports betting community will surely be watching, and have already begun to […]

The Secret’s in the Cards : Unknown Playing Card Facts

Playing cards are everywhere. They are one of the most universal game tools around. They are used for everything from your grandma’s cribbage party to dorm room drinking games. Then, of course, there is their strong gambling presence. There’s no doubt about their prevalence in today’s society, but few know their history. I have played […]

Top 5 Pop Culture Slots

No casino player needs telling of the overabundance of slots nowadays, thanks to the ever-rising competition and virtually limitless sources of inspiration. There’s always a new Egyptian or Greek mythology slot around the corner, but one good way of attracting players to your game is taking an already established fanbase from a good book, movie […]