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Interesting Stories from the World of Sports and Gambling

Sluggers vs Contact Hitters: Moneyball Tactics Still Prevail Over Pure Power in 2019

Oakland’s “moneyball” playoff run of Hollywood lore ultimately had little to do with advanced calculus and mathematical wizardry. Billy Bean’s staff used analytics as means to an end, but the simple goal was to put more baserunners on the diamond with a maximum number of RBI opportunities. Moneyball also had an element of psychology. Remember […]

Tour Championship at East Lake: PGA Tour Betting Odds and FedEx Forecast

The timing of the sport of golf makes handicappers forget things…and forget excellent golfers. Golf’s calendar proceeds as it must. Meanwhile, the rush of media attention between April and August causes pundits to rush their opinions while the 4 majors help a maximum of 4 champions to worldwide notoriety. Those who do not win a […]

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2019 FIBA World Cup: Team USA Update and Groups E Through H Group Winner Odds

State-side fans cringe, online sports bettors rejoice. Gregg Popovich and USA Basketball have problems and issues headed into the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup in about 2 weeks. Not long ago, Team USA lost a practice game to a G-League outfit…if that help to lend any indication of the greybeard coach’s challenge in getting a […]

Big 12 Betting Preview: Vegas Futures Lines on Contenders of the Midwest

Terry O’ Neill, who helped turn John Madden into a worldwide superstar with CBS Sports in the 1980s, once directed a distributor to always put the Green Bay Packers on Chicago stations whenever the Bears weren’t playing simultaneously. The idea was that if Windy City fans didn’t have the Monsters of the Midway to cheer […]

Ranking College Football’s Group-of-Five Conferences

Did anyone else catch those weird off-season headlines that seemed to imply Connecticut was “moving to the Big East” in 2020? Some automated college-stats sites have found themselves listing future games in “Big East Football” like UConn vs…vs…Georgetown? Hope those Hoyas get that power-running game cranked up again this season. There used to be a […]

English Premier League: Hammers vs Citizens Betting Preview for Matchday 1

The English Premier League begins just a little early this season – early enough to show that the NFL is all wet when it claims to have created the year-round sports attraction. Premiership football never sleeps, the clubs just go right on playing friendlies, and then here we are again. The Premier League is the […]

Major League Baseball: A Look at 2019 World Series Futures Odds

I have explained to our readers before why there are very few individual baseball games previewed here at Legit Gambling Sites. Major League Baseball occurs every day with odds posted the previous afternoon, leaving little time for bloggers to write, edit, post, and promote a story. Not that it gets any more relaxed when it […]

What Golf Gamblers Learned From the 4 Majors in 2019

The biggest challenge facing any “good” PGA Tour golfer who wants to become “great” is not perfecting his swing, nor the use of his putter, nor driver, and not even his mental endurance and patience…though that last factor comes in a close 2nd. Greatness is about honing his game for the big-time. You can shoot […]

2019-20 Soccer Futures: Surveying the Transfers of Top Clubs in Europe

There’s no getting around it. Handicapping the Premier League successfully involves knowing at least something about the other domestic leagues in Europe. Heck, old Las Vegas hands might suggest even trying to figure out if a club will flourish in the UEFA Champions League as a possible detriment to the squad’s other futures markets. Teams […]

AAC Football 2019-20: Milton Injury Brings Long-Shot Vegas Lines Into Consideration

Brandon Wimbush is the perfect example of a college QB who is acknowledged to be successful on the NCAA level but cannot, and will not, succeed in the NFL as a signal-caller. The NFL’s myth is that at its highest level of excellence, the game is only suited to drop-back passing teams and not dual-threat […]

4 Pitfalls to Watch Out for With Live In-Game Betting

Beyond introducing qualities like unprecedented access and convenience to fans of wagering, online sportsbooks’ most significant contribution to the gaming industry may be the ability to partake in live in-game betting. No other market out there is gaining popularity at anywhere near the rate that this exciting, immersive, and entertaining way to put action on […]

International Champions Cup: Manchester United vs Milan Betting Preview and Pick

I think I might have gotten into handicapping the International Champions Cup in the wrong year. My first assignment to cover the exhibition of friendlies came in 2018, a men’s FIFA World Cup year in which the season ended with 32 teams’ worth of elite footballers descending on Russia to decide the biggest title in […]