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Interesting Stories from the World of Sports and Gambling

The Ultimate Guide to Gambling Math

If you really want to understand what’s going on in gambling, you must understand a little bit of math. The most applicable branch of math that applies to gambling is the study of probability—how we measure the likelihood that certain events will happen. You’ll learn a lot about gambling math in this post. In fact, […]

7 Tips for New Baseball Bettors

Major League baseball season is just around the corner, with teams already reporting to spring training. With each new professional season it brings new bettors to the sports books, so I put together some tips for new baseball bettors. Beating the sports books is hard, but baseball has enough games that you can find value […]

7 Techniques Needed to Succeed at Gambling

Everyone defines success in a different way. A successful gambler to one person may simply mean enjoying gambling while not losing too much money. Gambling might be an entertainment expense and being successful simply means having fun. For others being a successful gambler may mean being able to gamble and break even. You might enjoy […]

3 Roulette Systems for Short Term Gain and Long Term Ruin

People have been trying to sell high priced roulette systems for years, and based on the number of ones offered it seems like someone must be buying them. When you read the sales pitch for a system it seems like a sure way to make money. After all, the numbers look good and the reasoning […]

7 Reasons Craps is the Best Casino Game

Craps is one of the staple games found in most casinos around the world. It’s to the point that a casino really doesn’t seem like a real casino if it doesn’t have a craps table. But it’s also a game that rarely gets mentioned as a favorite or included on many top 10 lists. It […]