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Interesting Stories from the World of Sports and Gambling

The Relationship Between Luck and Skill in Poker

Is poker luck or is it skill? Depending on who you ask, you’ll get an extremely wide range of answers that are typically based on the person’s background, experiences, and understanding of how the game works. The funny part is that whoever you ask, they will give you a definitive answer and tell you they […]

The Illusive Free Drink at the Casino

The number one question I get from people that are first timers to the casino (I live in Vegas) is how do they score free drinks. As a “Vegas/casino veteran” you would think that I would start rolling my eyes every time I hear this question since I’ve heard it so many time but surprisingly […]

The Forgotten 4: Games to Try and Why

There are, what seems like, endless gambling possibilities. If you’re anything like me, you probably feel like you’ve tried them all. I wanted something new and exciting, and something I had a decent shot of winning. After all, winning is the reason we’re all gambling in the first place, right? So, I began my search […]

How Do Esports Skills Transfer to the Real World?

Professional esports gamers are some of the most skilled athletes (yes, they’re athletes) in the world. From lightning-quick reflexes to some incredible hand-eye coordination, they possess all the traits needed to dominate the competition and bring home the trophy. While these skills will certainly help them on the pro tour, how will they help in […]

The Best Bets to Make on MLB

Betting on baseball provides more opportunities to win money than any other sport. The season is long, with each team playing 162 regular season games. This provides handicappers with tons of significant data and patterns to exploit for value. What I’ve tried to do here is to identify some of the best bets to make […]