Wemby Betting Odds and Predictions for 2023-24

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You can find plenty of Victor Wembanyama betting odds before the start of the NBA season. You can bet on the most highly touted rookie to enter the NBA in decades, so now is a good time to analyze the markets and look for good picks.

Can Wemby average over 17 points per game in his first NBA season? Could he also lead the NBA in blocks? How many games will the rookie sensation end up playing? I want to share my predictions for several Victor Wembanyama prop bets.

Wembanyama Points per Game for the 2023-24 Season

  • Over 17.5 Points; -165
  • Under 17.5 Points; +120

The latest Wemby betting odds indicate that he’ll average over 17.5 points per game. His usage for San Antonio should be pretty high as soon as he begins playing. However, Wimpy is still just 19 years old, and it’ll take time for him to learn the NBA.

The Spurs will try to use Wemby in several different ways to see what he can do. San Antonio doesn’t have a ton of depth in the frontcourt, which is why Wemby could be a factor early on. I expect him to be a matchup nightmare for many teams if the Spurs use him correctly.

There’s a lot to like about Wemby in terms of his physical traits and abilities. He’s incredibly smooth and fluid for a player who stands at 7-foot-4. Wemby still isn’t the best three-point shooter, but his offensive skills are undeniable.

During his lone season with Metropolitans 92 in France, Wemby won the MVP award. He also averaged 21.6 points, 10.4 rebounds and 3.0 blocks per game. He shot 47% from the field and 82.8% from the free throw line.

Wemby was also scoring pretty effectively while playing in the Summer League. In two games, he scored 36 points (18 points per contest) and shot 41% from the floor. The rookie’s now gotten a taste of the NBA, and the Spurs will prepare him thoroughly for the season.

The top offensive players for San Antonio last season were Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell. Johnson posted 22 points per game; Vassell had a career year and shot 43.9% from the field. Both of them could finish ahead of Wemby in scoring this season.

San Antonio’s most talented player, however, is Wemby. He could easily finish the season with over 20 points per game depending on the offensive system he’s in. The one thing that worries me is San Antonio placing him on a minutes restriction.

There are also doubts about Wemby early on because not every rookie has immediate success in the NBA. However, Wemby is not just every rookie and his potential is immense.

The Frenchman is also part of the new generation of centers who can shoot well from the outside. His range alone is a big reason why I think he can average over 17.5 points per game. There’s never been a prospect quite like him, and I think he’ll have instant success.

My Pick:
Over 17.5 Points

Wembanyama Rebounds per Game for the 2023-24 Season

  • Over 9.5 Rebounds; -120
  • Under 9.5 Rebounds; -120

Wemby was an impressive rebounder in France, and those skills will translate to the NBA. He stands taller than most other players, and his insane wingspan is eight feet in length. Nabbing a ton of rebounds should be pretty easy for the young phenom.

I think Wemby is capable of putting up massive stats during his first season. He’s got enough potential to develop into a player like Joel Embiid or Nikola Jokic in terms of rebounds and even surpass them. Wemby also has physical advantages that will allow him to have an immediate impact on defense.

Keep in mind that it also takes time for all the best basketball players to get really good. Embiid didn’t average over 10.0 rebounds per game until his second season. Wemby will have to make adjustments in the NBA and learn how all the different offenses work.

The NBA is also bigger and faster than the LNB Pro A in France. Wemby has plenty of strength and mobility, which will benefit him on both ends of the court. However, he must also acclimate to the speed and intensity of the NBA.

Wemby’s height and physical prowess will give him a huge advantage in the backcourt. He’s already an excellent defender who also protects the rim as well as anyone. Wemby averaging over 9.5 rebounds per game in his rookie season isn’t out of the question at all.

He should be able to dominate the boards on defense, so -120 for over 9.5 rebounds per game looks tempting.

My Pick:
Over 9.5 Rebounds

Wembanyama Blocks per Game for the 2023-24 Season

  • Over 2.5 Blocks; -165
  • Under 2.5 Blocks; +120

Here’s another one of my favorite Wemby prop bets. Can the young phenom average over 2.5 blocks during his rookie season? He certainly has the reach and size advantages to stifle his opponents on defense.

Wemby was good at blocking shots in France, and those skills will translate to the NBA simply because of his frame. He’s a phenomenal player on offense, but he’s got the potential to be a true game-changer defensively. In theory, Wemby could be among the top blockers during his first NBA season.

Averaging around 2.5 blocks per game is very doable for Wemby. He’ll spend a good amount of time guarding both the perimeter and interior when he enters the NBA. This should set him up for many opportunities to block shots.

Ultimately, I think it’s very realistic for Wemby to average over 2.5 blocks per game. He’s got the size and athleticism to shut down centers and power forwards in the NBA. I also believe that Wemby will finish among the top blockers when the season ends.

My Pick:
Over 2.5 Blocks

Wembanyama Total Games Played During the 2023-24 Regular Season

  • Over 65.5 Games; +110
  • Under 65.5 Games; -150

You can also bet on how many games in which Wemby will appear during the 2023-24 regular season. He’s going to be a key player for San Antonio as soon as the season gets going. That means he’ll make plenty of appearances if he can stay healthy.

During his final season in France, Wemby didn’t miss a single game. However, each team in the LNB Pro A league only plays 34 matches during the regular season. The NBA regular season is 82 games, so the schedule is much more grueling.

Load management seems inevitable these days for the most talented NBA players. There’s a good chance that Wemby will miss games in order to rest and recuperate. I think San Antonio will closely monitor his health and not overwhelm him during his first season.

Will Wemby play in more than 65 games this season? I think a modest guess is that he misses 10-20 games at the most due to load management and potential injuries. Appearing in 66 games is very achievable for Wemby, which is why I’m picking the over.

My Pick:
Over 65.5 Games

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