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Best Tennis Betting Sites Online in 2022

Tennis is one of the best sports for betting because of the extensive coverage by sportsbooks and the large number of tournaments available throughout the year.

You can find good opportunities to make money almost daily. To make the most of them, you should be using the best sites for betting on tennis online. Here are our recommendations.

Rank VA Gambling Site Sign Up Bonus Get Started
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The top-rated tennis sportsbooks online are better than the competition due factors like high odds, rewarding bonuses and promotions, fast payouts, and more.

We explain more about the best tennis betting sites below. We also explore the markets they offer to their customers, and share some useful tennis gambling tips.

Picking the Best Tennis Betting Sites

Computer and Tennis Court
Recognizing the top online betting sites for tennis is not an easy task. There are many bookmakers on the internet that offer the sport. Thankfully, we have a team of experts who know exactly what to look for. They made sure to pick sportsbooks that are worth your time.

Here are the most important factors that we used to determine the best sites and apps for betting on tennis with real money.

Safety and Security for Online Betting

Before we even look at what tennis tournaments and markets are available, we want to make sure that a sportsbook can be trusted.

There are several factors we explore and the first one is the reputation of the bookmaker and the company behind it. We want to deal with owners that have proven their integrity in the online gambling industry.


We check the feedback of customers, too, and use the site ourselves to look for potential red flags.

Even if a bookie has no intention to be unfair to you, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re safe. That’s why we only recommend tennis gambling sites that also have installed the necessary measures to protect you from other threatening sources. If we feel confident that a sportsbook is safe and secure, we proceed to explore other important factors.

Essential Qualities of Top Tennis Betting Sites

Since we want to deliver the best possible suggestion to every reader wondering where to bet on tennis with real cash, the next step is to explore everything related to the sport.

Only the tennis betting apps and sites that have the following qualities make our list of recommendations.

  • Good Tennis Coverage – We want to see as many tournaments and markets as possible because that leads to more opportunities to win money.
  • High Tennis Odds – Competitive tennis betting odds improve your overall chances of making money.
  • Generous Promotions – The best online bookmakers for tennis betting money offer many bonuses and promotions that can help you earn more cash.
  • Live Tennis Betting – Tennis is among the best sports for in-play wagers. That’s why we prefer sites that offer live betting on tennis.

This set of criteria is essential when it comes to betting on tennis online. Our top-rated sites deliver on all fronts. There are other key areas that we also check to make sure you get the best experience possible.

Other Features of the Best Tennis Sportsbooks Online

During our reviews, we test all features offered by gambling sites. We like to see how each of them works and if they contribute positively to the service you receive. These are some of the additional features and benefits that the top tennis betting sites offer.

  • Mobile Tennis Betting Sites – All of the best sites for online tennis betting work well on popular mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android. Some of them even offer native gambling apps for mainstream phones and tablets.
  • Fast Payments – Once you request a payment, your money will arrive quickly.
  • Betting Tools – Some of the recommended tennis gambling sites have features like bet builders and cash out that open the door to more flexibility and unique betting opportunities.
  • Help and Support – We expect a detailed help section that can answer most of your questions and competent support agents that are ready to assist further when you need it.

The overall goal is to find the sites that combine a great overall experience with the highest possible chance to win cash. That’s exactly what our top-rated online bookmakers for gambling on tennis offer. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the different tennis betting options that are available on the internet.

Pre-Match vs. Live Betting at Tennis Betting Sites

TennisBetting on individual tennis matches is the most popular option and that’s what most users pick. The big question here is if you should place your wagers before a match or while it’s running.

Let’s take a look at the two options to explain how they work and their respective advantages.

Pre-Match Betting

Traditional pre-match tennis betting is simple.  You place your wagers and wait for a match to finish to see if you win or not.

Most sportsbooks offer the following tennis wagers before the match.

  • Match Winner – Clean and simple; just pick one of the players to win the match.
  • Spreads/Handicaps – A good alternative is to go for the spreads. One of the players starts with a handicap in sets or games of the purposes of the betting.
  • Totals – If you don’t want to depend on the eventual winner, you can simply bet on the number of sets or games that will be played.
  • Correct Score – If you feel confident in your tennis predictions, you can go for the correct score in the match. The market is about sets only; there’s no need to get the right number of games.

These tennis bets are available before the match in most sportsbooks on the internet. Our top recommendations have even more options, especially when it comes to popular events like Grand Slams.

Live Betting

One of the biggest benefits of tennis live betting is the unique markets at your disposal. Some of them are not offered before the match has started.

Here are a few examples.

  • Winner of the Next Game – You can back either of the opponents to win the next game.
  • Next Point Winner – You even place wagers on who wins the next point.
  • Next Player to Break – If you believe that one of the players is about to break the opponent, you can bet on that.
  • Next Set Winner – You can pick a bigger market and go for the next set winner.
  • Game Races – There are “races” for the first player to reach a preset number of games.

The list of live betting markets also includes all the traditional options available before the match, so there are more than enough opportunities to make money while watching tennis.

What Is Better?

There’s no universal answer on which of these two options is better. You don’t have to pick only one of them anyway. Betting on tennis matches before they start allows you to spend more time preparing, there’s no rush, and there are no emotional twists that can cause heavy losses. The wagers are accepted immediately in most cases and the overall process is very straightforward.

Live wagers can be a little chaotic in comparison. The odds change all the time, there’s a delay for every bet, and you have to be fast. The hectic nature of in-play betting requires a lot of discipline and the ability to react properly to any change. It’s not for everyone but it can definitely be profitable if you have the necessary knowledge and abilities.

Long-Term Tennis Bets Available Online

Another good option for anyone looking to bet on tennis online is to explore the long-term wagers offered by the top sportsbooks.

They allow you to focus on the bigger picture and bet on whole tournaments or even on the season. The only downside is that even the best sites only offer tennis futures and outrights for the biggest events.

Here are the most popular long-term wagers available online.

  • Outright Winner – You can back a player to win a certain tennis tournament.
  • To Reach a Stage – If you expect a good performance from a player but would prefer to play it safe, you could back them to reach a specific stage such as the final or the semifinals.
  • Name the Finalists – As the name suggests, you can back two players to reach the final of a tennis tournament.
  • To Win Multiple Grand Slams – Some of the top tennis sportsbooks online release odds on selected players to win more than one Grand Slam tournament in the same season.

The best part about the leading tennis apps and gambling sites is that they are not afraid to try new things, so you might find other futures and long-term specials.

Best Tennis Tournaments for Betting

Tennis Players on a Court
Learning how to bet on tennis is an important step but you must pick the correct tournaments to make money. The best tennis gambling sites cover many different tournaments, and they all come with their specific traits.

Men’s vs. Women’s Tournaments

The number of men’s and women’s tennis tournaments that are available for betting money is comparable, so that doesn’t play a role in your choice. However, the nature of the sport is slightly different.

Men are very dominant on their own serve and you don’t see many breaks as a result, so surprises and big comebacks are not that common. In a sense, male tennis is easier to predict because the favorites win more often.

The women’s matches are often wide open because their serve is not that strong, so we see longer rallies and fewer easy points. There are a ton of breaks and way more underdogs end up taking sets or even matches.

On top of that, you will regularly see big twists and turns which makes women’s tennis great for live betting. You don’t really have to pick one or the other, but if you have limited time, it might better to focus on only men’s or women’s tennis.

Big vs. Small Tournaments

There’s a large difference between betting on big tournaments – like Grand Slams or the most popular Masters – and the smaller ones.

The prize pools, the points, and the prestige of the major events are simply on another level and every tennis player targets them. You will see athletes preparing for months, pushing through injuries, and doing anything in their power to perform close to their best when the big event comes.

When betting on Grand Slams and other big competitions like the US Open or Wimbledon, you can find higher odds, more promotions, more markets, and more sources of information. Here’s a quick table with info about the Grand Slams if that’s your choice, so you know when to expect each of them.

Tournament Month Surface
Australian Open January-February Hard
French Open May-June Clay
Wimbledon June-July Grass
US Open August-September Hard

The alternative is to bet on tennis matches from smaller tournaments and many believe that’s the better option. The bookmakers’ preparation is not as thorough and there are many swings based on different factors.

Some players overperform in the pursuit of higher rankings or because they have to defend points from previous years, while others might be using a competition as a part of their preparations for more important goals in the future. Building a tennis betting strategy that works for both big and small tournaments is hard, so you should focus on them separately.

Essential Tips for Betting on Tennis Online

Tennis IconCertain basics apply to all tennis gambling online options. No matter what markets and tournaments you bet on, these always apply.

Here are a few simple tips for online betting on tennis that you should try to remember.

  • Use Multiple Betting Sites – You should use multiple tennis betting apps and sites because it’s easier to find the best odds and lines.
  • Stick to Reputable Sites – If something on the internet is too good to be true, there’s usually a catch. Be sure to avoid rogue sites, even if they try to lure you with incredible odds or bonuses.
  • Grab Bonuses and Promotions The top sites have all sorts of tennis betting bonuses and promotions. Take full advantage of all the extra cash these can bring.
  • Try Different Options – With so many tournaments and markets available for tennis betting, you should try different strategies until you find the ones that work well for you.

The tennis betting tips above may be simple, but they can give you an extra edge that’s the difference between winning and losing. Using the top sites is probably the single best piece of advice we can give you, so let’s take another look our recommended options.

Best Tennis Betting Sites Online