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Welcome to our in-depth review of the sports and casino gambling site known as 22Bet. This is a relatively new entry into the online gambling world that initiated operations in 2018. But they’ve been making steady progress in that short time as they expand to more areas of the world that can gamble with them.

That means it’s a great time to do an honest 22Bet review. And we can’t stress the word “honest” enough. We have no hidden agendas, no relationships with the site, and no reason to tell you anything but the unvarnished truth about whether this gambling site gets the job done for its customers.

If you’re new to online gambling, you might be wondering why you even need a review. After all, gambling sites all essentially work the same, taking your bets and paying you back if/when you win. But if you end up at lesser sites, you might find one or more of the following occurring, which can be a real issue:

  • The site fails to pay you back in a timely fashion or, in really bad cases, doesn’t pay you back at all
  • The site doesn’t do a good job of protecting your personal and financial information
  • The site is nothing more than a scam designed to try and bilk you out of your money
  • The site offers poor bonuses or ones that seem good but require such stringent betting requirements that they’re not worth the trouble
  • The site features a confusing interface and games/bets that don’t always work

There are many more ways in which a relationship between a gambler and the site they’re using can go astray. Trust us when we tell you that you never want to have to go through that. That’s why we’re going to put 22Bet under a microscope and tell you what we see.

And there is a lot to see here. 22Bet is what you might call an all-in-one site, in that it includes both real money casino games and a sportsbook as well. In other words, you can have one account there that will cover all of your wagering needs.

But first, you have to find out for sure if 22Bet is the kind of site that you want to use consistently, out of all the other alternatives you have on the internet. Read on through our 22Bet casino review to find out all you need to know. Then you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to proceed.

Is 22Bet Legit?

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Several factors come into play when discussing the legitimacy of a gambling website. First of all, you have to find out if they’re licensed to operate a gambling company. 22Bet checks off this box, as they’re licensed by the gambling authorities of Curacao, a popular offshore destination for gambling sites.

You should also look for a little bit of history that proves that the site is indeed for real and not a scam. Even though 22Bet hasn’t been around forever, the fact that they’ve got a few years under their belt is a good sign. If they were a scam of some kind, they would have been found out by now and exposed by other online gamblers.

On top of that, 22Bet offers a transparent experience. If you check out their website, you’ll see sections for frequently asked questions, terms and conditions, and their privacy policy. It all adds up to the following conclusion: 22Bet casino and sportsbook is indeed a legit online gambling site, one that you can use with peace of mind.

The Good Stuff

Banking Variety

We haven’t found too many sites that offer you the kind of banking variety that you can find at 22Bet. That includes a wide range of cryptocurrency coins available to use for deposit and withdrawal. You’ll never get stuck using a method that’s either inefficient or expensive at 22Bet because the choices are just way too extensive.

Sportsbook Markets

You’ll find a vast amount of different sports that you can bet when using the 22Bet sportsbook. But within those sports, you can attack your wagers in many different ways thanks to the number of markets that they provide to you. That also includes live betting markets, which means you’ll be able to keep your wagers going even after the action is underway.

Strong Live Casino

As is the case with the sportsbook and the banking options, it’s all about choice when it comes to the 22Bet live casino. You’ll see dozens of different variations on popular live casino games like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. With all those games available, you should be able to check in at any time of the day to find a table at which you’d like to play just waiting for you.

The Bad Stuff

Interface Confusion

We would have liked to have seen a more clear-cut interface out of 22Bet. It was difficult to find certain casino games on the site, while the banking methods also had to be searched out. You shouldn’t have to work that hard to get to where you want to go on a gambling website.

Mediocre Bonuses

22Bet doesn’t do a terrible job here. They have a decent enough variety of bonuses available, although they’re all similar to what you could find elsewhere. It’s just a case of the site lacking a little oomph when it comes to the limits on the bonuses that are available to you.

No US Players

Although 22Bet casino has expanded to certain areas of the world recently (most notably the United Kingdom), they have not yet made it around to the US. If you try to log on in the US, you’ll receive a message saying that they do not accept players from your region. If you are in the United States and want to gamble online, you’ll have to try another site.

22Bet Casino Review

On the whole, he found the 22Bet casino to be a good news/bad news proposition. The slots they offer are excellent in terms of variety and enjoyment, and they’re easy to find. In addition, there is an impressive selection of live games for those who like to have the real-casino experience as much as possible when playing online.

But the site could do a much better job of making things easy to find. For instance, we had no luck locating video poker on the main site. It was a little bit easier to find on the 22Casino mobile site, but even then, it required a search.

We’d suggest that you go elsewhere if you’re looking to play games other than slots or those you can play in a live format. For example, many bettors like to play blackjack with automated dealers to keep their privacy. On the whole, however, 22Bet casino delivers the basics just fine.

22Bet Slots

As we mentioned above, slots are one of the strong points of the 22Bet gambling experience. They advertise 1,000 games, and the vast majority of those come in the slots department. And, unlike other games, they do a nice job of categorizing the slots so you can find what you need in a hurry.

You can quickly find jackpot and popular slots by checking the main dropdown menu on the top right of the main casino page. You’ll find that 22Bet has partnered with a solid list of software providers as well. That means you’re going to be getting a fair shake and that you shouldn’t have to worry about glitches, all while enjoying some of the best graphics you can imagine.

Here are some of the hot slot titles that you can find at 22Bet:

  • Jewel Mania
  • The Night Racing
  • Chieftain Buffalo
  • Riches of the Deep
  • Extra Juicy
  • Hot Fiesta
  • Zombie Carnival
  • Queen of Gods
  • Poseidon’s Rising (exclusive to 22Bet)
  • Energoonz

22Bet Live Casino

This is another area where we have to say that 22Bet shines. Many casinos have live options that are minimal and stick to the very basics of the most common casino table games. But the massive list of live games available at 22Bet ranks with the very best online sites.

The basic table games (baccarat, blackjack, roulette) are all represented in their most common format. But 22Bet gives you the chance to explore other avenues of these games. You’ll find that the opportunities for high payouts rise in these variations (although so does the volatility.)

Take a look at some of the options you can find in the 22Bet live casino (and these are just the tip of the iceberg):

  • Bar Roulette
  • Venice Roulette
  • Mega Roulette
  • Turkish Blackjack
  • Ultimate Blackjack
  • Blackjack 16
  • Galaxy Roulette
  • 360 Roulette

The live experience was top-notch, with smooth video streams, dealers and croupiers that were pleasant and informed, and a solid pace of play. Live casino action is becoming more and more popular each day at online gambling sites. 22Play is ahead of the trend.

22Bet Sportsbook Review

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Sports bettors will salivate at the options that they have available at 22Bet. On a random day that we checked, there were just shy of 50 sports waiting to be bet. And that doesn’t count the sports that weren’t in season at that time.

What’s even more impressive is how 22Bet dives into each individual event. We chose an American baseball game to see what they had in store for us. The number of prop bets that were in effect made it seem like it was a World Series game.

Betting markets abound at 22Bet. You’ll find the following wagers available to you on the various sports they include:

  • Win/loss
  • Over/under (totals)
  • Accumulators (parlays)
  • Futures
  • Props

And there are many more after that. A quick check revealed that the odds being used were comparable to what could be found on other sites. That means that the site isn’t holding anything back from bettors to line their coffers, which is a surefire sign of legitimacy.

The live sports section of the site is in keeping with the rest of the sports betting opportunities. On any given day, you’ll find a wide array of sports represented on 22Bet with odds that are being updated at an impressive rate. If sports betting is your main focus, this is an excellent site for you.

22Bet Bonuses and Promotions

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We hinted above that 22Bet is just a little bit soft when it comes to promotions. Let’s just say that your jaw won’t be hitting the floor when you check out their bonuses page, for good or bad. You might find some useful, but you might also long for other sites and the splash that they make with their offers.

The Welcome bonuses for 22Bet look like this:

  • Sports: 100% up to $300, 5x playthrough
  • Casino: 100% up to $450, 50x playthrough

These are straight match bonuses, which are pretty common in the online gambling industry. But the maximum limits aren’t all that enticing. And the playthrough for the casino bonus is a bit on the high side if truth be told.

Here are some of the other bonuses that can be found at 22Bet

  • Friday Reload Sports Bonus
  • Weekly Race
  • Bonus for Series of Losing Bets
  • Weekly Rebate Bonus
  • Weekly Lottery
  • Birthday Bonus
  • Accumulator Odds Boost
  • Sell Bet Slip

Again, there’s nothing too out of the ordinary included here. Let’s hope that 22Bet puts some extra effort into their bonuses soon. You can get by with them for now, but you might find yourself longing for better as time goes past.

22Bet Banking Methods

There are over 100 deposit methods and 70 withdrawal methods that can be found at 22Bet. Those totals dwarf what you would expect from other sites. That kind of flexibility is a huge boost for gamblers who want to find the methods that are most cost-effective for them and also settle their transactions in the fastest amount of time.

22Bet is also on top of its game when it comes to cryptocurrency. Many sites allow Bitcoin and stop there. But here there are 25 different types of digital coins that you can utilize.

Here is just a samples of what you can expect from your 22Bet banking:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bitcoin
  • Skrill
  • Dankort
  • B-Pay
  • PayPal
  • QIWI

You won’t find any hidden fees to spoil your day at 22Bet when you go to withdraw your winnings from the casino or sportsbook. When you add that to the flexibility, you’ll find that banking is a breeze at 22Bet. It will allow you to concentrate on the fun stuff instead of worrying about the details.

22Bet Mobile Gaming

At 22Bet, you can instantly get the mobile betting experience. That means no downloads necessary. Just find the site in the browser of your phone or other portable device and you’ll be ready to go.

Another positive is that the mobile site doesn’t skimp on the offerings. You’ll find just about all the top games from the main site there. And that includes live betting on sports and casino games.

22Bet Customer Service

22Bet offers you the chance to reach out to them with any questions or concerns you might have. In terms of the questions, you might find that their FAQ section takes care of them for you before you even have to ask. But if you have to go beyond that, you can fill out a form on the site or use one of the e-mail addresses provided.

They also have a phone number that you can use. Unfortunately, that’s not a toll-free call. But besides that one little complaint, we can report that the customer service department at 22Bet does a nice job.


We promised you honesty in this 22Bet review and we think that we delivered. There are areas of 22Bet that can use sprucing up. Chief among them are the bonuses and the interface.

But on the whole, we can understand why 22Bet has become so popular among bettors in such a short time. it’s ideal for sports bettors and gets the job done for those interested in real money casino games. That’s an overall positive grade, which you can’t take for granted in the world of online gambling.

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