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Category Archives: Horse Racing

How to Be Successful in Pick 3 and Pick 4 Bets in Horse Racing

Horse racing has been a favorite sport for thousands of years, since humans domesticated the first horses in ancient Asia. Legends been made from racing victories, and people have been wagering on this sport since its inception. For the gambler, horse racing offers a great opportunity to earn some money. This is especially true when […]

Tips for Successfully Wagering on Harness Racing

Many people are familiar with horse racing. Some of the most famous sporting competitions include horse racing events like the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes, and the Preakness Stakes. These events are known across the globe and draw millions of dollars in wagers each year. While horse racing is well-known, most people aren’t as familiar […]

The Biggest Surprises in Kentucky Derby History

Horseracing is sports, and in sports, there will always be surprises. That’s why we are obsessed with sport, as opposed to, say, life insurance. The Kentucky Derby has all of the upsets and shocks of any other race. But because the Derby has been around for a century and a half, and has become such […]

Betting Favorites to Win the Hong Kong Derby in 2021

There is an event each year that gathers the famous and wealthy from every corner of the globe and brings them to the most famous peninsula in the South China Sea. The Hong Kong Derby (est. 1873) has been a major Thoroughbred competition for nearly 150 years. The race is always held mid-March; this year, […]

2020 Preakness Stakes Betting Preview With Prediction

The 2020 Preakness Stakes will be run this Saturday at Pimlico to culminate the unique, once-in-a-lifetime, pandemic-altered Triple Crown series. I will look at each contender in the post position order before I reveal my prediction and can’t lose Preakness Stakes lock of the century. If you’re going to be betting on the race, be […]

Fun Prop Bets for the 2020 Kentucky Derby

The first-ever Kentucky Derby happened on May 17, 1875. Approximately 10,000 spectators gathered to watch 15 Thoroughbred horses race a one-and-a-half-mile track. The Derby has since undergone many transformations including changes to betting methodologies, competition rules, and even the racetrack itself. Traditionally held in May, The Derby moved to Saturday, September 5th, 2020 in response […]

A Look Ahead to the Biggest Horse Races of Fall 2019 claims no political affiliation. But even if we were a right-wing site or a bunch of Berners making similar anti-MSM arguments, there won’t be any talk of CNN being “Fake News” today because we’re avoiding the Washington D.C. section of the company’s news web. But wait – as we found out in 2018 when […]

A Day at the Races: Sharing Horse Sense about Horse Race Betting

I was almost 30 before I saw my first live horse race. It wasn’t even a planned trip. A friend of mine was a professional wrestler and we went to see his show one Saturday afternoon at a gym in the Six Flags Mall in Arlington, Texas (which is a few minutes away from Globe […]

145th Kentucky Derby: Combination Bets That Might Actually Work

Horse races are unpredictable. That’s why we have sayings like, “that’s what makes horse races.” Nobody ever says that after 2 people agree on anything. At least we know approximately what kind of track the 2019 Kentucky Derby will be contested on. Most likely a very muddy one. Is your horse a mudder? Was his […]

Updated Kentucky Derby Odds, Weather Forecast, Thoroughbred Profiles and Predictions

You know, we all spend a lot of happy hours predicting races and playing the ponies. But with the month of May soon approaching, there also comes a time to think about our mudders. I mean sure…Mother’s Day is coming up. We should think about our actual mothers. That doesn’t change the fact that rain […]

2019 Kentucky Derby: A Look at Bob Baffert’s Trio of Favorites

In a recent blog post, I examined how a certain illusion can overwhelm handicappers and gamblers as the Kentucky Derby approaches in spring. Take a hypothetical story about a Thoroughbred on a March or April hot streak: “The trainers and stable-hands who deal with As If I’m A Person are supremely confident after the horse’s […]

2019 Grand National Preview: Updated Odds on the Biggest Race of All

It must be hard for American gamblers to get a handle on Grand National betting right now. Not to say that the Biggest Race of All isn’t taking any state-side action. The race enjoys the benefit of happening a month in advance of the Kentucky Derby, giving bettors the chance to “warm up” with wager […]