The 5 Most Important Horse Racing Tracks and Betting Venues in Florida

Horse Race Track and Florida

Horse racing has long been a favorite pastime for many. Watching the horses go around the track is exciting, but placing your bets on which one is going to make it to the finish line first can also provide a rush.

With a couple of the tracks known for horse racing, there’s a rich history of horse racing for the area. Horse racing is regulated through the state and county areas for each of the tracks.

When in Florida for the horse racing, many of the race tracks provide a casino, dining options, and a resort so you can plan your stay within one of them.

Enjoy all that horse racing in Florida has to offer
when you plan a stay. Make sure to get all the horse racing from the area and more with these fine horse racing tracks offered. Florida isn’t the only home to many horse races. But be sure to stop in sunny Florida for a little bit of excitement. As well as a wide assortment of other activities that takes place throughout this state.

Horse Racing History in Florida

In the 1920’s, horse racing started in the state and continued to hit the ground running. With many tracks placed throughout Florida, many people came out to see and bet on the horse races for the area. Horse racing in the past was one of the biggest gaming attractions of the area. This made horse racing tracks one of the most loved and used industries. Florida was not the first to have tracks built, but was one of the close followers after.

Once horse racing became illegal in many areas, a lot of the tracks did not perform so well. Many closed and/or went bankrupt. Currently, the oldest track that’s still used is the Hialeah Park Racetrack. This is where thousands of people continue to flock during the racing months.

Both harness racing and thoroughbred racing is popular throughout the state. Depending on the track visited, you can watch either one of them. Handicap racing is also provided at times. This depends on the outcome of the horses that sign up for the events. Each venue has something different to provide to the guest. Whether it’s a different type of horse racing or even added amenities on the venue.

Each of the tracks has horses that are new, as well as well-known to the horse racing industry. For years, they’ve welcomed many of the big names in horse racing. They continue to provide the necessary improvements. And also wants and needs for the guests that continue to show patriotism to their race tracks.

Many of the tracks opened in the past 30 years, while others have been around for 100+. Each one offers something different than the next. Plan your time in the area with one of the many horse tracks provided in the state of Florida.

1 – Tampa Bay Downs

Tampa Bay is generally where you’re able to find a lot of the nightlife, casinos, and races happening. Many people visit this area for that purpose. Tampa Bay Downs opened in 1926 and have ever since been running their horse racing track. Racing thoroughbred horses on the track, they take bets on which horse is going to make it to the finish line.

Tampa Bay is big on the casino that they provide. But behind the casino there is also a horse racing track for visitors to enjoy. The casino and horse racing tracks are also right next to the golf practice area. The poker room is a separate area inside the casino. This provides visitors with a way to play poker separately from other table games and slots.

Tampa Bay provides a lot to the visitor in the area. With many upscale hotels, beaches, nightlife, casinos and more; there’s always something for visitors to do. Enjoy the horse races during your stay, but take advantage of all that Tampa Bay has to offer.

11225 Race Track Rd, Tampa, FL 33626 – (813) 855-4401

2 – Gulf Stream Park Racing & Casino

Gulf Stream is a beautiful place to visit. They have a Racing and Casino building welcoming visitors. It provides a great way to spend some time while in the area. Approved by the county, this is one of the largest casino and race tracks throughout all Florida. They provide horse racing December through October.

While visiting or living in the area, many come out to see the races. But they can also enjoy all that the casino area has to provide. It’s thought of as one of the most important venues that you can visit for horse racing in America. Thoroughbred horse racing is at the top of the list at this venue. Visitors can buy tickets and check race times right online. This is a great way to check before heading out to the races. You can also buy tickets for the shows before they all become sold out.

Gulf Stream Park & Racing tends to get busiest in the tourist months. I recommend planning a stay during the other months of the year, though it’s not necessary. Plenty of things can are available in the immediate area outside of the park for visitors to enjoy.

901 S Federal Hwy, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009 – (954) 454-7000

3 – Florida Quarter Horse Racing

This quarter horse racing track caters to quarter horses looking to make it to the finish line. With many of the horses that race raised in the area, you can come and meet the horses before the races. This way, you can check their stats and find out which one can make it to the end. Place your bets right inside the venue and work to grab the biggest purse.

The horsemen have trained to provide the horses with the right mindset to make it around the course. Traveling race horses come to the area to try their luck against some of the competing horses from the area. The horsemen meet with the visitors to provide information on training and horses. This is a bit different than the other race tracks. But still provides the excitement of horse racing within the track.

Quarter horse racing in this area is on a dirt track and looks more like a cowboy event than anything. This is something that a lot of horse racing enthusiasts might enjoy. Especially while in the area and looking for a different type of horse racing to watch. You can place bets on the best horse and horse race man going around the track.

9085 Magnolia Hill Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32309 – (850) 345-4777

4 – Hialeah Park

Hialeah Park is a favorite outdoor and activity area for those living in the area. It is also one of the most known places for horse racing throughout the country. It is a historic area for those that want to race and watch races. With 40 square blocks of space, the track is also one of the largest in Florida. You can watch the races right online, while also being able to place your bets. Find out which horses are making it to the top when you check stats and watch past races that they’ve competed in.

They hold events and weddings in their venue. They also have a full service live casino that you can visit while waiting for the races. You can dine in one of the six different restaurants right on the grounds. Live entertainment is provided for those that want to come out to see a concert or other show. With plenty for everyone to do while visiting Hialeah Park, it is an ideal place to spend your time.

This is a historic area for horse racing. Visitors can look around to get a feel for the history behind the track and casino. Many of the older pictures are on display for those interested in learning more about horse racing.

2200 E 4th Ave, Hialeah, FL 33013 – (305) 885-8000

5 – Pompano Park

Pompano Park is another place where casino, fine dining, racing and fun come together in one area. With a standard harness racing track, you can come out to watch all the excitement. Additionally, there is more provided to guests that come out to watch the races. With a full casino, hotel and resort, as well as dining options, you can make a whole vacation out of Pompano Park. They’ve been around for years and continue to provide the races that visitors like to see.

The horse racing schedule is online, allowing you to plan your stay. Many of the horses that race on the track live in the state. But some travel from neighboring states to try their luck in the races. You can place your bet on the winning horses of the area or try your luck on one of the new ones coming into town. Enjoy all the racing that comes with Pompano Park. You can check the website for reservations, events, tickets and more. If you’re traveling to the area, this makes it a bit easier to grab the activities that you want to enjoy ahead of time.

Pompano Park is a hidden gem in Florida for horse racing. A lot of visitors enjoy visiting this venue for the casino that they provide. One of the largest in Florida, the track is right on the premises. This makes it easy to find something different than slots. You can buy tickets for the races right inside the casino, as well.

777 Isle of Capri Circle, Pompano Beach, FL, 33069 – (954) 724-7061


Finding a horse race track for the area shouldn’t have to be hard. With the help of this list, you can plan a stay in one of the areas listed. This provides you with a way to enjoy not only Florida, but also the race tracks that have been around for some time.

When looking for race tracks, it’s important to find out what each one of them provides. Knowing what’s inside them can ensure that you’re happy with the trip that you plan on taking. This way you don’t need to worry about finding extra activities for the area. also, beaches are always nearby.

Horse racing is exciting. It can provide anyone with a way to spend a little time on something that’s enjoyable. Watch as the horse’s race around the tracks. And put your bets down to try and win some money and enjoy all that the area has to provide. Horse racing is more than a pastime; it’s also a competitive, exciting sport.

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