Guide to Betting on the CrossFit Games 2023

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Can you bet on the CrossFit Games? Yes, but usually only on the Finals of the competition, judging by the previous few years. We hope the bookmakers will release their odds earlier in 2023, and our team will be keeping a close eye on what’s available.

You can expect an update as soon as the CrossFit Games 2023 betting odds are released. In the meantime, this article can help with info on the schedule, CrossFit Games betting tips, and what bookmakers cover the tournament.

CrossFit Games 2023 Format and Key Dates

The CrossFit Games 2023 format is similar to previous years, with a will few slight changes.

  • A new competition map.
  • Standardized programming of all tests.
  • Individual performance tests for team athletes.
  • Some eligibility changes for the adaptive athletes.

The contestants in the 2023 CrossFit Games will be once again split into the following divisions.

What about the CrossFit Games 2023 schedule? The competition will once again feature four stages, culminating in the Finals in August.

  • Open – The initial stages will take place between February 16th and March 6th. Athletes compete at affiliate centers, and the top 10% of all individuals and 25% of all teams qualify for the Quarterfinals.
  • Quarterfinals – The Quarterfinals will take place between March 16th and April 2nd. The Top 30 from each age group from all continents will advance to the online semifinals. 60 men and 60 women qualify from the main individual divisions + 40 teams for North America East, North America West, and Europe. 30 men, 30 women, and 20 teams qualify from Asia, Africa, Oceania, and South America.
  • Semifinals – The CrossFit Games semifinals will take place between April 28th to June 4th. The best 40 men and women qualify for the main individual divisions, as well as the best 38 teams, the best 10 athletes from each age group, and the best 5 athletes from each adaptive.
  • Games – August 1st through August 6th is when the best of the best battle it out in the CrossFit Games 2023.

All the information above comes from the official website of the CrossFit Games. The page features more details about the rules, the scoring, the doping control, and other aspects of the competition.CrossFit Games 2023 Betting StrategyWhen betting on the CrossFit Games 2023, having some sort of strategy is smart. There’s no guaranteed way to make money from the event, but I have several tips that will increase your chances.Here’s how to approach CrossFit Games betting if you want to be successful.The Format Rewards Complex AthletesUnderstanding how the CrossFit Games are scored is the key to determining who will win. Here are the ten categories athletes are tested on:

  • Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Coordination
  • Power
  • Balance
  • Accuracy
  • Agility

The specific exercises are different in every edition of the CrossFit Games, but they are usually well-balanced.You must be a strong allrounder to stand a chance of winning the CrossFit Games, and those who are even slightly weak in one area won’t make it.In the final, each athlete will receive points for each discipline. As I already said, a few weak areas mean an athlete will likely fail to finish at the top of the standings.The key to predicting the winners is identifying which athletes are at least decent in every category and excellent in at least a few. Analyze the qualifiers and the earlier rounds, such as the quarter and semi-finals. Previous edition results are also a goldmine of useful information.Start With the Big NamesLike all sports, a small group of elite athletes has dominated the CrossFit Games in the past.While they aren’t known in the mainstream like Tom Brady or Lionel Messi, they’re popularwithin the CrossFit community, and there’s plenty of information available about them online. Let’s take a look at some of the top names, so you can understand my point.Tia-Clair Toomey, an Aussie weightlifter and a CrossFit athlete, is the top women’s individual athlete by a wide margin. She dominated the 2022 games and is still ranked number one worldwide.Tip:

Justin Medeoris is the male athlete to beat. He won both the 2021 and 2022 games, and his fellow competitors didn’t come close.

Aside from these two dominant athletes in the men’s and women’s categories, the others are much closer in terms of points and chances of winning. If the two mentioned don’t make it, it really is anyone’s to win, and the CrossFit Games betting odds will change dramatically.The official CrossFit Games page on the worldwide rankings is an excellent place to start. It provides an overview of the top athletes in the sport at any given moment.Social Media Is Your FriendAs I mentioned earlier, CrossFit isn’t a mainstream sport, so you won’t find information on it in the usual places like the ESPN website. Instead, you’ll need to utilize social media. Believe me when I tell you there’s plenty of information out there.I recommend checking out the following sources.

  • CrossFit Games TwitterThe official CrossFit Games Twitter account posts lots of useful information. For example, it just posted the Top 100 men and women worldwide with all the stats to showcase their results in 2021 and 2022.
  • Everything CrossFitThis YouTube channel has lots of great clips from previous CrossFit Games editions. It’s a fantastic source for investigating and learning more about athletes.
  • LiveStrong CrossFit Stats: For lots of general stats and information on CrossFit and the top athletes, check out this page on LiveStrong. It has a wealth of information on top athletes and can generally bring you up to speed on CrossFit.

If you dig deeper, you can find more Twitter accounts and YouTube channels that provide valuable information for betting on the CrossFit Games.General Sports Betting Tips Also Apply to CrossFitCrossFit Games betting is not that different from other sports gambling. The following fundamentals apply, so make sure to follow them.

  • Proper Bankroll Management – Only bet what you can afford to lose, and decide in advance how many bets you’ll make and the total amount you’re willing to risk. Spread your bets accordingly, and never overdo it. Here’s a great guide on sports betting bankroll management to help you out.
  • Value Betting – Again and again, I talk about finding value bets. Only bet when you think the odds are high enough, and always bet when you think there’s hidden value and the bookmakers have mispriced something. Learn about finding value bets
  • Make Informed Bets – It’s better to make well-researched, informed bets rather than go with your gut feeling or bias. We all want our favorite teams and athletes to win, but the gods of the odds don’t care about any of that. Do your research when engaged in CrossFit games betting.

Where to Bet on the CrossFit Games 2023Finally, let’s figure out where to bet on the 2023 CrossFit Games. I suggest checking out the following two top-rated sites that have both offered CrossFit Games odds in the two years.BetOnlineEver since 2004, BetOnline has been among the top US-friendly online betting sites. It offers CrossFit Games betting odds and action on just about every sport you can think of.With lots of generous bonus bets, fast crypto deposits and withdrawals, and a hard-won reputation for paying up fair and square when you win, I highly recommend checking out BetOnline if you’re thinking of betting on the CrossFit Games 2023.Visit BetOnlineBovadaBovada is undoubtedly one of the top names in online betting for Americans. It may be the best brand, period. Bovada offers action on all sorts of sports, including CrossFit Games betting.Bovada offers generous welcome bonuses for new signups, fast payouts (it also supports crypto), and one of the best loyalty and rewards programs I’ve ever encountered. It’s a top-rated betting site for a reason!Visit Bovada

Main Individual CategoriesMen and Women
TeamsOne Division (mixed teams)
Youth and Veteran Age GroupsMen and Women: 14-15/16-17/35-39/40-44/45-49/50-54/55-59/60-64/65+
AdaptiveEight Divisions for Men and Women Each
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