Weirdest and Funniest Super Bowl 58 Prop Bets

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I love how the bookmakers release crazy, weird, and funny Super Bowl prop bets every year! They are not only entertaining, but also provide opportunities to win some money if you can think outside the box. This article can definitely help with that last part.

I’ve compiled five of the wackiest wagers surrounding Super Bowl LVIII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. Many of the best sports betting sites will be trying to outdo themselves with creative props like these right up until kickoff, so keep your eyes open for even more interesting options in the build up to the big game!

Drake Curse – What Team Apparel Will Drake Be Wearing on Super Bowl Sunday?

  • Kansas City Chiefs: -180
  • San Francisco 49ers: +135

Give some credit to Bovada for tapping into a little tidbit about everybody’s favorite polarizing Canadian rapper with this fun Super Bowl prop bet. In past years, the theory is that Drake has been a bit wayward with his wagers, losing a lot of money on sports bets. Hence, the “Drake Curse” would fall on any team that he backed.

For last year’s Super Bowl, he found a way to beat the curse by backing the Chiefs while pretending to root for the Eagles, going even so far as to wear Philly colors. Considering he won with KC last year, you’d have to think he’s leaning that way again.

The question is whether he will try to reverse-jinx himself once again? The strategy worked last year, so he might try it again and the odds are good enough for me!

My Pick:
San Francisco 49er

Times Taylor Swift Shown During Broadcast Live Shots

  • Over 4.5 TV camera shots: -190
  • Under 4.5 TV camera shots: +145

If you haven’t heard about Taylor Swift dating the Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce, you find better shelter than that rock under which you’ve been living! CBS didn’t shy away from showing her in the luxury box in the AFC Championship, and they’ll be in charge of the broadcast for Super Bowl 58.

I know this isn’t one of the craziest Super Bowl prop bets because of how much this has been publicized. But it’s still a bit bizarre to see a non-outcome or stat-related wager getting so much betting attention.

My guess is that the over is a safe play here, especially since Travis Kelce is likely going to be involved in many big plays. You could expect Swift to be shown when her boyfriend does something significant.

My Pick:
Over 4.5 TV camera shows

Will Any Player Propose to his Girlfriend on the Field After the Game?

  • Yes: +250
  • No: -400

BetUS came up with the idea for this wager. This is yet another funny Super Bowl prop bet that could indeed be connected to our buddies Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. Imagine the scenario: The Chiefs win, Kelce wins MVP, and then asks Swift for her hand in matrimony. Not only would the internet break, but also it might never return again, because what could top that?

Of course, it doesn’t have to be Kelce. Note also that the girl doesn’t have to say “yes” for you to win the wager (although could you imagine the egg on the player’s face if she said “no?”) Still, it would seem like all the tumult surrounding the end of Super Bowl 58 wouldn’t be the best time to try something like this, which is why I can understand “no” being the obvious play here.

My Pick:

Will Any Scoring Drive Take Less Time than the National Anthem?

  • Yes: -300
  • No: +200

This is a doozy of a weird Super Bowl prop from BetOnline, because of how it combines the pageantry surrounding the game with the action on the field. For those who don’t know, country music superstar Reba McEntire will do the honors of singing the anthem. The over/under line for her time singing the anthem is 86.5 seconds (1 minutes, 26.5 seconds), so that’s a decent baseline for comparison.

Both of the teams playing in Super Bowl 58 can strike quick, for sure, but they also have stout defenses that are not prone to giving up big plays. That’s why I could see a game with long, methodical drives for scores instead of the instant splash plays. The odds are very tempting, so I’m going for it.


What Will Happen to the Price of Bitcoin During Super Bowl LVIII?

  • Price Goes Up: -130
  • Price Goes Down: -110

The folks at BetUS devised this fun Super Bowl 58 prop bet that’s a bit off the beaten path of the game. Those who would suggest that the price is going up probably would argue that it’s because they’re going to want to do some live betting online. Many of the top betting sites take Bitcoin as a method of deposit.

However, if the game is tight, as I suspect it will be, it could mean that people get caught up in the action. As a result, the urge to buy Bitcoin might fall a bit during that time. That’s why I’d be betting that the price is going down while Super Bowl LVIII takes place.

My Pick:
Price Goes Down
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