Betting Odds and Predictions for the Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show

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We’ve got some exciting Super Bowl 2024 halftime show odds for Usher’s performance, so it’s time for me to go through them and share my predictions.

The R&B legend received the prestigious assignment to perform at the half of this year’s clash between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. Considering his long list of hits, this should be a blast!

You can even raise the stakes by betting on the Super Bowl 58 halftime show. If that sounds exciting, let me share the latest Usher Super Bowl odds and my top picks.

Number of Songs in Usher’s Set

  • Under 9.5; -150
  • Over 9.5; +110

Considering Usher’s style as a performer and weighing the Super Bowl 58 odds for his halftime performance, I like the idea of going over the line of 9 ½ songs. That might seem like a lot, but you have to remember that quick song snippets in long medleys have become the norm in recent year.

Remember that at last year’s halftime show, Rihanna managed to squeeze a dozen songs into her allotted time. Like her, Usher has hits upon hits, and I’m guessing that he’s going to want to shoehorn in as many as possible during the 2024 Super Bowl.

The best NFL betting sites seem to be on the opposite opinion, so I’m ready to see who’s right!

My Pick:
Over 9.5

Will Any Performer Have a Wardrobe Malfunction During the Super Bowl Halftime Performance Set?

  • Yes; +1000

The Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction odds have become part of the tradition surrounding the big game every year. You can only make a bet on “yes” for this wager, with the line sitting at +1,000 if you want to take the chance.

The price is tempting, but I’m not sure you should take this one. A quick look at the most famous clothing mess-ups clearly shows the problem tends to happen to female celebrities. This is why I advise you against this market, even the if the price is high.

Usher to Debut a New Song During Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show

  • Yes; -130
  • No; -110

I’m honestly surprised by the Super Bowl halftime show 2024 odds for this one. What good is appearing at a Super Bowl if you’re not going to promote a new project or a fresh song?

Well, guess what? Usher just happens to have a brand-new album arriving on Friday, February 9, 2024, just a couple of days before he takes center stage in Super Bowl LVIII. I can’t imagine him not slotting at least one of the new songs in there somewhere, even if it’s only for a few seconds or so just to whet the appetite of his fans.

The odds of -130 are way too high, so I’m going big on this one!

My Pick:

Number of Collaborations in Usher’s Performance Set

  • Over 2.5; -220
  • Under 2.5; +155

The choice here is over 2 ½ (at -220) or under 2 ½ (at +155). It looks like the oddsmakers believe that Usher is going to be trotting out a handful of performers to help him with his set. To be sure, the guy has never been afraid to work with collaborators, and some of those team-ups have been nothing short of iconic.

Still, the value here is to go with the under. Super Bowl performers have always been known to zig when we expect them to zag, and I don’t think Usher will be any different. My guess is that he keeps it low, although if he does bring somebody out, I expect it will make a major impact (more on that in the next prediction!)

My Pick:
Under 2.5

Justin Bieber to Appear on Stage

When you check out the betting menu at BetUS, you’ll see a section entitled “To Occur On Stage During Usher’s Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show Performance.” The choices are all based on some sort of celebrity appearing on stage. Bieber’s odds sit at +700, which to me, seems like a fetching price.

Usher famously mentored Bieber and apparently has been making the effort to get him to appear. If Usher is really serious about making this Super Bowl Halftime Show a memorable one, getting Bieber would be a major step towards accomplishing that. For those reasons, I’d be willing to gamble that it happens, especially with those excellent odds.

My Pick:
Justin Bieber to appear

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