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Best Online Sports Betting Sites Rated by Professionals

Online betting is quickly becoming one of the most popular recreational industries in the entire world. Hundreds of billions of dollars are wagered online every year and there are so many types of bets and sports you can bet on. Most people bet for fun, but a few do make a living on it. Either way, you can be sure there is a safe and reputable sports betting site for you that will payout your winnings quickly.

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The trick is finding a website that caters to your needs but is also safe to use. Lots of promises are made on the internet – that much we all know. And with an industry this lucrative, there are lots of scammers out there trying to make a quick buck. That’s why our experts dedicate their lives to locating the best online betting websites available. This way, we can recommend to our readers the safest, highest-quality online sportsbooks without them experiencing any hassles or worries.

Selecting Legitimate Online Betting Sites

There’s more to choosing a legit betting site than merely verifying that it isn’t operating as an outright scam. While eliminating the thieves and the blacklisted operations is undoubtedly a top priority, we expect much more from sports betting sites that we pass along to our readers. Our experts dig into the details of every gambling website we find, researching a variety of factors to ensure that they’re not only ethical and safe, but they’ll also provide an ideal customer experience.

When our professional gambling experts review a site, they look at variables such as an organization’s history and reputation with their customers. We also make sure that their games offer fair odds and that their sports betting lines are consistent with prices in other locations. Our team even studies the bonuses and rewards offered so that we can provide you with all of the info you need to pick the correct site for your online betting.

History and Reputation

History tends to repeat itself, so we don’t just take a well-written terms and conditions page and a license from one of the many gambling jurisdictions at face value. We need to see more. That’s why our experts spend countless hours researching the experiences former customers have had and reading reviews to get a clearer picture.

We want to make sure our recommendations have been consistently treating customers to top-shelf gambling experiences and customer service for quite some time. Excellence should be the standard; otherwise, we can’t send our readers. Sites that have landed on blacklists or have behaved in sketchy ways in the past don’t make the cut.

Safety and Legitimacy

No matter what activity you’re participating in online, security and legitimacy should be your primary concerns. It’s just too easy to set up rogue or unethical businesses created to dupe unsuspecting customers. Many of our readers, accessing off-shore sports betting websites from locations that don’t yet have their own regulations and oversight, don’t have a government agency to turn to if their money is stolen.

That’s why it’s incredibly important that we serve them and ensure they never have to experience such a situation. We won’t recommend anything but the most professional, straight-up online betting sites to our readers. There’s nothing more important than online safety and security, so it’s our top priority.

The Best Odds

It doesn’t matter if you gamble in the most beautiful casinos in Macau, a video poker machine in a Vegas gas station, or online – the house always has the advantage. That’s just the reality of wagering, and a truth we all willingly take on for the chance of winning the big bucks. But that’s only acceptable within certain boundaries and within reason.

Our approved sites offer fair, industry-standard odds across the board. The slot machines and table games have reasonable return rates and aren’t skewed too heavily in the house’s favor. Our best betting websites offer odds that are consistent with other oddsmakers around the globe.

Bonuses and Rewards Program

You’d be surprised at how quickly bonuses and loyalty rewards add up! Online betting sites use sign-up and deposit bonuses to attract new customers. These usually come in the form of free plays or matching a percentage of your first deposit. These entry-level gifts can give you time to find games you like and try some wagers you’d otherwise never risk money on.

The best prizes come from loyalty rewards programs. Once you find a site you like, bet there consistently. Depending on the volume of gambling you do and how much you typically wager, sites will provide all kinds of fun opportunities and prizes. Sometimes they return a portion of your losses in cash, and other times you can win merchandise, dinners, or even vacations. The more value you have to the casino, the harder they work to keep you happy!

Sports Betting Sites by Category

Now that you know what we’re looking for in every site we promote, how do you discover your perfect match? We’ve actually organized our favorite betting sites in various ways. You can find our rankings and recommendations based on several different priorities. The websites we share are based on the criterion that you choose.

Depending on your location, you may need to organize our rankings by country so that you only see the best betting websites that you may legally access or which take customers from your region. If you’re interested in a specific sport, we know where to find the best sports betting websites both for that game and the league in which it’s played. Whether it’s an event, a banking method, a country, or sport that you prioritize, our experts have designed a list of recommendations full of options that specialize in whatever it is you’re looking for.

Best Online Betting Sites by Country

Online gambling laws vary wildly from country to country. Some locations, like the United Kingdom, have legalized the activity but require citizens to access sites housed and regulated within their jurisdiction exclusively. Furthermore, in situations like with the UK, their legal betting websites won’t accept customers from outside the region.

Others, like the United States, make hosting and operating a betting site within the country illegal but won’t stop their people from utilizing off-shore locations. Which sites allow patrons from the US and which don’t can vary. This is why our country-specific recommendations are so helpful. You don’t need to figure out the laws; we’ll give you your best betting websites for your location.

Best Online Betting Sites by League

Maybe you have a specific sports league on which you like to focus on primarily when sports betting. This is common for most handicappers; you bet the associations with which you have the most experience and the most in-depth understanding. Well, if that sounds like you, or if you just have an affinity for a particular association, we’ve found the best betting sites for all of the significant organizations!

These recommendations have been ranked by how well they accommodate betting on that specific league. We look for sportsbooks with a wide range of odds and wager types to keep you entertained and able to find the precise scenarios you’re looking for. Whether you prefer live betting, futures, or exotic prop bets, if these websites don’t have them, the bets you’re looking for probably don’t exist.

Best Betting Sites by Sport

Sometimes merely organizing our online sportsbooks by the league isn’t enough. After all, global sports like soccer, basketball, horse racing, and cricket are played in multiple professional leagues or events in many different counties. Following our links based on a specific sport will take you to a section of our website that will not only share our recommended betting websites but will also share a wealth of knowledge about each game.

You can find pages dedicated to the history of various sports, helpful gambling articles that share tips, betting strategies, and detailed gambling systems, as well as numerous other guides that have been written to maximize your success. Our team of professional gamblers and handicappers is always researching new ways to win, with new blogs and articles getting published daily.

Best Betting Sites by Event

The most massively popular sporting events tend to receive additional attention from online sportsbooks. Rather than the typical wagers, betting sites will go all-out, selling odds on a wide range of exotic wagers and event-exclusive bets. Finding the best betting websites based on a particular event is the most efficient way of discovering the sportsbooks that offer the best action for that contest.

For example, during March Madness, the top NCAA Tournament betting sites may have a more extensive list of wagers, including bracket pools and other fun bets. The Super Bowl traditionally inspires bookmakers to create all kinds of wild prop bets that can be as humorous as they are interesting. If you aren’t sure which events best lend themselves to betting, we’ve got a webpage that can help you with that as well.

Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Sites

Compared to other forms of sports betting, daily fantasy sports are relatively new. While classic fantasy sports competitions last the entire season and require you to join or create a league, DFS focus exclusively on the action that week or day. They’re essentially a way of betting on a slate of games without wagering on specific teams or even individual games.

Instead, you select a roster made up of athletes from different teams in real life, just like you’d do in traditional fantasy sports. Each player comes at a specific price, and the object of the game is to score the most points with the team you create, while also choosing competitors that weren’t drafted as often. The tournament or contest only lasts for a day or a few days, and depending on the competition you chose and the stakes, either one person or many will win money.

Like other forms of gambling, some betting sites are better than others at providing this service. We’ve found the best DFS sites on the net if you’re interested.

Other Categories of Online Betting Sites

If your priorities aren’t related to specific sports, leagues, or events, that’s okay, too! We’ve compiled lists of sites for all sorts of criteria. Maybe you’ve dealt with shady betting sites in the past, and now the only thing you care about is fast payout speeds. That’s totally understandable, and we’ve got you covered.

We’ve done the same for priorities such as mobile compatibility, live betting, safety, new betting websites, and all sorts of other factors. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, we’ve located the best gambling locations to accommodate your needs, from banking methods to wager types to the age of the website.

Sports Betting Basics

Sports betting is an excellent way to add excitement and stakes to an already-entertaining contest or event. If you’re new to gambling on sports, there are some basic principles and concepts you should learn prior to making any wagers. First, you should know what both a bankroll and a staking plan are, and how to organize them.

You’ll also want to understand how to read odds. To have any sustained success, you’ll also need a firm grasp on betting based on value and what implied probability is. With these basic fundamentals, you can begin sports betting with a considerable advantage over most novice gamblers and fewer worries regarding problem gambling behaviors.

Depending on how much effort you are willing to apply, sports betting can become a very scientific activity, similar to trading stocks at the highest levels, or nothing more than a cheap way to spice up a game you’re watching. It’s all up to you.

Placing Your First Online Bet

The first time you try anything can be a little nerve-wracking. That’s why we’d like to alleviate any anxiety you have before you ever place a wager at an online betting site. For a detailed walkthrough of the steps to placing your first online wager, check out our “How to Place a Bet Online” beginners’ page.

Terminology and Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a complete gambling novice, you’ve probably run into some words or phrases with which you weren’t very familiar. That’s completely understandable. Casino games and sports betting both come with all kinds of unique terminology that may seem confusing at first. But don’t worry. Our glossary and FAQ pages have got you covered. They’ll shine some light on those tricky vocabulary words and have you speaking like a seasoned handicapper in no time. (A handicapper is someone who studies data and other factors in an effort to predict the probable outcomes of sports games.)

Understanding the Odds

More often than not, you want to try to be as much like Han Solo as possible. Women love him, he goes on epic adventures, and he’s a phenomenal pilot. However, his insistence that people never tell him the odds is a monumental error when it comes to gambling. He would definitely lose lots of money at the sportsbook with this strategy, which actually may explain why bounty hunters are always chasing him down.

Betting odds come in three different formats. These numbers tell you which team is expected to win, how drastically one side is favored over the other, and what the payouts will be on a winning wager. Proper betting is much less about predicting which team will win and more about the odds being offered and their relationship to likely outcomes of the contest. This will make much more sense after you read our guides on odds, value, and implied probability.

Other Essential Sport Betting Articles

If you’d like to advance your knowledge further once you’ve covered the basics, we have other articles dedicated to various sports betting essentials. The stronger you build your foundation of understanding, the stronger your first forays into sports betting will be. Sportsbooks have created all kinds of different wagers and methods of gambling.

The following guides explain the functions of bet exchanges and how they work in relation to your typical sportsbook. We also have a breakdown of betting software and how it can be used to help give you an edge when betting on sports. Then, of course, our experts will explain your many sports gambling options.

Sports Betting Strategy

As we briefly mentioned in previous sections, sports betting isn’t really about trying to predict which side will win a sporting event. There’s a whole approach to making your choices based on several factors, including the odds, line movement, and probability. Because learning how to handicap games and make accurate predictions can take lots of time and experience, we’ve created some guides to help you get a head start.

In our general sports betting guides, we go in depth about how to analyze the odds set by the bookies and the perspective with which you should approach your wagers. We’ll break down managing your bankroll and explain why staking plans are vital to long-term success. If you’re hoping to ever profit from sports wagering, this is critical info.

We’ve also created guides that share more advanced betting strategies for you to utilize. Handicapping sporting events takes lots of time and experience before you develop any accuracy. There are hours of regression analysis, data mining, and model building needed so that you can run simulations. That’s too much to ask of beginners, so instead, our experts have written articles that share their winning systems. All you have to do is follow the instructions and profit!

Legality of Sports Betting

Depending on where you live, the legalities of sports betting can be tricky. While some countries have clearly defined laws and regulations concerning this hobby, others leave their citizens in a real gray area. We’ve gone ahead and researched the gambling laws of many different regions and countries so that you don’t have to. Just follow the link to the jurisdiction in question, and we’ll hook you up with the relevant information.

Legality of Online Betting Sites Map

Our pages dedicated to the legalities of sports gambling break down the essential laws currently on the books, the history of gaming in the area, and the risks (if any) that you face by breaking these laws as an individual gambler. We are not lawyers though, so take our legal advice with a grain of salt before you decide to sign up at any of the sports betting sites we recommend.

Recent Sports Blogs

If you’d like to keep up with the most current sports gambling stories and the newest tips and strategies our experts have developed, our latest blog posts can be found here. You can find articles with professional betting picks for all kinds of upcoming events. We break down fight cards, free agency decisions, games, and even humorous nonsense such as satellite crash landing spots and hot dog eating contests. We will even post updates about various online betting websites to assist you in sticking with a reputable option.

So, if you want the freshest hot takes, the smartest strategies, and some grade-A entertainment, keep checking back for our newest blog posts.