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Category Archives: Sports

Things I’ve Learned Betting on Short Tournaments

The “listicle” genre of online reading feels like a colossal rip-off, and we’ve all cursed ourselves for getting lured-in again. “20 Things Johnny Depp Says About Stanley Kubrick!” yells a listicle headline. But when you click on it, you discover that it’s a single 20-word quote, and every “of…” and “the…” prompts a click onto […]

2019 French Open Men’s Singles Odds-to-Win and Form Analysis

It would make all kinds of sense to wait until the draw occurs to preview players and futures bets at the 2019 French Open. That’s part of the reason I’m penning this blog post just prior to the Thursday night ceremony. There will be an awful lot of coverage of Roland Garros (as always) centered […]

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Stanley Cup Finals: Boston Bruins vs St. Louis Blues Series Price and Preview

I’ve got a sportswriter’s confession. A grumpy one. My upbringing was in the St. Louis area, so I’ve come to know the sports culture in my native city to some extent. It’s not all peaches and cream – nor can we expect nothing but bouquets and good wishes from boiled-in-oil Beantown hockey fans during the […]

Team USA vs Team Russia: IIHF Worlds Medal Round Preview and Predictions

Well, well. If it’s not exactly the party we thought they’d be throwing in Bratislava. It’s just happening a tad early, maybe. The new playoff-seeding system at the Ice Hockey World Championship was designed to prevent gold-medal favorites taking on their fiercest rivals in elimination matches right away. But the IIHF can’t do anything about […]

French Open: Women’s Singles Gambling Preview and Predictions

There are different kinds of odds-on futures favorites. For instance, there’s the Thoroughbred who is a (+900) bet against a bunch of other (+1000) horses – whether or not the colt has a thick build it can be described as a “thin” favorite. There’s the LPGA golfer who wins 5 tournaments in a row going […]

Brooks Koepka is an Odds-On Favorite to Win a Tiger Slam in 2019-20

The game of golf has a way of teasing and tormenting fans at the biggest moments. Rare are the “payoffs” like Tiger Woods’ epic comeback to win the 2019 Masters. More often, the sport lays traps for its followers, making us believe that the next comeback is inevitable when it’s really not. Dustin Johnson appeared […]

Post-Qualifying Odds and Predictions for the 2019 Indianapolis 500

It has been a spring of surprises and controversy, many of which have occurred in running and racing. The Kentucky Derby – whew. There was a schmozz. All those months of ever-changing “sleeper” odds and the Bob Baffert trifecta dream, washed away in a flood of rain and tumult over whether the Thoroughbred who crossed […]

Betting the Europa League Final Between Arsenal and Chelsea

All roads lead to Rome in European football…figuratively if not literally. For instance, the UEFA Champions League is supposed to bring the best teams together from all of the domestic leagues across Europe. Manchester City threatened to waltz through to the final just as the Sky Blues roared to the 2018-19 Premiership, English Football League […]

How Bovada’s Virtual Sports Markets Work

Like any red-blooded Yankee handicapper, I’m looking forward to late summer and fall, and the return of American pigskin to striped fields from sea to shining sea. Well, I’m looking forward to almost all of it. Fantasy Football will be a big deal again, starting in July. A quick confession – I’ve never gotten the […]

5 Reasons Making Your Sports Bets Public is a Good Idea

We enjoy a pretty good rate-of-return on all picks here on the sports blog. Most of the credit is owed to Howard Parks and the rest of the LegitGamblingSites.com team for their handicapping prowess and carefully thought-out unit math and confidence meters. Still, the numbers bear out that if I always wagered my own blogged […]

Handicapping the NFC in 2019-20: 5 Teams Who Can Win Super Bowl 54

New Orleans fans had a pretty good argument for why the Saints, not the Los Angeles Rams, should have been the National Football Conference representative to face Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots dynasty at the Super Bowl in February. Not that things didn’t get a little ham-handed by the end of the controversy. While it […]

MLS Betting Preview and Pick: Sporting KC at Vancouver Whitecaps

The CONCACAF Champions League schedule often interferes with an MLS contender’s ability to field its strongest and healthiest lineups over the early course of the U.S. club season. It’s really nobody’s fault. The spring schedule of the UEFA Champions League elimination stage works well with the schedule of European football, but in North America, to […]