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Category Archives: Sports

UFC Combatants Who Love to Trick Las Vegas Sportsbooks

Mohammad Ali’s knockout of George Foreman is always presented on cable TV in “story-telling” format, even if producers simply play the entire long broadcast from Zaire in 1974 so that the audience gets to hear the background narrative. Documentaries on the fight have become righteous works of art on their own, such as the classic […]

How to Anticipate Empty-Net Goals in Ice Hockey Betting

It seems like every genre of point-spread and Over/Under betting comes with its own special set of pitfalls. In basketball, a “dead under” result or a thin cover by the underdog can be erased with a foul-o-rama in the final seconds…or even OT. In soccer there’s always the chance of a penalty or a handball […]

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NBA Point-Scoring Trends: Which Side of the O/U Pays Off More Often?

The 2019 NBA All-Star Game was a marvelous celebration of basketball skills and marksmanship. The teams even appeared to try hard – but only on offense, of course. Moneyline bettors bit up and down their fingernails as various superstars entered and left the contest. With defenders ducking-out of all contact, the only hope for your […]

Dealing With Sportsbook Success: How to Handle House Money

Despite the presence of dozens of Premier League and title-contending 2nd-tier clubs in the Football Association Cup, there are “minnows” from League One and elsewhere who swim against the current and reach untold heights in the bracket every season. As the final knock-out matches get going, those clubs are almost invariably dismissed. One reason for […]

CONCACAF Champions League: Updated Futures and Sporting KC’s Semifinal Odds

Sporting KC thrilled supporters in Missouri with a 3-0 clean sheet win over Independiente of Puerto Rico, sealing a bid in the CONCACAF Champions League Semifinal Round against Monterrey beginning on April 4th in Mexico. Soccer betting sites in our network have yet to release odds for the 1st leg at El Gigante de Acero. […]

Stanley Cup Futures Betting: Potential NHL Playoff Sleepers in 2019

I’ve been publishing a lot of material on overseas hockey on the blog, and there’s probably a few fans who read and think LegitGamblingSites.com is “hating on the NHL.” By no means do I intend to downplay the importance of the National Hockey League when it comes to pond shinny. The NHL is the greatest […]

Cinderella at the Big Dance: Top 5 Futures Bets on Sleepers to Reach the Final Four

I talk to a lot of sports media members on a weekly basis (imagine that) and I find it amusing that the circus of March Madness prediction-ology is threatening to replace the thrill of the actual games. “This is the best day of the year,” I heard one say as Selection Sunday ceremonies began. No, […]

March Madness Futures: Post-Selection Sunday Line Movement and Picks

Someone close to me – who happens to have played a mean game of basketball in his youth – once said he knew what his epitaph should read. “What’s that?” I asked. “3 time-outs and a field goal kicker,” he chuckled. Okay, so maybe sporting interests can change over a lifetime. But your sports-epitaph doesn’t […]

UEFA Champions League: Quarterfinal Draws, Betting Odds, and Complete Preview

We have a pretty good line of communication between writer and editor here at LegitGamblingSites.com. If I call a story, “Tim Tebow Unlikely to Play in Major Leagues Until September,” I’m reasonably confident that my editor won’t put “EXCLUSIVE: Tebow to Play for Mets in June or July” on a graphic design at the top […]

The Five Most Devastating Injuries in MMA

There’s no doubt that MMA is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. It’s been described as “human cockfighting” by the late American senator John McCain, and as “High-level problem solving with dire physical consequences” by UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan. Both of those descriptions are correct to some extent, and the […]

Growing Pro Pinball Scene Offers Rich Opportunity for Gamers and Gamblers

I’d like to tell you that I fell into handicapping pinball just like I did everything else in sportswriting – gradually and by accident. But the truth is that my experience in covering bumpers, flippers, and drains feels even more spontaneous. Almost like a ball, zipping from Point A to Points B and Z. Gaining […]

2018-19 NBA Most Valuable Player Award: Updated Betting Odds and Prediction

Traditionally there are 2 schools of thought on the National Basketball Association’s annual MVP award. Some players and coaches have always felt that the honor should go to the best player on the best team. Others have argued for a “fairness” system in which even a cager on a .500-or-worse club should win Most Valuable […]