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Category Archives: Sports

Sports Gambling Then and Now: 8 Facts All Sports Bettors You Should Know

Sports betting has undergone a massive transformation over the past decade. Prior to legalization rolling out state by state (currently legal in 25 states), the world of sports gambling existed in a unique legal gray area. The future is looking like widespread legalization and regulation is inevitable. When that day comes where it’s legal on […]

Will Ohio Ever Legalize Online Sports Betting?

Ohio boasts a great potential sports betting market. The Buckeye State features 11.7 million residents along with the seventh-largest economy in the country. However, it has still yet to legalize and regulate sports gambling. It has stalled on the matter while several neighboring states have capitalized on betting. Of course, some Ohio politicians don’t like […]

Are The New England Patriots a Good Futures Bet for the Super Bowl?

The New England Patriots face 33/1 odds to win Super Bowl LVI as of July 2021. However, they look far better on paper than the borderline expansion team talent they dealt with in 2020. This has allowed the Patriots to perhaps become a good Super Bowl bet again. But how much should you consider betting […]

3 Reasons Why Local Sports Bettors Are Leaving Las Vegas

The sports betting industry is bigger and better than ever before. Having successfully broken the stranglehold held by Nevada a few years back, fully legal and regulated sportsbooks are now operational in more than half of U.S. states. But while expansion is undoubtedly a boon for individual bettors and bookmakers, how as this rapid evolution […]

4 of the Most Overlooked Golf Bets

Golf on the TV might serve as the perfect backdrop for a Sunday afternoon siesta, but that all changes if you’ve got money spread out all over the field. If you’re able to select even a couple of the players who are in the running come Saturday, the excitement level is taken to a place […]

Tips for Betting on the NBA Finals

The NBA Finals is one of the most exciting two weeks (give or take) on the sports calendar. All season the best athletes on the planet – yes, I said it – battle it out for a chance to grow their all-important legacy. The players have survived a grueling season and playoffs and are ready […]

The 3 Best Bets to Make During the NBA Offseason

The NBA playoffs are an annual spectacle to behold. Watching the game’s best players battle it out to win a title and grow their legacies (not to mention seeing them play at 100% effort) is about as good as it gets in sports. After the NBA Finals concludes, a serious feeling of withdrawal can start […]

4 Tips for Picking the Best NBA Daily Fantasy Roster

Consistent success in daily fantasy sports means knowing exactly how to draft a team that’s just different enough from the competition so you can win. When it comes to the NBA, this is an extremely difficult challenge as the pool of players from which to choose is limited. Stars drive a team’s success both on […]

Previewing the 2021 A-League Finals: Betting Odds, Format, and Schedule

After almost six months, the regular season of the Australian A-League has come to an end. For the six bottom teams, the campaign is over. For the top six, things are only starting to heat up! The Australian A-League Finals start on Saturday and will last until the last weekend of the month. On Saturday, […]

Life after PASPA: 4 Ways Sports Betting Has Changed

It was only in May of 2018, that the federal government repealed PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sport Protection Act) and paved the way for sports betting to grow as a legal, regulated industry in the U.S. Passed initially in 1992, PASPA had shut down legal sports betting outside of Nevada for decades. The rationale behind […]

Are the New England Patriots a Good Over/Under Bet in 2021?

The Patriots entered at 9-win favorites in April of 2021. And while they may have lost you money in the over/under category last season, they’re looking like the Patriots once again in 2021. No, you won’t see a Tom Brady-Bill Belichick reunion, but the newer New England Patriots look like a solid consolation. Sure, they’re […]

4 MLB Bets That Are Costing You Money

Betting on baseball is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated aspects of the vast world that is sports gambling. The 162-game marathon provides endless opportunities to make money betting online, and the nature of baseball betting rewards risk tolerance more than any other sport. With that being said, with great opportunity comes a […]