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Category Archives: Sports

What Is an If Bet? (And How Do They Work?)

The good old ‘if bet’ is like that game you played as a kid with your friends. ‘If I do this, you do that,’ or ‘if this happens, I’ll do that.’ For an if bet, the same concept applies. They’re easy and self-explanatory, but there is more complexity surrounding if bets than straight bets. However, […]

9 Sports Betting Habits That Bankrupt Bettors

Betting on sports takes 5-minutes to learn and the rest of your life to master. That’s a tall order for gamblers looking to get into the sports betting game. Only the most elite sports bettors ever sustain a profit. That makes sharp sports betting more challenging than card counting or poker from a money-making perspective. […]

What Is a Moneyline Bet? (Football and Basketball Betting Strategy)

The moneyline bet, along with spreads and over/under, is one of the most common sports bets available. It’s perfect for beginners. The moneyline bet is classic. If my team wins, I get the money bet. You pick your team and win money based on the odds. This post covers the differences between moneyline bets and […]

How Long Do Boxing Matches Last?

Boxing is one of only a few pro sports with an unknown length. Baseball has no time clock, and soccer match lengths can vary thanks to stoppage time. Like those sports, the length of a boxing match depends on the skill of the players involved and can vary wildly from one contest to another. And, […]

What’s the Easiest Sport to Bet On?

I think there are three ways to answer this question. Let’s get them out of the way right at the top: The easiest sport to bet on in terms of beating the book is college basketball. The easiest sport to bet on in terms of accessibility is NFL football. The easiest sport to bet on […]

Golf Betting Rules and Regulations at Sportsbooks (What to Know)

Golf betting rules and regulations are a must to follow when you’re betting on one of the world’s greatest pastimes at your local live or online sportsbook. If you’re new to betting on golf, today’s post is one that you must read since it will show you a basic outline of the ins and outs […]

Can You Legally Be a Bookie Anywhere?

Thanks to movies and TV shows, bookies are often stereotyped as unsavory mobsters who’ll break your legs for not paying up on a bet. Therefore, you may think that there’s no chance to legally be a bookie anywhere. Of course, many states differ from each other when it comes to gambling laws. Some are more […]

How to Bet on Surfing (Betting on Surfing Explained)

This post covers the basics of how to bet on surfing. If you’re looking for an explanation regarding placing your wagers on some of the world’s most thrilling athletes, you’ve come to the right place. This post explains the ins and outs of betting on surfing. It includes details about how to bet and what […]

The Best & Worst Bets in All 4 Major Sports

America’s 4 major sports have different things going for them: The NBA is young, fast-paced, urban, and mega-popular. The NFL is a high-impact league with lots of tradition. Baseball is the national pastime, a stately game with an equally-stately season length. The NHL has mostly regional appeal, but where it’s found, it’s viral. Each of […]

Try These 9 Ways to Have More Fun Sports Betting

Sports betting ranks high for the most entertaining ways to gamble. Sportsbooks stay full of gamblers enjoying the action. Sometimes things can become stale. That’s often a result of good sports betting practices. When you’re following a sound system, it may become monotonous. If you’re making a ton of money, you shouldn’t care about the fun […]

4 Reasons Prop Bets Are a Challenge for Sports Bettors to Win Consistently

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good prop bet. Nothing can keep the 10th game of the day interesting like a $50 wager riding on whether or not the running back for the team down 14 points can break the 64.5 over/under on total yards and win you some money. With that being said, […]

These 5 Sharpshooters Would Enjoy Today’s NBA

The game of basketball has changed a lot over the past two decades, and more frequent 3-point shooting is a big part of this transformation. When the 3-point line was added to the court for the first time in the 1979-80 season, only 3.1% of shots came from downtown. Ten years ago, 22.2% of shots […]