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Category Archives: Sports

The Best and Worst Draft Classes in NBA History

The NBA Draft can be predictable at times, but it can also throw up some surprises. What is always unclear, of course, is just how well the top picks are going to do in their professional careers. Some live up to or exceed expectations, while others seriously underperform. Here’s my list of the best and […]

Guide to Betting on Japanese Baseball in 2020

The athletes all over the world are slowly returning to action after the hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic. One of the professional leagues that are already running is Nippon Professional Baseball which is the top tier of baseball in Japan. I’m pretty sure that many baseball fans know how strong baseball culture in Japan […]

Top Undrafted Players in NFL History

Since its first edition in 1936, the NFL Draft is one of the key events of the football season. When ESPN started broadcasting it in 1980, the football fans around the country and worldwide got a great opportunity to watch their favorite teams choosing their future stars. However, over the years, a bunch of guys […]

6 of the Craziest NBA Fights of All Time

The NBA returns in a few days, and the basketball fans around the world cannot wait to see the players back in action. The remainder of the 2019-20 NBA season will be special, as all games will be played in the bubble, at Disney World in Florida. Of course, there won’t be any spectators on […]

Top 5 Picks for the 2020 NFL Win Totals

The 2020 NFL season will be a unique one, no doubt. The stands will be empty, while some speak about the potential bubble. Howsoever, the 2020 NFL schedule has been announced, as well as the lines and odds for win totals. Taking future bets early is always fun, so while we’re waiting for the NFL […]

Top 7 Wide Receivers in the NFC in 2020

We saw some breathtaking moves in the NFL this past offseason including the DeAndre Hopkins trade from Houston to Arizona, not to mention Tom Brady’s new club at Florida. Now, the top three wide receivers in football – Michael Thomas, Julio Jones, and DeAndre Hopkins — are playing in the National Football League, and there’s […]

5 Quarterbacks to Bet on for the 2020 NFL Season

There’s still a little way to go, but I’m so excited about the 2020 NFL season and associated NFL player props that I’m bringing you my favorite quarterbacks to bet on this season. And I don’t want to talk about Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Drew Brees, or Tom Brady. Instead, I’m looking for some players […]

2020 NFL Season Player Specials; Futures Odds and Betting Picks

The 2020 NFL season should kick off Thursday, September 10, with the AFC showdown between the Houston Texans and the reigning Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs. And I say it should start, as nothing’s certain in 2020. The training camps have already started. The teams are preparing for the new season, and the football […]

Top 8 NHL Goaltenders in 2020

The 2019-2020 NHL season is back underway. There was some uncertainty for a while, but the playoffs are happening now after the rest of the regular season has been canceled. This season’s Stanley Cup could be legendary, considering the circumstances. Hereof, we want to remind you of the best goaltenders of the previous regular season. […]

Betting on the Winner of the 2020 Europa League

The 2019-20 Europa League season goes on Wednesday, August 5, with the Round of 16. We’ll see six second legs and a couple of single-leg fixtures at neutral sites, as Inter meets Getafe in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, while Sevilla and AS Roma will face off in Duisburg, Germany. All quarterfinals, semis, and the final clash will […]

Champions League Winner Odds, Betting Pick, and Analysis for 2020

The 2019-20 UEFA Champions League season continues Friday, August 7, with four remaining second legs of the Round of 16. Four teams are already in the quarterfinals, as Atalanta meets Paris SG, while RB Leipzig takes on Atletico Madrid. In the bottom half of a draw, Manchester City or Real Madrid will meet Lyon or […]

Five Interesting Bets for the 2020 Stanley Cup

The 2020 Stanley Cup future odds are available on all relevant sportsbooks, so the bettors around the country can start with a thorough analysis. The Stanley Cup Qualifiers should begin in the first week of August, and there is still plenty of time to make the right moves and invest your money on some of […]