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Category Archives: Sports

Do You Know That You Can Bet on the WWE?

Yes, you read the title correctly. You can bet and make money on the WWE. You can bet and make money on the WWE through most online sportsbooks. World Wrestling Entertainment is the largest professional wrestling promotion in the world. As of 2019, it holds an estimated 500 events per year and can be watched […]

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns NFL Betting Odds and Pick

The Pittsburgh Steelers head to the FirstEnergy Stadium to meet the Cleveland Browns in an AFC North matchup on Thursday night. The Steelers started the season with a 1-4 record with Ben Roethlisberger suffering an elbow injury. But they have remained alive in the playoff hunt after winning their last four games. On the other […]

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New York Knicks vs Dallas Mavericks NBA Betting Odds and Preview

The New York Knicks head West and take on the Dallas Mavericks at the American Airlines Center. The Knicks head to Dallas with four straight losses and they will be welcomed by former star player Kristaps Porzingis whose Mavericks are looking to win their third straight contest. The Knicks were blown out by the Pistons […]

Los Angeles Rams vs Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Betting Odds and Pick

The Los Angeles Rams visit Heinz Field for a Week 10 showdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers on November 10, 2019. Los Angeles is coming off a bye week and were 24-10 winners against the Cincinnati Bengals in their last outing. The Rams are in third place in the AFC West, three games behind the San […]

Philadelphia 76ers vs Utah Jazz NBA Betting Odds and Preview

The Philadelphia 76ers continue their road trip as they head to Salt Lake City on 11/6/19 for a showdown with the Utah Jazz. The Sixers continue their four-game road trip to the West on Wednesday when they play the Jazz at the Vivint Smart Home Arena. Philadelphia suffered their first loss of the season in […]

How Vegas High-Rollers Are Rating the Power-5 Conferences in 2019-20

My overall angle on college football for the past 2-3 years has been simple – conferences are overrated. There’s an “elite” class of NCAA pigskin that transcends the leagues contenders play in. If you put Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Notre Dame, UCF, Boise State, and Oklahoma in a division by themselves, they’d battle it out to […]

MMA Betting Tips: Why Grapplers Who Become Strikers and Vice Versa are Poor Favorites

I have a brand new laptop to deal with (no annoying Paper Clip mascot has weighed-in on my sentences yet, but I’m waiting), and feel like writing some sort of epic post to herald a new library of sports-handicapping material. What could be more epic than martial arts? No one could have dreamed back in […]

The 7 Finest Ways to Enjoy Yourself at an Online Sportsbook

There’s a time-honored debate between Little League parents that really shouldn’t be a debate at all. Is it important for young athletes to try hard to win, or just to have fun playing the game? That’s what’s known in Logic 101 as a “false dilemma.” Youngsters should have fun playing – but it’s no fun […]

How the Vanishing of the Intentional Walk is Affecting MLB Betting

Basketball has the time-out for cleaning up a spill on the court. Soccer has the Neymar Roll. Football has the holding penalty, or maybe the T/O to ice the kicker. In every sport there’s a buzzkill just waiting to happen. Some might argue that in baseball, the most time-honored buzzkill is the “check runner” when […]

Why Legalized Sports Gambling is the Best Thing Ever for International Sports

I’ve got a hunch that sportsbooks prefer bettors win our 1st few bets. Ultimately a bookmaker hopes that lots of people will keep buying into his markets, knowing there will be enough Casual Joes (TM) in the mix for the house to turn a profit from careless and sloppy wagers. Volume means customers, and winning […]

Combining Pregame and Live Bets to Overcome Your Bookmaker

Among our many jobs here on the sports blog is to provide gamblers with options and alternatives, clearly laying out the potential pros and cons of all styles of betting. What we don’t do enough of is examine how the successful sports speculator can combine methods and markets on a single day, or while betting […]

Sluggers vs Contact Hitters: Moneyball Tactics Still Prevail Over Pure Power in 2019

Oakland’s “moneyball” playoff run of Hollywood lore ultimately had little to do with advanced calculus and mathematical wizardry. Billy Bean’s staff used analytics as means to an end, but the simple goal was to put more baserunners on the diamond with a maximum number of RBI opportunities. Moneyball also had an element of psychology. Remember […]