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Most Popular Sports Betting Systems People Use

Betting systems integrate their way into every form of gambling on the planet. Most of these systems seem like a sure way to make a profit on the surface. Still, upon further review, the shine begins to dull, and flaws become evident. Usually, this takes place as the gambler drives home from the casino, once […]

Second-Year Quarterbacks That Are Worth an NFL Prop Bet

Today, we’re talking about second-year NFL quarterbacks ready to make “the leap” from Year 1 to Year 2. Below, four of the five names saw significant playing time in 2020, with one inactive for all 16 games. We will go over what you can expect as an encore presentation in Year 2 for each of […]

Promises Every Sports Gambler Should Make

Millions of people place wagers on sporting events every year, and most of them lose more money than they win. But you can learn how to be one of the few sports gamblers that make money. You just have to make a few promises to yourself and keep them. This article includes six promises that […]

How Does a Sports Betting No Deposit Bonus Work?

Online sportsbooks offer various bonuses to attract new bettors. No deposit bonuses are among the deals that are available throughout the industry. A sports betting no deposit bonus provides the chance to win free money. After all, you don’t even need to fund your account to qualify for these offers. If you don’t know much […]

5 Tips for Better Futures Bets in Any Sport

In sports betting, just as in life, patience is rewarded. While nobody wants to wait days, weeks, or months for a payout, sometimes the return on your initial investment makes it worth the delay. Futures bets, if you aren’t familiar, are bets made on events that will happen, well, in the future. Some examples might […]

Smart Sports Betting Strategies Gamblers Use Every Day

I used to try to learn more about every possible way to become a winning sports gambler. But I eventually realized that I only needed to master a small number of strategies to make a profit. The key is mastering the right things. In this article, I’m going to show you the top six strategies […]

What Can You Learn From 2021 March Madness Upsets?

Bracket busted? Did you lose several bets you otherwise would have won during the 2021 version of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, better known as March Madness? If you did, I have good news: You weren’t the only one who suffered through one of the strangest NCAA Division I tournaments in recent memory. […]

Analyzing the NFC East Teams’ Futures Outlook for 2021

The NFC East was a wasteland for futures betting in 2020, with the 7-9 Washington Football Team taking the division before going one-and-done in the playoffs. Statistically, at 7-10, Washington was the worst playoff team in NFL history. However, things are looking up for the NFC East in terms of futures betting options in 2021. […]

6 Things Every New Sports Gambler Needs to Do Consistently

The life of a dedicated sports gambler is somewhat counterintuitive. The sports, teams, and players they bet on tend to leave much to be desired in terms of consistency. Teams go on hot and cold streaks, players go through slumps and, nowadays, even sports schedules are inconsistent. Note: Despite all the inconsistencies that seem to […]

Tips for Betting on NBA Players Instead of Teams

Betting on the NBA, especially during the regular season,  is one of the more difficult prospects in all of sports gambling. With seemingly endless variables to consider on a night-to-night basis, it can feel more like you’re guessing than making an educated decision when it comes to making your picks. Luckily, you can still throw […]

The Odds on Tiger’s Son Winning a Major This Decade

If you remember seeing a two-year-old Tiger Woods show his stuff on the Mike Douglas Show back in 1978, then get ready. Woods’ son is already proving his worth on a golf course, and there is even talk of him proving such a prodigy (like dear old Dad) that he may win one of the […]

6 NFL QBs That May Have a New Home in 2021

The NFL season has concluded, and Tom Brady once again displayed how important having the right person under-center can be to a team’s success. Brady left the Patriots for Tampa Bay and led the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. Things have already begun to be shaken up with the […]