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Best Online NFL Betting Sites 2022

These Sites Have Scored a Touchdown with Their Service.

NFL betting has changed a great deal in a short time, especially since the internet came around. Today’s betting landscape includes websites from all over the world trying to get the gambler’s attention.

Picking the best NFL betting sites on your own can be confusing, so check out the recommended picks of our experts.

The legal NFL betting sites above offer a bunch of markets, high odds, and all sorts of exciting promotions. We explain more about their advantages below. The page also includes more info on their main NFL bets and tips on how to make the best of them.

Where to Bet on NFL Football Online?

You now know what the top NFL betting sites are and all of them can do a good job if you want to gamble on football online. And yet, each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages compared to the rest.

Picking the best site to bet on NFL games for your needs could be tricky. Let’s see more details about our suggestions, so you can make the optimal decision.

BetOnline – Best Sportsbook for Online NFL Betting

BetOnline Logo

  • Established in: 2004
  • First Deposit Bonus: 60% up to $1,000
  • US Players: Yes
  • Cryptocurrencies: Yes

Talking about the top NFL betting sites without mentioning BetOnline would be a blasphemy. The sportsbook offers great odds and all sorts of exciting markets for every single game. If you want to bet on Super Bowl 2022, you will find more than 1,000 different wagers!

There’s also a Bet Builder feature you can use for NFL player props for all games of the regular season and the playoffs. It’s say to say that very few football betting sites can compete with BetOnline in terms of variety.

The same can be said about the promotions offered by the bookmaker. There’s a large welcome bonus you can use to bet on NFL games online and many additional offers for even more value.

BetOnline also has one of the best NFL betting apps with real money. It gives you access to all markets and features on the move.

Bovada – Top NFL Betting Site for Bonuses and Promotions

Bovada Logo

  • Established in: 2011
  • First Deposit Bonus: 50% up to $250
  • US Players: Yes
  • Cryptocurrencies: Yes

Bovada’s welcome bonus for NFL betting online is smaller compared to other top sites, but it’s much easier to claim and clear. On top of that, the sportsbook has a rewarding loyalty program that will bring you more cash when betting on football.

The variety of options for all NFL games is excellent. You can find all traditional markets, as well as props and futures. Bovada’s betting odds for all of them are higher than the industry average.

We also like the bookmaker’s appreciation for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. You can use them to fund your account and that will give you access to exclusive bonuses and promotions with improved conditions. Not to mention that the withdrawal speed when you use crypto is great.

All of these features are available on the move because Bovada’s mobile version is among the top NFL gambling apps online. It works well on iPhone, Android, iPad, and Windows Phone.

BetUS – Trusted Sportsbook NFL Live Betting

BetUS Logo

  • Established in: 1994
  • First Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $2,500
  • US Players: Yes
  • Cryptocurrencies: Yes

If you’re interested in the best sites to bet on NFL games live, BetUS might be the sportsbook for you. It’s one of the oldest online betting sites on the market and for a good reason. The guys in charge make sure to stay ahead of the curve, so you can find all sorts of cool wagers and some of the fastest payouts on the web.

Football is obviously a priority at BetUS, with all NFL games available for live betting too. The odds are excellent and there are plenty of promotions. The welcome bonus alone is worth up to $2,500, so the overall return you get at this sportsbook is exceptional.

You can reach the customer support at any given moment and BetUS has a great sportsbook app. You can enjoy online NFL betting on any modern phone or tablet with a download.

Betway – Top NFL Betting Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Betway Logo

  • Established in: 2006
  • First Deposit Bonus: 100% up to £50
  • US Players: No
  • Cryptocurrencies: No

Betway is most definitely one of the best places to bet on NFL football online. The number of markets for each game is staggering and there are additional opportunities like props and futures at any given moment.

You can get excellent returns for all of your NFL bets because the odds are high and there are plenty of promotions. On top of the regular promos, Betway often has exclusive offers for American football.

You can enjoy every single feature or betting market on the move as well. Betway has native NFL sportsbook apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android, as well as a responsive page if you don’t want to download additional software.

The company has excellent reputation in the online gambling industry and offers some of the fastest withdrawals available.

MyBookie – Top-Rated Betting Site for NFL Props

MyBookie Logo

  • Established in: 2014
  • First Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $1,000
  • US Players: Yes
  • Cryptocurrencies: Yes

If you’re looking for the most creative sportsbook when it comes to NFL betting online, MyBookie might be the best choice for you. The bookmaker offers all sorts of unique wagers and exciting NFL contests every single season.

Of course, that’s on top of the mainstream betting options like moneylines, totals, and handicaps. The odds are solid too, so your overall returns at MyBookie will be better than the industry average.

The other perks of picking MyBookie include the smooth mobile version, the fast payouts, and the reliable customer service.

How to Pick Legit NFL Betting Sites spares no expense to accurately research the best NFL betting sites and best NFL betting apps on the web. It’s time to share the process behind our selections, so you know why our recommendations are so good for football betting with real money.

Our first step is to determine the legitimacy of a new NFL betting website. It’s not enough to know that the sportsbook is currently active and paying out to gamblers who win. The history of a site and its long-term reputation with pro bettors and handicappers is a clue to the site’s ultimate value.

If there is any evidence that a website may be engaging in fraud or is unreliable when dealing with users and their accounts, we immediately remove it from any mention on our site while investigating further to try to learn more about the abuse.

Our team also focuses on football sportsbooks online that offer customer support 24 hours a day.

History and Reputation

Getting paid out by an online sportsbook can feel like a challenge. PayPal isn’t allowed in the United States, and casinos treasurers must go through a step-by-step process of verifying the gambler’s identity and his winnings before sending out a check or a wire transfer.

After a while, it feels routine. But it’s impossible to set up a trusty payout schedule with a sportsbook that is dishonest or unlawfully withholds won money.

Making money with NFL betting online is not easy, and it’s close to impossible with a shady bookie.

Our focus on a site’s history and reputation is meant to ensure that gamblers will find online sportsbooks they can trust.

Safety and Legitimacy

Identity theft is so widespread today that some users get locked out of their own devices just trying to stay safe. Given that fact, it’s only natural to be concerned about the safety and security of your personal I.D. and credit card info when turning them over to a sportsbook.

If a casino is licensed for public operation, it gives recourse to the consumer upon any suspicion of personal information theft or fraudulent credit card transactions.

Important:The first thing does when reviewing an NFL betting site is to see where the book is licensed.

Earning a gaming license is the biggest step that a sports betting site can take when staking out its reputation among players and journalists.

The Best Odds

Finding a site with the best odds for your style of NFL betting online is one of the keys to an enjoyable gambling experience.

Note:If you’re a go-getter with a busy schedule, you might look for a sportsbook that keeps its odds steady and doesn’t tend to roll with the betting action. If you prefer NFL props on quarter-by-quarter outcomes or individual player stats, a sportsbook that posts hundreds of NFL betting lines every week is a major plus.

Some online betting sites offer odds that involve a smaller-than-usual automatic percentage taken by the house. Those bookmakers are known as “reduced juice” sites.

Bonuses and Rewards Program

Betting sites and football betting apps offer a variety of bonuses and rewards aimed at keeping players excited and focused on the site. When signing up for an account, you will almost certainly be offered a sign-up bonus in the form of free deposited cash to place bets with. However, refusing the sign-up bonus means that you will be able to withdraw money much sooner and without betting as much.

Rewards can be anything from free cash to bet on NFL football online to special merchandise offers and VIP access to parties. Obviously, the highest-rollers get the biggest perks from the house.

Getting Started with NFL Betting

Good men have lived and died trying to find the perfect system for betting on NFL games. But one “system” that has always proven to work is to find your comfort zone with a betting style that suits your lifestyle and goals.

For InstanceMany handicappers urge more bets on the underdog in football, baseball, and other sports. Most gamblers bet on who they think will win regardless of the odds, slanting the lines slightly and creating an opportunity for a high-payoff winning bet.

That could well be the case, but what if the player’s main goal is to win a few small bets and have fun? Or what if trying to pick winners seems less interesting than predicting over/under total points, picking against the point spread, and prop betting?

For those still grasping to understand the strategy, options, and potential pitfalls, here’s a refresher on some NFL gambling basics.

NFL Betting Beginner Tips

The beginning sports bettor must obtain an understanding of the numbers on the betting board and what they mean. For instance, most online betting sites don’t list odds for NFL teams in the old-fashioned horse track style of X/Y, but rather in numbers like (+100) or (-3500).

Understanding the mathematics of a moneyline can be a challenge at first. Many betting sites offer a handy risk-reward calculator for gamblers who don’t already have the figures in mind.

New NFL bettors must be prepared to play responsibly and limit losses. The league is unpredictable. But you will experience the joy of unexpected last-second wins to go with disappointing misses.

Some simple tips include avoiding personal bias, looking for an edge instead of betting on every NFL game, and staying sober while making decisions. It’s also easy to make costly mistakes as a beginning sports gambler. Typical NFL betting blunders include thinking like a fan, paying attention to meaningless trends, and signing up for tout services. has compiled several of the worst mistakes to avoid in the link below.

Introductory Sports Betting Articles

Let’s back up a minute. Before learning the finer points of NFL betting strategy, it’s extremely important to understand the terms and ramifications of placing sports wagers online.

The first thing to do is learn how to manage a bankroll or a stake. Click our bankroll management page for more info.

When a bookie offers odds on a sporting event, it’s offering you a winner-take-all stock trade. Risk-reward is everything. If a player doesn’t know how the numbers relate to real money, how can he possibly get an advantage on the house?

On top of that, there are hundreds of terms and definitions related to sports betting. Thoroughbred racing alone has hundreds of terms unique to the sport! But that doesn’t make the terminology less important. To learn more about sports betting terminology and betting odds, check out the guides below.

NFL Betting Strategies

Several strategies for NFL betting have helped career sports gamblers make a living. But too many half-cocked systems have ruined bankrolls. To develop a set of winning tactics, it’s important to begin with the tried-and-true maxims that NFL gambling experts have developed over the decades.

Key strategy points include “sleeping on” any individual game wager, checking on hidden variables, and visualizing the game. Click the link for more.

Types of NFL Bets

A quality sportsbook will offer a dizzying array of markets for the NFL. Here’s a quick recap of the most common types of American football betting lines.

NFL Moneyline Betting

A moneyline is a wager on which team will win the game outright. Moneylines are listed in fractions relating to a $100 bet. A plus symbol indicates an underdog, while a minus denotes the favorite. Read more about moneylines at the link below.

NFL Point Spread Betting

The point spread is possibly the most time-honored popular NFL wager. It involves picking a team to prevail on a handicap basis with a number of points spotted to the underdog. Favorites must win by more than the spread to win the point spread bet for gamblers who picked them. Underdogs must merely lose by less than the spread.Point spread betting is sometimes referred to as “ATS,” or “against the spread.” Read more about ATS wagering at the link below.

NFL Totals Betting

Point totals are listed in the O/U, or “over/under” market. A wager of “over” total points is a bet on the combined number of points scored by both teams to exceed the bookie’s total. “Under” total points is a wager on the final score to add up to less than the total. Read the page below for more on the O/U.

NFL Prop Betting

Proposition bets, or NFL prop bets, are gambles made on specific events or statistical feats occurring during a game, season, or playoff run. Props can be literally anything from the number of TD passes Aaron Rodgers will throw to the outfit worn by a celebrity on the field. Visit the link below for a more in-depth review of NFL props.

NFL Parlay Betting

NFL parlays are bets made on 2 or more outcomes at once. Sportsbooks offer big payout margins on NFL parlays, knowing that the odds of 2 or 3 outcomes working out in the gambler’s favor are deceptively slim. But the house is likely to offer bells and whistles trying to persuade you to take the leap and wager a parlay. Get up to par on parlays by reading our dedicated tutorial.

NFL Futures Betting

Futures are bets made on the outcome of a season or a championship game. NFL futures may be offered on the next Super Bowl winner, for instance, with favorites among the 32 teams enjoying fairly short odds, while cellar-dwellers are offered at 200-to-1 payout. Futures betting is a unique category of NFL markets in that lines may be offered for a game’s result before the previous game/s on the schedule are completed.


NFL Live Betting

In recent years, NFL live betting has taken off in popularity. For those who don’t know what this is, live betting means that you’re able to wager on a game that is already underway. Even if kickoff has already taken place, you can still keep wagering right through to the game’s conclusion.

Live betting requires its own set of strategies, as top betting sites will give you plenty of opportunities during a game to make wagers. You have to be choosy to keep from getting a bit overextended. But if you’re good at diagnosing NFL action as it takes place, live bets can be profitable, which is why you should choose sites that offer it as an option.

NFL Handicapping

Handicapping is the art of assigning value to an athlete or a team in a competition – for instance, the team’s chances to win the next game or to win a championship. If the handicapper concludes that an NFL team’s chances to win are significantly higher than the odds presented by a sportsbook, then he or she may advise betting on the team which is underrated by Vegas.

Handicapping begins with an understanding of probability and statistical trends. This can seem difficult, but it’s not impossible. Some handicappers are now using powerful computers to predict outcomes for them. But there’s no substitute for knowing how to scout and analyze a pair of opponents.

There was once a time when few people performed math calculations when predicting the outcomes of events. Those days are long gone!

Successful NFL handicappers are said to be like stock analysts or financial consultants. Handicapping was once a taboo at the top levels of society, but modern-day sports prediction geniuses are now invited to interact with bankers, investors, and others who handle money for a living.

Think you’ve got what it takes to join such an exclusive club someday? Read below to learn how the very best sports handicappers operate.

Watch out also for the distinction between betting on regular season games and those played in the postseason. Certain teams and players have a knack for rising to the occasion when the playoffs begin, while others shrink from it. You have to consider intangible factors much more when making your NFL bets in the postseason.

In other words, you have to approach the matter differently as a bettor. Make sure to develop a strategy for betting the postseason that takes these factors into account.

Forecasting Lines and Score Prediction

Forecasting lines is the art of predicting what a point spread will be before it is set by Vegas or the direction the spread will move in with the next update from the odds-maker. Score prediction is a related handicapping tactic that involves complex computer science and algorithms designed to predict the final scores of NFL games and other events.

Modern forecasting is an invaluable tool of the successful NFL bettor. Click the button below for more details on a growing method of NFL betting.

Turnover Charts and Analysis

Turnovers are one of the hidden menaces preventing losing NFL teams from winning games. Since 2002, the New England Patriots have dominated the league in turnover ratio. We rest our case.

A strong +/- turnover ratio can make an ordinary offense look good and the defense look even better. But turnovers can also be misleading, because there’s a bit of luck involved. Consider a team that forces a bunch of fumbles but the bouncing ball keeps finding its way back into the hands of the offense.

In other words, your turnover analysis should go beyond just a quick glance at which teams are leading the team in ration. You should dive into the data to see if the trends in turnovers, for good or bad, are sustainable. That could help you find excellent NFL betting value.

Betting on the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the busiest day on the American sports betting calendar. The massive event is a catalyst for fan buzz and media interest all over the world.

The circus-like atmosphere around the Super Bowl can create opportunities to score on NFL betting websites with a wise pick. Conference champions who are perceived as boring or conservative have become profitable “value” bets as recreational gamblers flock to bet on go-for-broke opponents.

Prop bets for the NFL’s title game touch on the player’s knowledge of music, art, politics, and fashion. There are Super Bowl betting markets to match every preference…even if you don’t even like sports. Click on our guide to Super Bowl betting online for more fun details.

Legality of NFL Betting

For the most part, most legal hurdles were cleared for NFL betting in the United States with a decision by the Supreme Court in 2018 that struck down a law preventing sports gambling. The decision put the choice for whether or not to legalize sports betting in the hands of individual states. Many have since instituted legal sports betting, through both sportsbooks and online sites licensed by the states.

But even if you don’t live in one of those states, you can still indulge in NFL betting. The NFL betting sites we’ve listed above all accept bettors from the United States and many other parts of the world. You won’t be prosecuted for betting with those sites because state laws are pointed at those taking the bets, not those making them.

Keep in mind that the legal age for sports betting in most jurisdictions is 21. As long as you’re that age or above and can access the sites and some means of depositing and withdrawing money, you’re good to go. NFL football betting is pretty much full speed ahead in terms of legal issues.

How to Sign Up for NFL Betting Sites

Even if you’ve never bet on sports online before, you don’t have to sweat it. It’s an easy process. Just hit the “sign up” or “join” link on the page of the NFL betting site you’re using and it will walk you through the process.

You’ll first have to enter some basic information, come up with a username and password, and perhaps verify your account via email or text. Next up, you’ll have to enter the data for the deposit method you’re planning on using, choosing an amount that you want to put into your NFL betting account. At this point, you can activate any bonuses tied into the signup process.

Betting on the games is easy enough, as the best NFL sites will make clear the choices you have, in terms of which bets you can make and how much you want to wager. Finally, you can withdraw your winnings by following the process defined by the site. It’s easier than you might imagine getting started with NFL online betting, even for complete newcomers.

NFL Betting Resources

NFL betting is a lot of fun, but we would never tell you it’s easy to win. If it were, all the sportsbooks and NFL betting sites would cease to exist because the bettors would win all their money quickly. But we can say that developing winning habits is easier if you find the right help.

The following NFL betting resources are invaluable if you want to win consistently.

Pro Football Reference

This is the best place to go if you’re looking for sheer statistical evidence on which side you should be betting on any given week. They even have a betting page to point you in the right direction. If you want the numbers without any opinion to try to skew them, you can’t do much better.

Why not go directly to the source when it comes to all the latest news on the league that will help you with your bets each weekend of the season. We suggest you check out their injuries page. Follow that through the week and you’ll know who’s likely to set up and who might be sidelined, all of which is crucial betting information.

Pro Football Focus

The experts at this site pore over game film each week to deliver analysis on ever single player. Check out their power rankings if you want an idea of comparing two teams scheduled to play in the upcoming week. There’s so much info at this site that you can certainly hone in on the determining factors for each game you’re likely to bet.

Finding Your Own Niche in NFL Betting

We can’t promise that you’ll get rich or famous betting on NFL games. But we can confidently say “welcome” to the most exciting betting experience in all of professional sports.

National Football League teams can engineer a thrilling comeback out of nowhere, score 2 or 3 touchdowns in less than a minute, then fail spectacularly as another twist of fate determines a winner in the final seconds. Gambling money on the NFL is not for the faint of heart. But it is a growing hobby for millions of sports fans.

Find an NFL betting website that you’re comfortable with, and wager intelligently with money you can afford to lose. But most importantly, find a market and a style of betting that suits your interest in the game. The first ingredient of successful betting is to enjoy the process of getting there.

If you need help with your NFL wagers, you should check our football gambling blog.

NFL Betting FAQ

How do I bet on an NFL over/under?

The oddsmakers at the best NFL betting sites will deliver a line based on their estimation of the total points to be scored in a game by both teams. You have to decide if the final total will go higher (over) or lower (under) that total. If the point total lands exactly on the oddsmakers numbers, it’s a push and you get your bet amount back.

Where can I bet on NFL games?

Depending on where you live, you might be able to visit a legal sports book and place bets on the NFL there. But the most convenient way to bet on the action is to use NFL betting sites. That will allow you to make your bets and collect your winnings just by using a computer or a movie device.

What NFL bet pays the most?

For the most part, NFL futures provide the most lucrative odds. If you make a bet well before the season on who is going to win the Super Bowl or even a division, you can win a lot for a small bet. That’s because it’s difficult at that time to forecast who will do well, meaning that oddmakers will bake that uncertainty into the lines and make them appealing.