Best NFL Betting Sites: Top NFL Sportsbooks Online Updated for 2024

The best online NFL betting sites offer you the chance to wager on pro football in an exciting and convenient way. There are a ton of sites for betting on NFL games online, and this page is designed to help you pick the sportsbook that’s just right for you!

We’re going to tell you about the best sites and explain how to make a choice based on your NFL betting preference. Bovada is our leading sportsbook, offering excellent live and pre-game betting options with fantastic promos, but we explore other bookies, too. We’ve also added valuable resources to help you improve your betting strategy, so read the whole thing!

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Top 5 NFL Online Betting Sites by Category

When we rank the top sites for betting on NFL football, we separate them into the categories where they excel the most. The goal is to help you choose based on your specific preferences for NFL online wagering.

Bovada – Best Overall NFL Betting Site

Bovada Casino Circle Icon

We recommend Bovada as the top site for gambling on NFL games because it does everything very well. The site features a wide range of markets for NFL betting, with live and pre-game betting options like spreads, totals, and moneylines.

Bovada’s excellent promos start with a 50% match of up to $1,000 for NFL betting if you deposit with cryptocurrency. The bookmaker is also inventive with its betting markets, including NFL prop builders, same-game parlays, and player props on everything from Super Bowl MVP to top pick in the NFL Draft.

Those bets open the door to opportunities lacking at other sites. Finally, the odds that Bovada uses are often the standard for other sites, with their -110-110 (up to -108/108 for the Super Bowl) moneyline odds ensuring that the takeout by the site is reasonable.

We didn’t see a single weakness, which is why Bovada leads the way for NFL betting.

BetUS – Best NFL Betting Site for Futures Bets

BetUS Logo Circle

The NFL betting action doesn’t have to stop during the offseason. NFL futures give you the chance to bet on the league at any moment. BetUS is an ideal futures betting site because of its range of options in this department.

The site features the typical team futures bets, such as who will win the Super Bowl or a specific division, over/unders on team regular season wins, or exact regular season win total speculation.

But not many sites go as deep into futures bets on individual players as BetUS does. They include futures bets on who will win NFL awards like MVP, as well as wagers on statistical leaders, such as who will top the league in rushing yards. Beyond that, you can find prop specials on key players, such as top rookies or veterans who just changed teams.

No one beats BetUS in terms of variety, which is why this is your best option for NFL futures.

MyBookie – Best NFL Prop Builder

MyBookie Circle Logo

Prop builders are one of the hottest methods for gamblers to make a lot of money with a small wager. MyBookie stands out with its prop builder for NFL action, featuring a simple interface to make a bet.

You simply need to look at all the players on whom the site offers props. As you choose each player you want to use, and your specific prop, MyBookie will update your odds. This way, you can add and take away props until you’ve found the right combination.

Simply open the props section in the main menu of the sportsbook and then choose the NFL from the list of options. From there, pick the game of your choice and the player who you want to target. Finally, decide on the statistical category for that player and make your choice.

All NLF prop hunters will appreciate the variety available at MyBookie.

BetNow – Best Site for NFL Live Betting

BetNow Circle Logo

BetNow does a great job with its NFL in-game betting options. It starts with the widest array of markets, including common options like spread and moneyline and unique possibilities like a bet on which team will reach a specific point total first.

In addition, the delays that are necessary when placing bets on in-game NFL action are minimized at BetNow. At most, 15 seconds will pass between when your bet is placed and when it’s confirmed. Most delays happen when action is taking place on the field. BetNow does the best job of preventing you from missing betting opportunities.

In addition, BetNow in-game odds are constantly updated. You’ll find that they’re fair and squared up well with what’s happening in the game. With the sheer number of markets and these updated odds, BetNow is an easy choice for NFL live betting.

BetOnline – Best Site for NFL Betting Bonuses, Promotions, and Contests

BetOnline Circle Logo

When you’re looking for where to bet on NFL games online, it always helps to find a site with bonuses to help your wins and lessen the impact of your losses. BetOnline stands out in that department. For starters, you can get a 50% bonus on your first deposit up to $1,000.

Reload bonuses are also available, giving you a 25% up to $200 for the entirety of your time gambling on the NFL at BetOnline. And they also do a nice job with bonuses tied directly into NFL action. For example, they offer a risk-free bet of $25 on the first game of the NFL season for new customers.

If you add the risk-free $25 player props bet, the countless contests, and the $25 live betting free wager, it’s easy to see why BetOnline is so great for NFL bonuses and promotions.

Comparing the Best NFL Sports Betting Sites

The top NFL betting sites all cover popular markets like totals, spreads, and moneylines, as well as live betting on all games. That’s why we focused on other important features in the table below.

Betting Site NFL Futures NFL Player Props Minimum Stakes for NFL Betting Special NFL Promos
Bovada Yes Yes $1 • #RequestAWager feature on Twitter for custom NFL bets
BetUs Yes Yes $5 No
MyBookie Yes Yes $2 No
BetNow Yes Yes $1 • NFL King of the Hill Contest
BetOnline Yes Yes $1 • Risk-Free Player Props • Live Betting Free Play • Free NFL Survivor Entry • Shutout Refund

How We Pick the Top Sites for NFL Betting Online

When we look for the best NFL online betting sites, we put them through the wringer, ensuring that they’ll have everything a football bettor needs. This includes basic factors that go into determining whether the site is legitimate and features that are specific to the most popular football competition in the world. Here’s what makes for a great NFL betting site:

  • Variety of NFL Betting Options: We check to see if each NFL site gives you the widest range of betting options, including moneylines, spreads, over/under, props, and futures. In addition, we use these for both pre-game and live betting.
  • Bonuses and Promotions for NFL Betting: We like to see the typical welcome and reload bonuses to recommend a sports betting site. Beyond that, we look for NFL-specific bonuses, such as odds boosters and free wagers.
  • Competitive NFL Betting Odds: We expect a low takeout from each bet that you make, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. If we see that the baseline moneyline odds are set at something worse than -110/-110, it’s an immediate red flag.
  • Flexible Minimum and Maximum NFL Bets: We prefer NFL betting sites offering flexible betting limits, allowing recreational players and high rollers to place wagers within their comfort zone.
  • Exciting NFL Contests: NFL contests like squares and King of the Hill offer a nice variety to bettors, as long as the opportunity to win cool prizes.

How to Choose the Best NFL Betting Site for Yourself

In case you need tips on how to pick an NFL betting site based on your own specific preferences, here’s what you should consider.

What NFL Betting Markets Do You Prefer?

You should be looking for sites that address your specific wagering needs. For example, if you want to bet on the NFL Draft, MyBookie lets you wager on it in several different ways, including where specific players will go in the first round. Meanwhile, if you like betting on preseason games, you should consider Bovada, which covers these games, even if the markets are more limited than what you can find in the regular season.

How Much Do You Normally Bet on the NFL?

Some people want to bet big on the NFL; others prefer smaller wagers. We’d suggest a site like Bovada if you haven’t decided yet because of their wide range of possibilities. They feature a minimum wager of $0.5 and a maximum of $5,000 for a single-game point spread wager.

How Often Do You Bet on the NFL?

If you’re a casual NFL bettor, you should focus on getting the best odds possible for the few bets you make. BetOnline is known for player-friendly lines. Those who want to bet a lot should look into sites with generous rewards programs like Bovada, where you can progress from “Starter” to “Hall of Fame” member the more you bet, getting higher returns at each level on the ladder.

Best Welcome Bonuses for NFL Betting Online

NFL Betting Site First Deposit Bonus Terms Claim
Bovada 75% up to $750 with first deposit 5x rollover required on deposit + bonus Claim Now
BetUS 100% up to $2,500 with first crypto deposit 10x rollover required based on cash risked or win Claim Now
MyBookie 50% up to $1,000 with first deposit 10x rollover required on deposit + bonus Claim Now
BetNow 200% up to $200 with first crypto deposit 20x rollover required on deposit + bonus Claim Now
BetOnline 50% up to $1,000 with first deposit 10x rollover required on deposit + bonus Claim Now

What NFL Bets are Available Online?

When you bet on the NFL online, your options are seemingly endless. Check out the most popular selections you can make each NFL Sunday and beyond.

  • NFL Moneyline Betting: With a moneyline bet, you’re betting on which team you think will win a given NFL game.
  • NFL Totals Betting: The totals bet, often called the over/under, requires you to speculate on how many points will be scored in an NFL game compared to the oddsmaker’s line.
  • NFL Spread Betting: In a point spread bet, the oddsmaker will assign a handicap of sorts to the favorite and “give” points to the underdog, which will be applied to the final score to decide the bet.
  • NFL Player Props: Player props generally are tied to the statistical performance of an NFL player during a game, such as individual rushing yards, passing yards, tackles, and similar.
  • NFL Futures: A futures bet on the NFL allows you to speculate on some league event well before it happens, including the chance to bet on the Super Bowl winner months before the game takes place.
  • NFL Parlays: An NFL parlay is multiple bets rolled into one, where you get higher odds but only win the wager if you get every part of it right.
  • NFL Teasers: An NFL teaser works the same as a parlay; only the lines will be more favorable to the bettor in exchange for a better chance of winning (albeit for a smaller payout than a parlay.)
  • NFL Same-Game Parlays: Same-game parlays are all contained within one particular NFL game, such as combining a spread bet with an over/under in the same contest.

Blacklisted NFL Betting Sites

After showing you our top picks for NFL betting online, it’s time to highlight the sportsbooks you need to avoid:

  • America’s Bookie: you might be tempted by this bookmaker’s bombastic promotions, but your payouts will be delayed, the customer support is horrible, and you might not even get paid, so stay away.
  • Top Bet: your checks from this sportsbook might bounce, while payouts with other methods either take months or don’t arrive ever.
  • SkyBook: this site is not fond of winners, so your account could be suspended if you’re ahead. On top of that, the payouts are very slow.

These bookmakers have a history that’s sketchy at best, so don’t join them and pick a legit gambling site instead.

Useful NFL Betting Resources

More Football Leagues Available for Betting

If you’re an avid football fan, you might want to go outside the NFL to bet on more leagues such as the following.

  • NCAAF: This is the organization behind college football and generates immense betting interest each weekend during the fall.
  • XFL: One of the top alternate football leagues available in the United States.
  • USFL: This league started up again in the US in 2022 after a long hiatus.
  • CFL: The CFL is the premier football league in Canada.

NFL Betting Online - Key Takeaways

We hope our guide to NFL betting online was helpful, but let’s sum up the key takeaways before we leave.

  • Pick Legit NFL Betting Sites: you should join an NFL betting site that fully intends to follow up on all commitments, like our recommended options.
  • Consider Your Preferences: your habits and goals should guide your choice of an NFL sportsbook.
  • Avoid Shady Gambling Sites: don’t go after shady NFL bookmakers with a history full of angry customers.

Follow these tips, and you will enjoy the experience of NFL betting online!

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