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Gambling online with real money just keeps getting better and better. Now, you can play bingo online, the game that you grew up playing in school and that you will grow old playing as a geriatric.

That’s right! You can now bet on bingo! And lucky for you, we’ve gone ahead and found the very best online bingo sites that accept real money, and we’ve vetted them for safety for you.

Bingo was invented in 1929 and is a game of chance in which the player is given a card with an equal number of rows and columns, and each cell of that table includes a number. The numbers are distributed randomly but within specific predetermined parameters. For example, squares in the “B” column will have values ranging from 1-15, “I” will have 16-30, and so on.

Balls with number and letter combinations are drawn at random, and if you have a matching number on your board, you daub it. The purpose of the game is to mark off letters in winning patterns such as a full row, an “X,” or a full blacked-out board when all of your numbers have been called. Once you have a winning combination, you yell “Bingo,” unless you’re playing online bingo, in which case the computer does all the work, and there’s no need to shout!

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Safety and Legitimacy

The bingo sites that we care about are dealing in real money. This means that it’s imperative that you know the place is safe and secure before signing up or depositing money. Online gambling is a massive, incredibly profitable industry which attracts tons of unethical scammers that are trying to mislead and steal from customers.

That’s why we spend the time and effort that we do combing through the internet for the best real money bingo betting sites to pass along to our readers. For more information regarding the importance of only using safe gambling sites, read the following article:

Ease of Use

The real money bingo sites we recommend are also expected to be professionally designed, easy to navigate, and simple to use. Bingo is a relatively straightforward game, especially online, but we still value gambling sites that offer a quality interface, good graphics, and a no-hassle sign-up process.

There are several different types of bingo offered on the majority of real money gambling websites. Plus, you can choose to bet multiple cards at a time. It’s essential for the bingo betting site to be user-friendly so you can get the ideal combination of rules and cards for your game.

Allow Real Money Bets

If an online real money bingo site finds its way onto our list of recommendations, that means they’re allowing customers to wager real money, just like they’d do at a casino or bingo hall. Playing bingo in a social setting without any funds at stake may be fun once in a while, but playing online for free is relatively dull.

Since you don’t have to daub or look up the numbers, there’s not much for the player to do manually. Spicing up the action by putting actual money at stake is the only way to make it worth your time. Plus, that means you can win real money playing bingo games, too, and who doesn’t like that?

Banking Options

The best real money bingo sites offer a full range of banking options with which to make your deposits and withdrawals. The most common methods for transferring funds are credit cards, PayPal (or other e-Wallets), and Bitcoin. Depending on where you live, some of these options may be better than others.

In the United States, it’s illegal for banking institutions to process transactions from known gambling operations. This means depositing money with your credit or debit card to play online bingo is out of the question. Instead, you may need to use a cash card, Bitcoin, or certain e-Wallets that will process the payment.

Variety of Bingo Games

Our experts also take into consideration the range of options our real money bingo sites offer customers. There are three iterations of the game that you’ll see most frequently. There’s 75-ball bingo that’s traditionally played in the United States, 80-ball bingo, and 90-ball bingo that is most commonly played in the UK.

We also appreciate a variety of themes and functionalities. For example, many bingo sites will allow you to play multiple cards at a time or set the “Auto Play” function and just let your device keep betting for you for a while.

Positive Reputations

Before we pass on a recommended real money bingo site to our readers, we make sure they have a good reputation amongst former customers and no history of unethical behavior. Our experts analyze reviews and various industry blacklists to ensure none of the sites that we promote have been caught doing shady business in the past.

The types of things that land real money bingo betting sites on blacklists are unreasonably slow payout times, ignoring customer service complaints, or making up absurd excuses not to pay out winnings to lucky gamblers.

Bonuses and Rewards Programs

For our real money bingo enthusiasts, we factor bonus offers and rewards programs into our rankings when compiling our recommendations. Many of the bingo sites offer bonuses in which they match or even exceed a new customer’s deposit amount. However, always read the terms attached to any gifts before you accept them.

More often than not, entry-level bonuses for things like signing up to bingo gambling sites or making an initial deposit come with many strings attached. The site will set high rollover requirements that make it nearly impossible ever to cash out since you have to make so many wagers before satisfying the rollover.

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For Example

If you receive $100 in free money but with a 25x rollover, you’ll need to place $2,500 in bets before you can request a payout again.

Loyalty rewards programs for bingo games are more valuable to the average user, but also take longer to earn. The betting or bingo site tracks how much money you bet and how often you play bingo and either assigns you to a tier or gives you points for specific actions.

Your level then makes you eligible for certain kickbacks, or your points can be exchanged for merchandise in the company store, free credits, and a litany of other things. For the high rollers, loyalty rewards can include lavish vacations and large sums of cash back on losses.

The Main Types of Bingo Games

American – 75-Ball Bingo

Bingo Cards and Bingo Balls In a Banner Image

75-ball bingo is the game that people raised in the United States grew up playing as kids. The card consists of a 5 X 5 table, meaning twenty-five total boxes with the columns being labeled B-I-N-G-O. The numbers are then applied to the squares randomly, but with set ranges.

So, under column “B,” there will be a random mix of numbers ranging between one and fifteen. Under “I” is a mix of numbers between sixteen and thirty. The “N” column houses four numbers between thirty-one and forty-five and one blank square in the center which acts as a “free space.” The boxes under “G” hold random numbers between forty-six and sixty, and “O” has sixty-one through seventy-five.

Next, balls are drawn from a machine, or in this case, they’re randomly generated. They will start with the letter of the column, then the number. Each time you have the number that’s called on your board, you mark off the box.

The goal is to either black out the entire board or form defined shapes or patterns. Some online bingo games award a win for getting a straight line, and some require an “X” or another configuration. What counts as a winning pattern depends on the rules of the individual game.

80-Ball Online Bingo

80-ball bingo is a relatively new version of the classic game. It gained popularity in the United Kingdom before expanding all over via the internet and can now be found on nearly every real money bingo site. This version of the game labels the columns by color and organizes the numbers like this:

  • Column 1 Red #’s 1 – 20
  • Column 2 Yellow #’s 21 – 40
  • Column 3 Blue #’s 41 – 60
  • Column 4 Silver #’s 61 – 80

As you can see, there are only four columns and four rows, giving you a total of only sixteen squares with which to work. Just like before, as the numbers are drawn, the corresponding boxes are filled in. The goal is to complete either a diagonal, horizontal, or vertical line, the four center squares, or the four corners of the card.

Depending on the specific rules that you’re playing under at the online bingo site, there may be bonuses as well. Some 80-ball bingo games will reward getting three lines across the grid or for getting a complete blackout. Bonus details or any available side-bet options will depend on the bingo gambling site that you use or the version of the game you pick. But the underlying setup with the colored columns and the 4-by-4 card will remain consistent.

European – 90-Ball Bingo

The European version of bingo is different from what’s taught in the States. For starters, the bingo card doesn’t have an equal number of columns and rows like the other two types. Instead, the table goes nine columns across and only three rows down.

Each row contains five numbers, while the remaining four are left blank. Like the other forms of the game, each column consists of a particular range of numbers. They are organized like so:

Column Number Range
Column 1 1 - 9
Column 2 10 - 19
Column 3 20 - 29
Column 4 30 - 39
Column 5 40 - 49
Column 6 50 - 59
Column 7 60 - 69
Column 8 70 - 79
Column 9 80 - 90

When your card is created, it will look something like this:

4 21 33 50 63
12 24 44 68 82
37 48 54 76 89

See how each line contains five random numbers and four blank spots? European bingo is played in three stages, meaning there are three winners for every game. The first prize is given to the first player to complete all five numbers in a row.

The second prize is given to the first player to complete two full horizontal lines across the ticket. And finally, the player that marks off all of the numbers on their card collects the Full House prize.

Playing Bingo Online vs. In Person

Even when playing bingo with real money, the difference between playing the game in person and playing online is remarkably different. Online real money bingo is a significantly more passive activity. Meanwhile, the in-person version is more of a social activity that requires a degree of focus and participation.


When you go play bingo at a hall or casino, the most essential tool of the trade is your dauber. It’s basically a combination of a stamp and a marker that just prints blobs when you press its inky side down. This is how you keep track of which numbers were called. It’s an easy enough task, but you always have to be listening for the numbers to make sure you don’t miss a daub.

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With online real money bingo, there is no daubing. Everything is automated, so as the numbers are “called,” the appropriate boxes get marked on their own.

Without the need to listen or daub, you can just sit back and watch the action unfold during your online bingo games. At least you won’t go home with ink all over your hands!

Harder to Play Multiple Cards

If you’ve ever gone to play bingo in public, you’ve probably noticed that nobody plays a single card only. They buy lots of them to play, which takes extreme concentration. You don’t have long to locate the right square on every ticket before the next number is called.

Once again, this isn’t an issue when betting real money with an online bingo site. You can choose to purchase as many cards as you’d like, and as the numbers come out, your cards will automatically stay up to date.

Human Error

With all of the daubing and the multiple card playing, in person, bingo is susceptible to human error. Some of the people in the room will mishear the numbers and daub the wrong squares, which causes mass confusion when they prematurely yell “bingo.” Others will miss marking a square that they should have daubed, causing them to miss out on announcing their win.

Then you have the people that just blatantly cheat. If you’re playing bingo for the social entertainment, going in person and watching the mayhem can be a treat. But if you’re just looking to gamble some real money without any interference or mistakes, online bingo sites are the way to go.

Faster Pace of Play

Due to the automation mentioned previously, you are able to get through significantly more numbers playing online bingo than in person. Plus, on most sites, you can adjust the speed of the game to match what you like. In person, the actual ball has to come out of the machine, then the person reads the number several times while everyone catches up before the next ball comes out.

Playing 90-ball bingo can be extremely time-consuming in person. But online, you can buzz through numerous games while playing several cards at a time and get lots of betting in. Again, it just all comes down to your priorities and what you’re hoping to experience.


Online real money bingo sites offer a level of convenience no other method can. With most of the real money bingo sites working on mobile devices, you can play whenever you’d like, from wherever you’d like. There’s no need get dressed and leave the house or exert any effort at all. If you just want to put a little action on some high-speed bingo, real money online bingo sites can’t be topped.

Beginner Betting Tips

Have a Bankroll Management Plan

The convenience and ease of playing bingo online means that you have to be more disciplined and prepared with regards to your finances. The ability to play numerous cards at a time in fast-moving games means you can lose money very quickly. To avoid issues with problem gambling, you should plan your bankroll before ever depositing money.

Look at your bingo betting budget and determine how much money you can spend on this hobby without any negative impact on your life. Imagine losing the entire sum of money. If you can’t do that without it causing financial turmoil, you’re betting too much.

Once you’ve figured out an amount, decide how long that bankroll needs to last at real money bingo betting sites. Maybe you should only allow yourself one deposit into your account per week. If the money runs out early, you’re done for the week. Whatever you do, don’t chase your losses and don’t lose track of how much you’re betting.

Choose the Game That’s Right for You

As we’ve covered in this article, there are several different types of bingo available for real money online gambling. You may need to test them all out before deciding which rules suit you the best. It won’t hurt to open accounts at several of our recommended sites so that you may try out all of their variations.

Different sites for online bingo will offer unique themes or games with side bets. Play around a bit and really figure out what you like. It’ll make your entire real money bingo experience more enjoyable.

Play Multiple Cards

Don’t just play one card at a time. If you’re going to bet real money on an online bingo site, you might as well maximize the benefits of playing this way! You’ll increase your chances of winning each game, and it’s more entertaining watching a screen full of bingo cards as they start to fill up as the numbers are coming out. Also, it’s more time-efficient. If you’re playing 80- and 90-ball bingo games, it will take too long just to play one card at a time.

In Conclusion

This may come as a surprise, but the real money bingo betting sites are thriving. Online bingo streamlines the game and makes wagering on multiple cards at once incredibly easy. You just have to pick the game you want to play, choose how many tickets you want, and let your computer or mobile device do all of the work.

No more ink stains on your clothes and hands, no more missed numbers and no more false winners. The only time you really need to use your brain is when choosing the best bingo gambling website. All sites aren’t created equally; there are lots of scams out there just waiting for you to deposit your hard-earned cash.

That’s why we hope you’ll start with our list of recommendations and get a feel for how legitimate bingo sites operate. Our team of experts has exhausted thousands of hours reading terms of service, researching gambling licenses, and testing websites for unethical behavior. We’ve put in the hard work so that you won’t have to.

We hope that you find the perfect bingo game for what you like. If you don’t locate one right away, just keep working your way down our trusted list. These are the best real money bingo sites on the web; one of them is bound to have what you’re looking for!

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