Best Online Boxing Betting Sites for 2024

The best boxing betting sites cover countless fights every year. If you want to gamble on the “sweet science”, we take you through our choices for top bookmakers and explain the reasons for our recommendations.

In addition, we give you the tools to choose the boxing betting apps and sites that fit your needs. We also explain the wagering markets and bonuses at your disposal to give you a complete overview of your opportunities.

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Top 5 Best Boxing Sites Online

The top betting sites for boxing all offer a complete experience when you’re wagering on the sport. Each site tends to thrive in specific areas, which is why we offer our recommendations for the best online betting sites for boxing by category.

  • Bovada – Best Overall Boxing Site
  • BetUS – Best Betting Site for Celebrity Boxing
  • Everygame – Best Boxing Betting App
  • BetOnline – Best Sportsbook for Bare Knuckle Fighting Betting
  • BetNow – Best Crypto Boxing Betting Site

Bovada – Best Overall Boxing Site

Bovada Casino Circle Icon

We rank Bovada as best overall due to the way it excels in all major aspects of boxing betting. That starts with their coverage, as they go beyond traditional bouts to also include lines for celebrity boxing and bare knuckle fighting.

For most matches, the site offers a nice range of wagers, including moneyline, over/under, round props, and bets on whether the match will go the distance.

When it comes to elite boxing matches that might draw the interest of casual fans, the menu of markets Bovada offers is impressive. You can find bets on the exact minute the fight will end, over/under bets on total number of knockdowns, and round group betting (wager on a fighter to win in rounds 1 through 4, for example.)

The site’s rewards system encourages frequent boxing betting, as you earn points that can eventually be redeemed for cash. Bovada seals its status as the best site to bet on boxing with an excellent welcome bonus that grants you 50% up to $1,000 on your first deposit (or 75% up to $750 with crypto deposits.)

BetUS - Best Betting Site for Celebrity Boxing

BetUS Logo Circle

We know that many casual boxing fans gravitate to matches between celebrities and internet personalities. BetUS does a great job of covering these matches where other sites don’t.

For example, you can count on exhibition matches featuring popular fighters like Jake Paul or KSI to be included on the site. BetUS also provides lines for athletes from other sports, like football or basketball, who decide to dabble in the ring. They even had lines on the potential Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg fight!

In addition, they also give you a nice choice of markets. For example, popular celebrity matches in the past at BetUS have yielded the opportunity to bet on the moneyline and choose the winning fighter’s method of winning (TKO, knockout, DQ, or decision.) If celebrity boxing is your favorite style to bet, BetUS is the top choice you can make.

BetOnline - Best Sportsbook for Bare Knuckle Fighting Betting

BetOnline Circle Logo

You’ll find the menu for bare knuckle fighting at BetOnline in the MMA section, since it’s a combination of boxing and mixed martial arts. In particular, the site offers lines on the BKFC events which pop up on the schedule.

You’ll be able to find moneylines for all the bouts included in those series of matches. We found that BetOnline’s average lines of -115/-115 to be about the best you can get for the BKFC.

In addition, you can take advantage of a welcome bonus at BetOnline that gives you 50% of your first deposit up to $1,000 (100% up to $1,000 with crypto) that you can use on your BKFC wagers. That’s one more reason why we recommend them if you’re a big fan of bare-knuckle fights.

Everygame – Best Boxing Betting App

Everygame Circle Logo

If you prefer gambling on a mobile device, Everygame is the pick among the best betting apps for boxing. The app is easy to use regardless of your device, with wagering odds clearly displayed and extremely smooth navigation from bout to bout.

The boxing betting menu is filled with both nightly fights and major events coming up on the schedule that still might be months away. Everygame also includes a “top bets” section to let you know which bouts are most popular among bettors.

If you’re using the mobile betting app offered by the site, you can still take advantage of their excellent bonus offers, such as the 100% welcome bonus up to $500 (crypto deposits earn 50% up to $1,000.) Put it all together and you can understand why we choose Everygame as the best boxing app for mobile users.

BetNow – Best Crypto Boxing Betting Site

BetNow Circle Logo

BetNow does a great job of catering to boxing bettors who want to use cryptocurrency as their banking method. It starts with their welcome bonus, which prioritizes cryptocurrency. If you use either Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash to deposit, you’ll get 200% up to $200 (compared to just 100% with credit card deposits.)

Other boxing bonuses at the site are eligible for crypto users. This includes up to 25% to $500 on reload bonuses and a 2% rebate on monthly sports wagering losses.

You’ll also find more flexible deposit limits when you use cryptocurrency to deposit ($10 to $40,000, compared to $20 to $1,000 with credit cards.) In addition, there are no fees attached to your withdrawals with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. All these perks give BetNow the edge over online betting sites for boxing if you’re using crypto.

Comparing the Top Online Betting Sites for Boxing

Most sports betting sites offer traditional markets for wagering on boxing. We’ve gone a little deeper to see if sites feature options for online boxing bets that you can’t find everywhere. Check out the chart to see the comparison.

Betting Site Welcome Bonus Celebrity Boxing Amateur Boxing Bare Knuckle Fighting Join
Bovada 50% up to $1,000 (75% up to $750 for crypto) Yes Yes Yes Join Now
BetUS 100% up to $2,500 (150% up to $3,750 for crypto) Yes Yes Yes Join Now
BetOnline 50% up to $1,000 (100% up to $1,000 for crypto) Yes Yes Yes Join Now
Everygame 100% up to $500 (50% up to $1,000 for crypto) Yes Yes No Join Now
BetNow 100% up to $1,000 (200% up to $200 for crypto) No Yes No Join Now

How We Pick the Best Online Boxing Sites

We choose the best sports betting sites based on a variety of general factors, starting from their legitimacy. When we look at the best boxing sportsbooks, in particular, we specifically seek out factors that are important to wagering on the sport. Here are the top factors:

  • Boxing Markets: We like to see sites that offer lines on fights that go beyond just who will win the match. This is especially true for highly publicized matches, which should feature several markets, such as round betting or method of victory.
  • Coverage of Alternative Boxing Betting: Celebrity boxing and bare-knuckle fighting are gaining more traction every day with bettors. That’s why we look for online boxing betting sites that cover these areas.
  • Bonuses and Promotions for Boxing: We expect the top sites for boxing betting to offer lucrative welcome bonuses. In addition, we recommend sites that come up with offers for existing players.
  • Boxing Betting Limits: We expect both casual bettors and those who like higher stakes to stay withing their comfort zone when betting on boxing online.

How to Choose the Best Boxing Sportsbook for Your Needs

You should always choose a site for boxing betting with your specific needs in mind. These are some of the factors that you might demand from any site that you choose.

What Boxing Matches Do You Want to Target?

You should expect most boxing bookmakers to cover the major professional bouts. However, if you want access to bare-knuckle bouts, celebrity matches, and/or amateur fights, you should check to see which sites can accommodate you.

How Big Do You Want to Bet?

You won’t have a hard time if you just want to spend a couple bucks on a boxing bet at any of our recommended boxing betting sites. But if you want to go with a higher wager, look to Bovada and BetUS, who have the highest limits for important bouts.

What Markets Do You Want?

Traditional moneyline markets are easy to locate if that’s what you want. If you want a broader range of boxing wagering opportunities, Bovada, which offers round group bets among many other special props, is a top option.

Types of Boxing Bets Available Online

Many of the bets you can make on boxing are somewhat similar to those you can make in other individual sports. Then, there are some that are unique to boxing. Here’s a list of the most popular options.

  • Winner Betting: This is the most common bet in boxing. You just have to choose which of the two fighters will win the match.
  • Total Rounds: You can wager over or under the line set by online boxing sportsbooks for the total number of rounds.
  • Method of Win: Among the possibilities that you can bet for the method of win are knockout, technical knockout, unanimous decision, and split decision.
  • Fight to Go the Distance: You can bet on whether the fight will go the full number of scheduled rounds.
  • Props: For major fights, top boxing sites will add prop markets that you won’t often find with basic bouts. As an example, you can find over/under lines set at practically every juncture of the fight (over/under 1.5 rounds, over/under 2.5 rounds, etc.)
  • Live Betting: Boxing live betting allows you to wager on many of the markets we’ve already mentioned while the fight is happening.

What Boxing Matches Are Available for Betting?

You can find more and more different types of boxing matches at top betting sites. Check out the different matches you’ll be able to bet at the best US bookmakers for boxing.

Traditional Boxing Matches

These are the matches contested by professional fighters at one of the four major federations: the WBF, IBF, WBC, and WBO. For these fights, you should consider Bovada, since they tend to offer more markets than what you can find at other boxing betting apps and sites.

Celebrity Boxing Matches

You can wager on celebrities battling it out in exhibition matches that tend to get a lot of attention from the press. Matches centered around people like Jake Paul or Tommy Fury are popular wagering events. We recommend BetUS for matches like these because of the coverage they provide.

Amateur Boxing Matches

The Olympics and World Championships are two major events on the calendar for amateur boxers. Even though these aren’t yet pro boxers, they still compete in matches that people want to bet. Everygame is known for outstanding coverage of the Olympic boxing tournament.

Bare Knuckle Boxing

You can find betting markets for this sport, which allows fighters to go at it without the gloves you find in traditional boxing. The top matches in this sport take place at the events organized by the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. BetOnline offers an excellent selection of BKFC fights on its wagering menu.

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