Tips for Betting on Celebrity Boxing Matches

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Celebrity boxing matches have gathered a lot of popularity recently. Whether it’s former athletes or popular YouTubers like Jake Paul, these bouts are now part of the sport.

Many don’t like them, but celebrity boxing matches are often the culmination of social media buildup and trash talk that generates a lot of interest.

Bookies often categorize these matches as “entertainment” because they don’t involve pro boxers. I’m not really interested in the labels, though, I like the opportunity for some extra cash from betting on celebrity boxing.

That’s a challenging task. Regardless of who’s fighting, you still have to research and learn as much as possible about the competitors.

My best celebrity boxing betting tips can certainly help. In this article, I offer advice you can incorporate to improve your strategy for betting on celebrity boxing.

Study the Rules of the Fight

One of the biggest differences between regular and celebrity boxing are the rules. The former features clear categories, number of rounds, and methods of winning.

That’s not the case with novelty bouts. Most of them come with unique rules, so make sure to check them out because they significantly impact the outcome.

For ExampleGas tanks are significantly less important in celebrity boxing because most matches include fewer rounds. You will often see matches with 3-5 rounds in total which allows the fighter to go all-in right from the start.

The way the winner is decided could vary too. The match between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather ended in a draw because there were no judges. The only way for one of the boxers to win was via knockout.

I can continue with the examples, but I’m sure you get the point. Each celebrity boxing match applies different rules and you should read them carefully before betting on the outcome.

Ignore the Hype

This is one of the best tips I can offer when it comes to betting on celebrity boxing. It’s easy to get distracted by the behavior and personalities of the competitors. However, you shouldn’t focus on the one person who brings the most excitement to the fight.

You also shouldn’t measure anyone’s competitiveness by the number of followers they have on social media and the videos they release on their social media accounts. Don’t listen too much to what the fans are saying, either. It’s easy to skew people’s opinions about celebrity boxing, so make sure you’re ignoring the hype.

It’s also likely that you have a bias in favor of or against certain celebrity boxers. We all get caught up in our emotions about different famous people. However, this can cause you to make inaccurate predictions.

Make sure to leave all the distractions aside and do your homework before betting on celebrity boxing matches.

Analyze and Compare the Fighters

Ultimately, you have to do your research as you normally would with a professional match. The challenge here is to evaluate the boxing abilities of two novices. Naturally, this makes it difficult to predict a winner.

Recommended ReadingYou’re not going to uncover much about two celebrity fighters that’s not already out there. Also, stats or win-loss records are usually unreliable. It all comes down to determining which fighter has the edge over the other by evaluating other factors.

You should focus on fundamentals like foot movement, proper punching technique, jabs, stamina, and power. Watch any training footage and previous matches to gather impressions.

Novelty matchups always require guesswork when predicting a winner. That’s why you should also ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the boxing styles of both competitors, and how do they compare?
  • Does either of these celebrities have any boxing experience?
  • Who is naturally stronger, faster, more athletic, etc.?
  • Does any of the sides already have any fighting experience?

The answers to these questions should make it easier to predict a winner. Ultimately, the best strategy for betting on celebrity boxing involves a lot of analysis. You have to obtain any available information and use it to your advantage.

Look at the Trainers

More and more celebrity boxers are turning to professional trainers to prepare themselves. Jake Paul is a prime example – he hires the very best people to get him ready for every fight. Paul’s trainer, BJ Flores, has helped him defeat Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva.

Celebrities have enough money and resources to prepare for every fight properly. No one knows where Paul would be in his career without BJ Flores.

You should always go the extra mile to research the teams behind each fighter. That would tell you a lot about their chances of winning and the boxing level they could reach.

Physicality Matters

Certain physical qualities can help you evaluate celebrity boxers. Reach, for example, makes a huge difference. Longer arms can cause a lot of difficulty for opponents who want to get close and land jabs.

Height, weight, and age are other obvious physical factors you should consider. Celebrity boxing often includes mismatches because there are no strict categories, like in pro boxing bouts, where the fighters are usually similar in size.

Celebrity Challengers Aren’t Unprecedented

Not long ago, social media influencers such as the Paul brothers and KSI began calling out world-class fighters. Everyone thought it was a joke, and at first, no one took them seriously. How could a YouTuber compete with a world-champion fighter?

It turns out that working hard in the gym with top trainers for several years and a careful selection of opponents can bring some unexpected results. The Paul brothers fought some of the most legendary names in combat sports with solid success.

You could argue they have been picking old and washed fighters but beating MMA world champions is still an achievement.

Celebrity challengers are now more competitive than you think because they have put in the effort and they have the trainers to prepare them. We won’t see a celebrity fighting for a legit boxing title anytime soon but beating veterans and mediocre pros is realistic.

Follow the Fundamentals of Sports Betting

Many believe celebrity boxing is not a sport but entertainment. However, many of the sports betting fundamentals apply, and you should consider them when placing your wagers.

  • Look for Value. Make sure that you’re evaluating the odds and probabilities to find profitable opportunities. It’s also pivotal to shop for the best lines.
  • Follow Proper Bankroll Management. You never want to spend more money than you can afford to lose. Bankroll management is critical because it allows you to set a limit on what you can bet and helps you absorb the bad streaks.
  • Treat Sports Betting Like a Business. To get good at sports betting, you must be serious about it. Try to be methodical about your betting habits and start tracking your results.
  • Get More Money from Bonuses. You should always take advantage of any special bonuses and promotions that are available. I’m talking about free money that you can use for sports betting.

Are you ready to implement your celebrity boxing betting strategy? I recommend that you check out the best online betting sites. They cover all the big matches and offer excellent prices. You can also earn extra rewards through customer loyalty programs, bonuses, and other promos.

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