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5 Simple Ways to Make More Money Online in 2018

Let’s be honest; it’s hard out there these days. In 2018, the economy is apparently soaring on paper, but for some reason, all of that money seems to be going to CEOs and the 1%. That “trickle down” we’ve been hearing about for the last thirty years or so seems to be nothing more than […]

6 Awesome Storylines That Would Make Rounders 2 Worth Making

Some movies should never be touched. They’re greats for a reason, and it’s arguable they should be left alone. No remakes. No sequels. Just let them be. Then again, it’s always tempting to revisit those movies. The characters were so much fun. The original story was so captivating. The direction, the dialogue, and the suspense […]

Bitcoin Poker – The Future or Just a Fad?

Bitcoin has been stealing more and more mainstream news headlines. Much of this has to do with its potential as an investment. But many online poker players have known about Bitcoin (BTC) long before the headlines. That’s because Bitcoin is a popular way to deposit at internet poker rooms. However, BTC has lost some of […]

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Why Gambling with Bitcoin Can Be Dangerous

For online gambling enthusiasts and cryptocurrency advocates alike, 2017 will always be remembered as the “Year of Bitcoin.” On the first of January last year, one Bitcoin (BTC) was valued at $1,019 in US dollars (USD). But by mid-December, the price had skyrocketed to its peak of $19,665, good for a gain of more than […]

How to Be Smart in a World of Dumb Gamblers

I’ve been gambling for a long time, and I normally don’t like to put down my fellow gamblers. But unfortunately…there are too many dumb gamblers in the casino world. You’ll find plenty of smart gamblers, too. But based on my experiences, most gamblers make dumb mistakes when choosing games, managing their bankroll, and relying on […]