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Category Archives: General

5 Things Dogs Can Teach You about Gambling

I’m sure that the first thing you think about when you consider gambling doesn’t have anything to do with dogs. My wife is a dog person, so we always have a couple in the house. I like dogs, and we always had a dog when I was growing up, but I’m nothing like my wife. […]

How Bovada’s Virtual Sports Markets Work

Like any red-blooded Yankee handicapper, I’m looking forward to late summer and fall, and the return of American pigskin to striped fields from sea to shining sea. Well, I’m looking forward to almost all of it. Fantasy Football will be a big deal again, starting in July. A quick confession – I’ve never gotten the […]

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5 Reasons Making Your Sports Bets Public is a Good Idea

We enjoy a pretty good rate-of-return on all picks here on the sports blog. Most of the credit is owed to Howard Parks and the rest of the LegitGamblingSites.com team for their handicapping prowess and carefully thought-out unit math and confidence meters. Still, the numbers bear out that if I always wagered my own blogged […]

The Odds Must Be Crazy: Part 2

Look, Mr. Bookmaker. It’s – it’s really an interesting psychological phenomenon. When your lines aren’t there in front of me, I can handicap any match in a dozen different sports. Heck, I can catch an insect without hurting it any other time. I know it looks like I’m an idiot, but I’m really quite normal. […]

Predicting the Papacy: Online Betting Odds on the Next Pope

“You would do well to remember, Mr. Lucchesi,” whispers a fearful Archbishop Gilday in The Godfather Part III, “that this pope…has very different ideas than the last one.” That’s a great movie quote. But it doesn’t describe the reality of Vatican politics in the 21st century. The need – or at least the desire – […]

Will Theresa May Survive As British Prime Minister in 2019?

Few figures in British political history have been through the political turmoil Theresa May has endured since the Brexit referendum in 2016. Britain shocked the world when it voted to leave the EU, having previously been one of its chief architects, and since then things have been rocky in the United Kingdom, to say the […]

20 of the Most Exclusive Restaurants in Las Vegas to Spend Your Winnings

Most of the time when I go to Las Vegas, I do everything I can to save money, After all, that leaves me more to gamble with. I’m a big fan of comps from casinos, so if they give me a free meal, I’m usually all over it. But sometimes I like to indulge. Especially […]

5 Famous Sports Journalists Who Got Hooked on Sports Gambling

The progress of LGBTQ rights has made it easier to tell jokes about the “closet.” Back in the day when all non-hetero identities were oppressed and persecuted, it was bad taste to use the “out of the closet” comparison for anyone who wasn’t facing a life-or-death conundrum over their dating preferences. But in the 21st […]

Is Bovada’s Line on a Trump 2020 Nomination a Solid Long-Term Investment?

It’s Mueller time. The Special Counsel’s 400-page report on Russia’s alleged influence on the 2016 election was released to the public this morning (with some ongoing investigations redacted, of course), and every voter in America knows exactly what it means. The report completely exonerates President Trump. It’s as plain as day. The report also incriminates […]

13 TV Shows Set In Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always been a popular setting for television shows. Shows can depict characters going to gamble or to see a show or even get married. Shows such as Roseanne, Big Bang Theory, and Sanford and Son are just a few examples of popular shows using Las Vegas as a background to drive their […]

The Odds Must Be Crazy: Part 1

In the cult classic The Gods Must Be Crazy, an unwitting bush pilot throws an empty Coca-Cola bottle into the heart of African tribal country. The natives there live in a utopian state without laws, money, or want. They find the Coke bottle, and consider it yet another blessing from the heavens. Except the Coke […]

How Long Will Tulsi Gabbard’s Presidential Campaign Survive?

The 2020 election season is going to be one of the more fascinating moments in politics in quite some time. Donald Trump’s successful bid to become the President of the United States has seemingly turned the world on its head, inspiring more anger, division, vitriol, and urgency than we’ve seen from a nominee since Nixon. […]