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Category Archives: General

Sports Betting in America: Ranking the Best Wee-Hours Gambling Action

Political and pop culture debates can be won and lost. It just takes a little time. For instance, liberals have persuaded many conservatives (in America, at least) that LGBTQ citizens should have the same rights as straight citizens. But it’s not as if anyone changed their minds in the heat of the moment. Gay marriage […]

5 Infamous Lottery Scams and Scandals

State lotteries around the country, as well as the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), go to great extents to ensure that their lotteries are fair and on the up-and-up. But no matter how much you plan, there’s always an unknown quantity that can throw everything into disarray. I remember as a kid growing up in Massachusetts, […]

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How Sportsbooks Troll Gamblers With Absurd Markets

If I hadn’t worked in the nightclub industry in a past life, I would probably be a lot more frustrated with betting sites that hold as much information as possible close to the vest. I’ve literally been told by a sportsbook employee as I searched for a game line, “You will find out if there […]

Contrarian Betting Strategies Anyone Can Use

Contrarian betting strategies are based on contrarian investing strategies. Contrarian investing is making investment decisions that go against the popular public strategies. The concept is fairly solid if you do it in a smart way, because the average investor isn’t very successful. This is even more pronounced in gambling. The average gambler loses money, so […]

Who Gets More Enjoyment Out of Sports Betting: High-Rollers or Penny Players?

I haven’t looked deeply into the real-life story behind the biopic film Owning Mahowny, but I would be very interested to know if the subject – a gambling addict who wins and loses millions before finally losing his shirt thanks to casino-action fever – ever tried betting on sports instead. In an iconic scene, Mahowny […]

9 Traditional Family Games You Can Gamble On

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t playing games. Some of my earliest memories are playing games with my mother and two grandmothers. I continue to play games today, even as I approach the half century mark in my life. Both of my kids grew up playing games, and my wife and I still […]

2020 Democratic Party Nomination: Updated Gambling Odds Following the Opening Debates

As I grow older, I’m noticing more-and-more the fringe benefits of Las Vegas odds-making. Sports betting odds are great. But when Vegas bookmakers handicap the news and adjust political gambling odds with the action, it’s like having an up-to-the-minute stock report at your fingertips. Except instead of Boeing aircraft or tissue paper or corn futures, […]

11 Things I Hate about Gambling

I love to gamble. It’s one of the most fun things I get to do in my life, and over the years I’ve enjoyed thousands of hours doing it. But gambling isn’t all sunshine and flowers. Many things about gambling get under my skin. The list below includes the top 11 things I hate about […]

Reality Check: How Entertainment Gambling Changes in Summer

Living in the digital-information age it’s awfully easy to forget that there are still “seasons” of TV. Netflix is constantly refreshing content for its subscribers, YouTube “originals” can go up almost anytime, and the phenomenon of binge-watching has made it as easy to sit in suspense in July as in January. In addition to that, […]

Dr. Phil Tries Saving Man Who Fell for Gambler’s Fallacy

TV host Phil McGraw, better known as Dr. Phil, has given advice to numerous people over the years. In one of his episodes, Dr. Phil took on the case of John, a gambling addict whose life was spiraling out of control. John lost $60,000 through various forms of gambling. He also lives with his mother, […]

A Simple Lesson in Fractions Anyone Can Learn and How It Relates to Gambling

Recently my youngest daughter asked me for some help with a math lesson. She was studying fractions and having a difficult time. After reading how her book was trying to teach here, it’s no wonder she was struggling. It’s also not a surprise that many people don’t know how to use fractions. While understanding how […]

Money and Politics: Wagering on Elections and Other Political Events

Let’s face it.  Every election is a gamble. Our vote is the wager. We’re betting on the candidate that we support won’t only win, but make our city, county, state, or country better. We also are betting that the candidate will make our lives better. But it just isn’t candidates, its bond measures, recall votes, […]