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Category Archives: General

5 of the Greatest Financial Bets of All Time

If you read my blogs posts regularly, you’ll know that I have a thing for financial betting. Whether it’s placing a spread bet on a stock price or trying to profit from the volatility of the price of Bitcoin, there’s something about the unlimited potential of financial betting that appeals to me. Much like the […]

What Is CasinoCoin?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years, you’ve probably heard of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and how they have the potential to upend and revolutionize several important industries. From payments and data storage to casino games and peer-to-peer sports betting, innovative crypto companies are building on blockchains and shaking up the […]

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How Do Sportsbooks Make Money?

We all know that a sportsbook is a place where bettors can make wagers on various sporting or non-sporting events. These sporting events ranging from baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, MMA, boxing and many, many more. We also know that gamblers who correctly pick the winning side make money from their bets and […]

How Easy Is It to Start a Gambling Site?

Starting your own gambling site takes serious preparation before diving right in. It’s a big venture to explore, so there is a long checklist worth going over before you can determine that you’re ready. Planning to create your own sportsbook requires more than just a sack of cash. To truly become the best online gambling […]

What Is Bitcoin Satoshi Vision?

If you follow Bitcoin and use it to gamble online, you’re probably already aware that there are multiple versions of it. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, and even Bitcoin Private have made names for themselves over the last few years. While some of them aren’t useful, there are lots of Bitcoin casinos which accept the […]

Odds on Hollywood’s Next Super Heroes – Tom Cruise vs Michael B. Jordan

Perhaps the most conspicuous of all actors’ contract negotiations occurred during the filming of old-fashioned soap operas back in the 20th century. Shows happened on simple timelines. If an actor or actress wasn’t pulling their weight, or a character wasn’t proving popular enough, the character on the soap could simply be killed-off, buried in a […]

Betting Sites Differ Wildly on Trump’s Odds to Win in 2020

It is tough to think of things that everyone can agree on in politics – never more so than in 2019. I’ve got to try, though – since my job here is to get readers on the same page. “No, it’s not,” you might say. “Your job at a handicapping blog is to handicap the […]

The Strange World of Area 51 Gambling Odds

I have highlighted a few “current events” betting markets over the past year that I thought were unethical and vague on behalf of bookmakers – markets on which the outcome was a matter of opinion. Such moves contradict the #1 reason why people enjoy sports gambling and often the sports themselves. Scoreboards are objective. If […]

Sports Betting in America: Ranking the Best Wee-Hours Gambling Action

Political and pop culture debates can be won and lost. It just takes a little time. For instance, liberals have persuaded many conservatives (in America, at least) that LGBTQ citizens should have the same rights as straight citizens. But it’s not as if anyone changed their minds in the heat of the moment. Gay marriage […]

5 Infamous Lottery Scams and Scandals

State lotteries around the country, as well as the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), go to great extents to ensure that their lotteries are fair and on the up-and-up. But no matter how much you plan, there’s always an unknown quantity that can throw everything into disarray. I remember as a kid growing up in Massachusetts, […]

How Sportsbooks Troll Gamblers With Absurd Markets

If I hadn’t worked in the nightclub industry in a past life, I would probably be a lot more frustrated with betting sites that hold as much information as possible close to the vest. I’ve literally been told by a sportsbook employee as I searched for a game line, “You will find out if there […]

Contrarian Betting Strategies Anyone Can Use

Contrarian betting strategies are based on contrarian investing strategies. Contrarian investing is making investment decisions that go against the popular public strategies. The concept is fairly solid if you do it in a smart way, because the average investor isn’t very successful. This is even more pronounced in gambling. The average gambler loses money, so […]