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Category Archives: General

2020 Presidential Election: Any Long-Shot Futures Bets Worth a Wager?

The question of how often sportsbooks “troll” gamblers is an interesting one. While I already knew that betting sites occasionally put out weird lines on weird things as publicity stunts, it never really hit home just how full of mischief the online bookies could be…until recently, when I found odds at Bovada Sportsbook on who […]

Why Entertainment and Political Betting Markets are the Future

Look at the world around you. Since the creations of the smartphone and social media, society has done nothing but photograph, record, share and comment on every halfway interesting world event or news story it could get its hands on. As is always the case, this will only continue to escalate as increasingly creative and […]

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Beto O’ Rourke’s Vegas Line to Win the 2020 DNC Nomination is Shrinking Fast

I’ll try to do my best Obama impression, but it’s hard in writing, so bear with me. “Look. Folks all know…there’s a risk…of folks losing money…when folks gamble. I say to folks…why…do you folks need…to lose money that way…(pauses for 10 minutes)…when folks can…just vote for Republicans…and get it over with? Ah ha ha ha! […]

The Sick World of “Who Will Die First” Bets

I hadn’t planned on writing this article. No, I didn’t even know that you could bet on the mortality of celebrities and public figures – at least, not with a legitimate sportsbook! Well, it turns out you absolutely can, and thanks to the hilariously twisted souls behind setting the odds for MyBookie.ag, it’s more fun […]

Handicapping California Falling into the Ocean

It was 5:12 am local time when a foreshock rattled San Fransisco, like Mother Nature firing a warning shot into the air. Animals took heed and began behaving erratically, desperate to free themselves of their owner’s stupidity and get out of town as quickly as possible. Not that it would matter if they could; there […]

2020 Democratic Nominee Betting Odds

In July 2020, the Democratic Party will choose a candidate to represent them in the Presidential Election, presumably against the incumbent Donald Trump. If they’re somehow able to get him out of office before then, that’d be a big win for the left which would drastically alter the stakes and tone of the primaries. As […]

A Sportsbook Run Like a Stock Exchange Would Revolutionize (and Legalize) the Industry

Out of the way and Anaheim Ducks. I’ve got an idea. I have a long-departed relative who spent my childhood shaking his head dismissively and saying “Mmm-hmm, yeah, they’ve got those” in response to any talk of new ideas or inventions. How my family would laugh about trying to come up with some fictional new […]

How to Cope With a Losing Streak at the Sportsbook

Almost everyone in any competition suffers a losing streak at some point, but few are as painful on a regular basis as a losing skid at the sportsbook. When you lose to a bookmaker, the full weight of the betting site’s “vig” or house % is brought to bear. You were winning on plenty of […]

Does a Biased Media Create Value in Current Events Odds?

I didn’t realize how much the sports world is like the “real” world (and we know all too well that sports happen in the real world) until I started covering both simultaneously on the internet. Reporters are just people, and facts get distorted by the media for all kinds of reasons. It doesn’t mean they’re […]

When Will Online Sports Gambling Be Legal in All 50 U.S. States?

This morning I was pleased to see a headline out of West Virginia, “Online Gambling in the Cards.” The article speaks about an internet betting-legalization bill which is currently fast-tracking through Congress in the Mountain State. As in Illinois and other locales on the cusp of welcoming legal wagers, many local and state politicians are […]

The Unwritten Rules Oddsmakers Follow…and Which Sportsbooks Break Them

Most gamblers are familiar with the basic rules of betting at the sportsbook. Or at least they should be. For instance, a simple regulation followed by every reputable betting site on the internet is that an outcome which matches the point spread or O/U point total exactly is neither won or lost by either the […]

2019 Academy Awards Prop Bets

This Sunday, the 91st Academy Awards will take place in Los Angeles, California. It’s Hollywood’s biggest night, where all of the superstars and behind-the-scenes power-players gather together to pat themselves on the back and remind the world of just how virtuous and talented they are. In between long emotional lectures — all feigning modesty while […]