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Which Beaches Should You Visit Near Casinos in Madrid?

Deciding where to take a gambling trip can be an overwhelming task. With all the gambling establishments around the world, it can be difficult to zero in on one particular location. Well, one of the coolest places you can travel to gamble is Madrid, Spain. Madrid is the capital of Spain. It’s also the most […]

7 Most Important Things for Beginners to Understand about Sports Betting

When you’re just getting into sports betting, it can seem daunting. In fact, before I wrote gambling blogs for a living, I knew almost nothing about betting on sports. I’d just never been a sports fan before. Of course, I’ve been gambling for a long time now. So, I’ve learned some things about sports betting […]

Gambling Games to Play at Home With Friends and Family

You are at home with friends. Everyone in the room has exhausted all possible Netflix options, and besides, you feel like doing something more interactive anyway. Game nights are becoming increasingly popular, even hip, and you want to give it a try.  You pull out some dice, a few decks of cards and decide to […]

Tips for Visiting the Las Vegas Winter Market

There are few retail events in the world as hyped and as highly anticipated as the Las Vegas Winter Market. In the towering World Market Center, this event brings homeware buyers and enthusiasts into town from every corner of the globe. Yes, many people associate Las Vegas with casinos and nightlife and celebrity chef restaurants. […]

Dancing With the Stars Week 8 Recap and Week 9 Predictions – Season 29

My favorite dancing duo withdrew from the competition Sunday night. Jeannie Mai was diagnosed with epiglottis, a critical throat condition that affects the lungs. Jeannie was admitted for emergency surgery. The dancer is recovering well, but doctors mentioned if she waited any longer, the outcome would have been much bleaker. Jeannie expressed, “I will be […]

Why Trump Voters Should Bet on Him Winning the 2020 Election

Yes, you can bet on the 2020 US presidential election. A few years ago, this would have been tough to do, unless you were making a friendly wager with an acquaintance. You can’t bet on elections at Las Vegas sportsbooks, but online sportsbooks have bettors all over the world making deposits, selecting their wagers, and […]

Top Betting Sites for the 2020 US Presidential Election

I have lived through several U.S. presidential administrations, and never have I seen a nation (and a planet) so utterly riveted by how the next election will turn out. The 2020 US presidential election pits Donald Trump versus Joe Biden. Interestingly, the “obvious” choice for leader of the free world does not depend on data […]

Dancing With the Stars Week 5 Recap and Week 6 Predictions – Season 29

Leg warmers, crimped hair, Miami Vice inspired outfits and loud colored windbreakers filled the fifth week of Dancing with the Stars! The 80s vibe inspired each dancing duo to bring out their best inner dancing maniac. While the theme was 80s night, it should have been Jazz and Tango night. Over half of the routines […]

Dancing With the Stars Week 3 Recap With Week 4 Predictions (2020)

“A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep.” Well, lots of wishful dreaming was done in the third week of DWTS. The Disney themed night proved to be a little less magical than expected. The performances all lacked a little bit of energy and pizazz. Judge Derek Hough mentioned a lack […]

Early Picks for Dancing with the Stars Season 29

Do not worry Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) fanatics. The pandemic did not halt the production of the show’s 29th season. On September 2, DWTS announced its celebrity lineup of dancing hopefuls. ABC’s roster includes several singers, talk show hosts, athletes, actors, and actresses. The show aired its first episode on September 14 at 7 […]

Who Will Win America’s Got Talent Season 15?

America’s Got Talent (AGT) is a televised talent show competition. The show includes a variety of talents such as singing, dancing, and a variety of other niche acts. In its 15th season, AGT continues to include more unique talents like the spoken word and Cirque du Soleil style acrobatics. Just one week out from the […]

Will Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial Take Place on July 12, 2021?

As I started to write this article, I wondered, “Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?” Yes, I have been living under a rock. For my fellow “under the rock” dwellers, Ghislaine Maxwell is the infamous Madam of Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted child rapist. Maxwell currently faces charges for her participation in the recruitment of underage children for […]