Joe Biden Prop Bets and Predictions

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Boden is the 46th and one of the most controversial presidents of the United States ever. The life-long politician is serving his first term in office and is quickly approaching re-election time. Most betting sites, however, wonder how much longer he’ll last in his current position.

Biden’s longevity in office is up in the air right now. He’s poised to be the Democrat frontrunner in 2024 as the GOP remains uncertain about their next candidate. Anything could happen in the next year or two as we inch our way closer to the presidential election.

That’s why you can find many Joe Biden prop bets online. I explore the most interesting among them and share my prediction below.

Will Biden Complete Full First Term?

  • Yes; -550
  • No; +325

The early Joe Biden betting odds indicate a good chance he’ll finish his first term. One way he doesn’t make it to 2024 is if he falls ill and is replaced by Kamala Harris. He could also decide to step down and avoid running for re-election.

Interestingly, rumors were swirling about potential impeachment proceedings moving forward. However, the Democrats have a majority in the Senate, meaning Biden’s job is pretty safe.

The more important questions are about Biden’s cognitive health. It’s been a hot topic ever since he entered office. A former White House physician recently spoke out and raised concerns about the president’s mental state. Many people have also speculated that Biden is showing clear signs of cognitive decline.

This has been the case ever since the election, so II think it’s a safe bet that Biden will finish his first term in office. He has less than two years to go and I don’t expect major surprises.


Joe Biden Leave Office via Impeachment?

  • Yes; +1000
  • No; -4000

The betting odds on Joe Biden also suggest that it’s unlikely that he’ll leave via impeachment. This doesn’t really surprise me because impeaching a president is nearly impossible. It requires a supermajority in the Senate – 67 votes – for a conviction.

The previous efforts to remove a president from office didn’t yield anything. All three US presidents who were impeached – Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump – were also eventually acquitted. If anything, impeachment proceedings are more useful in casting a bad light on certain presidents.

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It’s also known that Republicans aren’t really seeking retaliation against Joe Biden. Trump had two separate impeachment trials, both of which resulted in acquittals. In fact, the first time Trump was impeached, many argued that it was a partisan overreach.

The big question is whether Biden has done anything that was an impeachable offense. That depends on who you ask. The question of impeachment arose when the FBI found classified documents in Joe Biden’s home in Delaware. However, Republicans likely won’t weaponize their power the same way.

I think Biden will remain the president and not face impeachment proceedings. It’s one of the more divisive tactics to remove a politician from office. Also, for impeachment hearings to move forward, they must be at the Justice Department’s behest.

Another reason is that the Republicans probably don’t want to change the status quo in the middle of the Ukraine crisis. At the same time, the odds of -4000 are just too short, so I’m not betting on this one.

Joe Biden's Exit Date

  • 2025; -200
  • Not Before 2026; +235
  • 2023, +700
  • 2024; +800

Here’s one of the more intriguing Joe Biden prop bets – When will Joe Biden leave office? He represents the Democrats’ best hope of retaining the White House because they don’t have many strong candidates for the 2024 election at this moment.

His most likely main rival is Donald Trump, who recently announced his bid for the presidency in 2024. The only other viable GOP candidate is Ron DeSantis, but it’s unknown if he’ll throw his hat in the ring. DeSantis also likely won’t go against Trump.

The potential rematch with the former president could be in the works for 2024. Biden’s team is preparing a campaign apparatus in case he announces his re-election.

Will Biden have the stamina to survive re-election and serve his second term? That’s one of the more difficult questions to answer. He’s already the oldest president in history, and concerns regarding his cognitive health aren’t going away.

The public is also very much aware of Biden’s age – he’ll be 86 years old by the end of his second term. This appears to be one of his biggest liabilities heading into the next presidential election. Trump, on the other hand, isn’t much younger – he’ll be 78 by 2024.

It’s close, but I feel that getting +235 for Biden to be reelected, which is what the “Not Before 2026” option represents, is too good to turn down at the moment. The odds will likely be much shorter closer to the next elections.

My Pick:
Not Before 2026

Will Joe Biden Be Indicted Before Next General Election?

  • No; -3000
  • Yes; +900

When betting on Joe Biden props, you should also consider the possibility of a criminal indictment. The big concern here has to do with the president’s son Hunter Biden and his various business dealings. An indictment against Hunter could spell bad news for the president.

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I'm going to be brutally honest – government accountability doesn't really exist, especially when it involves US presidents. We’re talking about the most powerful people on earth who rarely face any criminal consequences. Government corruption has existed since the ancient Egyptian Dynasties (and it isn’t going away).

President Biden appears to be pretty safe at the moment. Could he be indicted eventually? Yes, but the standard for a criminal conviction is extremely high, so don’t expect anything to happen. I can almost guarantee that Biden won’t be facing any indictments before the next general election.

The odds for this are really short, but it’s as certain as it gets.


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