Best Betting Bonuses and Promotions for Super Bowl 58

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It would be criminal not to take advantage of the many 2024 Super Bowl betting bonuses and promotions available for the big game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers!

There are some great ways to boost your gambling returns on the web, so I collected the best of them in this article. Check out these bonuses and promotions to see which one fits the Super Bowl LVIII bets you want to make.

BetOnline $50 Risk-Free Same Game Parlay

Many bettors like to use same game parlays as a way to combine multiple wagering options on Super Bowl 58. BetOnline, one of the best NFL bookmakers online, is giving you the chance to take a free shot at one of these wagers on the big game. It’s a pretty simple process:

  • Make a same game parlay bet of at least $50
  • If you win, you can collect your winnings
  • If you lose, email the support and they’ll put $50 back in your gambling account

That’s a great way to take a shot without any risks. For example, if you like San Francisco against the spread and the over, you can make that your same game parlay, knowing that a loss won’t hurt your bankroll.

Keep in mind you can make a same game parlay bet of over $50 with this promotion, but, if you lose, you’ll only get $50 back in your account.

Everygame Bitcoin Bowl

To get involved with this Super Bowl 2024 betting promotion, you have to make a wager at Everygame on the big game. You also should be prepared to receive Bitcoin by creating a crypto wallet, since that’s how the winners will receive payment. Everygame will put everyone who bets on the Super Bowl into this draw.

100 winners will be drawn, and they’ll get to share in a single Bitcoin. Currently, the value for one Bitcoin is around $42,000, so 1/100 of that is worth $420! There’s no listed wagering requirement, which means you get to pocket your winnings if you’re one of the lucky ones.

Everygame $300 Super Bowl Bonus

Everygame is also featuring a special deposit bonus to sweeten the deal for Super Bowl bettors. The first part of this promotion is a 50% deposit up to $300. This Super Bowl 2024 betting bonus comes with an 8x rollover, and the bets that count toward the rollover must have minimum odds of -200.

On top of that, once the promotion period is over on February 28, 2024, Everygame will award you with a $10 free bet. That means that this bonus essentially gives you something extra for Super Bowl 58 and after the game.

BetUS Super Bowl Squares

BetUS offers squares contests on a pretty regular basis. For example, you can take part in squares pools for NBA regular season games. For Super Bowl 58, they’re going all out by offering multiple Super Bowl squares pools at different price points:

  • $1
  • $5
  • $10
  • $15
  • $25
  • $50
  • $100
  • $500

Since there are 100 squares in each grid, you can do the math to see the prize pools for each. For example, there will be $50,000 in the pool for the $500 entry fee pool. 10% of each total pool goes to BetUS. Out of the remainder, the person with the winning square at the end of the game gets 50%, the halftime winner pockets 25%, and the first and third quarter winners get 12.5%. $100 Risk-Free Live Bet

At, you can take advantage of a 2024 Super Bowl betting bonus that’s tailored to live wagers. Many sports bettors these days enjoy the chance to make bets while a game is in play. That should be no different during Super Bowl LVIII, and this site comes through a very useful promo in that regard.

You can get your first live bet with refunded up to $100 if you lose. In other words, you won’t be incurring any risk if you make a live bet on the Niners or Chiefs, or any other aspect of Super Bowl LVIII, while the action is taking place. If you do lose your wager and get it refunded, there will be a 6x rollover in place before you can withdraw those funds.

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