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The Best Bitcoin Betting Sites

Bitcoin Betting
If you’re searching the web for the best Bitcoin betting sites, you’ll be glad to know that you’ve reached your destination.

We spend our entire lives searching for, reviewing, and ranking betting sites that accept Bitcoin. As you’ll see if you dig around the site, we cover all kinds of sites, including sports betting sites, online casinos, poker sites, and even niche, specialized gambling sites.

In this section, we’re going to focus on Bitcoin betting sites specifically. If you want to bet on football, basketball, baseball, boxing, MMA, or any other sport, you’ll be able to do so at these approved sites.

If you’re an experienced online gambler who already knows how to use Bitcoin and the advantages and pitfalls of doing so, go ahead and pick one of the BTC betting sites below. If you’re relatively new to Bitcoin gambling, we advise you to read the information below.

Our List of the Best Bitcoin Betting Sites for 2019

Rank VA Gambling Site Sign Up Bonus Get Started
#1 100% up to $2,500 Visit Site
#2 50% up to $1,000 Visit Site
#3 100% up to $1,000 Visit Site
#4 50% bonus up to $250 Visit Site
#5 50% up to $1,000 Visit Site

Why Are These the Best Bitcoin Betting Sites?

Before you jump in and start betting with Bitcoin, we’d like to take a few moments to explain how we came up with our approved site list.

If you believe in verifying things for yourself before you trust anything, that’s what this information will help you do. All of our recommended Bitcoin betting sites meet these standards.

Lots of Sports to Bet On

We don’t know what sports you’re into, and we know it will largely depend on where you’re from in the world. Since we get readers from all over, we aim to recommend sports betting sites that offer action on lots of different sports.

Whether you’re into football, basketball, baseball, soccer, cricket, rugby, MMA, boxing, athletics, Aussie rules, or something else altogether, you’ll be able to bet on your favorite sports at our recommended sites.

The top betting sites that accept Bitcoin also offer live/in-play betting with the ability to cash out early.
You’ll also be able to make various bet types such as moneyline, parlay, round robin, and proposition bets.

Some of them also offer betting on esports, which is getting bigger by the day. Whether or not you’re into that, the point is that you’ll have the option.

Fast, Cheap Withdrawals

If you understand Bitcoin, you’ll already know that it’s a lot faster and cheaper than traditional bank transactions. You can verify this here. The average transaction costs under $1 and will arrive within an hour.

Given that it’s so fast and cheap, it wouldn’t make much sense to play at a second-rate casino that takes days or even weeks to verify transactions and takes an arm and a leg in withdrawal fees.

The Bitcoin sportsbooks we recommend all have low (or no) withdrawal fees, and cashiers clear them within a short period of time. As a result, you’ll get your BTC winnings a lot faster.

Helpful Customer Support

Have you ever experienced a betting site with terrible customer service? We have, and it sucks.

Slow response times, unhelpful answers from live chat operators, and a general disinterested attitude on behalf of the support agents will cause the site to fall in our rankings.

Our trustworthy Bitcoin betting sites all have email and live chat services at the minimum, and we award extra points for sites that offer telephone helplines. If these helplines are free, that’s even better.

Now that we’ve explored what sets our approved Bitcoin gambling sites apart from the rest, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of betting with Bitcoin in general.

Is Betting with Bitcoin Right for You?

The answer to this question will be different for every single person. Bitcoin will either meet your own unique needs, or it won’t. You’ll probably find it’s the right fit for you if…

You’re in a Country with Restrictive Gambling Regulations

We would never recommend making use of Bitcoin gambling sites where it’s outright illegal to do so. However, there are lots of countries where it’s sort of a grey area, and while it isn’t illegal, it can be a pain to gamble online.

Many top Bitcoin betting sites accept people from almost any country. You see, Bitcoin was designed to be permissionless, and the entire ethos of the project is to be able to control your own money and use it for whatever purposes you see fit.

The idea of telling a grown adult what they may or may not spend their own money on is the exact opposite of what Bitcoin is all about. As a result, you’ll find that you can play at Bitcoin-friendly betting sites from almost anywhere.

You Want to Keep Your Online Gambling to Yourself

Most people will agree that it’s fun to have a bet on the Super Bowl, the Olympics, or the World Cup. However, when it comes to regular gambling, you can quickly find yourself misunderstood and misjudged.

Through searching through the popular online gambling forums, we’ve read stories of people being refused for business opportunities, turned down for credit, or generally being judged for gambling regularly.

We’ve also heard of people realizing their details have been sold to marketing companies who aim to target them with gambling products. All of this is cause for concern, and it can sometimes seem like the internet is slowly morphing into a giant surveillance tool.

Bitcoin betting sites can help pump the brakes on the slow and steady erosion of privacy we’re all becoming aware of. If you’d rather keep your own business to yourself, that’s your right.

You’re Concerned About Fraud and Theft

One of the key reasons some older gamblers refuse to participate in online gambling is the need to share personal details such as name, address, and card or bank information.

We understand this notion, especially among those who grew up in a world without the internet and who are suspicious of it. However, you don’t have to be old-school to be worried about the potential of having your financial details sold or stolen by hackers and fraudsters.

Bitcoin betting sites eliminate much of that concern. Since you won’t have to hook up any of your payment information to them, that information can’t be stolen by default.

When you consider that there are even BTC betting sites that don’t ask you to register anything other than a username and password, you can totally eliminate the possibility of being stolen from or becoming a victim of fraud.

Add to this that you store your Bitcoins on a digital or hardware wallet, making them virtually impossible to steal, and Bitcoin betting sites become a great idea for those who want to stay safe when betting online.

You Want to Move Money Quickly and Cheaply

Let’s say you’re in Australia, and you want to bet on some of the top US sportsbooks because they have the best lines on NFL games. However, because of restrictions, they can only accept bank transfers and Bitcoin as payment methods.

If you chose to do a bank transfer, it could take several days and cost $25 or more just to do the transfer. By that time, the action you want to get in on could be over, and the transfer fee could make the bet unprofitable.

Yet, if you play at a Bitcoin betting site, your BTC can be moved from Australia to wherever the sportsbook is located in an hour maximum. It’ll also cost under $1 for most transactions, even if you’re using large amounts (thousands or tens of thousands).

The transfer can be done 24/7, to anywhere and from anywhere. Nobody will ask you what it’s for, no middleman will take extra fees, and you can place your bets as soon as it arrives.

You’re Worried About Rogue Sports Betting Sites

We’ve already touched on fraud and theft above, but that was from the perspective of having your details sold or stolen. There’s a whole other danger when betting on sports online – rogue sportsbooks.

These sportsbooks may steal your deposits, cancel your winning bets and claim you never placed them, or take some of your money and claim you deposited less than you did. You wouldn’t believe the shameless attempts at scammery some sites make and what they try to get away with.

These sorts of scams become incredibly difficult to pull off when it comes to Bitcoin betting sites. Because every Bitcoin transaction is recorded on a public blockchain that anyone can access, you can easily debunk the claims of rogue casinos, and you’ll have irrefutable evidence to back up your side of the story.

This is nothing short of revolutionary, and it goes unmentioned or misunderstood by many. In fact, we’d say it’s one of the main reasons to choose Bitcoin betting sites. You won’t have to be a tech-wizard to verify transactions, either. It’s all right there in front of your eyes and everyone else’s.

When You Might Want to Give Bitcoin Betting Sites a Miss

Of course, Bitcoin isn’t a miracle cure for everything. It solves many problems, but it can present some new ones for some people. We’d recommend thinking twice about gambling with Bitcoin if:

  • You struggle with technology. It can take some getting used to sending and receiving Bitcoins. It’s not difficult by any means, but if you still have to ask your family for help recording your favorite TV programs, Bitcoin might be too advanced for you, at least until it becomes more user-friendly
  • It’s illegal to use in your country. We aren’t aware of any country where you’ll get locked up for using Bitcoin, but we do know some governments don’t exactly like it, and we also know laws and regulations are always changing. If you think betting with Bitcoin might get you in legal trouble, give it a miss
  • You can’t cash out or spend Bitcoin quickly. It’s a well-known fact that Bitcoin fluctuates wildly and can crash overnight without warning. We always advise our readers to either cash it out or spend it as soon as you win it. However, if there’s some reason why you can’t do so, such as exchanges being restricted or illegal in your country, it might not be a good idea to use it to gamble online

How to Pick the Right Bitcoin Betting Site for You

Since we’ve recommended several excellent sites, we thought we’d add a little information on how to pick between them.

Before asking yourself the following questions, remember that each site has an in-depth review that you can read to find out all of the information about that site. We recommend you check out the reviews for the sites you’re interested in.

Ask yourself these questions as you read…

● Which sports do you want to bet on most? Does the site offer action on your preferred sports?

● What type of bets do you like to make? Does the site offer them?

● Is live betting important to you? Can you cash out early? Make sure the site facilitates it if so.

● Does the site offer any extra features that make it better than the rest? For example, it might offer a sports stats center or live streaming of events.

● Do you want to play casino games, poker, or bingo as well as bet on sports? If so, again, make sure those services which are most important to you are available.

● Are there any free bets or welcome bonuses available? What are the ongoing sports betting promotions like?

If you find a site that ticks most of your boxes, you should go ahead and play there. Don’t forget that it’s perfectly possible to hold accounts at multiple Bitcoin betting sites, so you don’t have to narrow it down to just one.

Whatever site(s) you decide on, we wish you the best of luck. Do your research, make smart bets, and Lady Luck will show up eventually!