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Professional men’s and women’s tennis tournaments take place throughout most of the calendar year. This ensures that betting markets are always available on matchups involving some of the most elite players, such as Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Naomi Osaka.

Most tennis matches also include specific markets known as “set betting” that provide you with even more opportunities to win real money. If you want to know more about them, you’ve come to the right place.

This post explains the basics of set betting in tennis and provides tips on how to build a strategy for the available options.

What Is Set Betting in Tennis?

As you probably already know, tennis matches are divided into sets. The ultimate goal is to win the required number sets by the end of the match to win.

Note:Most professional matches follow a best-of-three format where players must win two sets to claim victory. However, the men’s Grand Slam singles and other major tournaments will feature matches in a best-of-five format.

In set betting, you have different markets to choose from that offer you many opportunities to win money. You can even participate in live betting. Here’s what you’ll discover when exploring all the options that are available.

Total Sets Under/Over

Set totals are when you bet on the number of sets that will be played before the match ends. You’re not necessarily picking who will win the match, but rather the duration of the match.

In best the best-of-three format, you bet on either two or three sets before the match ends. However, in the best-of-five format, you have to choose between three, four, or five sets.

Predicting who’ll actually win the match can be difficult, but the total sets market offers a perfect alternative. You get to set aside your personal bias and focus more on the trends that can forecast the outcome of a particular match.

Set Spreads/Handicaps

Another market that falls into the set betting category. In this one, you gamble on a combination of the winner and the final score in sets.

One of the players (usually the weaker one) is given a starting handicap, for example, +1.5 sets. That means that the other player has to win by two sets or more to clear the handicap/cover the spread.

2-0 is the only option if best-of-three matches in the example above. You can add 3-0 and 3-1 if we’re talking about best-of-five fixtures.

Correct Score

In tennis set betting, you can also bet on the scores. Set scores are determined by the amount games won within a certain set. In most professional tennis matches, players that win the first six games will also win the set.

However, if both players win five games within the set, they’ll continue playing and one of them must pull ahead by two games. However, if both players win six games within the set, a tiebreaker will take place.

Listed below are all possible outcomes when betting on the correct score:

  • 6-0
  • 6-1
  • 6-2
  • 6-3
  • 6-4
  • 7-5
  • 7-6

Betting on the exact score can be a little tricky and requires a lot of luck. It’s probably a market you should stay away from.

To Win a Set

You can also bet on who will win a particular set. Again, this is another market where you don’t have to predict the winner of the match. Instead, you’re focusing solely on one particular set within the match.

Futher Info:Every professional tennis match will require players to compete in at least two sets. In other words, you should focus on the very beginning of the match in terms of predicting who’ll win each individual set.

Correct Number of Games Within a Set

This particular market also allows you to remove yourself from predicting a winner and loser. However, the number of games within a set can range from seven to 13 (if the match goes to a tiebreaker).

You should keep in mind that not all final sets are determined via the classic tiebreaker rules. They can drag on to determine a winner in certain Grand Slam events. Live betting also covers markets that offer numerous options for betting on the correct number of sets.

Basic Tips for Set Betting in Tennis

You can always improve your tennis set betting strategy when you incorporate some of the best practices into your process. I want to go over some basic tips that will help you win more consistently.

First, you should always study the players and analyze their recent form. Try to determine if they’re playing the best tennis of their careers or struggling. Don’t forget to check their performance on the surface in question too. Some players love clay, others prefer hard or grass courts.

Also, seek out markets that offer the most betting value. Remember, the purpose of online betting is to win the most money with your bankroll. A heavy favorite who’s been struggling recently can prove to be advantageous.

I also recommend that you ignore your emotions and personal biases when betting on professional tennis. It’s easy to favor a certain player whom you admire, but the truth is that even the champions are susceptible to losing.

Advanced Strategy for Set Betting in Tennis

Individual set betting before the match starts allow you to spread things out and avoid investing all of your money on moneylines. That’s important in tennis because the gap in quality is often so large that the odds for the favorite and the chances of the underdog are extremely low to the point that backing any of them makes no sense.

Set betting allows you to find better opportunities, but you need to prepare properly. The basic tips are a good starting point. Here’s what else you must do.

  • Follow the Latest Trends – People tend to overlook previous results. Yes, head-to-head matches and overall quality matter. However, every player goes through ups and downs every year. You should always try to figure out the current trajectory when betting on sets in tennis. It could be the difference between a close match/set and a demolition job.
  • Fan Favorites Create Value – Many casual gamblers tend to think that matches of top players like Rafa Nadal or Novak Djokovic are a “sure” thing. They often are, in a sense they are highly likely to win convincingly, but the large volumes placed on them often create good value for the opponent in the set spread market or the over in the set totals market.
  • The Occasion Matters – The top players are often close to their best at Grand Slams and big Masters events. They often use smaller tournaments for preparation, so that leaves the door open to closer matches and sets.
  • Distractions Off the Court – Tennis is an individual sport, so the mental state of the players is critical. Good or bad events off the court often affect their performance, so make sure to stay alert for them.

Live Set Betting Tips

Live betting on tennis sets will require you to consider the evidence that’s right before your eyes. Are the players having an off day? If someone is a little sluggish to begin their match, live betting allows you to adjust accordingly.

Also, if a sleeper is overperforming, live betting allows you to capitalize on their unexpected success. In every tennis tournament, there’s at least one player who’s exceeding everyone’s expectations.

Remember, you should take in as much evidence as you can when the matches are unfolding. The odds can change pretty rapidly, so make sure you follow everything closely.

Observe the body language of the players and their movement on the court. You will sometimes spot signs of fatigue and injuries before the odds have been adjusted. The key here is to watch the matches closely and grab every opportunity that comes up.

Best Sportsbooks for Tennis Set Betting

Set betting in tennis ultimately enables you to find more chances to make some money. If you want to give it a try, I recommend visiting the best tennis betting sites.

They offer competitive odds for multiple set betting markets and many other options. Furthermore, you can claim sign-up bonuses and earn extra rewards when you join them.

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