Banksy Odds – Who’s the Famous Artist?

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The latest Banksy betting odds allow you to bet on the identity of the popular graffiti artist! His street art is often found around the world, with subject matter that includes dark humor and social commentary.

There’s been a lot of speculation about Banksy’s identity since the 1990s. Internet sleuths have actually narrowed down the list to several suspected individuals. I want to share my thoughts on the true identity of the popular artist known as Banksy by going through the most likely candidates.

Read the article to the end for my prediction on who Banksy actually is, but for now, let’s explore the odds!

Who Is Banksy Betting Odds

  • Robin Gunningham; +200
  • Joy Millward; +800
  • Robert Del Naja; +800
  • Aaron Wood; +900
  • Invader; +900

Who is Banksy? The betting odds indicate that it could be Robin Gunningham, a talented artist from England. Joy Millward, who’s married to Gunningham, is also up there along with musician Robert Del Naja.

I used the odds posted by BetUS to write this article and provide you with my analysis, so visit the site if you want to bet on Banksy’s identity.

Robin Gunningham

  • Age: 50
  • Occupation: Artist

Robin Gunningham, an artist born in Bristol, England, could be Banksy’s true identity. The general public has suspected him for many years now. Many of Gunningham’s former classmates have even speculated that he’s the elusive artist.

In 2008, an image surfaced of Gunningham using a spray can and stencils. These are tools often used by Banksy to create his street art and graffiti. The picture was taken in Jamaica, and it has been widely circulated since its release.

There is also another strong indication that Gunningham is the true identity of Banksy. The Daily Mail initially reported that Banksy’s company, Pest Control Ltd, is facing a defamation lawsuit. The first defendant named in the case is Gunningham.

Entrepreneur Andrew Gallagher initiated the lawsuit against Banksy and his company. However, nothing is really known about the case, and no one knows why Gallagher is suing Banksy. The lawyer representing Gallagher also refused to comment publicly on the lawsuit.

My main concern with Gunningham is that Banksy could be using him to mislead everyone. You should know that Banksy is known for pranking the public. It wouldn’t surprise me if this were another publicity stunt.

In 2018, Banksy sold one of his works, Girl With Balloon, at an auction for $1.4 million. Then, the painting was destroyed by a shredding device. The graffiti artist later admitted that he orchestrated the entire thing.

I also want to mention that criminologists from Queen Mary University in 2016 tried to identify Gunningham as Banksy. They used geographical profiling to link Gunningham to areas with Banksy’s graffiti. Their research, however, has been criticized for its inaccuracy.

Is there a good chance that Gunningham is the true identity of Banksy? Yes, but I think you shouldn’t jump to any conclusions. Banksy is known for stirring the pot and making a mockery of how the public perceives him.

Joy Millward

  • Age: 50
  • Occupation: Lobbyist/Artist

Joy Millward is the wife of Robin Gunningham, which is why a lot of people suspect that she’s Banksy. Millward is also named in the lawsuit that Andrew Gallagher filed against Banksy and his company. She is known as the “Queen of Street Art” among graffiti artists.

Millward’s association with Gunningham is the main reason why a lot of people suspect her of being Banksy. They two allegedly met each other in 2003 when she began working for Labour MP Austin Mitchell.

In 2005, Millward founded Principle Affairs, which is a lobbying group that supports charities. It’s alleged that she’s well off financially and lives very comfortably, based on her estimated net worth of around $5 million.

There’s also a lot of speculation about Millward’s existence in general. She’s very reclusive, and not much is really known about her personal life. It’s alleged that Millward and Gunningham live in an isolated neighborhood with few neighbors.

Similar to Gunningham, Millward has been a graffiti artist for many years of her life. That means there’s a chance that she could also be the true identity of Banksy. However, Gunningham is her only connection to Banksy, so I doubt she’s the elusive artist.

Robert Del Naja

  • Age: 58
  • Occupation: Musician

Another theory is that the lead singer of Massive Attack is actually Banksy. Robert Del Naja is a well-known musician and a graffiti artist. He spent many years operating under the name “3D” in Bristol, England.

Is there an actual connection between Banksy and Del Naja? Banksy previously said that 3D was one of his biggest influences growing up. Del Naja was a graffiti artist in the 1980s before he formed Massive Attack in 1988.

There’s also another wrinkle to the theory that Del Naja is the real identity of Banksy. In 2018, DJ Goldie was discussing Banksy on the Distraction Pieces Podcast. He referred to Banksy as “Rob” and said that he’s a brilliant artist.

Here’s the thing — “Rob” can refer to Robin, as in Robin Gunningham. However, fans of Massive Attack have also allegedly linked the locations of performances by Del Naja to works of art by Banksy. There certainly seems to be a connection between the two.

Most Likely Sleepers

I also want to bring your attention to several sleepers who could be the true identity of Banksy. The iconic street artist has concealed his identity now for several decades. A lot of people are convinced that Gunningham is Banksy, but no one really knows for certain.

  • Jamie Hewlett (+1400). Hewlett, who founded the band Gorillaz, has been linked to Banksy as well. The graffiti legend has designed artwork for the band before, and Hewlett is also connected to all of Banksy’s companies.
  • Thierry Guetta (+1400). Guetta, also known as Mr. Brainwash, starred in the “Exit Through the Gift Shop” documentary made by Banksy. There’s a theory that the entire documentary was a hoax.
  • Richard Pfeiffer (+2500). In 2014, Pfeiffer was arrested for allegedly creating one of the graffiti artworks by Banksy in New York City. However, the charges against him were dropped six months later.
  • Andrew Gallagher (+3000). Gallagher, of course, is the man who just filed a defamation lawsuit against Banksy. This would be an ironic twist in the ongoing saga of Banksy’s identity.
  • Pablo Delgado (+2500). Delgado is also a popular street artist based out of London who initially rose to prominence in 2011. His style is highly technical, and it has a similar type of finesse to Banksy’s art.

Who Is Banksy Prediction and Betting Pick

Robin Gunningham is the obvious choice as Banksy’s true identity. The evidence and indicators all point towards the 50-year-old artist from Bristol. I still have my doubts that the true identity of Banksy is Gunningham, but he’s the safest option

Could Robert Del Naja be the true identity of Banksy? There’s definitely a connection between the two artists, but these are rumors more than anything else. Del Naja has also publicly denied that he’s Banksy.

The graffiti artist is one of the biggest enigmas of all time. Could Gunningham be a decoy? Yes, but I wouldn’t pick anyone else with my prediction. This is the only plausible option right now, so the odds of +200 are decent enough.

My Pick:
Robin Gunningham