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My name is Petko Stoyanov, and I've been a gambling writer for more than ten years. I guess that was the natural path for me since I've loved soccer and card games for as long as I can remember!

I have a long and fairly successful history with English Premier League betting and online poker, but I follow many other sports. I watch all big European soccer leagues, basketball, football, and tennis regularly, and I keep an eye on snooker, volleyball, and major UFC events.

I'm also a huge Dota 2 fan, which my wife hates, and I've played some CSGO throughout the years. That's why you might see me covering big esports events like the Dota 2 International.

No matter what sports or esports I write about, I always hunt for value bets. It's the only way to make money from betting, which is probably why I'm not a big fan of traditional casino games like blackjack or roulette.
Thanks to my experience as a poker player, I've explored the mathematical and psychological aspects of gambling. I'm interested in topics like GTO, variance, bankroll management, and tilt control, and I always try to expand my knowledge.

I believe the key to success in poker and sports betting is strong discipline. Many people have the skills, experience, and knowledge to beat other players or the bookies, but they can't handle the pressure.
You must be prepared for all the ups and downs of gambling. You need to control your emotions, or you will lose everything.

I guess that applies to various aspects of life, too, so all the effort I've put into keeping a cool head when the pressure is on has helped me a lot outside of gambling.

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