3 Ways to Legally Cheat Online Casinos

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Welcome to my post on how to “cheat” online casinos. I show you common-sense, no-gimmicks tips and tricks to flip the odds in your favor and beat the casinos at their own games.

Before we begin, I should say there’s no way to beat the casinos every time. The house always makes money one way or another, and sometimes, lady luck is just absent. However, having played casino games for decades now, I can show you some tips and tricks for how to beat online casinos.

As you’ll soon see, my tips don’t involve complex systems, magical thinking, or crime. You won’t learn how to steal casino chips here. Instead, you’ll learn a few logical tips to reduce the casino’s advantage and squeeze them for every cent you can.

First Things First: Forget Hacks, Cheat Codes, and Systems

There are a whole lot of casino hacks online. In the worst cases, they’re for sale for a fee. I can tell you for free that the only people making money off these systems are those selling them. In reality, online casinos have entire teams dedicated to monitoring their systems to detect casino cheats.


Casino cheats codes, slot machine hacks, and roulette systems that guarantee wins are a waste of time. Don’t spend your money buying ebooks that promise to deliver foolproof systems, and don’t waste your energy trying to cheat online casino games.

With that out of the way, let’s look at some things that do work. These are ways to cheat online casinos legally.

Play Games with a Lower House Edge

Every casino game has a mathematical house advantage built into it. This is known as the casino house edge. For example, many slot machines have a house edge in and around 5%, meaning the house will make $5 on every $100 wagered, whatever happens.

Identifying the casino games with the lowest house edge is one way to cheat casinos legally. They don’t advertise the house edge of their games, and they rely on the fact that most players don’t even consider these things.

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Here’s a concrete example of how this concept can impact your success. European roulette has a house edge of 2.7%, and American Roulette has an edge of 5.26%. That’s almost double the house advantage on American roulette! It pays to compare the different types of roulette.

Why would you play a game that gives the house double the edge? You wouldn’t, but you might never know you’re getting fleeced unless you study the games. Most players never realize the difference.

What casino games have the lowest house edge? Blackjack and video poker. If you use an effective basic blackjack strategy, the house edge is a minuscule 0.5%. When playing video poker, choose variants like Deuces Wild and Jokers Wild that allow you to flip the house edge negative.

Did I just say you can flip the house edge negative on some video poker variants? Yes, I did. You have to play like a pro, but thankfully, video poker is a skill-based casino game, so you can get better at it over time. On Jokers Wild, you can gain a .64% advantage.

Turn the Tables with Casino Bonuses and Promos

If you’ve been playing at online casinos for a while, you’ve probably noticed that most of them offer deposit matches, free spins, and other promos to new players. They also offer reloads and lots of free spins to those who stick around.

Despite this being free casino cash, the casinos gain an advantage. These promos are essential to getting new players and keeping them coming back for more. When you know how casino bonuses work, you can use them to your advantage.

One way to do this, which is essentially legally robbing casinos, is to find the slot machines with the lowest volatility and play those. Volatility determines how often a slot pays out and how explosive the wins are. You get a steady stream of smaller payouts by playing low-volatility slots.

How do these smaller payouts benefit you? They make it much easier to wager casino bonuses such as free spins offers. Since you have to wager the bonuses before you can make a withdrawal, playing these games makes it easier to do that.

Always read casino bonus terms and conditions carefully. Casinos make money when careless players void their bonuses and winnings by playing forbidden games and by not following the rules.

As was said in this post on how to legally cheat online betting sites, by studying the small print and devising a proper strategy, and hunting fair bonuses, you can gain an advantage over the casinos.

Understand That You Have the Power

Have you ever heard the expression “the customer is king”? It’s true, and it’s also true at online casinos. It’s also true that the more you spend, the more power you will have.


New online casinos go live every day. It’s a constant war to win new players and keep them happy. If you’re a regular, casinos will do a lot more than they admit to keep you playing. Don’t believe me? Call their bluff, play at another casino for a week or two, and watch the offers pour in.

Realize that as the player, you’re the one spending money at the casino, which is a business that wants you to keep spending and enjoying yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for extra perks and bonuses, and take full advantage of everything they offer you.

This may be the best way to legally cheat online casinos – make them give you more free stuff!

Play at Safe Online Casinos

Everything I’ve taught you in this post will only work if the casino intends to pay you when you win. That’s why it’s essential to play at safe online casinos. Our team of experts has vetted these legit sites, and we’re certain they pay out quickly and fairly when you win.

As well as paying quickly, all of our approved online casinos have hundreds of high-quality games and generous welcome bonuses to get you started. Check some of them out today if you want to play.

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