Royal Flush Odds in Video Poker’s Best Variants

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What are the odds of a royal flush in video poker? That’s the question I tackle in this post, and it depends on a few things.

Royal flush odds in video poker depend on the game variant you’re playing, the number of cards in the deck, and whether or not you’re playing with optimal strategy.

Be aware that the odds and payouts I have listed below assume two things: that you are playing with a 52-card deck with optimal strategy, and that you’re betting five coins. Payouts will differ from casino to casino, so be sure to look around until you find games with these payouts.

So, what are your chances of getting a royal flush in video poker? Let’s dive in and find out variant by variant.

Jacks or Better

  • Royal Flush Probability: 0.000028
  • Payout: 4000 coins

Jacks or Better is an ideal video poker variant for beginners. As the name suggests, you’ll need a pair of Jacks or better to get any sort of payout.

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This game is quite low variance, and you can find full pay games at most of the casinos I recommend. You can play with between one and five coins, and the ideal version pays six coins for a flush and nine for a full house when you wager one coin (9/6 Jacks or Better).

You can play this and other video poker games at El Royale Casino. It has a $20,000 welcome package, offers a dozen video poker games, including multi-hand games, and offers fast, secure payouts when you win.

Aces and Eights

  • Royal Flush Probability: 0.000025
  • Payout: 4000 coins

Aces and Eights is sometimes called Dead Man’s Hand. Why? Because these are the cards legendary American soldier Wild Bill Hicock was holding when he was shot dead from behind while playing poker in 1876.

As with most video poker games, you can play with between one and five coins at my recommended video poker sites. Assuming you’re playing the 25/8/5 version, you’ll win between 250 and 4,000 coins for a royal flush, depending on how many coins you wager.

Unlike Jacks or Better, which pays out for four of a kind, this variant has three different payouts depending on what cards you get. Four aces or eights pay 400 coins, four sevens pay 250 coins, and four of anything else pays 125 coins, assuming you’re betting five coins.

You can play Aces and Eights at Las Atlantis Casino. It has a welcome package worth $9,500, and there are plenty of video poker games to choose from.

Deuces Wild

  • Royal Flush Probability: 0.000022
  • Payout: 4000 coins (natural) or 125 coins (wild)

Some video poker variants contain wild cards, and this is the most popular of them. All cards with the value of two are wild and can substitute for any other cards.

Due to the wilds, some extra pays open up. These include five of a kind, wild royal flushes, and four deuces. Played optimally, this game has a payback percentage of 100.76%, meaning you can flip the house edge negative and have an advantage over the house.

You can play Deuces Wild at Betway. It’s a top-rated casino for UK, European, and Canadian players. With a generous welcome bonus, trusted gaming licenses, and fast, secure payouts, Betway is well worth your checking out.

Jokers Wild

  • Royal Flush Probability: 0.000020
  • Payout: 4000 coins

Joker Poker games all have one thing in common that sets them apart from other video poker variants – the presence of the joker card. It can substitute for all other cards, and as a result, adds some extra ways to win like five of a kind and wild royal flushes into the mix.

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Be aware that there are different versions of this game, and what makes them different is the required minimum hand to win. Some pay for kinds or better, some require aces or better, and some require two pairs or better to win.

You can play Jokers Wild at BetUS Casino. This casino offers a welcome bonus worth up to $5,000, and it has most of the popular video poker variants. I highly recommend checking out this casino.

Tens or Better

  • Royal Flush Probability: 0.000026
  • Payout: 4000 coins

Remember how in Jacks or Better you needed a pair of Jacks or better to win? Well, as you might have guessed, this variant required you to have a pair of Tens or better.

Despite the lower threshold for winning, Jacks or Better has a better payback percentage on average. It pays back 99.54%, whereas Tens of Better pays back 99.13% on average.

As you can see, the odds of hitting a royal flush in video poker depend on numerous factors. Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand your chances!

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