Super Fun 21 Rules and Tips for Beginners

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Super Fun 21 is one of the most exciting blackjack variants with special bonus payouts for ‘diamond blackjack’ and a few player-friendly changes.

In this piece, I present the most important Super 21 rules, show you what you need to look out for, and offer a basic strategy to help you play optimally and avoid needless mistakes.

Let’s put Super Fun 21 under the microscope and learn how to play it like pros!

What is Super Fun 21 Blackjack?

There are many different blackjack variants online these days, and Super Fun 21 is one of them. As the name suggests, it’s a lot of fun, but it fundamentally follows the rules of blackjack; the hand closest to 21 wins, the card values are the same, etc.

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While blackjack goes back hundreds of years and its origins are shrouded in myth, Super Fun 21 was introduced in the ‘90s by blackjack enthusiast and casino consultant Howard F. Grossman. Within a few years, the game took off and was available at casinos worldwide.

Thanks to the rise of online blackjack sites, Super Fun 21 is becoming more available, although it can still be quite difficult to find it.

Super Fun 21 Rules and House Edge

So, what are the Super Fun 21 rules that differentiate it from regular blackjack? These are the key points you need to remember.

  • Payouts: In Super Fun 21, the player’s blackjack always pays 1:1 rather than 3:2 in standard blackjack games. This changes if you get a blackjack made of diamond cards, in which case the payout jumps to 2:1. In some casinos, diamond blackjack plays 300:1.
  • Splitting: The Super Fun 21 rules say players can split hands four times, even after splitting aces. It’s also possible to double down after splitting.
  • Doubling Down: In this blackjack variant, players can double down on any number of cards as opposed to the first two cards only in regular blackjack games. You can double down after hitting or splitting in Super Fun 21.
  • Surrender: Late surrender is allowed in most versions of Super Fun 21. If you exercise this option, you’ll surrender half your bet after the dealer checks for blackjack.
  • Automatic Win: If you have a hand worth 20 or less consisting of six cards or more, you automatically win except in cases where you have doubled down.
  • Six Decks: Most Super Fun 21 games are played with six decks in the shoe.

Remember that these are the main rules for most versions of this game. However, as this game has evolved, some casinos have tweaked it, and the rules might differ slightly.

Now that you know how to play Super Fun 21 and the most important rules let’s look at some basic strategies and tips to improve your chances of winning.

Basic Super Fun 21 Strategy Tips

Can a Super Fun 21 blackjack strategy be used to win every time? No, but you can avoid common mistakes by following these basic rules.

Hitting or Standing

Always hit if your hand is worth 11 or less and stand if it’s worth 17 or more. If your hand is worth between 12 and 16, you’ll need to consider the dealer’s up card.

A basic blackjack strategy chart can help you decide what to do. As it happens, we have a guide to basic blackjack strategy. Take the time to read it.

Doubling Down

Double down when your hand value is 9, 10, or 11, except against a dealer’s ace. You might also consider doubling down after splitting if you have a favorable hand.

Why double down in this scenario? You can’t go bust, and there’s a high probability you’ll get either blackjack or a hand worth more than 17. You’re simply taking advantage of favorable conditions.


Always split aces and eights. Splitting aces gives you a chance to make two strong hands, and splitting eights takes a relatively weak hand (16) and turns it into two potentially stronger hands.

Avoid splitting hands worth 10 since this is a strong hand already, and you already have a good chance of winning if you hit.


If your hand is a hard 16 and the dealer has an ace, consider surrendering. The odds aren’t in your favor in this scenario. It’s better to lose half your bet than the whole thing. Casino bankroll management, including minimizing losses, is the key to maximizing your chance of making a profit.

Use Strategy Charts

I mentioned earlier that basic blackjack strategy charts could help you decide what to do in various situations. Don’t be afraid to use them. It’s not against the rules, and it’s not like anyone can actually see you if you’re playing Super Fun 21 online.

Play Super Fun 21 Online

While this game is wildly popular at casinos in Las Vegas and other gambling meccas around the world, it’s still relatively rare to find it online.

However, one top-rated casino that does offer it is Ladbrokes. This casino site offers hundreds of great games, including many different blackjack variants.

It also offers generous rewards for loyal players and fast, secure payouts when you win. Try your Super Fun 21 strategy on this site!

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